Crush on You (Malon x Link)

BY : TristyandShane
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In the lonely shack with all the cows present inside, Malon was too busy sorting out bedding for the horses, raking out the bad wheat straw and replacing it with a fresh load of straw. The young red-haired woman did this chore on a daily basis, making sure the horses slept on clean, soft bedding everyday. The cows bedding had already been sorted for today, using fresh sawdust and wood shavings. Malon had been a busy bee today. Her lengthy brown boots were hidden in the fresh straw, as the ranch girl continued to clean areas of the bedding, using a pitchfork to remove the wet and soiled kinds of straw. Her long brown skirt hid her backside, albeit underneath that skirt of hers appeared to be a black thong. Her long crimson locks ran down her back like a river.

A humming could be heard coming from her; a familiar tune that was often played for Epona.

It had been seven years since Malon had first met the fairy boy, only to have him reappear when she needed him most... to save her and the ranch from the clutches of Ingo, servant of Ganondorf Dragmire of the Gerudo. Kokiri in Hyrule were almost legendary creatures, nobody quite expected they existed. They spent their entire lives inside of a mystical grove nobody had ever seen. For those who knew Link's story... it would be as though they met a unicorn. Malon's chores continued easily enough until she heard a sweet hollow tone behind her playing the melody.

The 'Hero of Time' was adorned in forest green still, but had grown substantially since their first encounter. A tall, slender, lean individual with thick blonde bangs and prominent pointed ears that stuck out through the strands. Crystal clear blue eyes and white tights completed the outfit. A thick brown leather belt and bandolier supported his gear, as well as the Master Sword and Hylian shield upon his back.

"Hey" Link commented as he made his way inside, a soft smile on his lips.

Yelped at the sudden voice behind her, repeating the melody as well as a simple greeting. Turning around immediately on a single heel, Malon's matching cyan hues caught sight of Link standing before her. Snickering, Malon pressed a single hand onto her chest, concealing the yellow necktie and cream-coloured shirt she wore behind her hand. A wide beam graced her lips, and she tilted her head to one side, inspecting the blonde male as well as his familiar green outfit.

"Hey, I think I've met you before, but it was a long time ago," she mentioned, shortly before pulling a shrug of her shoulders. "You know the melody, and Epona seems quite fond of you now, fairy boy." Malon then changed the subject slightly, while her large beam shrunk into more of a bittersweet smile. Lowering her torso a little bit, Malon started to whisper. "It's not really safe here anymore, though, and you aren't safe here either. Please tell me, what's Ingo doing outside? He's not hurting the horses, is he? That man scares me so much. I've been so lonely ever since my dad was kicked out of the ranch...I've had nobody to talk to."

And yep, her hormones hit the roof everyday due to her loneliness.

The gaze that Link gave Malon was... different. Appreciative, perhaps? The seven years he'd been trapped in the Temple of Time had aged him strangely. The Master Sword had given him an academic understanding of his body, of sexuality, of 'the birds and the bees', but it was another thing entirely to actually experience it. The sensation of seeing an attractive farm girl for the first time doing wonders to teach him things academic lessons didn't grasp. But there was more to it than simple hormones. She was a sight for sore eyes... and it was welcome to see a face in Hyrule that wasn't trying to kill him.

"It's... a long story." Link confessed quietly. How could he tell anyone that for him, seven years had been more like seven minutes. At least he had some degree of good news to report on the front of Ingo. "... actually... I... don't think he'll be bothering you or the horses anymore." Link took a few steps towards the farm girl with that same boyish, optimistic smile he always possessed. "... He made a wager with me that I couldn't beat him in a horse race on Epona. He mentioned something about promising her to someone when I did and he got scared about what would happen if he didn't pay up... so he tried to fence me in until they got here. Turns out Epona's a great jumper... and I don't think the person he promised Epona to was happy. I didn't see him on the ranch... so... I think he might have ran."

"Are you alright? He wasn't hurting you, was he?"

Well-" Cyan hues wandered their gaze around the span for a little bit, a few mere seconds before Malon locked her gaze onto Link's a second time. "When I didn't stand up for myself and the horses, yes; he'd try to hurt me. But, you know, a broom or a pitchfork comes in handy sometimes-" A giggle escaped her lips after her confession, giving Link the signal that sometimes she'd whack him around the head when he tried to lay a finger on her.

Taking a step closer to Link, the scarlet-haired farm girl folded her hands demurely in front of herself, resting against the brown material of her lengthy skirt. The bittersweet smile along her lips soon widened into a beam another time. When Malon took a single step closer to the blonde male, there was only a pinch of space between them.

