Fucking with Jeane

BY : WotanAnubis
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Disclaimer: I don't own No More Heroes or any of the characters from it. No profit is being made.

TITLE: Fucking with Jeane
AUTHOR: WotanAnubis
DISCLAIMER: I don't own No More Heroes or any of its characters. No profit is being made.
PAIRING: Shinobu/Jeane/Shinobu
NOTE: Since this is a fic about Jeane, I figured that I shouldn't leave the fourth wall intact. This is my first time playing around with it, so it's probably a good thing I'm doing it in a fandom few people care about.

* * * * *

Jeane stood on top a tall building with no immediately visible means of getting onto the roof with an implausible huge full moon shining brightly behind her. She was waiting. She didn't need to wait long, of course, and soon spotted her target emerging from a nearby building. Jeane made a swan dive off the roof, somersaulted in mid-air, then landed lightly on her feet. Shinobu's visible eye went wide when she saw her dropping down in front of her and took a step back, one hand immediately flying towards the hilt of her sword.

"Hey there," said Jeane.

"What do you want?" the semi-samurai schoolgirl demanded.

"Nothing much," the red-eyed blonde replied. "I just want you teach me how to duplicate myself."

Shinobu suddenly went quiet and her eyes narrowed. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh please," said Jeane. "We both know there are plenty of you walking around the city."

Shinobu appeared to think for a while. "You should ask Death Metal," she said. "He's the one who taught me."

"I would, but unfortunately this is a shameless porn fic. So it's gotta be you," Jeane said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Shinobu asked.

Jeane shook her head. "Never mind. Your character's not important enough."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing, just a simple statement of fact. So. Made up your mind yet?"

"Why should I teach you anything?"

Jeane smiled. "Because you haven't got much choice. Besides, I'll teach you something in return."

"Yeah? What?"

"I'll show you when we get to your place. Trust me, you'll like it."

Shinobu went quiet as she considered the offer. Jeane supposed she ought to feel nervous about the uncertainty or something, but she found it pretty hard. If Shinobu refused, there wouldn't be a story. And we couldn't have that, could we?

"Fine," Shinobu said. "We'll talk it over at my place."


Jeane didn't think anything could surprise her, but it turned out that Shinobu's place could. She'd more or less expected it to be filled with the black girl's duplicates. And it was. It's just that the many Shinobus weren't in any way having any kind of sex with each other. One Shinobu sat on the couch, playing some videogame. Another Shinobu sat next to her, reading a book. Sitting on the floor in front of the two was Shinobu, holding the player 2 controller. Four Shinobus sat at the dinner table, doing their homework. She could even glimpse through the door to the kitchen, where she spotted at least two Shinobus preparing a dinner that didn't involve cucumbers or bananas or anything. None of the Shinobus were naked and nobody was kissing anybody else. Heck, there weren't even any flirtatious glances. It was just about possible that some of the studying Shinobus were playing footsies with each other under the table, but that could just as easily have been a trick of the light.

None of this made any sense. It wasn't supposed to be like this!

Much to Jeane's relief another Shinobu came rushing down the stairs towards them. Unlike any of the others, she was almost completely naked, wearing only a pair of lacy black fingerless gloves and a black choker. She silently hurried towards the Shinobu Jeane had come in with, took her sword and rushed away again, probably to go clean it.

"So is that one always playing the submissive maid, or do you girls trade places?"

Shinobu gave her a look. "None of your business."

"I guess not," Jeane admitted. "Unless there's a sequel."

Shinobu chose to ignore that remark, asking instead, "Why do you want to learn to duplicate yourself anyway?"

"Because I know what you're going to do," Jeane replied. "I suppose you could say it's insurance."

"Right," said Shinobu. "And the thing you'll teach me in return?"

"Let's discuss that in private," Jeane replied. "I think your bedroom'd be appropriate."

"Sure," said Shinobu. "Whatever."


