Closing Time

BY : Rukochan
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This is just a silly little PWP lemon I wrote as a present for a friend of mine. It's pretty bad, but there's nothing wrong with a little yuri goodness between friends, is there? And if you haven't figured it out by now, be warned, this is porn. Specifically, lesbian porn. Even more specifically, lesbian porn with a bit of a kink factor. Escape now while you can, and don't say I didn't warn you.
Sentences that use these * are thoughts, and CAPS are used for emphasis. Just to let you know.
Also, I don't own any KOF characters. Duh.
And yes, my mother knows I write this stuff. Does YOUR mother know you read it?

Closing Time

"You know, it's shit like this that gets you banned from here."

Vice smiled as innocently as she could manage. "What?"

Ryo Sakazaki snorted derisively.

"Don't play stupid, Vice," he said, leaning against the wall. "King's still really pissed off at you. 'Sometimes the rohypenol settles at the bottom of the glass; you might want to drink it down, just to be sure.' Sound familiar?"

"Oh, come on!" Vice objected. "I was KIDDING when I said that!"

"Yeah, but you really DID spike her drink!"

"Well, I just want to go apologize to her then!"

"No way in hell."

Vice sighed, and leaned against the wall beside him, realizing her chances of getting past him into King's office were nil. She pouted, idly toying with the bouquet she'd bought, the velvety softness of the rose petals somewhat comforting.

*No way in hell, huh? Well, I'm willing to wait until hell freezes over if that's what it takes...*

If you wanted to find Vice, you'd look in the Illusion first. She and Mature had plenty of free time these days since the Orochi Clan had been disbanded back in the winter of '97. They were currently stuck living with Iori Yagami in his seedy little apartment in Osaka, finding temp jobs where-ever they could. It was NOT a happy family situation.

"It's your own fault, Iori," Mature would say crisply whenever Yagami complained about them being there. "If you didn't keep injuring our employers, we wouldn't be in the situation we're in right now, would we?"

"But..!" he'd start to sputter, only to have her cut him off again.

"But nothing! True, I have no regrets severing ties with Mr Bernstein, but Lord Goenitz refuses to take our calls! And let's not even discuss what happened with the God." (Orochi, the Destroyer of Worlds and Messenger of the Gods, had been cranky after being awoken from His thousand year slumber, and had intoned, "Screw j00 guyz. i'm g0in back 2 bed.") "It's only fair that you put us up for a while."

A "while" was going on five years now, and Yagami dispaired of ever getting rid of them.

In the meantime, Vice spent a lot of time thinking about King, trying to figure out ways to get her alone, to get to know her.

Intimately, perferably.

Vice'd shown up alone at the bar tonight for just that reason, waiting quietly at a table for closing time to roll around. She checked her watch briefly, then scanned the bar. It was late; a lot of people had gathered their things, calling it a night. The pert, cute twin barmaids were busy trying get rid of the two remaining customers, a drunken Joe Higashi and his companion (an equally drunken idiot in a pink gi) who sat at an empty bottle-covered table off in a corner. Other than that, the Illusion was completely deserted.

Well, King was in her office, of course. She had closed out one of the two registers already and disappeared into the back to count out the drawer and start the evening's paperwork.

Vice had seen this as the perfect oportunity to make her move, thinking that King might enjoy a little company. She looked critically down at herself, brushing her hand over her jacket. This tailored charcoal-colored suit was her favorite, one of the few she owned with pants. She looked quite dashing, if she might say so herself, ready to sweep a lady off her feet.

"Does Mature know where you are?"

Vice blinked in surprise for a moment, then glowered at Sakazaki. "What the fuck is THAT supposed to mean?"

"I'm just thinking maybe she wouldn't be too keen on you being here again," he said, folding his arms. "I mean, doesn't she get jealous?" As if that weren't too subtle, he looked pointedly at the payphones near the restrooms. "You should be thinking about how she'd react if she found out."

"Thanks," she said flatly. "You're all heart, Sakazaki."

*Sonofabitch! Why did he have to mention Mature? Now I'm gonna feel all guilty...*

Vice took a deep breath to calm down, reflecting that as far as the Illusion's clientel were concerned, she and Mature were indeed inseperable.

No-one was safe when the two of them were on the prowl together. They exuded a strange, almost incestuous glamour, drawing the attention of everyone whenever they entered the bar. Yagami tended to roll his eyes when they came home laughing over the night's conquests, but he still listened eagerly, didn't he? Sometimes he called them the Twin Terrors.

