Golden Sun: Homecoming (Incomplete)

BY : Streti
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Golden Sun - Homecoming

by Streti,

Isaac sipped the tasty ale and looked contently at his companions, who were smiling and laughing and having a good time. They were so often serious, even grim, and he too, that it was very nice for him to see them in a lighter mood. Perhaps it was their mission which kept them so serious so often, feeling the burden of the land's and their friends' fate on their shoulders.

They had taken a break from that now and come visit his and Garet's home village, Vale, the place where the quest began. A lot of the villagers had been very happy to see them, and it seemed their quest had made them heroes in the eyes of the villagers. There had been lots of compliments and encouragement, some had even been in awe to see them. Only his mother had acted weird, pretending that they weren't there because their quest was still incomplete.

"What are you thinking, Isaac?" asked Mia all of a sudden. Isaac just looked at her for a while, at how she looked, her turquoise hair framing her cute face and sensitive eyes, her facial features which seemed to reveal a wisdom fitting for a mage.

"The beer is good," he stated plainly.

"Liar! You can't have been thinking that hard about beer!" laughed Mia. Isaac smiled at her. While Garet drank beer as well, Mia and the younger Ivan preferred the sweet pear cider of the tavern. Isaac looked at Ivan, who was just taking a small sip from his pint. Isaac noticed movement to his left and turned his head, finding his eyes staring straight at an alluring cleavage. His gaust ust fixed on what was visible of the soft, round bosoms, and he had to force his eyes to look upward from the ample bust.

"Hi!" the woman exclaimed cheerily. "Would you like our delicious mead? It's on the house." Isaac noticed she was the same woman who had practically hit on him earlier when they were walking around the village. She was just placing a heavy tray on the table.

"Sure," Isaac went, always the leader. He glanced at the tray, there were six mugs.

"May we join you?" she asked, glancing at the man behind her. Her eyes almost sparkled.

"Take a seat!" bellowed Garet, already starting to feel the alcohol. The pair served the mugs and then took up the stools on the opposite ends of the table.

"First, a toast," suggested the man. "To our heroes!" he said, and both he and she drank to them.

"Th-thanks," stuttered Isaac, slightly embarrassed, and all the four drank from their mugs. Isaac and Garet knew it from beforehand, but it had been a long while since they had last tasted the drink, much stronger than beer, but with a delicious sweet taste of honey.

"Ohh, that's good!" exclaimed Isaac after a hearty swig, followed by Garet's "Oh yea." Ivan simply said "Wow!" and Mia sighed a pleased "Mmmm." in response to the taste.

"I'm Trina, and he's my fiancé Samuel. I think you two know us already," she said, addressing the last part to Isaac and Garet. "Oh, except the fiancé part," she added. It had been a while since the incident which forced Isaac and Garet to go on their mission.

"Yea, nice to see to you again," Isaac replied.

"Don't think we've been gone long enough to forget everyone in Vale!" Garet laughed. "These two people here are both Adepts like the people of Vale. This is Ivan, who we met just south of here, in the town Vault."

"Hi!" greeted Ivan, overenergized. It seemed the alcohol had already gone some way into the young boy.

"And this is Mia, a Water Adept from Imil."

"Hello." She smiled at both Trina and Samuel.

"Even though we met Ivan and Mia, it seems there are almost no Adepts outside Vale," Isaac told. "Psyenergy is practically unknown in the outside world."

"Wow. I'm glad to live here. I couldn't think of life without Psyenergy," Samuel said in a light-hearted tone.

"We neither. And we couldn't have made it almost anywhere without using our powers," Isaac continued. He found his eyes fixated on Trina's features. She had brown, inquisitive, even seductive eyes, framed with strong eyebrows, and her roundish face was framed with slightly curly black hair, which flowed just to her shoulders. Those shoulders were half bare, as her bairmaid's blouse revealed a lot of Trina's chest, including a fair amount of cleavage. Isaac found his gaze drifting there from time to time. It had been a while since that time with Mia. Trina appeared to have noticed his looks, but the expression in her eyes only seemed to tease and encourage Isaac.

Isaac wasn't the only one who was giving an eye. Though he was taken, Mia couldn't help but be taken by Samuel's looks. He, like Trina, had black hair, and his dark eyes were very determined, although they also revealed a feeling of uncertainty at the same time. He had a strong chin, though not overly so, and his face had strong features which seemed to be slow to move. But when they moved into a smile, that smile didn't fade away very quickly either.

