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The sounds of the lively Mead Hall faded behind us as we almost ran towards His Place. The Church; usually a place of peace that welcomed all had become somewhere to be avoided. The screams of dying men and sometimes women were the only sounds that came from the once holy place. The bells had ceased to ring since the Ragnarssons had captured the town. Yet here I am are entering of my own free will. Heart pounding but not from fear. I had wanted this since our eyes first met, despite his reputation. He watched me as I went about my work but we had never spoken until tonight. I had been quietly sitting in the Hall when he came over and sat on the bench opposite me. Several drinks later and Ivarr was dragging me behind him, I struggled to keep up tripping over debris in the dark.

The smell hit me as I entered the building making me retch. The stench of blood and filth and death. Thankfully the darkness hid Ivarrs victims. As he pulled me towards the catacomb steps I stumbled into something heavy and set it swinging,it let out a long low groan and begged weekly for help. I yelped and pulled away,the bravado I had displayed flirting over drinks leaving rapidly. Ivarr almost yanked my arm out its socket in his impatience. “Fucker deserves it,don't you worry” 

I half fell down the steps into the dusty gloom beneath the church,the air was somewhat better down here and there was a good sized brazier giving out plenty of light. There was a larger room off to the left lined with the tombs of long dead men and in the centre a bed covered with inviting furs and soft pillows. He pulled me against his leather covered chest and kissed me,one hand tangled in my hair the other sliding down to grab my ass,his tongue plundered my mouth making me breathless. My confidence returning I wrapped my arms around him and held him just as tightly,returning his kiss with the same passion. Biting on his lip as we parted .

He began unbuckling his armour whist I sat on the bed to remove my boots. Ivarr came over and stood before me,gesturing for me to help remove his belts. Before long he was naked in all his glory,I ran my hands over his taut stomach and chest humming in appreciation “My God you are a sight Ivarr” I traced his tattoos with my fingertips and I felt him tremble beneath my hands. He watched me intently as I worshipped his body. I looked up at him and placed a kiss just below his belly button as my hands slid down to his hips, holding him in place as I left another,following the trail down to his dripping cock. He exhaled loudly as I took him into my warm mouth,I suckled the tip gently,tasting the salty fluid leaking from it and released it with a pop. I licked my sticky lips as I gazed at him “Are your eyes the only thing I will feel upon me this night?” I asked.

“Skin...Now” he said with soft menace . He watched me undress,slowly pumping his cock in his fist as I made a show of removing my breeches and under shirt,his eyes roaming over my pale creamy skin. I lay back on my elbows and spread my legs for him giving him a good look at my wet cunt. He pumped faster his lust darkened eyes trained on my glistening pink hole. “Hey!” I snapped “don't fucking waste it! ” His eyes flickered with annoyance unaccustomed to being spoken to in such a tone then smiled “Don't forget where you are” he warned.

He climbed onto the bed and crawled towards me his hands snaking under my thighs and pinning down my hips. He moved his face close to my heat and inhaled deeply “ Little Rabbits should not tempt the Wolf” he said his voice thick with lust. He licked a stripe up my sex making me gasp. I watched as he ate my cunt like a starving man at a feast,licking and sucking my hard little bud and tonguing my holes,I pressed his face into my cunt,my hand in his hair grinding myself on his tongue until I finished loudly in his mouth he pumped his fingers slowly in and out of me as I rode out my orgasm.

He rose to his knees wiping his dripping chin with the back of his hand amused at the mess he had made of me. I lay in a stupor my thighs still spread wide trembling,trying to catch my breath. Taking pity on me he left the bed and poured me a cup of wine. I drained it gratefully. My eyes on his bobbing cock. 

I outstretched my arm and beckoned My lover back to bed. He obliged eagerly climbing atop me and settling between my legs. His hands kneaded my breasts and he suckled on my nipples swirling his tongue around the hardened flesh and nipping gently making me shudder with pleasure. He rose and attacked my throat with his mouth leaving his mark for all to see,my hand on the back of his neck urging him on wanting his ownership. He kissed me deeply as I wrapped my arms around his neck. His cock prodded at my entrance as our tongues pressed and glided over each others passionately and he slipped inside me with ease and I whimpered into his mouth as he filled me. 

He pulled back looking into my hazel eyes as his hips snapped into mine again and again,faster and faster. He growled like a beast as he fucked me,gripping the back of my thigh as he slammed into me. I moaned shamelessly beneath him,his name tumbling from my lips begging him to give me what I needed. I told him more,I wanted more. He gave it harder and harder. The wooden bed creaked and rocked loudly beneath us as he ploughed me roughly. His cock hitting places I didn't know I had. I looked up at him his brow furrowed ,biting his bottom lip as he stared into my eyes and It sent me over the edge. I peaked beneath him wetting our bellies,the slaps of our meeting bodies turning to splashes and he followed with a soul deep howl,my cunt milking every last drop of his seed from his balls. He groaned into my neck as he slowed,still pumping into me as we both came down from our high. Ivarr stilled,panting and trembling together we lay trying to catch our breath. His softening cock slid out of my cunt and a stream of his seed followed running down my ass to the bed beneath. 

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