Vice knew the Illusion inside and out because of said conquests, had discovered with Mature every secluded corner where one could entertain without attracting unwanted attention.

For example, just left of the small stage was an even smaller dressing room where the two of them had cornered Shermie one night after CYS had finished playing a set; Vice dropped to the floor to service her while Mature had paid special attention to Shermie's impressive bosom. That little tryst hadn't lasted very long. After about five minutes, Shermie emitted a few short, high-pitched cries of "Oh!" and damned near broke Vice's neck when her muscular thighs closed around Vice's head.

The ladies' room was another place to hold forth, leaning against the porcelain sinks and making choice comments about people as they came in and out. Vice was sometimes impressed by Mature's knack of singling out who shared inclinations similar to theirs. Once Mary Ryan came in, and Mature extended her the offer of Vice's services; to Vice's surprise, Mary accepted, smiling nastily. Before Vice could blink she found herself on the tile floor, with Miss All-American Cop, one of Southtown's finest, shoving the steel toe of one engineer boot under Vice's nose.

"Shine it for me," Mary hissed.

Vice faltered, then gave a surprised wail as her ass was strapped by Mary's thick leather belt.

"Do you want an engraved invitation?" asked Mary, and brought the belt down hard again. "Come on!"

Vice needed no further encouragement. Her pulse pounding in her clit and her face flaming red, she had laved her tongue over Mary's boots while Mature watched with amusement. As far as Vice was concerned, Blue Mary was Lady Mary after that. She hoped one of these nights Mature would agree to let Mary drag her handcuffed out of the Illusion and sling her over her motorcycle.

And the back room where the pool tables were... There was a story THERE. One night Yagami had joined them, and they sat drinking under the glow of one of the hanging stained-glass lamps. Who should come walking into the room and straight over to them but Chizuru Kagura, wearing a near-scandalous red dress that showed off her well-turned dancer's legs. She was focused on Yagami, then stopped short when she saw Vice and Mature.

"I didn't know you were... entertaining, Yagami..." Kagura's cultured voice slurred slightly. She'd clearly been drinking a bit. "I should leave you alone."

But she hadn't left. She just stood there, looking at them all through narrowed eyes.

Vice still didn't know what had possessed her to say it, but she gave Kagura an evil grin and said, "You want to sit with us, Yata? Too bad we don't have an extra chair. Of course, you could always sit on my lap."

Mature choked on her Gibson and shot Vice a lethal look.

Kagura tottered a bit on her heels, then surprised them all by mumbling, "Ah. Well, I'm not too heavy..." and perching herself on Vice's knees, wrapping one arm around Vice's shoulders.

Whatever Kagura had been drinking had certainly hit her hard. She was very open to suggestion, the possibilities of which Vice found highly entertaining.

Mature did not.

"I'm not going to sit idly by and watch you sport with that Shinto cunt," Mature had snapped, snatching up her coat and angrily thrusting her arms into the sleeves. "I'd sooner sleep with Rugal again. If you know what's good for you, love, you'll leave with me now." And she stalked out of the bar.

Yagami, on the other hand, found this completely hysterical. He set himself up just in front of the doorway, glaring dangerously and snarling at anyone who tried to see what was going on in the dimly lit pool-room.

Vice laid Kagura out on one of the pool tables, hiking up her skirt and stroking between her thighs. "There's no reason we can't put the past behind us, is there, Yata?" she purred, teasing her fingers over the thin fabric of Kagura's underwear. Plain white cotton; Vice wasn't particularly surprised. "After all, we're both reasonable adults, aren't we?"

"Yes," moaned Kagura, moving her hips against Vice's carresses. "Yes. Yes."

"I'm glad you agree." Vice reached into the other woman's underwear, insinuating two fingers into the welcoming slickness of Kagura's cleft. "Mmm... Nice and tight. You've been a good little priestess, haven't you?"

"Oh!" Kagura clutched frantically at her breasts and tossed her head, her thick black hair making a whispering noise against the green felt of the table-top. "Oh..."

Vice ripped aside the cheap cotton. "We'll fix that."

After a few hours, during which she had the priestess calling her "Ma'am" and using "Please" and "Thank you," Vice set Kagura back on her feet, straightening out her skirt and letting her wobble away as best she could. Yagami immedietly abandonded his post by the door and dragged Vice out to the bar.