"We couldn't have made it without Ivan and Mia's help either," Garet added. "They have different powers from us because of their different Elements. Mm, that was good!" He had just finished the mug of mead, and the others were almost done with theirs already.

Samuel spoke up. "If you wish, we can offer you a second round in your room upstairs when you retire."

"That would be great," said Mia, who had just finished her mug, obviously pleased with it. "I'm in love with this!"

"Yes, thanks!" blurted Ivan out, his characteristic shyness seemingly shaken off by the mead.

Isaac took the last drink from his mug as well. "Yeah, I think we'll retire upstairs. We can talk more up there if you're not tosy wsy with work?"

"Not at all!" smiled Trina. "We're boffduffduty already."

* * *

"-- And the tourists really had to row!" finished Garet. Roaring laughter ensued. The party of six was now noticeably drunk, having finished quite a few mugs of mead and other beverages.

"But you know, what about..." started Trina coyly. "You've been a long while on the journey, three men and a woman... anything ever happen?"

"Eep!" chirped Mia, even through her hazy state.

"Oh well. Once..." started Garet.

"No!" shouted Mia and slapped her hand on Garet's mouth.

Isaac's powers of observation had weakened somewhat, though. "Once we caught Mia frigging herself right in the open," he said and immediately burst into uncontrolled laughter. To Mia's relief, he was unable to continue. Meanwhile, something strange was happening to her hand on Garet's mouth. He was licking and kissing it. Shocked, she withdrew her hand, which had been properly salivated. Garet didn't let the slight drawback bring him down, instead he stood up and stumbled his way to where Trina was sitting.

"I must admit," he enthused, "you've got some nice tits." He was behind her and had placed her hands on Trina's shoulders.

"Oh really," Trina replied.

"Yeah. I've been looking at them all night, so I know what I'm talking about. But I want to see more of them." Garet's hands trailed from her shoulders onto her bust, and without shame, his hands entered her blouse and groped her breasts. Isaac had his face down on the table, tittering to himself, but Ivan and Mia had a look of shock on their faces. Samuel, on the other hand, wasn't so much shocked. He rather seemed like a kettle that would soon boil over, with a furious burn on his face. Even though Garet hadn't really minded the consequences, he was surprised that there didn't seem to be any. Trina didn't resist him in the slightest, instead she just turned her face upwards to face Garet.

"Like them?"

"Oh yes." With no resistance, he decided to go forward with his plan, if the word could be said to apply. With her ample breasts in his hands, he tried to free them from the tight confines of the blouse. The blouse was reluctant to let go of its catch, however, and Garet couldn't bring the round busts to the light of the day so easily. He took his hands out and grabbed the neckline of the blouse. Exerting his physical power, Garet was able to impose his will upon the blouse's, and the fabric teared, Trina's beautiful peaches out in the open for everyone to see. Even Isaac managed to lift in his head just in time to rest his eyes on Trina's pear-shaped, ample breasts, with enchantingly large aeas tas that left room for adequately sized erect nipples.

"Actually..." started Trina, trailing off for a second. She didn't seem to mind at all that her breasts had been revealed violently for almost complete strangers to see. "We were all along intending to give some very personal encoumentment to the heroes of Vale, me and Samuel," she said in a soft, seductive tone.

She stood up from the chair and turned to Garet. Without any hesitation, she leaned towards him, and kissed him on the mouth. Instead of exploding in rage like he might have done, Samuel did nothing of the sort, onlyew sew some longing gazes at Mia, who didn't notice them for the astoundment she was paying to Trina and Garet and for her drunken giggles.

Samuel decided to stop hesitating, stood up and walked behind the oblivious Mia. He tapped her gently on her shoulder, which finally drew her attention. Just as she turned, Samuel leaned down to her, fearing a negative reaction but not fearing enough. Mia's lips had some trouble accepting Samuel's for a second as she tried to realize what happened, but soon she caught on. Relaxed and at ease, Mia was not in the mood to reject Samuel, and their lips continued their caress. Her tongue met his eager muscle, who courted and wooed and danced with her in her home. At long last they parted, for a long silent gaze, their eyes a mirror of their mutual passion. Eventually, she voiced, “I liked that,” and soon they were kissing again.

