Is that so, Riku? (Riku x Sora)

BY : TristyandShane
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"Yeah! I kinda told Roxas that I like being called a Princess sometimes. Well, sometimes,” snickered Sora on his stupid Gummiphone to Kairi. “I find it funny that you like that about me."

"Sure thing, Sora. I think it's cute," giggled Kairi on the other end of the phone.  

He often shared his secrets with Kairi and Roxas more than with Riku - for some strange reason. 

However, interrupting this call appeared to be a certain silver-haired male. Standing in the doorway to this hideout, emerald eyes found themselves locked on Sora. This hideout was made out of bamboo, and it was something Riku and Sora built when they were kids. They were adults now.

"Princess, huh?" Riku snickered, pinching his chin with his index finger and thumb. He smirked at the sight of Sora. “That sounds a bit…much for you.”

Turning his head in an instant, Sora gulped and immediately set down his Gummiphone, ending the call. "H-Huh? You heard that? How embarrassing..." Blue eyes stared up at Riku’s face, eyeing those emerald eyes. 

Taking a step closer towards the brunette, Riku let out a brief laugh. “Not at all. And I don't think you find it embarrassing. I think your heart is racing for a different reason." 

Sora’s eyes widened with surprise, and soon he averted his gaze away from the other. A little reddish blush dusted his tanned features. "What do you mean by that, Riku?" 

Squatting down, Riku extended out a hand and touched Sora's blushing cheek, tipping his face up, towards his own, as a thumb brushed dangerously close to his mouth. "I think you like it." Riku leaned in, boxing Sora in, using their difference in height to his benefit. "You know what else I think, Princess? I think it's been far too long since we played a game."

“A-A game?” 

With being closed in by Riku and his intimidating taller height, Sora kept his stare fixed on Riku's face, looking up at those green eyes. Swallowing his own spit nervously a second time, Sora managed to crack a visible smirk at that remark. 

"Y-You really think so? I mean, I don't...I don't like being called that at all." Reaching up, Sora draped an arm around Riku's collar, placing the other hand onto his shoulder. "But I like to play games! Sure!" 

Humming slowly, Riku’s hand slid up Sora's chest appreciatively, up to his neck. He suddenly applied pressure, pushing him back against the wall, and lifting him up. Riku rose up to his own feet in the process, standing up now. 

"Don't lie to me, Sora. You know I don't like it."

At this gesture, Sora's little feeties were off the ground when he was lifted up the wall. "H-Huh? Lie about what? I'm not...lying to you...Riku." Both his hands gripped onto the hand that held around his neck; he didn't even try to pull Riku away. Sora squeezed his eyes shut, not wanting to look at Riku since he was frickin' lying again. His face blushed, and he even puffed his cheeks out with a pout on his lips. "B-But...fine...I like being called that...b-but only by you." 

Riku smiled again, satisfied. "Somehow I doubt that," he murmured. "But I appreciate the sentiment." He patted Sora’s cheek roughly, and slowly let him down to the ground. "So. Why don't you get on your knees? I've got a pretty fun game in mind. One I bet you'll be really good at."

Still staring up at Riku’s face, Sora gasped when he was finally on the ground again. Brunette brows furrowed at that response, Sora’s worried expression turned into a petty glare. "What do you mean you 'doubt' that? I seriously only like it when you call me that, I swear." Pursing his lips shut, Sora huffed. "Don't ever doubt me, Mr. Tall, Handsome, and Grumpy!" Sinking down onto his knees, Sora continued to look up at Riku's face. "But what's this game? Have I played it before?" 

“Still pretty clueless, aren’t you?” Riku rested his hand on the back of Sora's head. "I don't know, Sora. You tell me." He guided Sora’s head forward, towards his hips. "You're not as stupid as some people say. I know that. I think you know what I want." 

Really, Riku wanted to see it. He wanted to see Sora do something perverse and unquestionably sexual without even having to be instructed on how to do it. There, he watched the brunette sit on his knees, facing his crotch. 