"That," Yagami laughed, ordering beers for both of them, "was fucking beautiful."

Vice giggled; her forearms were sore and both hands wrinkled as prunes. "Well, now I've really given Yata a reason to hate me once she sobers up."

Yagami gave a wave and sneered, "The meddlesome tart had it coming. I'm sick of her sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. Serves her right."

He'd then raised his pint of Pora Ichiban and toasted her.

Back at the apartment however, Vice yelped and ducked flying plates while Mature shrieked, "How could you TOUCH that bitch?" and Yagami bellowed at Mature for using his tableware as projectiles. A huge argument errupted, the outcome of which was Mature demanding that Vice sleep on Yagami's dilapitated couch for a week. Her back was stiff and sore for some time after that, but Vice didn't care; it had been oh so worth it...

Really, the only place in the bar she'd never set foot was King's office. She'd come in tonight hoping to change that, wearing her best suit and bearing an peace-offering of roses. She didn't know why she wanted King as badly as she did. Sure, there was the conquest aspect, but there was more involved. Hell, King was just beautiful, from those strong, hard-kicking legs to those elegant androgynous features. She was a tough lady who could take care of herself, something Vice could admire. And she was blonde. Vice grinned, now thinking of Mature as well. Blondes were a good thing.

The only thing that truly prevented her from getting King alone to talk to her was Sakazaki. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye, miffed.

*If only I had a distraction to get rid of this bastard... Does he EVER wear anything other than that shredded orange gi?* Vice wrinkled her nose. *Does he ever bathe, for that matter? Even Yagami showers at least once a week. What the hell does King SEE in this guy?*


Vice looked up to find Yuri standing there, clearly dressed to kill. She had never really seen her outside of the tournaments; Yuri's usually bratty, tomboyish attitude had left such an lasting impression that Vice was pleasantly surprised by the sight.

*That was a damn good trick! How did I manage that?*

Yuri wore a short, dark blue dress that bared her shoulders and just enough cleavage. Her long, dark brown hair was loose, falling in a cascade over one pale shoulder, and a pair of dainty pearl earrings dangled from her ears. She also had her arms folded across her chest and murder in her eyes.

"Ryo, take me home. Now."

"Yuri..?" Sakazaki blinked. "What are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to have a date with Ro-"

"Don't even say that namesky right now!" Yuri snapped, holding up one hand. "If I hear it I'm gonna scream! Rat bastard! He takes me out to a nice restaraunt and what does he do? Ogle our waitress!"

"I can't leave just yet," he said distractedly, keeping his eye on Vice.

Yuri glanced at Vice, then rolled her eyes. "I'm sure King can take care of herself. Just take me home, Ryo."

Sakazaki faltered, finding the choice between family obligation and protecting his lover a difficult one.


He sighed, slumping his shoulders. "Fine. I'll go get the car."

With a passing glare at Vice, Sakazaki made toward the exit, leaving Vice behind to eye Yuri curiously.

*This,* Vice decided, *is a woman to contend with.*

"Still giving King a hard time, huh?" Yuri said, cocking her head and grinning at Vice. "You don't give up, do you?"

"Nope," answered Vice, returning the grin.

Yuri gave her a thumbs-up. "Well, good luck. Maybe you can thaw out the Ice Queen." She laughed at the raised eyebrow Vice gave her, adding, "I don't care what my brother says, I think King complains a little TOO much when you hit on her. That says one thing to me: REPRESSED! She needs to be taken for a little ridesky, if you know what I mean..."

Vice couldn't help laughing out loud at that, thinking, *I really need to hang out with this girl more often...*

"Hey," she said aloud, "I'm sorry to hear your date went badly."

"Eh." Yuri gave a weary shrug. "I'm actually kinda used to it by now. Robert's too damned suave for his own good."

"You know," Vice continued in a confidential tone, leaning in to put a hand on Yuri's shoulder. "I'm better behaved than Robert is."

"Bullshit," said Yuri cheerfully, brushing her off. "I've seen the way you act, even when Mature's around." She clapped Vice on the back once, added, "Anyway, I'm outskies; good luck!" and headed out of the bar.

*Does EVERYONE have to mention Mature?*

Vice sighed, looking out over the bar again. Higashi and his friend were holding eachother up as they stumbled towards the door, the twin barmaids all but pushing them out.

No one was paying any attention to her...