Ivan felt himself get painfully hard in the pants as she watched Garet and Trina's fondling kisskissing, especially the way Garet was nonchalantly groping those beautiful breasts, letting his hands do the ogling, while Trina's hands caressed Garet's upper body through his thin brown shirt, his body having become even stronger in the course of their battles. As Isaac too had his eyes fixed on Trina's charm, the other pair had relative privacy. Samuel and Mia were getting on too, both now standing up, and kissing each other's mouths and necks with a certain frustration, like they were only barely able to contain themselves to their foreplay instead of jumping straight into intercourse.

Trina was determined to complete her intention, and soon she kneeled down slowly before Garet, keeping her gaze on his, and trailing her hands slowly down his body as she went down, until her face was in level with the bulge in the warrior's pants. Garet watched with bated breath as Trina kissed the bulge in his pants and caressed it, then dragging his pants and underpants down in one fell swoop. Its obstructions removed, Garet's erect member quickly jumped into position. Trina's widened, determined eyes admired the piece for a while as she streched the foreskin back with her hand, then she suddenly plunged her mouth on the erect meat. Garet breathed out heavily.

Mia's veins were already coursing with painfully hot blood, her whole body yearning for sex as Samuel peeled off her clothes slowly, kissing her skin as it slowly uncovered. Some of his kisses were only faint touches of his tongue on her skin, yet all the more aggravating. Off had come her blouse and sash, and soon would go the natural white, tight top supporting her breasts. The two globes bounced merrily into freedom from the confines of the top, and she raised her hands to help Samuel remove the garment from her. When it was off her head, her hair slightly shuffled, and her vision was restored, he met Samuel's face looking up at her mere inches from her bosoms. He threw a boyish grin at her, then turned his face to her busts, giving them the same treatment as the rest of her skin. Surprisingly to her, he didn't spend too much time on her squishies, instead heading down. She only had the bottom parts of her outfit on, and quelling her impatience, she sat back down to allow their removal.

Trina's blowjob was proving to be quite a spectacle. There was no shortage of lubrication as she stroked Garet's aching meat and fucked it with her mouth. Her hand and his cock glistened lewdly with her saliva, and when her mouth parted from the organ, a thick line of saliva remained between the two. Trina was making sure of not leaving Garet dry, and long strands of spit dripped from his cock and drooled down her chin. Trina's concentration on pleasuring Garet was broken as someone stepped near and said, “Got time for two?”

“Or three?” came another voice. Her wet performance had sunk deep in Isaac and Ivan, and both had decided to seek relief for the impassably demanding ache of the hardened members in their pants. Trina looked up at the two, her mouth and chin wet and her eyes glinting determinedly.

“I was hoping you couldn't wait your turns...” she marked with a self-assured attitude of accomplishment, before turning to the two other males, both with straining lumps in the front of their pants.

“Hey!” griped Garet as his needing erection was left standing, and seeing that Trina's attention had been succesfully stolen, he casted scornful gazes at the selfish bastards. He settled for slowly stroking his king while watching how Trina dug Isaac's and Ivan's hard-ons from their pants and started stroking Isaac's while taking Ivan's into her mouth.

“This situation feels strangely familiar,” said Isaac in mock contemplative tone, watching the beautiful black-haired woman blowing and stroking their cocks. That managed to get a laugh out of Garet.

Mia was already cooing and moaning with volume as Samuel worked on her sex, framed with the uncommon green pubes that matched her hair color. She couldn't but enjoy his mouth muscle caressing her trickling folds with relaxed but strong sweeps and exploring every nok and cranny between her nether lips.

“You've taken a bath today?” asked Samuel.

“Yes,” gasped Mia, as Samuel hadn't paused to catch his breath to wait for the answer.

“I can taste it,” he continued, and Mia responded with a giggle. Her sweet and clean taste made licking her all the more pleasurable for Samuel.

Trina retreated from Isaac's pole, which had been thoroughly coated in saliva by now as well, and gave him a genuinely pleased, wide smile. Given the situation, Isaac couldn't but return it, though his cheerful smile looked a lot more abashed and overwhelmed than Trina's. She then returned to Garet, teasing him. “Miss me?”