There was already a Shinobu in the bedroom and Jeane couldn't help giving a little relieved sigh. It was bad enough that the Shinobus downstairs weren't having an orgy, but if the bedroom had been used for actual sleeping she probably would've had to start questioning the very nature of reality. Well, the very nature of this reality, anyway.

Fortunately, the room's occupant was blissfully naked, lying on top of the covers, writhing and panting with pleasure. One hand groped her own breasts almost desperately, while her other hand rapidly moved her vibrator back and forth. Jeane could just about see that the humming toy was mostly a bright pink, but couldn't make out any more details than that. Besides, she had a lustful, naked, masturbating Shinobu to look at, so who cared about the toy? And she wasn't the only one taking in this stimulating sight, was she?

Jeane glanced to the Shinobu at her side. The girl's eyes were fixed on her masturbating self and her chest heaved as her breathing thickened with barely-controlled arousal. She seemed to have completely forgotten about her. Jeane didn't really blame her. Shinobu was way more into herself than she was into her and would probably be so until she'd given her an orgasm, at which point all the Shinobus would spontaneously care about her just as much as about each other. It was the way this kind of thing usually went, after all.

Shinobu walked towards the bed without taking her eyes off her naked double for an instant. She climbed on top of the sheet and lay down next to herself. Her masturbating duplicate had just enough time to open her eyes to see her clothed self leaning in to kiss her. The two black girls with white afros kissed each other softly, gently and yet passionately as the clothed Shinobu's smouldering arousal was stoked into a fire by her naked self's horny lips. Even though both girls had their eyes closed and seemed completely intent on their kiss, one of Shinobu's hands drifted down her duplicate's naked body until it reached her glistening pussy. She effortlessly pulled the vibrator out of her other self, switched it off and tossed it casually aside so that she could stimulate her self using her own fingers.

It really was a screamingly pink vibrator, but it was worse than that. It was an official piece of Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly merchandise and so the toy that had until so recently been inside a black schoolgirl's pussy was decorated with pictures of Strawberry and her giant red robot, Glaston 1.

Jeane could have only looked at the pink vibrator for a moment, but by the time her eyes returned to the Shinobus they were both completely naked and it had become impossible to tell which Shinobu was the one she'd entered the room with and which Shinobu had already been here enjoying herself. It might still have been possible to tell the difference by looking which of the two girls was the wettest, but their identical bodies were so entwined it just wouldn't be worth the effort.

Jeane bit her lower lip and hesitated. She would've been quite happy to just sit back and watch the two girls kiss and grope each other. Unfortunately, she was here to strike a deal. Well, OK, she was really here to have kinky sex with both Shinobu and Shinobu, but the excuse that had been used to get them all in this room was to strike a deal. And as she looked at the horny twins, she became convinced that now was probably a good time to talk about her side of the bargain.

The tattooed blonde carefully took off her tiny shorts and tossed them aside, somehow taking the rest of her clothes with her. Neither Shinobu noticed or cared that she, too, was now naked, but Jeane didn't let that bother her. They'd be paying attention to her soon enough. What was important now was to simply relax and remember the rules. The rule, actually, which simply said that she could get away with pretty much anything provided it would lead to kinky sex.

Keeping that in mind, Jeane concentrated and felt her new penis growing between her legs. Because the sight of the two passionate girls had done quite a lot to turn her on, her dick hardened almost immediately and pointed proudly upward and a bit to the right. Once it had fully formed, Jeane reached down and stroked it thoughtfully. It felt very natural and very good. Not that she'd expected anything else. Still... there were two Shinobus and she had only one cock to go between them

Well, she knew how to fix that, didn't she?

Concentrating again, Jeane grew a second dick next to the one she already had. And, like the one she already had, it hardened instantly and pointed proudly upwards and a bit to the left.

There. Two Shinobus, two dicks. That made sense.

Kind of.