*Well,* she thought, steeling herself, *Now or never.*

She slipped quietly over to King's office door and gave a cautious knock.

"Sally?" King responded.

Vice blinked, then remembered the barmaids. "Uh, yeah," she said faintly, hoping it'd pass.

"Come on in."

She cracked the door to peek in, then stepped into King's office.

King sat at her desk bent over a ledger, her brow furrowed as she scanned the page. She brushed her blonde hair from her eyes, an elegant, careless gesture that made Vice want to pounce on her then and there. She'd discarded her tie, setting it to the side, and unfastened the first few buttons on her shirt. Nearby sat an untouched drink, an olive floating listlessly in the clear, almost irridescent liquid. She reached out one hand to take hold of it and sip, then put it aside as well and started writing in the ledger.

Vice cleared her throat.

"What is it, Sally?" King began, looking up. She dropped her pen when she saw Vice in the doorway. "How did you get past Ryo?"

"Your watchdog had family matters to deal with."

"What do you want, Vice?" King said, glaring at her over the desk.

"Do you have to ask at this point?" asked Vice, grinning widely.

King snorted. "You're damned persitant. I will give you that." She leaned back in her chair, resting her hand on the desk and drumming her fingers. "Give me one good reason I shouldn't just boot you out now."

"How's this for a reason?"

Vice tossed the bouquet onto the desk, where it landed with a soft, rustling sound, scattering a few petals on the blotter.

King frowned. "What the hell is this..?"

"It's a bouquet of roses."

"Thank you, Miss Smartass. Now let me rephrase the question; why the hell did you throw a bouquet of roses on my desk?"

"They're for you, of course!"

"For... for me?" King stared at the roses. "Huh."

Vice smirked, but gave a noncommital shrug, saying, "It's just that I want to apologize for making you uncomfortable." She ducked her head in what she knew was a cute manner and looked at King shyly through her reddish-brown bangs. "I never wanted to do that."

She closed the office door behind her.

"I realize that I've been too pushy," she continued, walking toward the desk, "and I really haven't thought about how you feel. Anyway, it finally dawned on me; just because you look and dress the way you do, it doesn't mean you're, you know, butch or anything..."

"About bloody time you figured that one out," commented King.

"No, after watching you for a while, I know now what you want."

King arched one brow at her, and drawled, "Oh, do you now?"

Vice hopped up and sat cross-legged on King's desk, taking the bouquet into her lap.

"I've been going about this all wrong. You don't want people throwing themselves at your feet, you want to be swept off them." She picked a petal up from the blotter, focusing on it as she rubbed it between her thumb and forefinger. "Sakazaki's never brought you flowers, has he?"

King looked surprised. Then she turned her face away, and she stammered out, "He's also never treated me differently just because I'm a woman."

Vice struggled to keep the smug tone out of her voice. "Yeah, but does he treat you like a woman?"

"What is THAT supposed to mean?"

"Oh, don't get all mad," Vice laughed. "I just meant that sometimes it's nice to be romanced, that's all." She cocked her head. "So what are you doing after work?"

King was silent.

"Come on, what do you say?" Vice continued. "You finish up here and I'll take you out. How does a late dinner sound? Maybe some dancing? I know this lovely little place where-"

"Stop it, Vice." King cut her off sharply. "You're not a man."

Vice blinked at the bitterness in King's tone. "So what?"

"So what the hell do you think you can offer me?" snapped the other woman.

"I refuse to accept that as an honest answer," Vice said, shaking her head. "I know you have gender issues, but you can't really be that dense. You know what I'm offering."

"I'm NOT a lesbian."

King's denial had been a bit too vehement, and Vice knew she'd hit a nerve.

"Neither am I, really," Vice countered. "I like to think of my preference as 'anything-that-moves.'" She grinned. "It means always having a date for Saturday night."

King opened her mouth to say something, then appeared to think better of it.

"Look," Vice said softly, trying to put her at ease, "I know you think I'm just constantly on the make, and I'll admit my libido has gotten me into, ah, a predicament or two in the past... But I really find you a very attractive woman, King." She motioned to the bouquet in her lap. "Maybe flowers are a little cliched, but I bought you these because I want to show you I mean what I'm saying." Vice chucked. "I'm not talking about a grand romance or anything here, but all you have to do is say the word, and I'll treat you how you deserve."

Thin-lipped, her face set, King stared at the bouquet.