“Not at all,” he retorted, relieved when her wet mouth returned on his burning meat. His hand was no match for that playful, all-embracing mouth and the feeling of his cock sliding between those soft lips and being massaged by her wonderful tongue. Garet was nearing the breaking point, but wasn't at all worried, sure that the evening would not stop at the blowjobs. He couldn't have held on much longer either, soon feeling the fantastic feeling in his balls and manmeat grow unbearable. Then his mind was blinded with acute bliss as he erupted, and his phallus blasted out stream after stream. He roared like an animal, gaining even Mia and Samuel's attention for a second. Stroking his saliva-slick phallus rapidly, Trina milked Garet's copious load on her chest. The sperm flew all over her upper chest and exposed bust, still partly supported by the torn blouse. The blouse itself received a fair share of the cum, and it was already getting wet from the manmilk trailing down her breasts and skin, while the rest of Garet's load dribbled down to her skirt. Finally recovering from his orgasm, Garet opened his eyes and looked back down at Trina.

“What a mess,” Garet said in a slightly apologetic tone.

“I don't mind,” she replied with a smile on her clean face. As messy as her chest was, none of the cum had reached her face. She was still holding his spent cock in her hand, which had caught some sperm as well.

“To tell the truth, I don't mind either,” grinned Garet. Looking at the white slime decorating her ample pears, skin and her cum-stained blouse, Garet had a feeling he might not have time to go soft at all.

Suddenly someone came from behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders and kissing her neck.

“That bed looks very soft... I wouldn't mind testing it with the owner's daughter.”

Trina was happy to oblige, she'd been getting hornier by the second. Her damp pussy was sending demands coursing all over her body, making her sensitive to Isaac's touch and kisses. She stood up and turned around, pressing herself against Isaac as she kissed him needily. Even if Isaac had been
Trina pressing her cum-drenched bosom against him, he wouldn't have had the time to avoid getting his shirt messy. After a deep and lusty kiss, They detached from each other long enough to undress. As Trina removed the wettened blouse, which would have to be repaired, she could have wiped her chest clean, but she didn't. When they were nude, Isaac swept Trina off her feet onto his arms, eliciting a surprised yelp from her, and carried her to the bed, throwing her on it not too carefully. The bed took the impact well, and Trina just laughed. Soon he was over her, and they were kissing again, his hard member jutting just above her pubes.

The heavily breathing and heavily flushed Mia was already dizzy with pleasure, her bust heaving as her heart thumbed desperately, anxiously. Samuel continued stimulating her relentlessly, focusing his teasing tongue on her sensitive nub, and soon she started shivering, shouting “Ung! Don't stop!”

He didn't, and soon Mia snapped, her body and mind wracked by her orgasm. Her blood turned into burning liquid ice as she instinctively arched her back, her arms supporting her against the table, and she let out a feminine yell of passionate anguish. Mia's midbody kept arching back and forth and her toes clenched and unclenched as her sex overhelmed her, and all the while Samuel did his best to keep himself between her luscious thighs, licking her abundant wetness. Finally her body slumped, completely spent and powerless. Samuel rose up and planted tender kisses all over her body, making his way up her frame. He first kissed her lips carefully, but one look in Mia's fully surrendered eyes took his mouth back to hers, and they kissed hungrily, Samuel's hand supporting her head, Mia tasting her wetness all over Samuel's face and in his mouth.

“Get off,” she said weakly, seemed to be slightly confused, and corrected, “Umn, get your clothes off.” Samuel needed no more encouragement and started stripping slowly, to the delight of Mia, and also allowing her more time to recover. He wasn't very muscular, but fit enough, and Mia didn't mind his slight stomach at all. Samuel was now had only his pants on, and Mia was eager to see the cause of that lump in the front.

Isaac's cock was sliding easily in Trina's slick but tight cunt, making them both feel good. Trina wasn't fully content with just being screwed, and she was eyeing the disrobing Ivan with expectation. When he was fully naked, Trina asked him to the bed and guided him to straddle her chest, all the while with Isaac pumping into her pussy. The enthusiastic Ivan didn't really need any more guiding, with his fairly inexperienced cock in the perfect position to go between Trina's tits. Bearing an excited expression on her flushed face, Trina pressed her boobs together urged Ivan to start fucking them. Her chest was still wet with Garet's sperm, which made for a practical and sexy lubricant for the titfuck. With his cock embraced by her soft globes, Ivan was exalted. Garet, meanwhile, had also stripped down, and was sitting on the edge of the bed, stroking his erection slowly, enjoying the sexy sight of Trina, Isaac and Ivan's threesome, but also paying attention to Mia and Samuel, who were still by the table.

