Flipperinv Feelings

BY : IB_gross
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[this is a gross mash up a two very poorly written stories I found ao3. I have cleaned up a bit and made edits. But s still messy.]


“You’re sure you want to do this, right?” Jets asks, hesitant. It's strange seeing him without his signature glasses, his piercing eyes making Rook squirm. 


“Yeah!” Rook forces a grin, but Jets can see the tension and strain in the anget's usually guileless smile. Jets's heavy gaze gets to Rook and he sighs, dropping the corners of his mouth. “You know I want this, I just…” His eyes move away from Jets's and his flipper fiddling with the zipper of his vest.  


“I saw you today, passing by my post.” Rook murmured, his voice softer, heavier than Jets had ever heard it. Yet, the vulnerable quivering in his voice was unmistakable. “You barely even glanced at me.”


Jets moves forward before he could think better of it, eyes determined as he pulls Rook closer to him. Rook's flipper was now trapped between them, and Jets could feel it against his chest, wanting it on his feathers. 


“I went there for you,” Jets whispered back as he pushed them both onto the bed, pulling roughly at Rook’s vest and shirt as the other tugged at Jets’s jacket. Rook's breath shuddered as Jets pressed their beaks together. Moaning softly, Rook felt his boyfriend's tongue push against his own. Jets’s flippers roam down Rook’s now bare body, gliding over the smooth, green feathers.


Jets broke away from the kiss, their beaks lined with a strand of saliva as he lowered himself down to Rook's neck, kissing and nibbling at it as the smaller penguin let out a moan.


Pulling back from his boyfriend, Jets inhaled sharply as he noticed Rook's open vent. Rook, unable to speak as a building feeling rose from within him, studied his boyfriend's expression as he swallowed.


Jets touched their beaks together in another kiss, before promptly pushing Rook back onto the bed, positioning himself over his lover.




Jets paused in his movements, slippers halting as they roamed down Rook’s sides. “You okay?”


“Yah…” Rook breathed out, shivering. “Just— do we— do you have—?“


Jets nods and moves away toward the cabinet. Rook whines low in his throat at the loss of contact. Jets rummages around his cabinet before finding what he needed. He stepped around the edge of his bed, fish in flipper.


Jets slid a flipper down from the cold head to the base of the tail, gathering the slick he needed that would loosen Rook up just enough to slip inside. 


He stepped forward and Rook let himself fall back into the bed, staring up at the ceiling as Jets climbed on as well, settling his body over the other penguin’s. He brought Rooks head down to look at him and ran his beak through the feathers right under the other’s beak, causing Rook to keen.


“Have you ever done this before,” Jets asked, setting the fish beside them and spreading one flipper flat over Rooks stomach, sinking into the soft downy feathers, while the other trailed downwards to find his entrance. 


“Is it that obvious?” Rook asked, and he tried to make it sound light, a nervous chuckle escaping him, but it got cut short when Jets’s flipper found his entrance.


Jets spread the lubricant around, slickening the area before pressing just the tip of his flipper in. Rook stiffened. Jets gathered more lube up from the fish before pressing in again, slowly sliding in. He made it an inch before Rook started breathing heavily, and when Jets looked back up, he was staring down at him with hooded eyes, gripping the bed sheets tightly.


“D-Don’t stop,” Rook said, and his head lolled back with a groan as Jets pulled out to the tip again and thrust back in with slow, rocking motions, sliding in deeper than before, until four whole inches of his flipper were inside.


Rook let out a loud moan as he felt JPG push his flipper inside his throbbing cloaca as he began to slide it in and out, feeling a slickness as he thrust deeper into his boyfriend's opening. Every now and then JPG would brush against his inner walls, hitting a sensitive spot that made him tense up at the feeling as Rook panted and arched his back in response.


The foreplay continued as Jets began to thrust at a faster pace, while starting to preen his lover's neck, he looked up and gazed at Rook's face, watching a pleasured expression shoot across his face as he moaned as JPG pumped his flipper into him.


“Are you okay,” Jets asked, and Rook could do no more than nod frantically and pant. “I’m going to try something, tell me if it doesn’t feel good.”