*There,* Vice thought smugly. *Let her mull THAT over for a bit.*

Remembering the rose petal in her hand, Vice pulled out her wallet. If nothing else, she'd actually made it into King's office AND had her attention; that was reason enough for holding onto the petal as a keepsake. She stuck the petal into her wallet and closed it with a snap that made King look up.

*Poor thing.* Vice smirked inwardly at the look on King's face. *She looks so confused. Maybe I laid it on a little thick, but dammit, it's true. She IS beautiful, and I DO want to treat her the way she deserves.*

King gave an awkward cough, her cheeks a bit pink, then said at last, "Well, by all rights I should thank you for the roses."

*That's as good an invitation as any!*

Vice leapt off the desk towards King; she straddled King's lap, facing and putting her hands on other woman's shoulders, amazed at her own boldness. Last time she'd done something like this she'd paid the consequences by being tossed out onto the sidewalk. Mature and Yagami had teased her mercilessly about it on the way back to the apartment. Then again, it hadn't been so bad, as King had thrown her out personally... Being slung up over King's shoulder and carried out of the bar, King gripping her ass with one hand and her legs with the other, was a memory that had kept Vice amused on more than one occasion. She shivered, a sudden warmth spreading over her thighs at the recollection.

King was very still, watching Vice, the confusion on her face now mixed with curiosity.

"What do you think you're doing, Vice?" she asked softly.

"I think I'm about to kiss you."

"Vice, I... I don't know if I can..."

Vice laid a finger against King's lips. "Hush."

She leaned forward, her heart pounding against her chest, and lightly pressed her lips against King's. There was an almost electric jolt, and she felt as if the bottom had just fallen out of her stomach. She sighed, putting her arms around King's neck, parting her lips a fraction to let her tongue trail along King's lower lip; the other woman tasted as sweet as she smelled. After a moment Vice decided to press on, as she hadn't been ejected from King's lap. She cupped King's face with one hand, running the fingers of her other hand through the other woman's hair, losing herself in the kiss. The heat between her legs was growing stronger; she wondered vaguely if the faint scent of feminine arousal was her own or King's...

King pulled back suddenly, gasping a bit.

"Vice..?" she asked shakily.


"What about Mature?"

Vice nipped at King's ear. "What ABOUT Mature..?"

"Aren't you and she..." King faltered, then said in a rush, "Aren't the two of you lovers?"

Pulling back herself, Vice looked at King levelly. "Mature and I ARE lovers, but there are certain concessions we allow eachother." She paused, tilting her head. "Does that bother you?"

King turned her face away.

"I don't have a lot of... experience," she said finally. "You'd be better off just going home to her."

Vice snickered.

*Is that all...*

She cupped King's chin in her hand, turning the other woman's face to hers again. "I don't care that you're experienced or not," Vice whispered, running her other hand over the curve of one of King's muscled thighs. "You really don't have to do anything... I just want to make you come."

King's breathing was ragged. "What do you get out of it?"

Vice smiled, half-closing her eyes.

"I get to make a beautiful woman feel good."

She leaned forward to kiss King again, the turmoil in her belly stronger still as King tentatively parted her own lips to return the kiss, wrapping her arms around Vice's waist. She shifted in King's lap, a bit relieved; she knew she was soaked to her thighs, and she'd been wondering how she was going to keep from sliding off. Her own hands fluttered down over King's shoulders, settled gently on King's breasts.

She stroked King's breasts through the soft linen, asking, "Can I keep going?"

King murmured. "Please do..."

"Good." Vice giggled. "Because I don't think I could stop..."

Moving downward, Vice mouthed King's collarbone while she worked the buttons on the other woman's tailored shirt. Opening the shirt, she gazed at what lay beneath. The pale expanse of King's bosom was supported by a bra that seemed made entirely of pink lace. Vice blinked, then snickered again at the sight.

*I guessed right; she may look all big and butch, but she's a femme at heart...*

"Pretty," she said aloud, slipping her hands behind King's back to unfasten the lacy confection, then cupped King's breasts. "But not as pretty as these..."

"Uh, thanks." King blushed, laughing a bit. "Grew them myself."

Vice lifted one breast, taking the nipple into her mouth. She circled her tongue around the aureola while kneeding King's other breast, lightly pulling at the nipple and feeling it stiffen under her teasing fingertips. Then she trailed her hand down and worked at King's belt. She slid downward off King's lap to kneel on the floor, lightly kissing her way down King's abdomen, flicking her tongue around the navel, relishing the faint tang of perspiration. King was making some very interesting noises now, sighing heavily and shifting her hips forward involuntarily. Vice murmured, slipping her hand into King's pants. To her delight, she found a pleasing dampness, and gave a soft growl of approval, cupping King's sex.