"But I'm glad...that he's gone; that you're okay; and the horses aren't in any danger anymore," she mentioned. "I was kinda wondering when I'd see you again-" Malon stated, letting those words linger in the air between them. "I guess now is a good time to see each other again, huh? We're both older," she hinted, swaying her hips gently in the process. "And if I'm honest, I kinda liked you...a lot...after I shared my mother's song with you."

Given that Link was no stranger to combat himself, he'd approve of the idea of thwacking Ingo upside the head... at the very least with non lethal force. Lethal force he tended to reserve for life or death situations. His blue eyes settled on the farm girl as she drew closer... a warm, gentle breeze wafting in through the barn door. Quiet as always, Link offered a smile and drew his hand behind his head "I'm glad you kept yourself safe Malon. I was really glad to see you were alright after all this time."

Why could he feel his heart pounding inside his chest like this?

"There's a lot that we should probably talk about... but I'm not sure if you'd even believe me." Did he believe it himself? It seemed like just last week he'd been sent on a quest by the Great Deku Tree. Not it seemed like he'd set out to save all of Hyrule itself. How could he ever hope to explain any of it to Malon. He gently laughed, before sweeping his left hand in to brush some of her hair aside from her face, bringing them close enough that his shuddered breaths surely brushed her cheek. "... I... think I needed to see that you were alright Malon... after all these years. I missed you." That was the simplest way he could boil it down. He missed her sweet song... her friendly face.

"I - I liked you too."

You liked me, too? Well, I'm pleased...but, not at all surprised," she offered him a wink.

When Link brushed a few scarlet strands to the side of her face, and then behind her pointed ear, Malon glanced down for a brief moment. Cyan hues traced their gaze over his green tunic, which seemed much different from the simplier version he wore as a child. Her face nuzzled into his hand somewhat, giving Link the signal that she actually liked the soft affection he gave. Lifting a hand, Malon placed this palm onto Link's chest, feeling the hard, toned muscle behind the emerald material. This caused the farm girl to giggle, while her eyes glanced up to meet his again. This hand never pulled away - not once - Malon just allowed it to stay there on Link's torso.

"I can tell you're nervous," she remarked playfully, while a pinkish hue dusted her pale features. "I am, too, kind of."

Her heart was beating as well, albeit not as much as Link's. Malon seemed pretty calm and relaxed during this second meeting of theirs.

"And you know what else, Link? This could...could be the last time we see each other, because this world has been getting really weird lately," she mentioned, pulling a frown now. "I'm worried that I'll never be able to give my father grandchildren, and that I'll die...with all my precious this age," she added.

There was a definite sensation of tensing when Malon's hand reached Link's torso. It was true... the hero was incredibly fit. His adventures had already had him facing off against terrible monsters that had given him the fortitude of a proper hero. Behind those effeminate features and that gentle smile was a body worthy of wielding the master sword. All the same, Malon's touch drew a startled noise in a way that even the most fearsome of monsters could. He was used to being attacked.. but the sensation of having someone softly caress their hands over his muscle was a new one. Through the thick emerald tunic she could feel the white undershirt beneath, and through that she could undoubtedly detect the contours of his body beneath.

His cheeks adopted their own gentle flush. "N.. Not entirely sure why.." Link confessed. "Just.. not used to being touched I suppose"

Then her comments grew dark. Those peace loving cerulean eyes adopted a determined look. "... Hyrule's seen better days... but... I'm here to save it. That's... part of the conversation we need to have..." He gestured to the sword on his back, which bore the triforce emblem upon its hilt. "... I've... come back... to stop Ganondorf and restore Hyrule. But... I promise... I'm not going to let anything happen to you."

He wished he could have made that promise to his other friends... but it seemed like that ship had sailed.

"And you will destroy this evil man, right? Just like how you made Ingo run away?" Malon wanted to make sure, and this confession of his made her frown turn the right way up. "I know you can do're a man worthy, or at least I believe so," she added, a possible flirty hint involved.

Hand still rested on his chest, and as Malon took one step closer, cherry-pink lips planted a small peck onto his cheek. Usually, Malon wouldn't act this flirty around Link, but she had her moments. Being cooped up all by herself these past seven years had tortured her enough, with the only man present in this ranch being that hideous son of a bitch that Malon wouldn't dare get close to. And with Link, well, there was a possibility she's done things while being alone, such as masturbation or other things while she thought about him. (Come on, I get this vibe from her.) Her second hand rested on his torso as well, joining with the other hand.

