Oh, To Be a Kid Again

BY : NTheTwelfth
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Disclaimer: Chrono Cross and its characters are owned by Square Enix. No money was made off of this work of fiction.

Author’s note: this takes place on the Water Dragon Isle after the Dwarves are dealt with. Also, it’s mostly in a first-person PoV, so that’s your warning if you don't like that. I also have Kid’s dialogue mannerisms only in the opening and closing, as I really don’t give enough of a shit to change it at this point. 
- - -
Jolting upright, screaming, dagger in hand, Kid swung at…nothing. Nothing was there. As her heart rate came back down from the sudden jump, Serge rolled over and looked at her. 

“I woke ya, eh? Sorry,” she replied sheepishly, sheathing the blade. “I...must've had a bad dream.” Serge, in his usual inquisitive but silent behaviour, looked at her. “The...the fairies. The fairies who inhabit this island. They said that all humans are bad, yeah? How we kill and take what we want just because we can, that’s what we do.” The campfire illuminated Serge’s face a bright orange. “The dwarves we fought are a prime example. We...couldn't avoid fighting though, yeah? We had to fight, but was that really a good thing? Will our actions change the outcome of things in the future? It...reminded me of...my time with her…” Serge’s wide eyes silently stared longingly at Kid. She broke the quiet with a sigh.

- - -

“I was raised by a purple-haired woman named Lucca. She wasn't the biggest or strongest person, but she commanded respect out of all the kids in the orphanage. The house was always full of little gadgets and knicknacks. She seemed happy raising us and building stuff...but I could feel that she was always longing for something, but I didn't know what.” 

“I asked her about it one day. She told me, ‘Kid, I’m remembering faraway times and faraway people. These people are...important to me.’ I asked her why she just doesn't visit them. She said that an old crush wasn't worth destroying a marriage and friendship over. I was really young and didn't get what she meant then, but I get it now.” 

“I knew that she was lonely though. So one day, when Lucca was out buying groceries, I snuck into her room. Her room was a mess, frankly, but I knew that she had one drawer that was always locked. I had picked up some lockpicking tips and, after a few minutes, pried that lock open. Inside was a...rubber cylinder with a bulb on the tip. It looked weird to me, and wondered why it was locked away. I knew it was special though, as it was under lock and key. Of course, you know what they say about the best laid plans… Lucca chose that moment to come home and enter her room.” 

“I knew I was in serious shit right there, and I cried. Hey! Don't laugh! Kids cry all the time!” She blurted at Serge who was chuckling despite nary a sound escaping. “Anyway, Lucca...Big Sis...she closed the door, crossed the room, and put a hand on my shoulder. ‘Kid,’ she told me, ‘don't look through other people’s things, okay? This is not something meant for your eyes.’” 

“‘But what is it, Big Sis? It looks funny.’ I said, oblivious to the truth. ‘Like I said, Kid,’ Lucca replied, putting it back and locking the drawer, ‘it’s not something you need to know. Now go play outside.’ Naturally, this was something that I HAD to know now. And so I practiced my stealth around the house, finding the boards that creaked and learned how to muffle my steps and my breath. These skills have served me my whole life.” 

“A few weeks had passed at this point, and I think Lucca had our little talk way back in her mind, nearly forgotten. She had told the kids to play outside while she took a nap, and I knew that this was my best chance, while Lucca was snoozing and away from the prying eyes of the others. I waited a few minutes, maybe a quarter of an hour, before slipping behind the house and sneaking in the back door. I crept upstairs, dead silent. I cracked the door a bit and saw Lucca on her bed, not sleeping.” 

“She was massaging her tits with one hand and sliding the tool into her minge with the other. ‘Crono, please fuck me…’ I heard her quietly cry out. ‘Please, Crono, deeper…” The dildo was coated in a slick, white cream, oozing out of the connection between her and her tool. ‘Forget Marle and focus on me tonight,  Crono…’ Her nipples were red and slightly swollen from her pulling on them too hard, but that only seemed to excite her further. She sped up the thrusts into her body. ‘Crono, please, fuck a baby into me. Cum in me! Mmf-!’ She covered her mouth with her off-hand as her body quivered and shook aggressively and she pushed the dildo as far in as it would go. A distinct aroma filled the air. She shook like that for a few seconds, rhythmically, slowing down slowly. I took the opportunity to quietly close the door and leave.” 

“I had a lot to think about. I had seen a few penises at the time, we kids didn't really care when we went to the bathroom, but I figured that adults’ must be bigger, and that what Lucca had was a stand-in for this ‘Crono.’ Watching her enjoy the toy, though, it made me feel a burning in my guts and a tickle in my minge. Like I wanted to know about it. Personally. And was this act where babies are from? And I would get my wish that same day.” 

“After dinner, I was helping wash up the dishes, and Lucca called out to me. I ran and we walked into her room and sat on the bed. Lucca sighed. ‘Staring isn't polite, Kid.’ Kid began stuttering out excuses but Lucca held up a hand. ‘It’s only natural, you’re growing up fast.’ She pulled the dildo out of the drawer. ‘Do you have an idea of what this is?’ Kid Kid’s eyes scanned it closely, only confirming her suspicions. ‘A penis?’ Lucca nodded. ‘It’s called a dildo, and is an approximation of a penis. The purpose is to slide the penis into a woman’s vagina to make-’ ‘make a baby, right?’ Lucca nodded again. ‘Sharp as a nail, or just a good eavesdropper? That is the purpose, but this act, called sex, feels good. And that's what this is for,’ she noted the firm rubber in her hand, ‘to make me feel good.’ I stared in wide-eyed wonder. ‘Can...I try it?’ Lucca shook her head. ‘No. This one is for me. Besides, it would hurt you because it’s so big… but we could try something smaller. Lie down.’” 