"Hey! You still interested in learning what I got to teach you?"

The two girls on the bed paused their desperate groping to glance in her direction.

"What the...?"

"... fuck?"

"Nice, aren't they?" Jeane said, stroking her twin members for emphasis.

"How the fuck'd you do that?" the two girls chorused.

"Tell me how there's two of you here in bed, and I'll tell you how I got both of these."

"Deal," the girls said.

"I thought you'd agree," Jeane smiled. "So, how'd you two like to sample the product?"

It was a fucking terrible line, but since all pretense at seriousness had long since vanished anyway Jeane just couldn't bring herself to care. Besides, the hungry look on the identical girl's faces was so very worth it. The two wasted little time in disentangling themselves, got off the bed and went to stand next to Jeane, one on each side. Their naked bodies were pleasantly hot against her skin, though not nearly as pleasant as the feeling of each starting to softly stroke one of her cocks.

"You feeling this?" one Shinobu purred.

"Oh yeah," Jeane breathed.

"Good," the other said. "In that case I guess we might be interested."

"Weren't you already?" Jeane smirked.


The black twins kneeled onto the floor, their identical faces hovering in front of her twin shafts. The two looked at one another and, unable to control themselves, kissed each other hungrily. Jeane almost burst out laughing. This so wasn't how it was supposed to go, but apparently there was absolutely nothing in the world that turned Shinobu on more than herself. Jeane couldn't help but wonder if she was going to be the same once she'd be able to duplicate herself.

Wait a sec, she already could duplicate herself. All she had to do was to simply keep the rule in mind and then have sex with herselves the moment there were three of her. Oh well. Bit late to realise that now. Not that she really minded. This was going to be a lot more fun in the short run. Maybe the long run, too.

Shinobu and Shinobu managed to tear themselves away from each other and turned towards Jeane's still-hard shafts. Moving in perfect harmony, the two girls licked them from the base all the way to the tip. Jeane moaned when she felt those identical tongues being dragged up her hard flesh, a sudden burst of pleasure spreading through her naked body. She quivered when she felt the tips of their tongues circling her purple heads, then moaned again when she realised the identical girls weren't planning to treat her identically. The Shinobu on her right dragged her tongue down her shaft again, kissing her member all the way, while the one lavishing attention on her left cock let her lips close around the tip and slowly took her into her warm mouth.

Jeane shuddered involuntarily at the bizarre feelings of pleasure welling up inside of her. Part of her body insisted that the twins ought to either kiss and lap their way around the outside of her twins cocks or take them both into their warm mouths to suck and lick on them. It didn't appear able to concieve of the idea that the two girls might felt like doing something different than the other with her two dicks. The discrepancy between what her horny brain insisted she should be feeling and what she was actually feeling put a curious edge onto her already rising pleasure that two Shinobus copying one another simply wouldn't have been able to achieve.

Then again, Jeane had a feeling that if the dual girls did both treat her dual phalluses equally she'd feel a very similar curious edge enhancing her pleasure.

The red-eyed assassin reached down and grabbed both girl's white hair. She disliked not being in control of a sexual situation and while she wouldn't dream of robbing those eager mouths of her dicks, part of her objected to the fact the two girls were pleasuring her body without any direction from her. It was... fortunate... that Shinobu was one of the more innocent people Jeane had ever met, so she simply settled for pushing the left Shinobu's head all the way down her hard member until her lips reached the base, while leaving the one on right completely free to let her tongue dance along her shaft in whatever way she felt like. They both got the message. Or a message.

Shinobu had apparently decided that having Jeane's dick shoved as far down her throat as it could go meant that she was getting close to coming and she ought increase her efforts. The girl's head enthusiastically bobbed up and down her shaft, easily and repeatedly taking her full length into her mouth. It was almost as if the girl had quite a lot of experience in the art of sucking cock, but since Jeane knew the girl only had eyes for her (until now) very dickless self she really doubted it. Most likely it was simply because of the nature of the game.