"I feel better now that you've told me that...about this ongoing journey of yours. I think it's amazing...that you're amazing. It's wonderful to see you here today...with me," she mentioned, and then she swallowed a lump in her throat, her voice now sounding hesitant and quivery. "Thank you, Link, for visiting me...during this time. It means a lot. I've....always dreamt about a knight sweeping me off my feet one day, and I guess this day has come."

To be fair, if given the chance, Link probably would have done much the same. He had the same normal compulsions as a teenager his age should, the same knowledge, but with only a few days in this new form, he had no chance to properly explore his body like that. That thought was undoubtedly confirmed when that lingering hand upon his chest and her body stepping in towards him resulted in a formidable pressure in his tights that Malon undoubtedly felt when she brushed in towards him. The scent of a male growing aroused, if she was so familiar. The sensation of hot, excited breath. Skin flushed with heat.

".. I will. I promise." Of that, Link was certain. He wouldn't stop until Ganondorf had fallen. He'd already retrieved one of the medallions he needed to break the seal around what remained of Hyrule Castle... although he dare not disclose that much information. "...and... I'm... happy to see you too Malon."

Link's hand, to be fair, hadn't yet moved from Malon's cheek, and when she brushed her lips to his cheek... his body responded in kind, aided by the boldness granted to him by the Triforce of Courage. His hand gingerly shifted from stroking her cheek with his fingers to cupping the side of her head in them, stepping towards her. His lips found hers in a sudden, surprise kiss as he sought to seal their lips together and thoroughly enjoy her presence, even going so far as to gently guide her back against one of the farms wooden support pillars. It was a surprisingly fiery kiss for his first... one that danced and held to her lips, and even introduced a hint of wet saliva if she yielded her lips open.

Of course, Malon accepted this gesture, and immediately pushed into this surprising kiss from the Hero of Time. The blush along her features was still present, deepening into a darker hue, This was a kiss that Malon had been waiting for, among other things. Slowly, she pulled away from the kiss for a few simple seconds, as her cyan hues stared into those matching blue orbs. Malon bit onto her lower lip, beginning to practically chew the delicate skin. Her hands tightened their grip on his torso.

"I-I've been thinking about this...dreaming of this even-" Malon admitted, and when her thoughts started to come to light, her long scarlet tresses bounced gently when she started to giggle in amusement. Giggling was a good medicine for those times where she'd be feeling nervous, that's for sure. "What touched me?" Malon suggested, a small smile along her cherry-pink lips. "I...wouldn't long as it's you doing the touching," she put, because of course, consent was cool.

One hand still gripping onto the emerald material of his tunic, her other hand pulled away, and Malon used it to gently tug up the cream-coloured shirt that she wore. Lifting this shirt out of her brown skirt, Malon lifted it enough to expose her small breasts. Because of course, being trapped in the ranch for seven years didn't give her the freedom to purchase any bras from the store, and while she wore a pair of knickers, these knickers were actually purchased from one of those business scrubs that visited the ranch every now and then.

"You can...touch them if you want," she gave permission.

The few seconds that the kiss lasted felt like an eye-opening eternity from Link's standpoint. The exact opposite of the effect the Master Sword had brought him through. He could feel the brief brush of her cream shirt against his emerald and the way their bodies felt when they pushed together. It felt.. drastically different than he had imagined... exciting, tantalizing... he couldn't put his finger on why... but he welcomed the opportunity to do it again. When she pulled away, Link didn't particularly wander far... and the intensifying of his breathing made it clear that he was getting just as excited as the rancher was.

He wished he could say he'd been dreaming of it. Not only would it have been vastly better than the haunting nightmares he'd had as a child, but he could never say he'd had a dream this good. Listening to her suggestion, the Hylian offered a nod of determination, and Malon seemed to have a slightly better grasp of the intricate details than Link did.

Unlike many who might have contemplated grabbing Malon's perky breasts, Link didn't simply reach out and grope. Instead, he first removed his brown leather gloves and let them fall to the barn floor, watching as the flesh orbs were exposed to him. The blonde boldly took a step forward towards her and gently ran his hands along the smooth skin of her breasts before gently kneading both in the way one might be expected to make bread dough. "Like this?" He asked softly, looking into her eyes for approval as he stepped in against her once more, that body heat drawing closer. His fingers and palms pressed inwards on the flesh.

"Th-They feel so soft..." Link muttered quietly, and appreciatively. They were soft and perky.

Snickered, and then this was followed by a series of laughs. Malon didn't think she'd actually get touched by the one she was keen on, especially since there were a lot of other girls out there other than Malon, such as Princess Zelda, and Princess Ruto that automatically decided things for her and Link. When Link touched her breasts, Malon felt appreciated, loved, and like she was the girl he had his eye on. Sure, with how the world was going right now, these girls were probably dead by now. And by how Link removed his brown gloves, Malon could tell he cared about her; cared about her enough to avoid printing any grubby bad guy germs on her.

