Garden of Madness

BY : WotanAnubis
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Disclaimer: I do not own No More Heroes, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

TITLE: Garden of Madness
AUTHOR: WotanAnubis
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters and am not making a profit.
NOTE: Selfcest, or incesturbation, fics pose quite a number of problems to the writer. Like, for example, figuring out just what the hell the plural of 'Shinobu' might be.

* * * * *

Dr. Naomi, manufacturer of beam katanas for the discerning customer and part-time mad scientist, walked through one of the darker parts of her laboratory, followed by a thick patch of silence. She felt a bit like Orpheus, expect that the pale green light in front of her wasn't the outside world and the silence following her wasn't her lover.

Naomi had heard of Shinobu, or at least her reputation, before. For some reason, being an expert creator of tools devised for slicing people into very tiny bits had given her a working knowledge of Santa Destroy's criminal population (which was to say, its population). Shinobu, it seemed, was not one of those killers who killed because they liked it. This wasn't particularly comforting to Naomi. The insane, at least, could be counted on to let her live because they knew she'd soon come up with entirely new and interesting ways of helping others to an early grave. A sane girl like Shinobu, on the other hand, might decide not to let loose ends dangling after the job was done.

Too late for those concerns now, though. The job was done, after all.

"Here we are then," Naomi said, stopping in front of the ceiling-high tube that filled the lab with vague, sickly-green light.

Shinobu stepped in front of her and regarded the tube critically. Or, to be more precise, she regarded the person floating in its liquid critically.

Naomi wasn't really an expert when it came to cloning. Compared to her expertise in weaponry she was only a gifted amateur. However, she was the only one in Santa Destroy with any knowledge of the process so it was only reasonable that Shinobu had come to her for this job. She'd probably heard about her previous cloning work, done for some depraved college girl with a bloody baseball bat. Naomi had tried to forget about that particular job, but her occasional nightmares wouldn't let her.

"Are you sure this is an exact clone?" Shinobu asked, circling the tube.

"Yep. Exact in every detail," Naomi said.

"And she has my personality?"


Shinobu gave her a look that promised a quick death. "What do you mean by that?"

"I uploaded the memories and brain patterns you had last Saturday. It's Monday now," Naomi said.

"I see," Shinobu said. "Let her out."

"If you'd step away," Naomi said.

Shinobu obediently stepped behind her, keeping her hand loosely on the hilt of her katana. When Naomi punched a few buttons on a nearby console the liquid began draining from the cloning tube, taking the sickly light with and changing the green hermaphrodite inside into a black one. As the green light faded, the bright regular lights of the laboratory switched on one by one.

"What's with the light show?" Shinobu asked.

Naomi turned and gave her a smile. "It tends to impress customers."

"Hmm," said Shinobu, the lights apparantly forgotten as she focused all her attention to the figure drifting to the floor of the cloning tube.

When the last of the liquid had drained, the tube hissed open and the clone stepped out, blinking in the light. Naomi allowed herself a bit of a smug satisfaction. It really was a perfect clone of Shinobu, identical in every single way except one: the original Shinobu was wearing clothes.

Shinobu rushed past her and stood in front of her clone. The two girls looked at each other up and down and Naomi noticed how naked Shinobu's dick started thickening and rised considerably. No doubt clothed Shinobu's member did the same.

Naomi smiled. Perhaps the girl wasn't as sane as she'd thought.

"Hey," Shinobu said.

"Hey," Shinobu replied.

Naomi lifted her hand in front of her mouth in an effort not to laugh. There was actual affection in the girl's voice. In both their voices. It seemed unlikely the girls would kill her now. After all, it seemed Shinobu just couldn't get enough of herself.

"What day is it?" the clone asked.


"The 21st?"

Shinobu nodded.

"Only missing a day, then," Shinobu said. "I can live with that."

"Mmm," said Shinobu, reaching up to stroke her double's bare upper arm.

Naomi turned away when the girls kissed. Not because she was prudish or because she felt like she was intruding on a private moment, but because the sight of the two identical girls, one with a now totally hard, erect cock and one with a serious bulge in her skirt, showing such blatant, lustful affection for each other was far hotter than it had any right to be. She didn't mind getting sickened by her customer's... preferences... but she'd be damned if she allowed them to make her horny.

"I'll let you two get acquainted," she said, walking away from the scene.

"You do that," one of the Shinobus said.

By the time she heard the far door shut Shinobu had completely forgotten about Naomi. The dream that had haunted her for... how long had it been now? A few months? Well, whatever the time, it was now real. More or less. Dream-Shinobu had been incomplete, but the one standing in front of her now was nearly perfect. There were a few minor scars she had and her clone didn't, but Shinobu was more than willing to overlook those little details.

"Amazing, isn't it?" the naked girl said.

