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Note 1: From what I recall, there has always been a Nina and
Ryu in every BoF game. Except the first one where Ryu is called Hero.





“Nina! Wait up!”
A young boy called out. He ran along the old dirt path. A gentle breeze brushed
against the boy’s slightly tanned skin. His simple clothes felt cool on this
warm day.

“Come on you
slowpoke. We’re gonna go exploring today!” The girl called back. She was also
young. Her golden-blonde hair billowed gently the air brushed past her. Her
clear cerulean eyes reflected a calm lake’s beauty and serenity. She moved
fluidly and with little trouble. More running and eventually she stopped.
Behind her, the boy had finally caught up. He took several deep breaths and

“I don’t...pant...understand how someone can run
that fast in a dress!?” Again he took a few more breaths. The girl put her
hands to her hips and turned to gaze at the boy.

“Silly. Just
because I’m a Princess doesn’t mean I have to be dainty and lady-like.” She
responded while giving the boy a stern look. The boy had regained his breath
and now spoke normally.

“That’s right you
are a Princess, Nina. What would your mother say if she saw us?”

Nina grinned and put
her forehead against the boy’s.

“That’s why this is
our little secret. You don’t say anything and I don’t say anything.” She tapped
his head with her finger and then turned once more. Before her lay a deep
forest that was seldom visited. All that could be heard were the sounds of the
wind and the creatures singing softly. Nina took a step forward but was held
back by the boy’s hand on her shoulder. His misty-gray eyes showed great

“Are you sure about
this? They could’ve been just rumors.” He said to her. Nina shook her head and

“Come on Lee.
Rumors aren’t false things until proven untrue. Likewise, I believe rumors that
are said to be true, need to be proven as well.” Nina put a hand on Lee’s and
pulled him forward a bit. “You’re not afrrraaaiidd…are you Lee?” she giggled.

“I am not! I’m just
worried that’s all.” Lee responded while looking flushed. Nina laughed more and

“Then let’s go!”
she grabbed Lee’s arm and stepped forward into the forest. There were rumors
going about in the town. They stated that a bright crystal light flashed in the
sky and that a ferocious roar was heard from deep within the forest. Most
people were terrified to even come near the forest due to the recent events.
However, Nina and Lee ventured on. Deeper and deeper they walked.

“Hey Nina let’s go back.
It’s getting late.” A worried Lee said. Nina sighed and continued walking.

“Just a bit more
Lee…I can feel it. We’re going to find something soon.” They kept going. The
forest was getting dark and it was hard to make out the path. Nina felt frustrated
that they hadn’t found anything. Lee’s persistent whining also contributed to
that as well. Just as they were about to
turn back though, an incredible roar was heard. Nina and Lee screamed and began
running. They ran with whatever strength they had. Darkness surrounded them as
they fled. In the distant Nina thought she saw a light.

“Over there!” She
and Lee ran faster than before. They came closer and finally tumbled out of the
woods. The town lights were in the distance. The two sighed with relief as they
stood up. However, their relief came to an end when another roar was heard
directly behind them. Nina and Lee whipped around and came face to face with a
large beast like creature. They backed away as the creature began coming

“It’s a Nue Nina!
What do we do!?” Lee desperately cried out. Nina continued backing away.

/What to do…what to
do! Could we beat this thing on our own? Well we better do it fast. / Nina
though. She took a fighting stance and glanced to Lee. “Let’s take it down!”

Lee glanced back at her and slowly nodded. The Nue lunged at
the duo. Nina and Lee jumped away and landed safely. Nina began focusing on a
spell she recently learned. She felt the warm energy of fire and wind merge
together in her mind.

“Simoon!” Nina
shouted. A blast of hot flame and wind engulfed the monster. It roared in pain
as parts of its body seared. However, the Nue quickly retaliated with a running
tackle at Nina. She tried to avoid it but was caught on her side. Nina hit the
ground hard and cried out in pain. Lee saw this and immediately went to her
aid. Lee let warm soothing energy flow from his hands.

“Heal!” The pain of
Nina’s wounds diminished and she rose quickly. The Nue was very angry at this
point and prepared to charge to two once more. Lee caught Nina’s attention and
motioned something with his hands. She nodded in agreement. Once more Nina
focused on her power but this time she would combine it with Lee. Nina released
a ‘Cyclone’ spell and Lee released a ‘Frost’ spell. Together they combined them
into a freezing wind. The Nue began slowing down in its movement. The cold
environment had apparently taken its toll. Deciding the battle could not be
won, the Nue turned and fled back into the forest.

After they had made
sure the Nue was gone the two walked back to town slowly. Nina rested her head
on Lee’s shoulder as they entered the homely lit town.

“Hey Lee?” she


“I’m sorry for all the
trouble I caused today. Forgive me?” She said while showing puppy dog eyes. Lee
chuckled and nodded. “Sure. I forgive you.” They headed toward the castle. As
soon as they reached the gates a maid came out scolding Nina. She apologized
and said she would go straight to bed right away. The maid nodded and returned
back in. As Nina walked in she turned to
say goodnight to Lee.

“Goodnight Nina.”
Lee said as he began walking back home.

“Goodnight Lee…I
promise tomorrow we’ll have more FUN.” She giggled.

“Nina!!!” Lee said in
an exasperated tone. But she was already
gone. Lee sighed and began the short walk home. /Yep…another typical day. I
just can’t wait till tomorrow…/



Well that’s Chapter 1. It gives you a more general idea of
what Lee and Nina are like as children.

As I stated before
I’m open to new ideas and things so please feel free to review or IM me. Thank
you very much. ^_^

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