"L-Link..." Malon started, hesitant. A leg rose up, and coiled around Link's waist, keeping the blonde male close to the warmth of her own body. "Just like that," she answered briefly "Is this your first time ever touching a girl?" Malon questioned, swathing an arm around his collar, and soon, she pressed her forehead against his. "I to do more than just touch my boobs, though," she scoffed, trying her hardest to hide her visible grin. "It could very well be our last day together, you know? Do you ever wonder how it feels to pleasure a girl?"

With her free hand, Malon lifted the long brown skirt she wore, lifting it over her legs. Smooth, silky legs were on show, and soon enough, so was that little black g-string she wore underneath it. Who knew she bought THAT from a business scrub, but Malon just needed some underwear for once in her life.

"Do you like it?" Malon checked, giggling.

It was a tender touch.. and an appreciative one. Even with his strange assortment of knowledge, Link was acutely aware of how special the moment was between them. In fairness... Malon did hold a special place in his heart, one different from Zelda, Ruto, or even Saria. Zelda and Ruto were people Link was destined to meet... almost in the form of an obligation... and they were destined to work with him. Malon on the other hand was the first Hylian he had met outside of the Kokiri forest, and unlike many of the Hylians he would come to meet, she took him seriously. She was friendly. She liked him for who he was, not the destiny he represented.

Their relationship felt genuine, in a way that even his own and Saria's almost wasn't given her status as a sage.

Feeling his body held close to hers, his own forehead fell back against hers quite willingly, keeping her pinned beneath the wooden post and his own athletic body. It excited him.. he could feel the hormones coursing through his body... and when she raised her leg against him, she could feel that pressure in his tights guided against her body. His hands continued with her guidance, massaging the tender flesh and even beginning to coax the nipple as instinct guided him to continue. " are my first," he pointed out, deciding it probably wasn't the best time to explain why.

Somehow, he had a feeling she didn't really think it would be their last day together... in fact... he questioned whether she knew it would be their first. "I would like to continue too Malon," he added, even without full awareness of what he was consenting to or the sensations coursing through his body. The hot, heavy breath against her skin answered for him. He was enthralled by her.

"I'd like to learn," Link added, before craning his neck to kiss against the soft crook of her neck, almost making out with the flesh as his body doubled it's pressure against hers. His eyes briefly glanced down to appreciatively admire that slender black number. "I... do... Malon..."

Link found himself wondering whether she'd expected - or hoped - that he'd come by, or if she just happened to wear it every day.

She wore this underwear everyday because she needed to wear some underwear, after all, Ingo stopped her from even going outside the ranch. He needed someone to care for the horses, cows, and cuccos, and unfortunately Malon was the only one that fit that bill, whereas Talon was just a sack of shit that slept on the job. Malon kept this leg curled around his waist, as she held onto his hand, and then guided it down towards her black undergarment. Black, silky, and smooth. Surprisingly enough, Malon did shave down there, whenever she had the chance to shower at a nearby waterfall, with a very good razor she also bought from the business scrub.

"I can teach you how to satisfy a girl...but beware, because I've never had sex either," she admitted, still flushed red like a vibrant cranberry. "I've always wanted to, though, but with the one I love...and that's you, Link, or at least I think I love you," it could just be a crush she had, but when she gave him her mother's song out of kindness, that's when Malon thought otherwise. "I's kind of bad to have sex before any marriage or ceremony, but I've always...dreamt of you laying beside me...completely nude...possibly in my bed, or on some straw," she snickered. "That would be nice, actually; a dream come true."

Because if it were to be a dream come true, then Malon would want to see Link more often, after his adventures. Of course, Malon never knew about Link being chosen by the goddesses, but even then, she knew he was special in some way. A real man, if that.

Leaning inward, Malon pressed her lips against Link's ear, and started to whisper. "I to rub me-" Malon started, biting down onto her bottom lip gently, as her hot breath teased his skin. "Just rub me...and maybe after that...something else will happen."

At this proximity, Malon could appreciate the finer details about Link that one might miss from a distance. He smelled fresh like the forest - washing with a homemade bodywash that wasn't entirely removed from mint. Beneath the emerald tunic and white tights, Malon could feel the same firm muscles that might accompany only the most skilled and diligent of farm hands, although they were well concealed by his lithe, athletic figure. He was warm, although that was likely caused more by the quite obvious state of arousal he was in. Most importantly... she could feel that bulging length grinding against her black g-string and straining against those tights.

