Fucking With Me

BY : WotanAnubis
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Disclaimer: I don't own No More Heroes or any characters from it. No profit is made.

TITLE: Fucking With Me
AUTHOR: WotanAnubis
FANDOM: No More Heroes
DISCLAIMER: I don't own No More Heroes or any characters from it. No profit is made.
PAIRING: Shinobu/Shinobu/Shinobu
NOTE: I wonder if I'll ever write a No More Heroes fic that isn't a short piece about Shinobu fucking herself. Also, since this is the first time I'm writing an identical threesome, I may screw up in the keeping-everybody-apart department.

* * * * *

Death Metal staggered backwards, his weapon flying from his hands and lodging itself in the ceiling above.

"Extraordinary," he said. "The moment I've been waiting for. The name 'Holy Sword' is now yours."

"You're joking, right? I don't care about titles or power. I just wanna learn one of your techniques."

"You wish to master the ways of the assassin?" Death Metal asked.

Shinobu sheathed her sword. "Something like that."


Shinobu slammed the door to her small apartment behind her and let herself fall down onto the white couch. It wasn't the most graceful of entrances, but it'd been a pretty tiring day at school and besides, it wasn't like there was anyone around to object.

Still, there was such a thing as dignity, so she pulled herself upright and gave her casually tossed aside schoolbag a look of distaste. In it were two contracts for a couple of hits and, worse, a whole lot of homework she really needed to do.

She sighed and rubbed her eyes. She so wasn't in the mood for homework right now. She'd just spent all day carefully making sure nobody at school found out she was an assassin and dodging those guys who thought a two-by-four to the face was an acceptable way of saying 'hello'. She really didn't feel like doing anything that could possibly remind her of that place again. And that including going out to assassinate her Geography teacher, Miss Meyers.

She just wanted to sit back and relax for a bit.

Well, she'd learned something a couple of days ago that could help, hadn't she?

Shinobu closed her eyes and breathed out slowly, forcing her body to relax. She concentrated and allowed her body to be filled up by... by... by something. For a moment she felt cold and deeply unpleasant as though a ghost had just floated through her. Then everything went back to normal.

When Shinobu opened her eyes again there two more Shinobus sitting on the couch, one on each side. Death Metal had tried to explain what her copies were, but it had soon become clear he wasn't really sure either. They weren't phantoms, they weren't split off aspects of herself, they were just... her. They were even dressed like her, wearing the white blouse and plaid tie and skirt that made up the school uniform, but also the lacy fingerless gloves, black leg warmers and lace stockings that very much didn't. They even had a purple flower in their big white afros.

Actually, maybe 'they' wasn't the right word. It was entirely possible that she was one of the... whatevers... and that one of the other two was the 'original'. If there was such a thing.

'Course, she hadn't duplicated herself just so she could worry about who was the real her and who wasn't or if there was even point about wondering about that. She'd just wanted to be with someone who understood her for a while. Someone she didn't need to hide anything from and could help her take her mind off school work. She'd just wanted to...

Shinobu looked at the self sitting to her right and felt her train of thought derailing for a moment.

Talk. Right. That was it. Talk. She just wanted to talk.

And, judging by the way her other self looked at her and the way she could feel her self on her left lightly brushing against her arm with her fingertips, her other selves also just wanted to talk.

"First time I... we... managed to do this at home," Shinobu said.

Shinobu swallowed, unsure of the rising heat in her body was due to the smouldering way Shinobu had just looked at her or because of the Shinobu on her other side was siddling up against her, pressing her body against her own.

"Yeah," she replied. "But probably not for what Death Metal intended."

Shinobu smiled and reached out to stroke her cheek. "Yeah, well, leave it to the younger generation to innovate, right?"

"That's a nice way of putting it."

"I thought so."

Before Shinobu could reply, Shinobu leaned in and kissed her. She felt a beautiful warmth spread through her at the mere touch of the identical girl's lips. A warmth made all the hotter by how long she'd waited for this.

Yeah, OK, she wanted someone to talk to. She wanted someone to be able to understand her.

