Bonds of Love

BY : Rowan
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Bonds of Love
by Cheile and Windfire

Zarianne paused by the holodeck doors and wondered if she should "cheat" and look to see what program Sean had started. His little surprises never failed to delight her--yet he also had a habit of driving her crazy with curiosity, dropping little hints and then giving her one of those beguiling smiles--usually before "distracting" her. She hid her smile as someone walked past her and waited until they'd vanished around a corner before entering the holodeck.

Once inside, she faintly heard the privacy lock engage behind her, which also didn't surprise her. It meant there would be more to the rnoornoon than just whatever the program entailed. Which she didn't mind in the least.

The program was familiar to her--green, windswept fields with flowers blooming, and an ancient castle in the near distance. It had been the same one they'd used for their wedding--but she had not been to it since then. She was about to head for the castle when strong arms caught her from behind.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Zari turned to smile up at her husband. "And where have you been, laschaen? I almost thought you were hiding in the castle because you were nowhere to be seen."

Sean turned her to face him completely, capturing her lips in a deep kiss before replying. "Tis amazin' th' places ya' kin hide, m' darlin'." His Irish brogue sounded authentic.

"Sneak," she giggled against his chest. "So what will we do today? Is there something out here you wanted to show me--or is it in there?" She nodded towards the castle.

He smiled and caressed her body for a moment. "Just follow me, love....let me treat m'lady wife as a good man should...."

She shivered as his hands wandered. She then allowed her own fingers to wander for a moment--but only as far as slipping one hand inside his shirt where it was partly undone at the top to feel his heartbeat. "Then lead the way, laschaen."

Sean led her to a large patch of heather, its sweet scent filling the air. He kissed her deephandhands caressing her butt. She murmured a sigh, her own hands wandering down to reciprocate the touch. "Keep that up....and I'll make you forget....your surprise," she murmured against his lips.

He smiled. "Never, love...." He caressed her breasts gently, moaning against her neck.

"I could....try," she managed to gasp before her eyes fell closed. Her hands clung to his shoulders. It was the only thing holding her balance steady. Otherwise, her trembling knees would have sent her sinking to the ground.

He lifted her into his arms and began to walk towards the castle. She settled her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes. It was always a comfort when he held her like this. He was strong--strong enough to hold his own in battle and come out of it relatively unscathed--and yet was incredibly tender whenever he touched her. She decided to keep her eyes closed as she felt him start to ascend the castle stairs. She would let him surprise her with where they were going before he revealed the true surprise.

Sean breathed in her scent and smiled. He loved her so much....and wanted this to be a special day for her.

A few minutes later, she heard the soft click of what she guessed to be a door lock and finally opened her eyes. The room was decorated in a variety of crimsons and dark blues, which covered most of the gray stone that made up the walls, floor and ceiling. Most impressive, she thought, was the four poster bed with drapes drawn on the far side and the foot but still pulled back on the side closest to them. To some, it may have looked like too much but to Zari, no other bed would have fit in this room. She finally turned to look at Sean. "It's beautiful, Sean."

"I'm glad you like it, honey...." He gently set her on her feet by the bed.

She kicked off her shoes before moving forward into his arms again. This time she carefully worked the buttons on his shirt loose so her hands could have unheeded access to roam his chest.

He undressed her slowly, kissing and nibbling as he went. He guided her to the bed and lay her down on it. He undressed and stretched out beside her. "I love you...."

She let herself be drawn in by his mesmerizing blue eyes as he took both her hands in his and kissed each one. "I love you too, Sean." Her voice was soft, almost a whisper.

He began to kiss her neck, trailing his lips down to her breasts. He then moved back to gently hold her hands above her head. One hand stroked her wetness tenderly. She moaned softly and arched her hips just enough to meet his touch. She tried to pull her wrists free, but his grip held them firmly in place. Another moan escaped, this one almost frustrated. She wanted to touch him, but he wouldn't let go.

"Do you trust me?" He spoke softly as he slipped a pair of padded cuffs around her wrists.

She didn't notice what he was doing, too focused on his intense gaze. "Of course I trust you...." Realizing he'd finally released her wrists, she went to move her arms down--and couldn't. *What the....?* She tried again, then finally turned slightly to look at the reason. Her eyes were wide when they met his again. "Sean?" She couldn't prevent the faint tremble of fear in her tone.

He kissed her deeply. "Then relax, honey....let me make you feel things you never imagined."

Her heart was pounding double-time, but in the deepest corner of her soul, she knew he would never hurt her. So she made herself relax, but her anxious look didn't fade right away. She watched him curiously, wondering what he had in mind.

He took a large feather and ran it slowly over her nipples and lower. He smiled as she writhed and moaned. "Does it feel good, honey?" He trailed it down her sides and to the soles of her feet. He brought it up her inner thighs to brush teasingly over her wetness.

She shivered and managed to gasp out an affirmative. A slight giggle escaped when the feather brushed along the bottom of her feet and she tried to shift her nearest foot out of his reach. The smile that had formed vanished abruptly when he made the next move, giving way to a moan of shock as her back arched and her eyes fell closed. A slow shudder crept through her as the teasing continued. The fact that he wasn't touching her with his hands made it all the more erotic to her.