His hand began to roam across her bare sex, tracking towards the radiant heat of her sex as it slid slowly between her legs... and his finger began to rub her slit slowly. The knowledge was there, even if he was inexperienced.

"If... it makes you feel any better... the Kokiri don't have any customs like that at all." Of course, he wasn't Kokiri, but he was still raised like one. His free hand shifted down Malon's back... and with impressive strength, his hand gripped her ass and lifted her weight with one hand, both [b]grinding[/b] her against that bulge and carrying her towards a discrete pile of hay. "... so... we wouldn't be breaking any rules there." Tilting forward, Link slowly laid atop Malon on the straw, putting his weight against her. His hand began to rub her slit more vigorously.

"I want to be with you too Malon.... I...I love you too"

Gasping at the constant rubbing on her engorged clitoris, Malon laid in the hay, with her hips beginning to dance gently to the many strokes on her vulva. Her head fell back, as crimson tresses were now trapped in the hay stash like a scarlet river, melded with hay and all kinds of straw from the horses fresh load of bedding. Now that Ingo wasn't present at all in the ranch, at least Malon could give her hair a good wash at the nearby waterfall after this performance. Giggles escaped her lips from the rubbing, her hips continued to buck and dance, all while her hands gripped onto the back of that green tunic. Fingertips clenched onto the emerald material, sharp nails dug into his firm back through the fabric.

"Th-then, you can come back here, right? You can come back here after you defeat that evil man, right?" Malon questioned, while her hips squirmed, her voice sounding breathy at this point. "L-Link, you will promise me, right? You will come back...right?"

A wave of an orgasm was at peak, coming forth, and Malon's slender legs curled around Link's waist in the process as a way to practically hold him close. Gasps escaped her mouth, followed by a loud squeal that echoed throughout the barn, as Malon felt nothing more than numb at this point. Sweat built up, too, albeit thankfully it was accompanied by the cool, fresh breeze that coursed through the shack.

"L-Link..." Malon gasped, her back arching in the act. "G-Gosh..."

With her body so responsive to the rubbing, Link seemed hell bent on creating a waterfall of a different sort. Even though he was inexperienced, he was bold and a much quicker study than most gave him credit for. He did, after all, challenge riddles and puzzles and traps meant to deter all but the most worthy of Hylians. His fingers switched from teasing her entrance to slowly slipping a gentle, experimental pump of his fingers made more emphatic by a roll of his body against hers for extra oomph. His lips found hers and gave her another passionate kiss as she came.

"Promise," he murmured out into the kiss. "I promise."

His free hand began to remove his own attire, which was mercifully simple. The one belt and bandolier easily unfastened from his chest, dropping to the side with a clatter as the Master Sword and the Hylian Shield hit the ground. The tunic then fell loose enough to simply be plucked off, revealing that eye pleasing body, surprisingly firm and lean with hints of sweat from the days exertion. Slowly, Link began to work his hips against her curled legs, starting to worm himself out of his white tights.

Link wasn't small. His shaft was virile, smelling distinctly of clean male arousal, fully erect at almost nine inches and thick enough that Malon might struggle to get her hand around it. It bowed upwards in the middle, with an engorged purple head at the tip and a heavy, cum filled sack between his legs. Now on display for her, Link blushed a vibrant pinkish hue and looked to the farm girl.

"I-Is this...what you wanted in your dream?"

"I-in my dreams? I mean, yeah...I've dreamt about you a lot...and with my wish for a knight in shining green armour; this is just what I've always dreamed of," she admitted, snickering, giving Link the signal that she was enjoying this. "Now I know that those dreams were all prophecy; getting me ready for this very moment." And those words were probably the biggest confession from her lips, and the crimson-haired farm girl didn't think much of it - she didn't even feel embarrassed.

Her white shirt was still lifted and exposing her breasts, her nipples hardened from the serene breeze that often swept into the barn. The long brown skirt was still lifted, too, showing her silken legs and vulva, with her black silken g-string brushed to one side. Her vulva appeared clean shaven as well, like she had just shaved her body this morning. Elbows pressing against the hay straw, Malon lifted her head upward along with her torso, and soon, she planted a kiss onto Link's lips.

For the brief moment their sexes touched, Malon could feel just how aroused Link was. A slow, delicate, gentle strand of premature sperm glistened in the daylight beaming through the slits in the wooden roof of the shed, drooling lower until it came to rest distinctly above her slit, leaving an artistic curved pattern on her bare flesh and the distinct reminder that she wasn't the only one enjoying what was going on. The kiss was met again, albeit briefly, as their lips locked and danced, and Link's body pushed Malon's further into the hay. Their bare chests touched for the first time, and Link's cerulean eyes were affixed on the farm girl as their lips squelched and popped together, joined by Link's tongue slowly slipping towards her mouth.

