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Disclaimer: I do not own this assassins creed character only my original character.i make no money from this story.

He looked down on his work with hazy lust filled eyes not yet satisfied you had been completely destroyed, still inside of you he pulled you back by your upper arms so you were flush against his chest and sat you on his thighs spreading them slightly for balance,he raised your heavy arms and wrapped them both around the back of his neck your tired body elongated. Your hand tangled in his hair as you pressed your face into his cheek, he began to move again bouncing you on his lap,his pace slower and steadier this time, his hands kneading your tits, exploring your firm body, dipping down to feel your cunt and draw the wetness over your stomach, he revelled in the soft sighs you made “Ivarr...” you exhaled almost imperceptibly “Shut the fuck up...”he returned just as softly and pulled you in for a searing kiss tongues pressing and gliding over each others quietly moaning into each others mouths as you made love.

His hand drifted slowly down between your legs, skilled fingers found your sensitive bud and rubbed slow circles,your breaths coming faster as the pleasure grew to a beautiful ache,your breaths turned to gasps as you approached the edge,your body tensed before the fall “Fuck,fuck,fuck” you cried out as you hit your peak,you felt the relief wash over you as you moaned through your climax your eyes closed and head thrown back onto his shoulder,you hummed in satisfaction as Ivarr stilled beneath you. His arms snaked around your waist and held you tightly as he peppered your shoulder and neck in nips and kisses rocking you back and forth in his arms.

Suddenly you were pitched forward onto your belly almost winded with surprise you felt Ivarrs hand on the back of your neck pressing you into the furs ,you felt his body leaning toward the side of the bed then a cool wet liquid poured between your ass cheeks realising all too late you tried to resist, a soundless cry left your mouth as his slickened cock entered your asshole up to the balls, you gasped and clutched at the furs desperately as your hole was stretched painfully ,tears streamed down your face as you tried to resist “Shh..relax” he hissed as you fought for control, he grabbed your wrists and pinned them both beside your head,you let out a sob as you stilled “Good girl “ he praised. 

Giving you a short moment to adjust before he began,he moved slowly at first but built speed quickly, slamming into you hard and fast,the discomfort joined with a deep pleasure made your eyes roll and your mouth gape,it felt like your very soul was being fucked. His thrusts forcing inhuman noises from the depths of your being. The sensations were unbearable but at the same time you wanted so much more,you needed him even deeper,trying to push your self back to meet him unsuccessfully. You felt him swell inside you as he approached his finish with a roar worthy of battle.

Ivarr moaned long and loud as he reached his climax grinding his cock inside your tightest hole he shuddered as his balls were emptied by his throbbing manhood his eyes squeezed tightly shut against the pleasure. He slumped forward onto your prostrate form and loosened his grip on your wrists,sighing heavily.

You both lay still for a while breathless and spent then remembering himself Ivarr rolled off of your trembling body his still hard cock slid out of your punished ass, a trickle of cum followed dripping down your equally used slit tickling you uncomfortably,he sighed contentedly as he stared up into the rafters stretching like a cat.

He turned to look at you brushing the tangle of hair from your eyes stroking your cheek tenderly as his hand left you “I hate you “ you mumbled without the energy for conviction Ivarr chuckled lowly “No you don't..” he rolled towards you and kissed your shoulder his finger tips gently ghosting up and down your back down over your buttocks and gave your ass a playful slap “Lets get you cleaned up” he said with a smirk

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