The other Shinobu sped up as well, no longer content to tease her member with her lips and tongue, but even managing to get her hands on her as well, lapping and jerking her sometimes even at the same time. But as great as that felt, it was almost nothing compared to the sounds the black schoolgirl made. She gasped and moaned as though licking the tip of her cock even as she jacked her off was akin to a profound religious experience. Every little contented sigh from that girl's lips sent a bolt of white-hot pleasure through Jeane's shaking body. She'd had a lot of sex in her life and sometimes even enjoyed it, but she'd never before been with someone who'd actually seemed determined to make her feel good. And this was a girl who was madly in lust with herself! Jeane didn't think she could take it.

She couldn't take it. The twin Shinobus filled her with a genuine pleasure so totally alien to her depraved body that she was completely defenceless against it. The beautiful lust overwhelmed her senses and burned across her soul. She came screaming, filling Shinobu's mouth with her semen and covering Shinobu's face with her seed. She had no idea how long she climaxed. Orgasmic pleasure crushed all sense of time and Jeane was aware only of her divine body and her twitching shafts giving the kneeling girls ever more proof of her newfound divinity.

Jeane felt bewildered after she'd come down from her high. She always felt dirty after sex. She'd always felt the need to take a scaldingly hot shower when she'd been with some handsome guy she'd actually wanted to be with. But now that she'd had her twin cocks sucked by two out of a multitude of barely adult clones she actually felt good? It could only happen here, couldn't it?

Jeane stepped away from the two girls, feeling a faint tremble of pleasure as one of her dicks slipped past Shinobu's lips and out of her mouth. The two girls weren't quite so identical any more. One looked pretty much like she had before, the other an was utterly semen-soaked mess. Thick globs of her seed glistened everywhere on her afro and innumerable strands of her come were draped all over her face. One eye had been forced shut, the eyelid as covered with semen as the rest of her face and it was only because her white hair shielded the other that Jeane would be willing to believe her climax hadn't blinded the girl completely. Her black breasts, too, had been coated in the whitish ooze (though how much had been placed there by Jeane's ejaculating cock and how much had simply dripped down from the girl's face Jeane couldn't tell) and they glistened with a seductive depravity.

It was quite a sight. A bit predictable, maybe, but... impressive.

Jeane spotted the clean Shinobu licking her lips and saw the gleam in her visible eye. She hadn't been able to count to one before the girl launched herself at her duplicate, fiercely embracing her messy body and passionately kissing those semen-coated lips, not caring one bit that she became somewhat stained with Jeane's seed as well. The kiss the girls shared was heated and sloppy and Jeane managed to spot that Shinobu hadn't swallowed all of her semen and now shared some of it with her sister. Soon, however, she set herself to the task of cleaning up her duplicate as best as she could, lapping up the semen covering her face like a cat lapping at milk. She made sure her other self's eyes were cleaned up first and once it was obvious her drenched self could see again, she stood up while pulling her self up with her. Shinobu put Shinobu on the bed on her back, then climbed on top of her to continue her cleaning, starting with her duplicate's chest. Soon, Shinobu's moans filled the room, spurred on by her other self's dedicated tongue lapping at her breasts.

Jeane tried to lick her lips, but her mouth was too dry. The two girls were lying on the bed so that she got a very good look at their identical pussies. They glistened invitingly and Jeane wanted nothing more than to sink her twin shafts into their tight heat. Of course, there was nothing stopping her. She could totally fuck them if she wanted to and she was pretty sure the girls wouldn't mind one bit. But right now it looked the two of them had forgotten about her entirely and it would've been... rude... to intrude after the they'd made her feel so good mere moments ago. Perhaps she was meant to wait this scene out and merely watch the two go about their business.

Shinobu raised herself onto her elbow and the two girls turned to look at her. "Well? What the fuck are you waiting for?" they chorused.

