A Different Kind of Play

BY : Mina-chan95
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Disclaimer: This story was made for fun and definitely NOT for making profit or money out of it. Trust me, Mina only sees writing as a hobby and her passion. More important, I do NOT own King of Fighters.

First things first,
This is the final warning to turn back if you are not fine by the rape-roleplay/rape-fantasy.
Because I take no responsibility if you are ignorant.

Anyway, for the rest, who decided to stay,
It's been a while since I write kyoxiori smut...
More so, I had to do this, 'cos it's something that I have planned to do long time ago.

Yup, I read a pretty good manga called ''A Story About That Kind of Desire'' by [ECHO (Echo Jiro)] (灬♥ω♥灬)
So, please, go check this manga, 'cos it's so goddamn good!~
So, I instantly realized that Kyo and Iori would be into this kind of thing too~
Besides, I wanted to see for once a submissive and struggling Kyo, 'cos that really suits him!
*sigh* personally, at some point I even wanted to commission anyone to draw mob!xstudent!Kyo in such way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anyway, as always,

It is another ordinary evening in the Yagami’s apartment, aside from one little detail. After a wild night, Kyo and Iori lazily lie in bed while the platinum moonlight shines through the window.

While the brunette is chilling out, Yagami asks him ‘‘Do you still have your high-school uniform?’’.

As the Kusanagi rolls on the side to face Iori, he teases in a nearly purring voice ‘‘Why do ask? Are you gonna wear it?’’. After rubbing the nape, he continues ‘‘Dunno. But I can look for it tomorrow if you wanna~’’.

‘‘It’s not me who will wear, you idiot.’’ The redhead quickly replies.

When Kyo leans closer to his partner, he gives him a suggestive look ‘‘Oh~ Don’t tell that someone has the uniform fetish. Fine~ I don’t mind. Besides, it might be fun.’’.

“You should also think of the keyword because I won’t take begging or no as an answer, Kyo.” Iori explains in a serious tone.

Such a reply thrills the brunette, who doesn’t hide his excitement.

Lastly, as the redhead strokes his partner’s cheek “Just come here, and I’ll tell you.”. When the brunette lazily crawls on top of his partner, he carefully listens to the redhead’s plan.

A few days passed.

As soon as the Kusanagi wakes up, he realizes that his vision is still black and that something covers his mouth. More importantly, he can’t even get up. Hell, someone tied even his hands up.

Suddenly, the sound of the opening door and unfamiliar footsteps alerts the brunette. No matter how hard he tries to speak up, all his words become just a mere sound of a struggling creature.

Finally, the mysterious person approaches Kyo and moves him by his foot. After he is forced to lie on his back, he can hear how this fellow addresses him in a menacing tone “You’re finally awake.”.

The brunette can sense how this person squats near him and scolds him “You shouldn’t wander alone during the night. Unless you were waiting for someone.”.

Suddenly, Kyo gasps when that man strokes his cheek. Like hell, he could predict what his opponent may do when he can’t see a thing.

Unfortunately, it is just the beginning of the brunette’s suffering. After his kidnapper slides his hand under the Kusanagi’s shirt and the other one rubs the crotch, Kyo arches his back.

While the mysterious man’s palm brushes the brunette’s abs and chest, he comments in an amused voice ‘‘Tsk. For an annoying brat, you have such a nice body. Let’s see if we can put it into good use.’’.

After he lifts his victim’s shirt and exposes the Kusanagi’s chest, this person chuckles and mocks ‘‘It seems that the so-claimed honor student is a little naughty slut. How many men have you seduced? Just look at yourself~’’.

However, before doing anything else, that man loosens the headband on Kyo’s eyes.

Finally, the brunette sees who is this twisted bastard who kidnapped him. It is a red-haired man, who wears a black tracksuit with three white stripes, and his face is covered in a medical mask and sunglasses.

More so, he notices that he is lying in someone’s bedroom.

Although, the poor Kusanagi is more bewildered when the man in front of him leans closer to him. One sudden move and that criminal peels off the medical plaster placed on Kyo’s nipples.

The brunette only closes his eyes and lets out a longer mewling noise.

All he can d is stare at the man in the tracksuit with his teary and innocent gaze while listening to the avalanche of questions ‘‘Who knew that you are this sensitive? Tell me how many times you played with yourself, or did anyone train you? ’’.

After he peels the duck tape from the brunette’s mouth, he observes him catching a breath. Soon enough, Kyo defends himself in a pleading voice ‘‘I don’t know what you want from me, Mister. But you’ll regret this!’’.

‘‘So, you prefer the hard way, huh? Let’s see how long you will last.’’ The redhead replies as he picks something from his pants pocket.

After showing the blue, small silicone stick with a flat and wide tip, which resembles a feather, that man presses the tiny button on it.

As soon as the feather vibrates, the redhead carefully brushes it against one of the Kusanagi’s nipples. For now, Kyo turns his head away and lets out the purring noises while the redhead uses this device as the painting brush.

Without realizing it, the brunette lets out sweet whimpers as the blue feather moves either to one side or another of his chest. Eventually, Kyo feels how thanks for someone stimulating his sensitive nipples, his lower regions ask for attention as well. And thus, the brunette spreads his legs.

Meanwhile, the redhead slides the vibrating feather downwards into the Kusanagi’s abs and slowly brushes the hard-on.

