Such a goody goody

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Such a goody goody

“Too another great haul and many more after it!” Tetra declared raising her ale tankard high to the sound of her crews cheering as the Captain and her crew were celebrating another great treasure find, the Ships coffers now glistening with gold and jewels all ready to be spent the next time they made landfall

Lifting her tankard to her lips Tetra downed the entire drink in several gulps, her head swimming and her mind fuzzy as it had been far from her first drink of the night, her eyes scanning the room as she looked for a particular member of her crew only to find that he wasn’t drinking with the rest of the crew

“Of course” she sighed with a wry smile before rising from her seat and half staggering out of the mess hall, leaving her crew to their celebrations as she headed up to the deck of the ship

As expected Tetra found Link standing out on the deck, leaning against the railing looking over the island they were moored at and where they had found their latest treasure haul “what’re you doing up here all alone? Too good to join us for a few drinks?” the Captain teased as she moved to lean back against the railing next to Link “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you drunk, I bet you turn into a real horndog”

Smirking at her words Link shook his head “drinking isn’t for me, got to keep focused you know?”

“Says the guy who sneaks a nap in whenever he can” Tetra pointed out teasingly poking the Hero of Winds in the chest “but seriously you need to come join us in celebrating the spoils sometimes, you’re still such a goody goody” she continued, poking him in the chest a few more times before then trailing her finger down his front to the hem of his pants “you need to be bad with us sometimes, bad with me”

“You’re drunk” Link pointed out as Tetra slid the fingers of both hands into his pants, the Captain just tittered back at him as she proceeded to squat down in front of him

“And? If you’re not going to celebrate with drink I can make you celebrate with this'' Tetra stated back with a slight slur to her tone as she yanked Link’s pants down, letting out a drunken giggle as his cock fell free to slap against her face making her eyes cross as it landed between them

Gripping the railing behind him Link watched as his Captain nuzzled her face all over his cock and balls, panting as she inhaled his heady musk before moving in to suck his balls hungrily into her mouth, sucking and slurping loudly showing just how much the ale had affected her normal skill at oral, making no attempt to keep her in charge composure as she sloppily drooled all over his balls

As her hot mouth worked his balls Tetra raised her hands to almost lovingly stroke his cock, showing that despite her hardass and teasing attitude to him she cared about him a lot deep down, a point she further proved as she then moved a hand to take hold of Link’s to guide it to her hair swirl, encouraging him to grip and pull it as she then took his cock into her mouth, something she had never allowed him to do before whilst sober

“Goddess you’re so fucking drunk” Link couldn’t help but chuckle as he took the chance to pull Tetra’s hair, making the Captain’s eyes cross as she eagerly throated him to the base, Tetra using her now free hands to pull up her top to expose her breasts to him as she continued to suck and lick all over his cock and balls

Growing bolder as Tetra looked up at him lovingly throughout the blowjob Link placed a second hand in her hair, using the grip to help guide her sucking pace, Tetra moaning in response to him taking full control of the act, her arms moving to relax by her sides as her drool dripped down onto her exposed tits

With his cock thrusting deep down Tetra’s throat over and over Link soon hit his first limit, shuddering and groaning as he arched his back and buried himself balls deep in Tetra’s hot wet mouth, cumming hard and deep down her throat as the Captain skillfully swallowed everything he gave her, the blonde’s loving gaze never faltering as she let him empty his balls down her gullet

Resting back against the railing again as his legs began to shake Link stood panting as Tetra then took back over, starting to bob her head again as she sucked harder, making sure to get every drop of cum out from his load before pulling away and licking his cock clean

With his load completely swallowed and his cock licked clean Link then watched as Tetra slapped his still hard dick all over her face, giggling drunkenly as she then swabbed it against her outstretched tongue repeatedly before she then moved to stand up, continuing to stroke his cock as she turned to face away from him, pushing her pants down before pressing his cock between her fat ass cheeks, nestling it in nice and tight as she bent forward to grind back against him

“Holy fuck” Link gasped as Tetra then started to work her ass, twerking against and around his cock, essentially jerking him off with her ass cheeks as they clapped against his waist

“You like that? Don’t think I’ve never caught you ogling my ass” the blonde teased him as she worked her hips harder “always wanting but never brave enough to just grab and take! Such a fucking goody goody!” 

In response Link’s arm suddenly shot forward to grab hold of the Captain’s hair swirl, pulling it hard making her yelp and moan, her eyes rolling for a minute along with her tongue hanging out before she regained her composure “that’s what I’m talking about! Grab! Take! Claim it! You call yourself a Pirate? Take what you fucking want!” she all but demanded, the alcohol in her system causing her to let out the thoughts that even her curt tongue kept secret

Grabbing her hip Link did just that, pulling away to free his cock from her ass cheeks to claim the hole itself, the heavy lubing the blowjob/throat fuck gave his manhood allowing him to push into her tight ass with ease making Tetra cry out with shocked pleasure, her eyes rolling and her back arching as Link forced every inch into her tightest hole “oh Goddess yes!!! That’s what I’m talking about! Claim that fucking hole! Take what you fucking want!”

“Fuck…” Link gasped as he pulled Tetra’s hair harder, making the Captain pant and moan shamelessly as his cock rearranged her insides, each thrust making her brain explode with bliss as her body was soon wracked with waves of orgasmic pleasure, her tits bouncing wildly as Link gave her the pounding he had always wanted to, to make the hardass Captain that would bark orders at him and tease him in equal measure his bitch

Feeling his cock start to throb and his balls tightening again Link pulled Tetra back so that her back was flush against his front, fucking her ass even deeper making her raise one of her legs slightly as her stomach bulge with every punishing thrust, her eyes now fully crossed as she drooled through gritted teeth, borderline fucked stupid as Link hit his limit, ramming his cock as deep as he could into her guts before unloading his cum deep inside of her making Tetra squirt onto the deck as she climaxed with him

Panting as he fully emptied himself into Tetra’s fat fuckable ass Link then felt her go completely limp in his grasp prompting him to grab her and lift her up almost bridal style, the Captain moaning as his cock slipped out of her ass as she slowly noticed how he was holding her making her give him a tired smirk

“Such a goody goody”

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