"It's nice to know I'm not the only one getting something out of this..." She stroked King a moment, then gave one pants-leg a tug, adding, "Let's get you out of these, though."


She moved back a bit to let King stand and drop her pants, then ran her hands, fingers splayed, up the woman's legs. Hooking her fingers under the satiny fabric, Vice peeled down King's underwear, lightly nuzzling King's inner thigh. She then reached up, wrapping her arms around the other woman's waist.

"You might want to sit back down," Vice said with a grin, gently pushing the other woman back into her chair. She parted King's knees and settled herself between them, running her hands over those beautiful muscular thighs again. "You wouldn't be able to stand for long, anyway..."

She trailed a finger-tip along King's labia, giggling as King made an almost strangled noise of desire. She ventured a quick peek up at the blonde woman, happily noting the hunger on her face.

"Was that too much?" asked Vice, putting a note of concern in her voice. "Maybe I SHOULD stop."

"No! Please..." King moaned. "Please, keep going..."

Vice wrapped her arms around King's hips, leaning forward and running her tongue over the moist split. She slipped her tongue past the swelling lips, ran it up along the soft inner lips, flicking against King's clit.

"Oooh.." King moved her hips forward on the chair; she lifted her feet and propped them on the desk. She blushed a bit when Vice looked up at her quizzically, stammering, "I thought I'd make it easier for you to, uh, do that..."

Vice grinned at her again. "Very helpful. Thank you."

As far as she was concerned, King had just given her the go-ahead to do whatever she liked. Vice parted King's labia with her fingers, eagerly eyeing the shiny pink flesh. Women's bodies facinated Vice. Men were fun to play with, she didn't deny that. But men didn't hold the adventure, the sense of discovery, that playing with women did. Vice gloried in the lubricity, the salty-sweetness, the folds and layers of secrets women's sexes held. Every woman was different, each one a mystery to unravel, and Vice always threw herself in headfirst (as it were) to discover what would make a woman sing. Feeling someone shaking and moaning in her arms always gave her a perverse feeling of accomplishment. She licked and suckled pleasantly for a bit, kneading her finger-tips slowly along King's labia and trying to ignore the ache in her own sex.

*God, I wanna get off so bad... But King comes first.* She paused, considering her thought. *Er. Well, hopefully she will.*

King moaned as Vice's tongue ran along the top of her clit, sliding back the hood, and flicked against it. One of her legs came down off the desk to rest over Vice's shoulder.

"You like that?" Vice asked softly.

"Oh...yeah..!" King ran her fingers through Vice's hair. "Harder..."

"Like this..?" Vice took the other woman's clit directly into her mouth, sucking firmly.


Vice started back at the gutteral cry that escaped King, concerned it HAD been too much, but found her head shoved back into place.

"Don't stop on me now!" cried King.


Vice dove back to work, gripping King's hips firmly, burying her face in King's sex. Vice could feel those glorious calf muscles tightening against her back, felt the flesh under her mouth quiver.

"Oh! Oh! Oooohh..!"

King shuddered as she came, a viscous fluid actually jetting forth in an arc, Vice noted with surprise.

*Whoa! That was COOL!* Vice held King, resting her head against her thigh as the last tremors subsided. *There's no way I'm gonna to be able to walk away from this without getting a little something, too,* she thought. *I wonder if I can convince her to- Meep?!*

Vice gasped as King took her by the hair, pulling Vice back into her lap.

"Oh, Vice..!" King murmured.

The blonde woman's hands were everywhere, reaching into Vice's jacket to touch her breasts, snaking into her pants to grip her mount firmly, all the while covering her mouth in a kiss that left Vice breathless. Vice couldn't believe this was happening, that it would be happening in the real world.

But then, this wasn't real...

Vice lay back, covered in a light sheen of sweat, trying desperately to send herself over the edge.

*Almost there...*

She bit her lip, glancing quickly at the slumbering forms of Mature and Yagami beside her. The thought of possibily getting caught was a bit of a turn on... Then she sighed and shut her eyes again, her fingers working feverishly over her clit.