Looking up at Riku, Sora tilted his head to one side slightly, his lips parted. "Some people say that I'm stupid? Have they told you this behind my back or something?" He gulped innocently as Sora flicked his gaze from Riku's face and then down to his crotch. "Oh, right." Sora’s face was still flushed a vivid crimson, he inspected the crotch. "Tch. Nu-uh! Riku, why am I down here?" Raising a hand, Sora pulled up Riku's zip. Yes, pulled up. "Did you need help with that or something, buddy?" 

Cackling softly in amusement, Riku cupped Sora's cheek, then gave it a smack. Not a particularly hard one, but rough enough to sting and shock. "You're lucky you're such a cute little brat. Take it out, Sora, and open your fucking mouth," he ordered.

Letting out a squeal, Sora held onto his cheek after it had been deliberately slapped. Blue eyes glanced up at the silver-haired male with a little pout. "RIKU! Why did you do that? You could have just told me ya know," he grumbled. Good thing he didn't start crying over it. Pulling down the zip, Sora unbuttoned the boxers as well, and soon fished out Riku’s cock. Doing as he was told, Sora opened his mouth, but it wasn't wide. Blue eyes stayed staring up at Riku. "Like this?"

Wedging his finger into Sora's mouth, Riku pried it open. "Wider. And don't act like you don't like it." His cock had sprung out when Sora freed it, and he swung his hips so it smacked against Sora's cheek. Then, holding Sora's head steady, and wrapping a hand around the base of his dick, he pushed it into Sora’s mouth, nice and steady, until the head was pushed against the inside of his cheek, making it bulge out. "Hm. That's a really cute look for you, Sora. Do you like sucking dick?"

Sora flushed, feeling his face heat up in an instant at that question. "W-Wha--? H-Huh?" His voice was muffled behind the dick in his mouth. Sora shook his head, despite the small tent that immediately shot up in his pants. "" Sora muffled a lie, feeling a little embarrassed. He rested both his hands against Riku's thighs, as he then moved his head inward on the cock, managing to get the cock into his mouth half-way. 

Riku pushed his head down. "Here. Let me help you with that." He didn't go too deep, but he very much did start fucking Sora's mouth. Fast and rough, just so the brunette would feel nice and used. "How do you like that, Princess?"

A coughing could be heard at the first thrust, Sora squeezed his eyes shut at the rough treatment. Fingers gripped onto the material of Riku's three-quarter-length trousers, gripping tightly. Sora intoned a muffled squeal in response to Riku’s question. Automatically arching his back, Sora opened his mouth a little wider when Riku fucked his mouth. The brunette struggled to pull away, however, as he tried to pull his head back and off the cock. 

The large hand on Sora’s head held him more firmly. "No," he chastised. Riku’s palm smacked against Sora’s cheek, and he tugged at his hair. "Be a good boy, Sora. Take my cock," he growled. "I'll make you my good little Princess. Even if I have to rough you up."

Sora's large, innocent cyan-blue eyes kept watch of Riku. He intoned a little 'mhm' in response to the other, giving the signal that he'll actually listen this time. Eyes watered with very slight tears at the smack across his cheek, which kinda made the brat want to listen. "Mm...mmm..." Moving his head inward again, Sora took the entire length into his warm mouth again...from tip to base. He kept his stare fixed on Riku's face. 

Letting out a moan of approval, Riku smirked. "Good," he encouraged. He held the back of Sora's head in place, keeping himself in balls deep. He couldn't get enough of that warm, wet mouth, and Sora looked so adorable when he was crying. Riku brushed his thumb across Sora’s cheek, catching a welling tear, lifting his hand to his mouth to lick it off. 

"I love it when you lose. You make such a good little damsel in distress.

Riku finally pulled his cock out, nice and slow, and took a few steps back, until his legs hit a chair, and he sank down into the seat. He patted his knee, beckoning to Sora. 

"Stay on your knees and get over here."

Sora grimaced for a moment. "Tch. W-What? What makes you think I'm a damsel?