“I did as I was told, and Lucca lay down between my legs. ‘I’m going to remove your panties, Kid.’ I didn't stop her. Lucca ran a finger along the length of the puffed lips. ‘This is called your vulva, but there are many names that people call it. There’s a sensitive spot called the clitoris near the front,’ she gave it a quick brush, making me squirm, ‘and there’s a small hole near the back, which is the vagina.’ She prodded her finger at the virginal entrance. ‘There’s also the anus, or butthole,’ she moved her hand downward and prodded my butt, ‘some people like anal, some don't. I personally don’t care for it.’ She returned to a neutral stance on her elbows.” 

“‘Regardless, an important part about any sexual play is called foreplay. This lets the vagina lubricate itself to reduce pain for when the penis enters it.’ Lucca lowered her face down to the puffy lips. ‘I’m going to lick this part, and I promise that it’ll feel good.’ I nodded, quivering against her warm breath. I squirmed and bucked as the rough muscle entered my body, stretching my virgin hole beyond what I thought possible, causing my hips to buck and squirm on their own. I couldn't help it, I came all over Lucca’s face, coating her in my cum. She opened her mouth and caught the next spray, which she then swirled in her mouth and swallowed. ‘Yummy,’ was the only thing she said.” 

“Lucca then brought her hand up to my pussy and began running her fragile but dexterous fingers along my slit, picking up my juices as they went. ‘I’m going to take your virginity, Kid. It's going to hurt, but big sis is here. Are you ready?’ I hesitated. ‘Why would it hurt?’ I asked. She responded, ‘It would tear a small part of your pussy open, and it would probably bleed.’ I looked away. ‘What about my butt? It wouldn't hurt there, right?’” 

“Lucca lowered her hand, curled up her fingers into a first, save for the smallest, and poked my tight butt while placing gentle kisses on my clit. I gulped and nodded at her. One knuckle was in, then two, then her whole little finger was inside my ass. It felt weird, but not bad. Then she pulled out a bit and pushed it back in, and my back arched as I came in her mouth again. She then swapped to a larger finger, and then two at once, and I came at least a dozen times on Lucca that day.” 

“We continued this day after day, Lucca and I making love, where I learned to pleasure a woman, just as well as a man, from the lessons on the dildo. How to suck, how to lick, where to kiss, maybe a playful nibble, and so on. I learned how my body will change, where boys tend to look at girls, and thus my puberty lessons continued as well. The days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, and I was a natural at the little game of teacher and student between Lucca and I. Of course, this peace was not to last…” 

“I awoke in Lucca’s bed to the smell of Lucca. Not uncommon over the past little while, but when I opened my eyes, Lucca was being held up off the ground by a large cat man, whose penis was ravaging the insides of her rectum. I scrambled up, ‘W-what are you doing to big sis Lucca? She doesn't like things in her butt!’ I ran up to attack him, but my swing was caught by a harlequin, who then spun me around, brought me to the floor, and sat on me, making me watch the spectacle unfold. Lucca was crying, her purple lower hair matted with her juice as her asshole was spread wide by the invader. I was crying too. How could they do this to her? I thought.” 

“Lucca wasn't really struggling at that point. Not like she could even do much, with arms held behind her back, and her feet dangling a few inches off the ground due to the height difference. Her small breasts swayed with every violent thrust, defying gravity for a split second before hurtling downward to repeat the cycle. Her cheeks were flushed, hell, her whole body was a light pink as she burned. A trail of spittle ran down her chin from her extended tongue. Tears rolled down her cheeks and added to the sweat and saliva coating her body. Her eyes were rolling back under her eyelids. And most tellingly, a long strand of sticky, clear fluid was dribbling out of her pussy, dripping through a matted mess of her nether hairs, and collecting in a small, but ever growing, puddle underneath her. Her breaths were shaky and forced.”

“‘S-stop hurting her! Use my butt instead!’ I cried out.” 

“A low growl. ‘...No.’ And he thrust once more deep into Lucca, causing her to scream as her bowels were pumped full of beastly cum. I could see the furry testicles bouncing rhythmically as they emptied their seed into Lucca. Lucca, despite her protests, came as well, her juices running clear down her legs, and a little trickle flew at me and coated my face. She was twitching. She fell to the floor, barely able to catch her breath. The cat man motioned, and both him and the harlequin disappeared into thin air. Lucca, after a second to regain her breath, creased her lips with a faint smile.” 

“From that day onward, Lucca changed. She only played with her anus from that day onward. She never rubbed her clit or used the dildo in her pussy again. She would not let me lick anywhere else. I wasn't even allowed to play with anything else, even on myself. She would always only eat my ass from then on, except to kiss me afterwards. Whenever she went to the bathroom, she came hard involuntary. Lynx made big sis Lucca addicted to anal.”

- - -

“So that’s the story, eh Serge. That’s why I'll never forgive Lynx. He corrupted Lucca forever when he raped her arse. But I suppose that also made me who I am today, as Lucca made me the same way.” She stood up and flicked up her miniskirt to show the lack of panties underneath. “I’m going to show Lynx just how good a real woman’s arse is, then he’s gonna regret not picking me that day! I’ll ride him with my arse so hard that I’ll kiss the moons!” 

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