But ever since she'd first duplicated herself, she'd really wanted to play with herself as well. It was absurd how gorgeous she thought her other selves were and her lessons had suffered for it. It was hard to pay attention to an old guy covered in tattoos and piercings when there were two young black girls nearby who wanted her just as badly as she wanted them.

Yeah, it was fucked up, but fuck it. She murdered people for money. This was nothing compared to that.

Scratch that, it was absolutely wonderful. To finally kiss herself, feel her own lips, her own tongue. It was heaven. A fucking twisted heaven, maybe, but still pure and good in its own way.

And she was sharing it with only one of her selves. That wasn't really fair, was it?

Shinobu pulled away and leaned back, allowing the Shinobu had been behind her to reach across and kiss her other self. Part of her felt sort of left out as she watched the two kiss, but most of her was absolutely enchanted. She loved the looks of enjoyment and passion on those identical faces. It wasn't an expression she often wore and it was good to see it.

Unfortunately, the two drifted apart from each other sooner than Shinobu would've liked, the girl on her left panting slightly while the other one showed just a hint of smirk.

Then they turned their faces towards her and the look in their eyes stoked her arousal into lustful fire. Before she'd had the chance to recover from the girls' looks of pure want, the two were upon her, tearing away her white blouse. Shinobu really didn't mind their assault. After all, she had a very cheap way of replacing the shredded garment and she liked the way her other selves' faces as they took in her now exposed black breasts. It was almost as though they'd never seen their own breasts before.

They didn't ogle her chest for as long as Shinobu would've liked, but soon leaned in to kiss her. Shinobu hissed between her teeth when she felt two pairs of identical lips closing around her hardening nipples and suck gently. She reached up to stroke both her other selves' white hair and to keep them pressed against their bare breasts, though they probably didn't need that encouragement. Her self still on her left began traveling across her exposed flesh, seemingly determined to shower every inch of her left breast with licks and kisses. The girl on her right, on the other hand, seemed entirely fixated on her nipple, never letting the tip of her tongue travel outside her areola, seemingly delighted simply to flick and suck. It was a weird feeling to feel two identical mouths to do slightly different things, but Shinobu had a feeling that, weird or no, it wouldn't have felt nearly as good if they'd both done the exact same thing. As the two lavished her breasts with their attention, Shinobu could feel more and more pleasure welling up inside of her, her breathing become heavier until the thick arousal in her chest made her.

Yet it was when she looked down to see her others selves briefly pause in their worship of her breasts to give each other a fleeting little kiss that she felt a surge of pleasure so powerful she couldn't stop herself moaning with lust. She would have to think about what that meant. But later. Not now. Not when the two before her were so obviously eager to resume exploring her breasts.

Actually, it seemed one of them had had her fun with her breasts. Possibly satisfied that her mouth had covered her breast with kisses, she began travelling down Shinobu's body towards her exposed stomach and already grabbing the hem of her skirt and panties in preperation for when she'd have to expose her obvious destination. With her head moving out of the way, the other Shinobu wasted no time in switching nipples and sucking on her other breast. Perhaps she'd grown bored of teasing just one nipple, but Shinobu felt she'd probably done it because she wanted to know if her nipple already lightly coated in her other self's saliva tasted even sweeter. It's what she would've done, after all.

Shinobu felt Shinobu tugging at her skirt and she lifted herself just enough for the girl to slide both it and her panties down enough to expose her vagina. Only now that it was in full view of Shinobu (and Shinobu if she ever decided to stop paying attention solely to her breasts) did she really realise how wet it was. The pleasure rolling around inside of her was everywhere in her body at once, but it had been fueled by the two girls playing with her breasts. But now that her functionally naked body expected one of her selves to start playing with her pussy, it seemed to focus more on the heat down there. And not without good reason.

Shinobu screamed and bucked when her other self's tongue flicked her folds, pure white pleasure lancing through her. Even with lust clouding her mind, she couldn't help noticing that her sudden violent movement hadn't stopped the other self from continuing to suck on her breasts, though now she too seemed willing let her tongue explore more of it than just her nipples.