He brushed the feather very lightly under her arms before letting it drift over her nipples again. He teased her nipples for several moments, loving the sounds she was making. She moaned again and tried to shrink back to escape the teasing. But of course there was nowhere to go--and he had the advantage. She opened her eyes slowly to meet his, trembling anew at the glow she saw there--love tempered with lust. A promise of more to come.

He smiled again and laid the feather aside. He then took up a container of honey and drizzled it over her body. Zari looked up at him, puzzled. "Laschaen, you're making a mess...." She squirmed again when the honey started to creep down her skin, pulled by gravity. "Now exactly how are you going to take care of it?" She knew very well how--and the thought sent a shiver of anticipation through her, but she was trying to play along.

He began to lick her skin with slow laps of his tongue. He spent extra time at her breasts and lower. She writhed helplessly beneath him, every touch heightened by the fact that she couldn't move her arms. Her moans were almost constant now--when she wasn't trying to catch her breath. When he reached the spot she knew he'd been seeking, her voice rose in a cry of longing. "Sean!"

He teased her mercilessly, bringing her to the edge and stopping. "Tell me what you want...."

She moaned again, trying to find the strength to speak coherently. Finally, she managed three words. "Don't....stop....please...."

He teased her more, never letting her go over the edge. It nearly drove her insane. Her writhing had intensified to almost a struggle, if it could be called that. On occasion, she tugged at the cuffs, idly hoping she'd find that they were gone. Her breathing gave way to ragged gasps and an occasional cry. She kept lifting her hips to meet his touch, yet never seemed to be able to reach it. She felt his fingers lightly caressing as well, which only added to the intensity. She whimpered his name and squirmed again.

Sean kissed her, still teasing her with talented fingers. "What do you want me to do now, honey? Tell me...." His voice was deep, soft.

Zari stared up at him, eyes still wide and glazed over with longing and need. Her lips trembled as she fought to form the words. "Sean....please...."

He shook his head and smiled. "You must not want me badly enough yet." He lowered his head and flicked her nipples with his tongue as he plunged his fingers into her deeply.

She cried out in desperation when he continued only to touch her, making no move towards consummation. The ache intensified. She wanted him--needed him....and he only kept teasing her. For what seemed like an eternity, he did this--kissing softly over each breast, his fingers moving within her in a steady rhythm, one that was agonizingly slow. When he paused again, it took her a long time to focus on his face. She was shaking violently from head to toe. "Sean....I...."

He nuzzled her neck and whispered. "What do you want me to do now, sweetheart? Tell me or I will just tease you more and more."

"I...." It was a struggle to focus, but she knew she had to. "I!"

"Need me how? Tell me, baby...." He locked his eyes with hers, fingers caressing as he spoke.

"Take me.... Sean....please...." She whimpered again, trying not to lose her grasp on reality.

He moved over her and smiled as he slowly pressed into her. "That's all I needed to hear, honey." He began to make love to her, slowly, even though his own need was so great that it was painful. He pressed in as deeply as he could before withdrawing and doing it again. "I love you...." He reached up and undid the cuffs gently, freeing her arms.

Once he began to move inside her, her fragile hold on reality slipped away completely. Her cries rose in volume when she had breath enough to do so. With her arms no longer restrained, he had taken her hands in his, lacing their fingers together. It was the only anchor she had in the raging sensual storm that had overtaken her.

Sean cried out as he moved inside her. He kissed her and moaned out her name. "Zarianne...." He fought against the urge to move faster, to let his urgent need for release take over. But he wanted them to climax as one, their cries joining as their bodies were. He kissed her again, his tongue dancing with hers, melting into the sweet taste of her mouth, the feel of her moans against his lips. His strong body gleamed with a thin layer of sweat as he thrust in and out of her with a slow, rolling motion of his hips.

"Sean...." Her answer came out in a soft cry. Then her grip on his hands tightened, when without warning, her climax finally hit and swept her over the edge. Her cries rose to a shriek as the waves of shudders overtook her, each one stronger than the one before it.

His cries mingled with hers and he shuddered violently as he pressed fully into her. He kissed her breathlessly and looked into her eyes. "You/are/my/life.... I/love/you."

"I love you, laschaen...." Her voice trembled, but her gaze was steady as it met his. "You are me." She leaned up enough to kiss him gently before settling back against the silk-covered pillows.

He gently withdrew and rolled onto his back, pulling Zari onto his chest. He held her close and sighed happily. "Did you enjoy this, Zarianne?"

Zari leaned her cheek against his chest, listening to the pounding of his heart. "I did....I never thought it could be so intense. But I suppose being powerless does that to a person, doesn't it?"

"Yes it does. I am glad that you trusted me enough to let me give you this much pleasure." He kissed her temple. She nuzzled his chest for a brief moment before settling her head back down again. *If I'm ever brave enough, I wonder if you'd let me do that to you....* She didn't have any idea that she'd thought aloud until he laughed softly.

"Hmmmm, might be fun. Just no whips or chains...."

It took her a minute to realize what she'd said and after it had another minute to sink in, she turned crimson and buried her face into his chest. "Tell me I did not say what I think I just said...."

He snickered. "Hmmmm, DID say it....and it turned me on, too...."

"Suuure, laugh at me," she mumbled against his skin, her blush deepening. "Maybe I won't--because you're making fun of me." She lifted her head to look into his eyes. "Then you can spend the rest of your life trying to wonder what it would be like...." She smiled and leaned down to kiss him into silence before he could protest.


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