Kneeling before him, Mia had Samuel's cock deep in her mouth. She was slobbering him up well, with a rivulet of saliva running from between her lower lip and down along his length. The sensations she was giving him by licking and sucking the hard member and caressing his ballsack with her hand was more than enough compensation for the tonguejob as far as Samuel was concerned. Nevertheless, he wasn't disappointed in the least bit when after a good while of her oral ministrations Mia said, “I want to have this big thing deep inside me.” She then looked up at him with his mighty meat in her mouth, her pleading eyes deep and irresistable as a kitten's. Samuel, caught off guard by the simultaneously innocent and sex sight, only nodded. Mia took his hand and lead him to the big bed, and soon they were joining the four others on the mattress.

“Uh, hi Mia. This isn't what it looks like, hngg,” joked Isaac, humping Trina all the time, with Ivan still humping her busts.

Mia placed herself on all fours on the bed, legs spread, giving Isaac had a good view of her inviting backside, her dripping pussy and her round ass. She placed a hand on that said ass and said, “Is this what it looks like?”

“I don't know -ngah-. Can anything be that, uh, beautiful?”

Content with their play, Mia left it at that, and moved a bit to give Isaac less access and Samuel more. As he was placing his rigid pole on her opening, a gasping female voice asked, “Having fun?”

Samuel sank his cock into Mia, drawing an ah from her and a grunt from himself. Letting the feeling sink in, he took his time before answering Trina, almost singing in praise of Mia's warm and tight cavern. “Am I ever! It looks like you're getting well fucked as well.” She just grinned in reply. With her hands firmly on Mia's womanly butt, Samuel began thrusting into her, bringing his crank the much-needed pleasure of her pussy.

Hesitantly, Ivan stopped thrusting his meat into Trina's valley. “I'm going to...” he started.

Trina let go of her breasts and took Ivan's cock into her hand. “Let me do it for you.” Ivan raised her pelvis a bit as Trina started stroking him, and judging from his squeezed shut eyes and his hardness, she knew it wouldn't be long. Indeed, it didn't take many strokes until Ivan's tool released its load. White streaks of sperm flew effortlessly onto Trina's face as Ivan shuddered silently in his climax. Hot milk rained all over Trina, with the most vigorous strings running over her nose, right eye, cheek and mouth, and more drippling down her neck to add to an unorthodox pearl necklace. The copious weaker spurts soaked her upper chest and especially her breasts and cleavage, which were just under the cum-dripping cockhead. All the time her body moved and her tjiggjiggled in the pace of Isaac's thrusts.

Samuel was now leaning against Mia as they mated, so that he was able to cop a feel of his dangling breasts. It was satisfying for the both of them, both being able to enjoy the thrill of the orgy the evening had turned into, six people fucking each other with absolutely no shame in the same room. Samuel was also enjoying the opportunity to be with another woman than Trina, something he had not done for a long time, and he was just a boy then. If Mia h't b't been with the group, he might not have agreed to Trina's idea. Mia was enjoying the change of pace too. It had been a long while since her last time. Samuel had obviously gotten a lot of practice, presumably with Trina, since he seemed to be better than the “boys”, at least according to her experience. She wanted to know what he thought of her, though.

Turning her head back to Samuel, Mia asked, “Would you like to be under me for a change?”

“Sure.” So they switched over, Samuel laying down on the bed, and Mia lowering herself on his proudly standing member. She started moving her pelvis in circles first, and was pld whd when Samuel's hands grabbed her breasts, kneading her nipples with his thumbs at times.

After a while of riding, she asked him, “Do you like it?”

Samuel was pleased and didn't hesitate showing it in his content smile. “You're great. And I love your tits.”

“Even when you're used to a bigger pair?” she followed, referring to Trina, whose ample bosom was just getting decorated with cum.

“I love them even more, but I love yours too,” he said and winked. Nice, thought Mia and smiled.

Trina's left eye met the amazed gaze of Ivan, who was heaving after his ordeal, and seemed to be really appreciating her cum-covered look. To tease him more, Trina scooped off the cum covering her right eye and licked the finger clean in an excessively seductive way. Having admired her for long enough, Ivan gave into his weakness and lay down to Trina's side on the bed, exhausted. With Ivan out of the way, Trina and Isaac saw their eyes again. Trina also saw how Isaac's eyes widened when they took in the sight Ivan's semen on her. She noticed that Isaac's pace grew faster and more frentic.