"I've dreamt of this...exactly this...and honestly, I don't want this to end."

Snickering, Malon had a feeling she had to pinch her arm, wondering if this was indeed a dream or not, with Ingo being gone and Link being here on top of her. But this felt all to real, way too real to even be a dream. Cyan hues glanced down, catching sight of Link's erect manhood. Malon, in response, managed to roll onto her knees, as she then lowered her torso, meeting the mushroom tip with her lips. Her lips cuddled around the head, while her hand tried its very best to grip around the base.

And then, Malon rolled out from underneath him, drawing one of Link's iconic grunts of surprise. An upper octave glotal strike of his throat indicated he wasn't entirely sure why she suddenly rolled to her knees and instinctively rolled his back in the hay to keep his eyes on her. Not out of distrust, but more out of genuine curiosity.

The Master Sword had given Link the gift of knowledge with ageing, but only the most bare bones. It had told him about sex and its function almost as though downloaded into his brain, but not about how it would feel. The impulses that would dominate his body. The way it would feel when a girl gingerly put her hand on the base of his shaft and pressed her lips and hot breath to the tip. She could feel the virile throb of the shaft against her fingertips as Link emitted a huffed moan of pleasure, one hand clutching the straw beneath him while his other hand drifted to her crimson strands. Not only had Link never pleasured a woman before, but he'd never pleasured himself before, and for that brief moment the Hero was disarmed.


It was true, Malon just rolled onto her knees and pushed him right in the hay in the process. Not as a way to 'play hard to get', but because Malon didn't want him to enter her dry. Plus, her dreams were filled with all kinds of naughty deeds, and that included blowjobs and being a dirty girl! She wanted to teach Link all the ins and outs of pleasure, despite not even being penetrated before. However, Malon didn't want to try just about anything with Link, because she didn't want his mind being clogged up with bad things when he completes his quest and has to revert to being a child again. Oh lord, Malon didn't know about the latter, though.

Warm breath glazed his erect manhood, while soft lips started to caress the first few inches, feeling the pumping veins in the process. Fingers could barely fit around the shaft; it was one of those things were one would try and fit their fingers around their wrist but the fingertips refusing to meet. One of those things, so perhaps Link's manhood was as wide as his wrist, just maybe. Wow. Cyan orbs glanced up at Link's face, examining those feminine features while she proceeded to suck him off. The first ever dick in her mouth, and she wanted to pleasure it as much as she could. Her hand worked at the base, stroking while her lips sucked.

Parting her lips from his manhood for a spit moment, a string of saliva glued to the mushroom tip and extended from her lip much like melted cheese.

"What do you think about this, Link? Do you like it?" Malon checked eagerly, talking like how she normally would.

And then her lips met the manhood again, albeit only sucking half-way.

To be fair, not even Link properly knew how his quest would end, although he was determined to slay Ganondorf. He wouldn't be able to return to the Lost Woods knowing he wasn't a Kokiri, so perhaps he would be destined to find a home there on the farm with Malon. That was about the farthest thought removed from Link's mind though as Malon diligently and lovingly pumped his shaft with her lips, feeling her hot, wet saliva pool against the shaft. His chest tensed, and another shameless upper octave moan of pleasure escaped his lips. His head rolled back into the hay and he huffed out a forced exhale, breaking gaze with Malon only briefly as his back arched against her body.

"A-ahn..." Link let out in a breathy, breathy tone. " feels incredible..."

If she kept up like this, his first time wasn't going to take long. Already Link could feel a new sensation in his body that he didn't quite recognize. A building pressure. He couldn't put his finger on exactly what the sensation was, but he could feel himself being wound up like a spring. His heart pounded in his chest as he briefly thrashed in place, his fingers clutching tighter to her hair with encouragement. Every other breath caught noisily in his throat as he inched closer to inevitable climax, not that he was prepared to warn her.

Droplets of premature sperm glazed her tastebuds, and Malon happily lapped up every drop, automatically swallowing while she continued to tease the upside of his manhood with her pink tongue. Truth be hidden, a blowjob was just like intercourse, well, for the male. Malon didn't really know, all she wanted was for Link to be fully prepared before the penetration part of sex! Foreplay and getting to know each other's bodies felt far greater to her - for their bond - than straight-up intercourse would. Malon sat on her knees, other hand pressing into the hay straw, while her mouth continued to spread the love on his length. His manhood even smelled, tasted like the trees of Kokiri Forest.