Such torture is too much for the brunette, who can barely concentrate anymore. In the end, not only Kyo’s amorous voice but also his rousing gaze betrays him.

However, his kidnapper turns off his little toy and comments ‘‘Looks like someone is selfishly enjoying himself. That’s not fair, don’t you think so? How about you try to do something useful?’’.

After the redhead unbuckles the Kusanagi’s belt and unzips his pants, he removes the unnecessary pieces of clothing with one sudden move.

As the brunette rolls on his side with his exposed bottom, the red-haired man enjoys the view in front of him until something catches his eye.

When he notices a black pulling ring between the Kusanagi’s buttocks, the burglar addresses his victim ‘‘Oh~ What do we get here? How long have you had this? If you beg for me, I’ll be kind enough to spare you.’’.

Meanwhile, Kyo has no other choice than to obey if he wants to be relieved and escape alive. After swallowing his remaining pride, the Kusanagi’s heir asks in a sweet voice ‘‘Untie my hands, Mister. I promise, I won’t run away, and you can do what you want.’’.

Finally, the redhead fells for such an alluring gaze of the brunette. After releasing Kyo from the restrains, he waits for how the brunette will act further.

When the Kusanagi sits on his knees, he rubs his cheek against his new master’s thigh while letting out a sweet groan.

‘‘Hey, mister, do you want me to lend you a hand? Or do you prefer to use my mouth? You know, that fellow of yours looks so lonely~’’ The brunette speaks up in a seductive voice while stroking the redhead’s groin.

After lowering the pants and underwear, Kyo is about to take this mysterious person’s rock-hard dick into his mouth. However, he gets alerted when the red-haired man sinks his fingers into the Kusanagi’s scalp and pushes his head against his crotch.

For the moment, Kyo was scared that he might choke on such an enormous cock. Soon enough, the burglar thrusts his hips as he holds the Kusanagi’s head.

All the brunette can do is whimper as this man violates his throat. Soon enough, the redhead groans ‘‘Fuck… Enough of playing around!’’.

Suddenly, the man in the tracksuit yanks Kyo’s head away and pushes him to the ground. As the Kusanagi shakily stays on his fours, he feels how roughly his hips are lifted.

The brunette only feverishly breathes and stares at the redhead with such an innocent, yet erotic gaze.

Suddenly, Kyo lets out a loud and lewd moan as he feels how rapidly one bead after another messes with his ring muscle. Hell, he even climaxes as the toy is pulled out from him.

However, the Kusanagi lets out another sweet cry when something big enters inside him. Despite such rough and fast movement, the brunette is in pure bliss while the redhead hits his prostate.

In the end, Kyo doesn’t care any longer what kind of face or sounds he makes. All he wishes right now is to get finished by that man and relieve himself.

Eventually, the brunette shivers as he feels how the redhead is at his limit and fills his insides with the hot semen.

Some time passes. After the kidnapper fixes his outfit, he addresses the Kusanagi ‘‘Perhaps, I’ll keep you alive for a bit longer. But for now, I need to take care of some unfinished business. So, don’t get bored, I’ll return soon.’’. In the end, Kyo is left alone because he is too weak to move even a single muscle.

Although, not even a few minutes haven’t passed, and Iori storms into the bedroom while wearing a familiar tracksuit.

When Yagami bends down near his partner, he checks on him and asks ‘‘How was it? Wasn’t too much for you? Because you haven’t used the keyword once.’’.

Kyo only cracks a smile ‘‘You know, the scariest thing was your awful style choice. I swear, I could barely keep up my role when I knew it was you, mister burglar. Other than that, it was fine, I guess.’’.

However, Iori complains in a grumpy voice ‘‘So, you didn’t like it, huh? Just say so, you idiot.’’.

After the Kusanagi sits, he places his palms on Yagami’s cheeks and replies while giving a gentle look ‘‘Aw, come on~ I never said that. Besides, we both know that not only you scared away that terrible man, but you also beat a living shit out of him, right?’’. As Kyo gives a suggestive look, he adds while stroking Iori’s cheeks ‘‘So, how about I’ll give a little reward for saving me?~’’.

Lastly, the brunette throws his arms over Yagami’s shoulders and pulls him into a passionate kiss. After closing Kyo closes his eyes, he hopes maybe it will cheer the redhead up.

While Iori’s tongue explores every tiny part of his partner, Kyo only lets out sweet little moans as he catches his breath.

Yet, the Kusanagi doesn’t wish to give up so easily and fights back.

After a battle for dominance, Kyo with-draws his face and blissfully stares at his partner.

In the end, the redhead exhales and plays along with the Kusanagi’s rules ‘‘That’s right. I need to clean any trace of that bastard because no one will touch who belongs to me!’’.

The brunette only chuckles ‘‘Then, you would have a lot of work to do. So, should I help you and show you where did that big bad man hurt me?~’’.

That’s it! That stupid Kusanagi uses his charms to seduce again. Or so, Iori wonders.

Lastly, Yagami places one arm under the Kusanagi’s thighs and another one behind his shoulders. When Iori stands up, he carries Kyo as a wounded princess to the bathroom, where he would take care of his precious Kusanagi.

A/N: *sigh* not sure if this is how you write this kind of genre, but to be honest, lewd or power-bottom Kyo might be a good thing, or so, this is what I learned for the n-th time.
And yeah, it's nice to see him bullied in such a way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anyway, as always - See you next time!~

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