"Yeah," Shinobu breathed, letting her eyes wander across that perfect body again and almost forgetting that it was also her body.

"You made me for fucking, you know," Shinobu said. "Not just for looking at."

Shinobu blinked when the full weight of her words sank into her brain. "Y-yeah. You're right. Sorry."

"Sorry?" Shinobu said. She reached out to stroke her cheek and kissed her softly. "Did you forget I want to fuck me too? We got the same mind, after all. Unless something happened yesterday."

"No, nothing did," Shinobu said. "Nothing important, anyway."

"You just jacked off a lot, didn't you?" Shinobu grinned. "All that anticipation getting to you a little?"

"You know me so well," Shinobu said.

"I know something else about you," Shinobu said, her hand wandering down to her blouse. "I remembered that when I... you... just said fuck it and indulge in our little fantasy you made some... other preperations as well."

Shinobu stood still while her clone unbuttoned her white blouse, then pushed the fabric aside to expose her bare breasts. She couldn't deny the delighted intake of her clone's breath as she saw them thrilled her.

"Not wearing a bra today?" Shinobu said. "Any particular reason?"

"Don't you know?"

"Yeah," Shinobu breathed, letting her hand wander across her breasts.

Shinobu fought to keep her breath steady, but it was a losing battle. Her breasts had become really sensitive in the last couple of weeks and her double's carressing and squeezing felt simply incredible. If she hadn't been hard already there was no doubt that lightest little touch of her other self would've been enough to get her standing to attention.

"Let's see how we did, shall we?"

Shinobu gasped with pleasure when her clone cupped her tits with both hands and squeezed expertly, starting a thin stream of milk from her nipples. She had milked herself before simply because her tits became painful if she let them fill up too much, but for some reason having her other self milk her felt so much better.

"Wow," Shinobu said, "sounds like I'd have to find some way to fill mine up as well."

Shinobu managed to keep most of her lust out of her grin. "I'll help if you like."

"I'm gonna take you up on that offer." Shinobu raised her right hand to her mouth and licked the milk off her fingers. "Damn I really do taste good."

"I expect I taste even better than if it were yours," Shinobu replied.

"Probably," the clone said. She looked at her thoughtfully while she licked the rest of her hand clean. "Lie down, will ya?"

Shinobu did so. While the floor was cool, it also warmer than she had expected. Probably because of her body heat. As soon as she was on her back Shinobu stradled her waist and began playing with her breasts again. She moaned softly while her milk flowed and because of the slow burning pleasure it took a while for her to realise what her clone was really doing. She wasn't just milking her, she was spreading her milk all over her breasts, gently massaging the white liquid into her black skin. It wasn't long before Shinobu had covered both her tits in her own milk. Shinobu watched her clone's face as she worked on her breasts and the look of lust in her eyes told her what her other self was planning.

Having apparantly finished rubbing milk over her breasts, the naked clone raised herself slightly, incidentally giving Shinobu a good view of her dick. And what a view it was. Thick and rigid, placed just above a pussy glistening with thick arousal, it was a thing of curiously depraved beauty. The clone brought both her hands, still wet with milk, to her hard member and stroked it. It seemed to Shinobu that her other self intended to spread her milk along her shaft simply as a form of lewd lubrication, but it obviously more than that. Losing her composure, Shinobu closed her eyes and moaned as her fingers gripped her milky cock tightly and began jerking off in earnest.

"You're not really just gonna jack off, are you?" Shinobu said, causing Shinobu to open her eyes again. "Not when you made these all nice and ready for you," she added, cupping her breasts as though presenting them.

Shinobu licked her lips. "Right, what was I thinking?"

Shinobu lowered herself onto Shinobu's body again, this time making sure her milk-slicked dick landed between her milky tits. Shinobu pushed her breasts together, almost but not quite managed to wrap her naked self's cock in her soft flesh. Shinobu moaned with lustful appreciation and started thrusting. Looking down, Shinobu saw her head of her twin's cock emerging time and again from her fucked tits in a steady rhythm. With a bit of careful timing, she slipped her tongue out of her mouth and flicked the tip of her double's member. The pleasured groan that escaped from her clone's lips when she did ran through her body in a hot, intense shiver and Shinobu was almost surprised she didn't have a little orgasm.

Part of Shinobu wanted to laugh at the absurdity of the situation. She couldn't say she had ever been a good girl, but when it came to sex she'd been pretty normal. Now, one bizarre dream later, she was lying on her back and her clone was fucking her milk-covered tits. She wasn't even using her clone's body for her own carnal gratification, oh no. No, she had offered her duplicate the use of her own body for her satisfaction. Worst of all, she loved doing it. After all, the girl on top of her and doing her tits looked like her, sounded like her, smelled like her, thought like her, was her in every relevant sense of the word. And it felt really good to make herself feel good.