“Are you seriously asking that, Sora?”

Tears were still in Sora’s eyes, but not so much now that the cock had been pulled out. "" On his hands and knees, the little brunette approached Riku, he straightened his back as soon as he reached the other. Still sitting on his knees, he looked up at Riku. "L-Like this?" 

Sora rested his hands on the ground beneath him, not really wanting to touch Riku's legs without being told to first. Gulping slightly, Sora let out a little huff. His face was still flushed like before, still the same vivid crimson colour. Sora pressed his hands to his chest, furrowing his brunette brows. 

Riku appreciated this scenery, even when Sora was being a brat.

"I could never lose, Riku, even you know that! Y-You're just...t-teasing always. I mean, you could at least smile when you say all these things to me."

Gazing at Sora, unwavering. Riku’s hand wrapped around his dick, and lifted it up, giving Sora a clearer view of his heavy sack. Everything looked smooth and well groomed, at least. "If you want to make me smile, then suck on my balls. Be gentle, Sora. And watch your teeth." Riku stroked himself lazily, his legs lifting up to give Sora better access, feet curling around the edge of his seat. 

"Me, watch my teeth? And there you were slapping me around the face and making me cry like it was nothing," he hissed back. 

Pouting his lips, Sora moved his head downward and allowed his little pink tongue to trail along Riku's nutsack. All this time Sora refused eye contact with the silver-haired male, purely because he was scared of doing stuff like this for Riku. One hand rested on Riku's thigh, while his other hand was...well...still on the ground. Sora caught a testicle between his lips, now beginning to suck. He grumbled, too, loud enough for the other to hear. 

Running a hand through Sora’s short brunette locks, Riku chuckled softly in amusement. "Aw. What's got you all cranky?" Riku asked lazily, letting out an appreciative sigh. He could do this all day; feeling Sora's warm mouth on him as Sora kneeled before him. It was utter bliss. He let his cock lay against Sora's face and continued to stroke it. "Maybe I'll have to beat that bad attitude out of you, huh?" 

Sora swallowed his own spit nervously when he heard the other talk. He lifted his free hand, holding onto the cock and soon lifting it from his face. Sora suckled on the testicle, taking the entire nut into his hot mouth. His teeth lightly grazed the sensitive flesh, albeit didn't bite or anything. He opened his eyes, glancing up at Riku's face again. His back arched, butt stuck out. Lips released from the testicle, just so Sora could speak. 

"B-Beat? You'll hit me again?" 

At that, Riku offered Sora a wicked grin. "Spanking you. Slapping you. It's your fault for looking so cute when you cry." Riku cupped under his testicles, lifting them up, using his fingers to pry apart his taut, muscular cheeks, revealing the puckered pink star between them. "Kiss it, Sora. And use your tongue." 

Such a lewd request, especially considering they hadn't properly kissed yet. Not mouth to mouth. 

Gasping at the request, Sora whined. "Do I have to? S-Since when did you become such a big frickin' pervert?" Pouting, he puffed his cheeks out again as he glared up at Riku. "F-Fine." 

Leaning inward, Sora's pink tongue trailed along Riku's tight hole, moving down and then up towards the testicles again. He tasted the salt, the tanginess. Humid. He felt the tight ring of muscle against his tongue. He shivered. Once Sora had licked beneath Riku’s testicles, he immediately wiped his mouth with his hand. 


Grumbling, Riku rolled his eyes in contempt. "Oh, would you relax? I keep myself very clean." Riku pulled on the back of Sora's head, pushing his face against his ass. "I want you to use that pretty mouth of yours on everything. Don't leave my ass out just because you're squeamish. Push your tongue in." Riku bit down on his lip, grinding Sora's face against him. "Push it in nice and deep and be grateful, Sora. Cause a slutty little bottom like you isn't going to be getting anything else in there. Everyone knows true love's first kiss is supposed to have lots of tongue, Princess."