Ever so carefully, Jets pushed in just a little more, and then slowly, cautiously, started curling his flipper in. Rook writhed under him, and Jets held his breath, took that as encouragement, as the breathy moans and the sight of Rook so thoroughly undone with ruffled feathers and unfiltered sounds sent heat straight down to his core. Rook’s cock was erect, trembling as his hips bucked, down onto Jets’s fist, and hitting nothing but cold air above him in the inches between his body and Jets’s. The thought itself sent so much warmth through Jets, he felt his own cock growing hard inside his cloaca, emerging from the feathers of his groin. 


“God yes, yes, please—“ Rook whined under him, pelvis jerking up once again. “I need you, please, please—“


As the pleasure increased, the green penguin bit his flippers, unable to stop his biological urges from overpowering him as his arousal built. He curled his claws against his body as Jets fucked him, each thrust eliciting a louder moan. All JPG wanted was to show his boyfriend how much he meant to him. Feeling his boyfriend remove his flipper, Rook was surprised at why he stopped so drastically.


Pinning Rook to the bed, JPG moved his head to his cloaca before stimulating it with his wet tongue. Rook pushed down on the red penguin's head, forcing him to plunge his tongue inside his pleading vent. Rook ground himself against his boyfriend's face, he found himself wanting more, finding himself feeling more turned on by the minute.


Rook's eyes snapped open as he felt the sudden intrusion of JPG's beak pushing slowly into him, starting to thrust into his lover, as he had done to him before. His cloacae was dripping wet, both from natural lubrication and the wetness of JPG's tongue after giving him oral, making it easy for the beak to slide in and out.


At this point Rook was overcharged with pleasure as he groaned and panted, occasionally letting out a small whimper.

"Oh, Jets.. mmf- Don't stop-" Rook cried out. 


Hormonal desire filled Jets as he felt a warm, salty wetness gush into his beak as Rook's cloaca contracted and tightened, his body convulsing as he moaned and twitched, his body shuddering from the sudden explosion inside him as he curled his claws as hard as he could as he yelled out Jets's name. As JPG removed his beak, Rook was panting, trying to regain his breath. He didn't know what he just felt, but the feeling was incredible.


JPG climbed back over Rook, pressing their chests together. Rook made a sound, low and desperate in his throat, and his pelvis jerked so suddenly his cock came in contact with the downy feathers of Jets’s groin, just missing his dripping cock by inches. Jets squawked involuntarily, then brought his flipper up and pressed down in Rook’s stomach.


“Stop,” he said sternly, and when Rook whined, “Hey, just calm down, you won’t be empty for long.” Rook keened at just the phrasing itself. Jets took the fish again, now almost dry, and gathered the last of its slick and lubed up his own cock. The cold of it burned against his heat and made him twitch, precome dribbling down the side, and then finally, he set his flippers on either side of Rook and lowered himself. 


He slid his cock against Rook’s entrance, bucking into him shallowly, and Rook moaned softly. “Yes, Jets…" He brought a flipper up to his own cock, rubbing himself. 


Jets rocked his pelvis forward, getting deeper and deeper into Rook with every second, feeling the heat and slick enveloping his cock as it got burrowed into the hilt. 


“Fuck yes,” Rook said, somewhere between a moan and a shout, and Jets pulled out to the tip before bottoming out all at once. 


He picked up the pace, snapping their pelvises together with each hard thrust, and Rook lost his grip on his cock, its pleasure forgotten as he lost himself in the feeling of Jets pummeling into him, keening and gasping and yelling out cries of “Please, just like that, yes Jets— a-ah please .”


Jets changed the angle, thrusting up hard and quick, feeling the familiar building in his core, the tightness in his gut like a wave gathering offshore before it crashed— the feeling of Rook tightening around him as he came in his own orgasm and the sound of his warbled cries through it all brought Jets over the edge. 


“ Fuck,” he groaned, spilling into Rook, holding himself upright and panting above the other as Rook just stared up at him with wide eyes and a heaving chest.


He pulled out, sending white dripping across the bed in a mess that would be awful to clean up later, and worked his beak through the feathers of Rook’s head again. Rook sighed into it, tilted his head down to knock against Jets’s own beak as well.


The two cuddled in the afterglow, Rook shifted himself under Jets's wing. Jets lent down to plant a kiss on Rook's head, wrapping his flippers around him.


"I love you."


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