"Hehe! Fairy boy, you're all beat red," she exclaimed, parting her mouth from his penis for a mere second, enough to talk. "Maybe you're getting to the point of releasing? Would you like to release in my mouth or inside me?" Malon checked, tilting her head to one side.

Her energetic tongue lapped the mushroom head, even teased the lip of the penis, gathering salt and sweat that built up during his day all onto her tongue. Malon giggled, even during the blowjob. Her cream-coloured shirt fell over her breasts while she was in this position, now concealing those small pretty grapefruits on her chest. Crimson tresses appeared messy like a bird's nest, a few locks resting over her moving shoulder. Some straw was even stuck in her hair, but she never really cared. Malon didn't care if she got dirty or not.

"I'm glad you're enjoying this! I am, too!"

Link's chest began to spasm in and out as his breathing became uneven. The way she lavished attention on the sensitive organ was wrecking havoc on his nerves, sending pulses of pleasure coursing through his entire body in a way that had him literally twitching. His breath was heavy, heated, and laced with throaty moans as he drew closer and closer. His face was flush, and fresh beads of sweat clung to his skin and trickled down his lean body. He didn't know what he was close to, but he knew he was reaching a breaking point.

It was a good thing Malon didn't care that she got dirty, because that tiny lap of her tongue pushed him over the edge. "M-Malon...I...ngh!"

What followed was an appropriate climax for a legendary bloodline of heroes. The head of his cock twitched and throbbed one last time, almost jumping in her hands as he unleashed a thick blast of hot spunk right against her. It was surprisingly forceful as Link thrust his hips forward instinctively without enough knowledge to know what he was about to do to Malon. Each of the ropes of thick, gelatinous sperm snapped across the tiny gap between them, practically enough to paint whatever part of Malon they touched with a virile mixture that was sticky enough to splatter and cling to whatever surface it touched. Ten of those ropes would have been enough to ensure Link could impregnate just about anyone in Hyrule. It smelled richly of cock, joining the scent of sex they'd created in the shed...and it would feel decidedly wet and warm on whatever surface it might have landed.

Panting, Link looked bewildered at her, regardless of what he'd done to her form or where it had landed "S-sorry."

And yet, despite the intense climax, the hero was still hard and ready. His shaft never diminished. It seemed like the goddesses had blessed him with a refractory period measured in seconds.

The goddesses wanted to make sure their Hero of Time was virle enough to continue on his bloodline, so that the next Hero of Time would be able to arrive for when Hyrule is being attacked by the Twilight World in the future. And with Malon, their children would most likely remain a nice dirty blonde, maybe with one child being a redhead.

Lapping up what she could of the semen, Malon giggled when Link came all over her, marking her face and even her long crimson hair. Some sperm managed to mark her cream-coloured shirt, too, albeit not her breasts or anything given the position she was currently in. Malon rose up her hands, wiping away the sperm from her eyes. Cyan hues stared at Link's face, and this time a wide beam graced her lips.

"That's okay, Link. I enjoyed that a lot."

Falling back onto her backside, Malon spread her legs apart, and exposed her vulva to Link. She laid down her torso, laying on her back, elbows now resting on the hay. Her long brown skirt was risen, the black silken thong was still swept to one side, and her cream shirt was still hiding her bare chest.

"Well, ready?" Malon checked, intruiged. She wiped her mouth in the process, wiping away any remaining sperm from her lips. "I know I am." She was so casual with this whole thing, most likely because they knew each other when they were younger.

All that could be heard in the background were the cows many 'moos', communicating to one another. Of course, the cows didn't know what Malon and Link were up to, or probably did but just didn't think of it as a dirty thing. Most Humans and Hylians would assume this was 'nature's dirty little secret', but the barn animals didn't. It was a romantic, peaceful moment in life, with a tiny sauce of kink to spice up the moment.

The whole moment was somewhat bewildering, but Link wouldn't have changed a thing about it. The Hylian was still calming down from his first ever climax when he had noticed the way he had glazed Malon's hair, face, lips, even her eyes. Yet, she didn't seem to mind it. On the contrary, the beaming look on her face told him that the ginger-haired farm girl seemed to approve of what he'd done. He had to concede on some primal level he couldn't fully explain - it felt good. Watching the way his thick seed dripped down her crimson hair; it was strangely attractive in a way he wouldn't have expected, not to mention the way she licked up what she could. Link's look of concern melted away into a gaze filled with awe and approval, a smile cresting his own lips in the act. When Malon fell backwards, Link pulled forwards to land atop her, although he didn't just strip her away. Not yet.