As her other self began to rain kisses on her tight slit, Shinobu felt the control over her own body slipping. Of course, in a way she hadn't been in control of her own body since her selves had decided to tear off her blouse. Or perhaps it had been even before that, when she'd watched her selves kiss. But now it was her own pleasure robbing her of choice. Her naked body writhed lewdly seemingly on its own, as though trying to position itself perfectly for her selves' eager tongues. Even her breath was no longer her own. Shallow though her aroused panting may have been, it had been deep lungfuls compared to the lustful moans that now spilled endlessly from her lips. Perhaps if there'd been only one of her stimulating her body she might've stood a chance. If there'd been only one licking her breasts or lapping at her pussy, perhaps she could've stopped herself from sinking into this sea of pleasure.

Then again, perhaps not.

Another scream tore from her lungs when Shinobu felt her self carefully closing her lips around her clit. The pleasure surging through her was almost painful, yet she didn't want it to stop. In fact, she slouched a little and spread her legs as far as she could as though offering Shinobu even better access to her eager pussy. Perhaps she was. Shinobu really couldn't tell any more. The only thing she was still truly aware of was the intense fire of lust and pleasure within her being constantly fed by two identical tongues and four identical lips. And a climax approaching faster and faster.

Shinobu feared she'd come when Shinobu spread her folds and kissed her deeply enough to allow her tongue to slip inside of her, but her body wouldn't torment her with that sweet release just yet. Instead her writhing body got to enjoy the feeling of her tongue lapping at her inner walls. Shinobu's tongue was eager, almost frantic, licking, lapping and kissing all over the place, usually inside of her, but also on her folds or around her sensitive clit. If there was a reason to it, it was probably that she wasn't entirely what would give her the most pleasure and so tried everything she could think of when she thought of it. Shinobu loved her other self for it, feeling that her erratic enthusiasm was a lot more enjoyable than calculated stimulation would be. The only downside she could see was that her body would soon be unable to hold all that pleasure any longer.


Shinobu clenched her teeth and hissed, willing herself to not come. She wanted to enjoy herself for as long as she could. More than that, she wanted her other selves to enjoy her body for as long as she could give them. It was a desperate struggle, but it wasn't one she was not... about to... give... up...

Shinobu groaned loudly in one moment of perfect clarity, feeling the exact texture of her tongue on her and her breasts and the precise softness of her lips carefully toying with her clit. Then the pleasure overcame her and she screamed her release, her orgasm coursing through her shuddering body. She couldn't tell if that climactic pleasure swept her away or if her body rode it, but whatever the case that joyful feeling filled her entire world until it was the only thing in it.

When she came down from her orgasmic high, she found herself sitting on the couch, her clothed selves once again sitting on either side of her. She smiled as she regained her breath and felt pretty good, actually. Surprisingly good. She'd expected to feel totally wiped out, but instead she felt refreshed and invigorated, ready to take on absolutely anything.

"You know," she said, lazily stretching herself and noticing how the other two looked at her naked body as she did so, "I should probably get started on my homework."

"Good idea," said Shinobu. "In that case, we'll take care of those contracts, OK?"

"Uhm, girl?" said Shinobu. "You just had your face buried in her pussy. You might wanna take a shower first."

"That's probably a better idea, yeah," Shinobu admitted. "Wanna join me?"

"Well, if you insist."

Shinobu watched her other two selves traipse happily way and surprisingly didn't feel jealous at all. She was actually kind of happy that they'd be having fun, even if she wasn't really part of that fun. It was a nice feeling, in a weird way. Kind of promising too.

Putting that out of her mind, Shinobu returned her attention that whatever she was going to do next. After hesitating for a moment, she decided to take off her skirt and panties completely. A normal person probably would've decided to sort of get dressed again, but what with one thing and another... She decided to keep her gloves and shoes and stockings and leg warmers on, though. It made her feel more naked somehow. Yeah, weird, but whatever.

As she went to put away her skirt and panties as well as the shredded remains of her blouse and tie, she recalled Death Metal's lesson on how integrate her duplicated selves into one person again.

Smiling, she decided she wasn't going to use that lesson any time soon.

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