"This is supposed to be true love's first kiss? Really?" Obviously, the gullible airhead believed it anyway. Doing as he was told, Sora pressed his tongue against Riku's tight hole, pushing it inside until his lips touched the crack. Sora started to push his tongue inward and then out, sluggishly at first, tasting the warm salt of Riku’s anus. Opening one eye, Sora glanced up at Riku's face again. "Like this?" His voice was muffled. His hands stayed on Riku's thighs while he performed the deed, one hand moving up to stroke Riku's cock. 

Letting his head fall back, Riku hissed out a sigh, his cock visibly twitching. "Oh, fuck yes," he groaned appreciatively. "Now... I want you to alternate between all three. Kissing my balls. Sucking my cock. Eating my ass. Come on. Put that mouth to use, Sora." 

That he was using and defiling Sora's gorgeous, soft mouth like this before they had even kissed was one of the hottest things Riku could imagine. Riku was like a completely different person when he was horny, either that or his attitude matched that of his past replica. 

Sora raised a brunette brow in curiosity, and then grumbled. "You're giving me quite a lot of work to do here, Riku. I guess I could work with that, sure.” He tried his best to do a combination of all three, that's for sure. 

Moving his head up, Sora hugged his lips around the mushroom tip of Riku's cock, beginning to stroke his plump lips down the erect shaft...only stopping half-way like per usual. When he released from the cock, a string of saliva extended from the cock to his lips, giving the signal that Sora's had quite a bit of spit built up from the previous nut sucking. He went back to licking the testicles, working his way down to Riku's puckered anus. He gave one lick to the hole again, seconds before going back up to the testicles again. 

"This is making my jaw ache," he grumbled.

At the scene, Riku was greatly enjoying himself. Shuddering and throbbing with pleasure, each touch of those lips and tongue sent jolts of pleasure down his spine. "Hmm? It is. Alright. Then relax. Let your jaw go slack." 

Riku grabbed the back of Sora's head, guiding it to the right position and soon pushed him down on his cock, sliding the cock down Sora’s throat, then pulled him back up. 

"Who the hell needs a pussy with a throat like that?" Riku asked, breathless. "So good at taking cock down your throat. A real natural . Like it was your purpose. Make me cum, and I'll do something really nice and special for you, Sora."

‘My purpose? Yeah, right.’ Sora mused, thinking.

“H-Huh?” Sora gagged unattractively at the throat fucking. Sora squeezed his eyes shut, having tears trail down his blushing cheeks at the pressure. His hands gripped onto Riku's thighs, fingertips digging into the material of those three-quarter-lengths again. He whined behind the cock in his mouth. 

"F-Fuck, W-Wiku..." Sora muffled, managing at least a few simple words. A shiver trailed down his spine, and even his arms felt quivery. Drool escaped his lips, his nostrils, and he even started to cry again...but not normal crying or anything. "Mmm...mmmh..." 

Riku did find the gagging and crying attractive, despite how clumsy and sloppy it was. "You look so pretty like that, Sora," he said, in an almost mockingly sweet voice. He drilled his cock down Sora's throat, balls smacking against his chin, panting for breath. Riku finally pulled him off, holding Sora by the hair, slapping the side of Sora’s face with his dick, and began to jerk himself off, cockhead pointed right at his face. "Keep that fucking mouth open, Sora. And stick out your tongue."

Sora stuck his tongue out at Riku in a mocking way. "Nu-uh! I'm trying my hardest here," whined the stroppy brunette. He was practically asking to be slapped again. "Look! I'm already doing what you tell me. Can't you see or something?" Sora huffed, opening up his mouth and sticking out his little pink tongue like he was ordered. His hands still gripped at Riku's pants, tugging on them. 

Simply, Riku ignored the whining. For now. He'd punish Sora for it in due time. His breathing had grown shallow, and his voice had risen an octave, moaning quietly. "Sora..." Riku gasped. He stoked faster, back arching, hips pressing forward, the sliding, wet sound of his hand jacking off his spit soaked cock sounded so loud in his ears. And, notably, Riku seemed pretty damn heavy handed when he masturbated. 