Instead, Link took the time to help her out of that cream-coloured shirt and that earthen brown skirt, leaving her only in the black lace she seemed so happy to showcase for him. He was already naked; it was only fair she just about joined him. As he came down atop her, she could feel a trimmed blonde patch of curls brush against her body - Link was perhaps a little more wild than she was - and the heat of that still erect cock brushing against her thigh as he positioned it towards her vulva.

"Well, you did say we were both naked in the dream, right?" Link offered with that charming boyish smile of his, before he slowly cupped Malon's sticky face in one cheek and drew in to give her a heated, slow kiss on the lips while he slipped forward, uniting their bodies in a slow but distinct thrust forward.

"I guess...yeah," she answered briefly, seconds before her lips were caught in a kiss yet again, and this time, the kiss was slow, tender, and something for them both to enjoy and endure. Their time together would only be brief, and so they had to savour this moment together as much as she could. "L-Link..." Malon gasped between kisses, catching her breath in the process. This kiss wound up sloppy, covered in spit, and not to mention the blowjob she gave Link...the forest boy was sure as hell brave enough to kiss her after that.

Slender arms threw themselves around his collar, while a hand gripped those short dishevelled blonde locks in a fist, and her legs coiled around his waist. He felt firm, toned, and muscular against her lithe figure. Malon herself appeared slender, pixie-like, with two small breasts and a flat soft stomach. Her thighs appeared slender, albeit they had some meat on them. Her skin appeared warm-coloured, albeit pale. She was ginger-haired, albeit bore no freckles on her face, but her body had a ton of freckles decorating her ashen skin. Freckles and sun spots dotted her body, albeit the only thing her body lacked were moles.

Tugging onto those blonde locks, Malon parted her lips from Link's, and offered him a wide toothy beam. Cyan hues couldn't stop staring into those matching blue orbs of Link's, and Malon found it difficult to erase such a large smile on her face. She was happy. Just happy.

"Hehe! But in the dreams, I saw more green than skin on you-" Malon giggled, being cheeky. "But you were still very handsome, but more handsome in person."

The Triforce of Courage was for more than just battle, after all.. although a part of that was simply due to Links own exposure to the matter. He lacked the exposure to anything that would lead him to think you weren't supposed to kiss after a blowjob, so he had no shyness about doing it. Not that there was anything that was going to keep him away from those soft, tender lips again and again and again until they were both breathless. He was rather determined not to give her those precious seconds to catch her breath, instead finding it fun to work her up to a fevered pitch until their mouths were glistening and the flavour of their mouths was shared.

"Wait, if we were naked, how did you see green? It's not like I have green skin," Link asked innocently, even as he blushed. This was such a dumb question.

"It was your clothes, fairy boy - your green tunic!" Malon shot back, laughing.

As Link's heated body pressed against her, he slowly began to rock his hips forward. The head of his shaft first pressed against her wet vulva, lubricated by Malon's own spit. There was an experimental wiggle of his body as she hooked her legs around his body, causing the head of his shaft to grind just past her nether lips like a mortar and pestle. Link's eyes locked with hers, and he thrust forward, slowly slipping inch after inch of that sticky shaft past her entrance. He was thick, spreading her wet walls as the crown of his shaft pushed into her body. He knew enough to be gentle, but not enough to know necessarily to stop, so that shaft inexorably pushed into her body with an audible squelch as it advanced.

Link's hands set around her shoulders as he gazed into her cyan eyes, continuing his advance until he let out a held breath as his shaft reached the back of her tunnel. Heated breaths falling against Malon's face as his fingers clenched against her skin.

When Link was too busy asking dumb questions, she pulled her hands away from his collar, and proceeded to hide her face away while she laughed. This redhead fell in love with Link for a reason, and it was this reason! They were made for each other, seriously. Her silken legs were still curled around his toned waist, even when he started to thrust, her legs embraced him even tighter than before. The first squeal escaped her lips when he experimented with his thrusts, and this one squeal caused the birds outside to scurry away in alarm. A grin still painted those cherry-pink lips, and there was even saliva drooling down the bottom lip and her chin. A vivid pinkish blush stained her pale cheekbones, given Link the signal that the blush was rushing, even her shoulders appeared flushed.

"But we were doing exactly this in the dream...this! You were on top of me; I was underneath you, and you were being so gentle with me," she mentioned, snickering. "Just like this - right now!"

The hands on her face soon curled around his collar again, as fingertips ran through that sweaty blonde hair. Malon continued to gasp at the thrusts, no more squeals, feeling used to the stretching of her vulva now.

"Just go slow, okay? I'll probably ask you to speed up...but for now, just be slow," she encouraged. Due to how inexperienced they both were, Malon didn't want Link to speed up and then suddenly lose his leg placing or something.

"Okay," he answered simply with a gulp in his throat.

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