Isaac's cock was doing a lot of good to her, and while Trina didn't mind the increased stimulation, she still wasn't anywhere near coming, and it seemed her other male wouldn't last long either. Sure enough, soon she observed the telltale signs that he was near. Instead of asking him to slow down, she knew she had plenty of cock to have for the evening, and encouraged Isaac to come: “Let it all over me!”

Isaac was hazy with the the sexual pleasure that was coursing through his body and the intense feeling in his dick and balls, but heard Trina well enough. Making a few last pushes, he took his hardness out of her, and stroked the organ, helped by the vaginal fluids all over his meat. He broke the barrier and let himself go, grunting loudly as his tool spasmed and blew his mind as it blew his load all over the already messy Trina. While one eager strand of cum managed to fly to her face, surprising her, the rest landed mostly on her stomach, a few making it to her breasts, and the rest of Isaac's ejaculate dripped on her pelvis and pubic hair. Then Isaac just dropped onto her and kissed her, the cum smearing between their bodies. Then he rolled off her to the left, where there was plenty of room between Trina and the coupling Mia and Samuel. It was indeed a big bed.

“Whoa, that was awesome!” exclaimed the sweaty and panting Isaac.

Trina was about to reply to him, when somebody said, “I heard there was an opening here?” Trina looked back to the foot of the bed and saw Garet climbing on, his erection happily bopping along.

“Yes indeed! But why don't you lay down and let me do the work?” returned Trina, enthusiastically. With that, she rose from the bed and after some groping and kissing, let Garet lay down in her place, then getting on him and taking his hard rod into her with a content sigh.

Just as both pairs on the bed were in nearly the same position, Samuel suggested to Mia, “My turn to be on top again.” So they turned around. The recuperating Isaac next to them just watched them with hazy eyes, as Samuel quickly accommodated his slick member back into Mia' cove. Soon they were back into steady rhythm in their flesh session, now in the Cleric position. Their sweaty, hot skin rubbed against each other as their genitals did the same in their frentic embrace.

After a good while, the panting Samuel asked Trina, “Are you near yet?”

“Don't mind me -ah-,” Mia replied, caressing Samuel's black hair. “You've made me come already... I want your cum in my pussy.”

“Okay,” Samuel sighed. Now he could stop holding himself back, and his efforts gained more vigor. After a while he tensed and let himself go, his cock erupting into Mia's sex, while his head swang up and down in pace with the spasms of his awaited release. The feeling of Samuel's hot sperm spurting inside her brought Mia's sexual high even higher, and she loved seeing him in the abandon of his orgasm. At last he was completely spent, and collapsed on her, his head resting on her bust.

After a while, Samuel gathered enough strenght to move off Mia to her side. His softened member was lewdly covered with cum and Mia's juices, and Mia's cavern was certainly not tidier, dripping sperm and female fluids. As she laid there, she noticed movement from the corner of her eye. Isaac and Ivan had made room for Trina and Garet to move about, and Trina had moved next to her.

“Ever had a woman go do on you?” she asked without beating about the bush, some sperm still on her face and especially her body. And even before Mia had a real chance to reply, she continued, “Well, now you will.” Mia could only watch stunned as Trina's lips touched her skin, giving kisses to her breasts and nipples, stomach and pelvis, trailing her nose through her green pubic bush, and in no time at all, Trina was licking her soppy opening, lapping up her fluids and her fiancés cum, making lewd wet and panting sounds, as well as making Mia very excited. Then she lifted her head, and turned to Mia, moving back up. She approached for a kiss and Mia opened her lips to accept her. When their mouths met and tongues intertwined, Mia was surprised. She had expected to taste herself and Samuel's spunk in her mouth, but she hadn't anticipated her having any left in her mouth. Nevertheless, she accepted the cum from Trina's mouth, and then, prompted by the black-haired woman's hints, gave it back. She caught on the play, and the two women toyed with the cum for a while, exchanging it back and forth, making the three male spectators rather excited with their show. Eventually there was not enough spooge to play with anymore, as the two women had used Samuel's seed up, swallowing it, letting some drip from their mouths or smearing it around each other's mouth.

“Back up a bit, so that you're sitting against the pillow, that way we can give the men some entertaiment at the same time,” she suggested.