Finally, though, he reached the peak of his pleasure, letting out a quiet, barely audible whimper as he came. He hit Sora's mouth, but also his cheeks, the bridge of his nose... Maybe some even getting in his eye if he didn't close it fast enough. "Oh, fuck yes!" Riku gasped appreciatively, milking his cock, defiling Sora's beautiful, sweet face, covering it in ropes of pearly white, sticky cum. He even got some in Sora’s mouth. 

Raising a hand, Sora wiped away the cum from his eyes in particular. "Um...Riku...I-I thought I was gonna swallow," he voiced out loudly like it was nothing. Sora wiped away the cum from his lips, his nose, and decided to wipe it over Riku's trousers. "Y-You pervert..." 

Puffing out his cheeks, Sora bravely crawled up onto Riku's lap, his knees straddling Riku's legs in the process. His blue eyes stayed fixed on those green hues, as if Sora was waiting for something. His hands rested on Riku's shoulders, soon worming their way around his collar. 

"Hm...I hope this is okay, Riku..."

Looking up at that pretty face, Riku caught his breath for now. It was actually kinda sexy, seeing Sora act like a brat. Definitely endearing, for sure, and Riku felt a flood of warmth in his chest. "You're fucking naughty for doing that," he murmured, putting a hand on Sora's hip. 

Finally, he pressed their lips together, a deep, hot satisfaction settling in his belly. "You should always taste like this," he murmured quietly, licking his own cum from Sora’s lips. Lazily, Riku pushed Sora's butt down, and began to grind up against it, half hard cock rubbing against Sora's shorts. "I'm going to use both of your holes. They're mine. Got it?" 

A loud gulp echoed in the quiet room. "Both? Uh, I guess...sure," he answered, scratching behind his ear nervously. "As long as you call me by that…word I like, though." 

Princess?” Riku bit down onto his lower lip hard, studying those azure-blue hues, almost staring.

“Yeah, that.”

Reaching round with both hands, Sora tugged down his shorts, soon slipping them down his legs. He still stayed sitting on Riku's lap after that, now feeling the silver-haired male's cock against his bare ass. Despite how poofy his shorts usually were, Sora's legs were slender. He had meat on his thighs due to being super short, and a fat ass along with it - obviously. 

"I kinda think you'll be too big for me," he mumbled. “You are, aren’t you?”

“Maybe you’d like to try it and find out?” Riku checked, smirking. He lazily placed an index finger under that chin, keeping Sora’s face held up. “You’re so pretty, Sora.” 

His other hand held down Sora’s ass, as he brushed his cock in between those plump cheeks. That large nine-inch cock buried in between Sora’s buns, hotdogging him. A trail of drool dripped from Riku’s lips, feeling aroused just by the sight of Sora’s face. Sora glanced over his shoulder, feeling a little uneasy with how intimate they were becoming right now.

“I-I guess so, Riku. You’ll pull out if it’s too much for me, right?”

“Of course,” he put. “I’m sure you’ll take it just fine. Be a good Princess.


“If you can take my cock in your mouth; I’m almost certain you can take it in your ass, too.”

“Is that so, Riku?” 

On the small table just to the side of him, Riku picked up a bottle of chocolate-scented lubricant and squeezed just enough of the liquid onto his hand. With this liquid, Riku stroked his cock again, and even applied some of the cold gel onto Sora’s tiny puckered anus. The small brunette flinched at the feel, and then he whimpered at the sight of the lubricant bottle.

“I-Is that what it’s for–? I-I thought–” Sora whimpered, biting onto his bottom lip. His voice quivered, his face flushed like a tomato, and this caused a curious silver brow to rise on Riku’s face. 

“What…were you even using this for?” 

“Well, funny thing, it smelled like candy and I…yeah…used it for a few things. Not for this, though,” he pursed his lips shut and averted his gaze away from Riku once again.

“I hope that wasn’t for food purposes,” mentioned Riku. “I know how excited you get over food, especially the sweeter kind.” 

RIKU!” Sora squealed, embarrassed.

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