*I'm getting too distracted. Where was I..? Right... King is holding me, kissing ME now... So close...*


*Uh oh.*

Vice opened her eyes to find Mature propped up on one elbow watching her with amusement.

"Mmm... What ARE you doing, you naughty girl?"

"I... I was having trouble sleeping, so I thought I'd try to... you know..." Vice shrugged, turning her face away and blushing. "Try to relax..."

"By waking us both up?" Yagami glared down at Vice over Mature's shoulder. He generally tended to have four seperate expressions: boredom, annoyance, pissed off, and frothing lunatic. The one he wore now was the second. "I swear, you yowl like a cat in heat."

Vice reddened deeper. "Shut up, Yagami. You don't hear me bitch when you're beating off over Kusanagi," she snapped.

Mature laughed as Yagami's expression shifted from second to third. "Now now, let's not bait eachother..." she said, effortlessly difusing the situation, then added, "Iori has a point though, love. That must have been quite a nice fantasy if the noises you were making are any guage." She ran one hand lightly up over Vice's belly and breasts. "So..? Who were you thinking about?"

Vice murmured as Mature gave one of her breasts a squeeze. "King..."

"Poor love," chuckled Mature, shaking her head. "Why do you torture yourself thinking about her? She's terminally straight."

Yagami snorted. "You make it sound like a disease."

"It might as well be," grumbled Vice.

Mature rubbed at Vice's mount with her other hand, and Vice found herself rubbing back like a cat arching against a petting hand. Mature gripped her breast roughly, pinching and twisting the nipple. The sudden pain made her cry out sharply, raising her hips off the bed and shoving herself against Mature's hand.

Mature was laughing again as she easily thrust her fingers into Vice's cleft. "So wet and open down here..."

Yagami rolled his eyes.

"I'll never get any sleep at this rate." Grabbing his pillow and a sheet, he got up and headed towards the doorway, grousing the entire time. "I'll be on the couch. If you wake me up out there, I WILL kill you."

"Of course, Iori," Mature said teasingly. "After all, you did such a thorough job the first time." She cackled when he made an obscene gesture before slamming the bedroom door behind him, then she turned her attentions back to Vice, narrowing her eyes and smiling nastily. "You heard him, Vice. You'll have to be quiet... Can you?"

She flexed her fingers, working them deeper, making Vice gasp.


"Nasty little slut," Mature purred. "Fantasizing about other women... I'm not enough for you?"

"That's not it at all..!" Vice whined. "Mature... Please..!"

Mature bent her head, her hair falling forward and hiding Vice's face as well as her own behind a curtin of blonde curls. Vice looked up at her, shivering at the cheerful sadism dancing in Mature's eyes.

"You should not be calling me by name," growled Mature. "Should you?"

Vice cheeks flamed as she turned her face away again. "No..."

"What do you call me?" Mature urged, tilting Vice's face towards hers, her tone firm, though gentle. "Say it, love."

She turned her wrist, easing her hand further into Vice, slowly curling her fingers into a fist.

The words poured out of Vice's mouth in a rush, her face burning. "OH..! Oh, Mistress, please..!"

Mature chuckled. "There's my good girl."

Yagami pounded the wall once with his fist. "Quiet."

Vice bit at her lip, trying to keep herself from moaning. "Oh... Please, Mistress, don't be mad..!"

"Hush, love. I'm not mad at you," whispered Mature, licking the tears from Vice's cheek. "It's just that you cower so prettily."

A humiliating wave of pride washed over Vice at this praise; she squirmed against Mature's hand.

"Now then," Mature said, looking down at her. "Do you want me to start moving?"

"Yes..." Vice clamped her eyes shut, focusing on the intensity of being stretched and filled. The pressure against her cervix hurt a little. The pain made her want to come...

"Doesn't it feel nice..?"

Vice opened her eyes again, begging, "Oh, Mistress... Please can I come? Please?"

"Go on then, naughty girl," said Mature, smiling down at Vice, her own cheeks flushed. "Nice and loud. nt tnt to hear it..."

"Oooh yes..." The climax rolled over Vice in a wave; she clamped her thighs around Mature's forearm and arched her back. "Ahhn!"

"Quiet in there!" called Yagami, giving the wall another pound.

Mature waited for Vice to come back to herself, then slowly pulled her fist free. "I'm going to have a bruised wrist in the morning," she commented dryly, flexing her hand.

"Sorry, Mistress..." Vice giggled, watching Mature grab one of Yagami's t-shirts from the clutter on the floor to wipe her hand clean.