With Mia sitting on the bed, legs spread and Trina on her knees, her head between Mia's thighs and her ass up in the air, Garet resumed his position in Trina's wet cleft, entering her and starting to fuck her, making her moan from time to time again.

“Do you want to taste her, like she's tasting you?” asked Isaac, offering Mia his again hard cock, which had been soaked in Trina's honey pot. Mia only gave an inviting, seductive look and Isaac stood up on the bed, moved before Mia, standing above Trina, and soon had the pleasure of Mia's lips on his meat. The joining of the four people excited Samuel and Ivan as well, who were soon wanking their hard poles.

Mia couldn't but wonder if Trina had had previous experience with other women. She must have had. Her tongue was simply too good, and the way her muscle pleased her yearning lips and probed her holiest of holies was too self-assured for this to be her first or even nearly first time. She knew her way around too well to not have much experience as she lapped the trickling fluids of her flesh. Mia also enjoyed having Isaac's manhood in her mouth, she loved feeling its hardness and silky smoothness with her tongue and lips, liked playing with his sensitive head, and was pleased with Isaac's sighs of enjoyment.

While Trina was doing a good job with Mia's pussy, Garet was giving her a hard time keeping it up. His hard cock slamming into her sopping cunt was tickling all the right places, and Trina found herself getting dizzy with the heightening passion, confessing her pleasure to Mia's clam with muffled whimpers and moans. She was just about to ask Garet to slow down when it was too late, and she was diving in freefall into her climax. Then the impact hit her, and a pleasure so intense it hurt filled her mind, and she heard nothing. She could only feel, feel the cock still pounding her throbbing sex, feeling so good, her muscles strained, her hands clenching the sheet desperately, feel herself screaming helplessly, not deciding to scream, only feeling that that was what she was doing, until finally the mind-boggling feeling started to relent, and though she still writhed and was assaulted with sensations from her filled hole, her body hot, she could now understand the pleasure she was experiencing, feeling happiness and contentment fill her mind, realizing her head was resting on the bed on her right cheek, and feeling the manhood inside her throb and spew its hot seed into her, she rode the orgasm to the end, her eyes half open and a relaxed, almost lazy smile on her face.

Trina's orgasm had been beautiful, Mia had loved seeing it, although the scream was rather loud. Although her cove ached for more, she didn't want to disturb the recovering Trina, so after caressing her hair for a while licking Isaac's member lazily, she put her focus back to him. Determined to bring him off now, she worked on him furiously with her mouth and hands and enjoying the delicious suffering she was causing for the leader of their group. Her efforts paid off and she soon broke Isaac's resistance, feeling his ballsack tighten and cock harden still a bit more in preparation of his shootoff. He took support from the wall with his hands as Mia wanked his pole rapidly in front of her face, eyes tight shut and her other hand holding up her breasts. Isaac's sweet agony grew all the more unbearable, and his need for release grew all the more urgent, when finally he crossed his border and started the final buildup of his intense sensations, to explode a second later.

“Aaaaarrh! Graaaah!” he roared as the first bursts of sperm erupted from through his erect shaft, hitting Mia's face, and hair. Even though she was fully aware of what was coming, the hot liquid splashing on her face still managed to surprise her, but she didn't stop milking the pleasure-pained Isaac's cock. After the initial bursts, which flew onto her upper face and hair, most the cum gushed onto her chest and busts, though one strand managed to jet itself straight to her chin. She hadn't even thought of it, but the spooge that didn't have enough push to coat her skin dribbled onto Trina, whose head was still resting between her legs. Finally he was through, and Mia took her cum-dripping face to his cockhead, licking and sucking the last drops of his seed as he was opening his eyes and panting. When she looked up, his empty gaze didn't seem to realize what he was seeing. There was only one thing he realized, that he had to lie down or fall down. He quickly raised his leg over Mia and Trina, robbing Mia's mouth its spent plaything, and reclined on the bed the opposite way of everyone else, his feet on the pillow.

Trina had barely noticed the cum dripping on her hair and the left side of her head, let alone minded it, even though some had almost dripped into her ear. She was still basking in the afterglow of her orgasm, with Garet's softened cock still inside her sperm-filled cavern, her juices dripping on the bed and running down her thighs and stomach.

-Think this was all? There's more to come, but feel free to tell what you think of the lemon up to this point.

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