Those were just background thoughts, however. The idle wanderings of a mind that wasn't needed right now but couldn't shut down either. Shinobu herself was far too focused on licking her other self's cock whenever she could and moving her tits along her double's shaft to increase her pleasure with every thrust. The look on her twin's face made all her efforts completely worth it. It was clear she fought against her coming orgasm even as her own body fought her to get it. She could sense it in every hissed breath, careless moan or desperate thrust. She wanted to come so badly, but that would mean having to stop fucking her breasts and that just felt too good to give up.

Shinobu lost the battle, of course, and Shinobu soon felt her twin's cock convulse between her breasts as she came, sending warm globs of semen all over her neck and face. Shinobu had to admit she was impressed with the way her clone quickly withdrew from between her breasts, gripped her climaxing member and stroked it rapidly, aiming her semen onto her tits, then rubbing her hot cock over her soft flesh as though to mix her cum with her milk.

Panting, apparantly drained, Shinobu got off Shinobu and lay down on the floor next to her. Shinobu looked at her and Shinobu looked at her in return. They smiled at each other, one a lot more tired than the other. Shinobu leaned in and kissed her other self quickly, taking the girl's hand into her own as she did so. When she withdrew, Shinobu's smile was a lot less tired and great deal more impish.

Shinobu leaned back as her clone raised herself and, looking her straight in the eyes, moved over to her breasts, where her lips parted and licked some of the sticky mess she had made there. She almost purred when she swallowed her mouthful of semen and milk.

"How's it taste?" Shinobu asked.

"Pretty good," Shinobu replied, lapping more off her tits. "But I think it would've been better if it was mixed with your cum instead of mine."

"Mmm," Shinobu smiled.

Shinobu watched her twin lap her breasts clean for a while. It was a very... pleasing... sight and she wanted to watch it for as long as she could. Unfortunately, her body had other ideas. It had been quite satisfied, more or less, to let her other self fuck her, but it wanted more. Shinobu couldn't stop the images crowding into her mind of turning her clone over onto her back, fill her pussy with her cock and her womb with her seed. It was a very tempting image, becoming more and more tempting with every moment, but she resisted it. It wouldn't be fair to herself, after all.


"Mmm?" Shinobu replied, her attention still on her breasts.

"Do you remember why I specified to Naomi you should be finished on the 21st?"

Shinobu looked up and frowned. "I... can't quite remember. It seems like I tried to forget."

"Try," Shinobu said. "What do you know about our body?"

Shinobu's eyes narrowed. "What are you getting at?"

Shinobu reached up to stroke her clone's white hair. "We're at our most fertile today," she said. "If we fuck each other today there's a good chance we'd both get pregnant."

A grin spread across Shinobu's face and Shinobu could see the lust rising in her eyes. "You're right," she breathed. "Damn."

"Now, I bought condoms for myself since I don't think it'd be such a good idea if we both got knocked up at the same time, but..."


"Well... let's just say, when we leave, we could make a little detour to pick up some more condoms or we could go straight home. Your choice."

"Mine?" Shinobu grinned. "Isn't this your body?"

"I'm feeling generous," Shinobu smiled. "So what's it gonna be?"


Naomi stared hard at the new design schematics littering her desk and couldn't focus on any of them. The only thing she could see were two young women kissing each other. It was getting really damn annoying. Unfortunately, her annoyance hadn't trumped her horniness just yet.

She looked up when she heard the far door opening and her two customers walked out, holding hands. She wished she hadn't looked. One Shinobu was wearing a skirt, but her chest was uncovered, showing the entire world that her breasts were covered with... with Naomi didn't know what. It looked like milk. Mostly milk, anyway. The other Shinobu did wear a blouse, but no skirt, revealing that her dangling cock was covered in what looked like some pretty sticky stuff.

"I take it you enjoyed yourselves?" Naomi asked, quietly applauding herself for keeping her voice steady.

"Yes," a Shinobu said. "We're very pleased with our purchase."

"Now, if you'll excuse us," the other Shinobu said as the girls walked towards the doors to the outside, "we still have some other stuff to do today."

The words Are you really going outside looking like that? lined up in front of Naomi's lips, yet somehow failed to pass them.

Instead she said, "Right. Have a nice day."

"We intend to," a Shinobu replied.

Naomi didn't allow herself to blush, but she doubted the Shinobus would have noticed. They were far too absorbed in themselves. Herselves. Whatever. She quietly watched them walk out the door, then turned back to her desk. After a few moments, she sighed. It was futile. There was no way she was going to get any more work done today.

Naomi pushed her chair away from her desk and let it roll to one of the filing cabinets. She opened one of drawers and took out something pink, phallic and battery-powered out of it. It wouldn't be enough, she knew, but it would help at least for a short while. And after that... well... perhaps she would get some work done. Just not the work she'd been expecting.

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