"I don't know that saying 'sorry' is good enough." Mature took Vice by the hair, shoving her head downward, murmuring, "I want you to show me how grateful you are..."

Vice shifted to her knees, bending her face over Mature's sex, so wet at this point that the golden hair was slicked into little curls around the cleft. Her clit was swollen hard, looking ready to burst. Vice latched desperately onto it, flicking her tongue along the glans.

"Oh... Yesyesyes..." crooned Mature. "Such a good girl." She tightened her grip in Vice's hair, stroking Vice's backside with her other hand. "Mmm... Faster..." She gave Vice's ass a swat. "No, not harder! Faster..!"

Vice picked up her pace, sliding a few fingers into Mature as well, and was rewarded with Mature gasping and tightening her thighs around Vice's head.

"Oh, naughty girl..!" Mature writhed as Vice thrust her fingers, lapping at Mature's clit with quick fluttering strokes. "Yes, faster like that..." Mature came hard, grinding against Vice's face and yanking her . ". "Oh, god, YES! GOOD girl!"


They both jumped as the voice boomed from the next room.

"Sorry, Iori," called Mature shakily. "We're done now."

They listened as Yagami flopped heavily onto the couch grumbling, then Vice said softly, "I don't know that saying 'sorry' is good enough, Mature."

"Wiseass," Mature said fondly, giving Vice's backside another light spank. She took Vice's arm, pulling her up beside her again, sliding her own arm under Vice's shoulders. Leaning in to kiss her, Mature paused when Vice tensed under her. "What is it, love?"

"It's nothing..." Vice looked away, suddenly uncomfortable. All she could think of was how it would feel to hold King like this; relaxed, intimate, a pair of lovers who knew eachother too well. "Just... nothing."

"My poor Vice," Mature crooned, cupping Vice's face and stroking her cheek with her thumb. "I understand... You've got it bad, hm?"

Vice sighed. "I know it bothers you," she said, turning her face to give Mature's thumb a kiss. "I shouldn't keep obsessing."

Mature shrugged. "It doesn't bother me. It's King, after all. I LIKE King; she's a striking woman and she doesn't insult my intelligence. Unlike Yata."

Vice surpressed a snicker, saying instead, "You're never going to forgive me for that, are you?"

"Everyone is entitled to a number of charity fucks," Mature said primly. "Although why you wasted one on HER is beyond me."

This time the snicker escaped.

"But in all seriousness, love," Mature continued, "if the oportunity were to arise, I wouldn't begrudge you the chance to get into King's panties." She grinned at Vice then, grabbing another fistful of Vice's hair and adding, "Of cours'd 'd expect to hear all the salicious details afterward."

Vice squeaked as Mature pulled her head back, and giggled, "Sounds like a plan."

Mature leaned down to kiss Vice again, loosening her grip. Vice relaxed in her arms, letting herself be held, savoring the sweetness of Mature's lips on hers. She suddenly found herself stifling a very obvious yawn.

"Oh, I'm not keeping YOU up now, am I?" Mature chided softly, smiling.

Vice grinned sheepishly back at her. "Oops."

"It IS late, love; are you ready to try to go back to sleep?"

"Yeah," Vice said, tucking a wisp of Mature's baawayaway behind Mature's ear. She gave Mature a quick peck on the cheek. "I'm a LOT more relaxed now."

Mature laughed softly. "I would imagine." She rolled over onto her side, her back to Vice, then purred as Vice stroked her shoulders. "Good night, love."

Vice lay there a few moments, listening to Mature's even breathing beside her and Yagami sawing wood in the next room from the couch. Then she shifted to the side of the bed where she'd shed her favorite suit for the night, reaching into the pants pocket for her wallet. Vice grinned, pulling out the rose petal and rubbing it between her fingers. It was a little dry, the scent faint now, but it was still very soft to the touch.

*You WILL hear all the salicious details at some point, Mature. I just want to enjoy them by myself a wee bit longer...*

Owari * End

Whether that was good or bad, it was fun to write, and I KNOW I've definitely read worse.
The whole idea of Mature and Vice being not necessariy welcome guests/housemates in Iori's apartment comes from reading too many KOF comic anthologies. The idea of them being lovers comes from wishful thinking on the part of myself and some friends. ^^
Give me some feedback; good or bad doesn't matter, just let me know what you think. Hell, flame me if you must. I could use the entertainment. ^^

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