Jeane smiled wryly. She really should've anticipated that one, hadn't she?

The blonde assassin stepped towards the bed, then hesitated. The two Shinobu's twin pussies were one above the other and her dicks were still side by side. Fucking the two at the same time might have been possible, but it'd be awkward. Probably a good thing that she knew the rule, then. Suddenly, without apparently changing in any way, Jeane's two cocks were one above the other and ideally placed to fuck both Shinobus at once.

Sometimes, she really loved knowing the rule.

Jeane got onto the bed and placed herself between the girl's legs. She took hold of her twin members and heard both Shinobus gasp excitedly when she guided their tips to their wet slits. She grinned. Wouldn't you just know it? Her dicks now shining with both the Shinobu's saliva were spaced so exactly that soon they would both easily by shining by their juices. What were the odds?

"Ready?" she asked.

"Waiting," the girls growled.

Jeane carefully entered the two, hissing between her teeth when she felt both girl's heat wrap tightly around her shafts. She heard a moan and while she knew that it was really two moans coming from two girls, they were so identical that it seemed like the aroused noise had come from a single throat. She pushed in deeper, hearing the girls pant and grunt as she did so until her two dicks were fully inside their twin pussies. She paused for a moment to let the girls adjust to the intrusion, then began moving.

The effect was spectacular. As she began moving back and forth, Jeane became aware that the girls were just as identical on the inside as they were on the outside. However, since one of their pussies was upside down compared to the other, the girls gripped her cocks in similar yet subtly different ways. The effect was pretty neat and pretty good a stoking her arousal into a flame once more. Though what really set her body ablaze were Shinobu's reactions.

The girls had tensed up a little, their naked bodies trembling slightly, panting and moaning while Jeane carefully filled them and then retreated to a point. For once, the twins seemed unaware of one another, both their bodies focused on the pleasure Jeane's members gave them. Even so, they didn't exactly appear to be lost in lust just yet, but merely waiting in heated anticipation until she decided to start fucking them in earnest.

Well, who was she to keep them waiting?

Jeane drew back until her dual cocks almost left the girls entirely, then drove in again hard. The Shinobus screamed in response and the top girl fell onto her sister, abruptly cutting off their mutual noise as they kissed one another once again. Jeane, meanwhile, found a good rhythm, moving gleefully back and forth, thrusting hard. Her ears filled with shameless moans whenever the Shinobus had to break their kiss to come up for air. As Jeane continued to fuck them at a steady pace, the intervals between moans became shorter and shorter until the girl's eager bodies no longer had any breath left for kissing and their erotic noise filled the room.

As for herself, Jeane was quiet. Her penises, her entire body, were still sensitive from her earlier orgasm and the feeling of those almost identical pussies pressing against her shaft was powerful enough to give her another one soon. She resisted the temptation to give in to her pleasure just yet, determined to make sure the horny Shinobus climaxed before she did. It wasn't easy, though. Even though the girls were passively getting fucked, their bodies seemed highly attuned to her cocks and they moved back and forth in perfect time with her every thrust, their pussies seemingly squeezing just a little tighter at the exact right moment to send shockwaves of pleasure through her dicks into the rest of body.

Fortunately, it didn't seem like she would have to hold out for very long. Turned on as they were, it would be an easy matter to make them come and the fact that they didn't resist the pleasure Jeane gave them made that easier still. Moaning, gasping, screaming, their bodies bucking and shuddering, both Shinobus seemed to be working themselves into the kind of sexual frenzy not even a bucket of cold water could possibly hope to douse. They gave themselves freely to their pleasure and wouldn't try to control themselves for the world.

The twin Shinobus soon came screaming, their bodies shaking with pleasure, their already tight pussies clamping down on Jeane's dicks. The blonde gasped at the sudden surge of pleasure and she came as well, filling the two girls with a wholly renewed load of her seed. It seemed this only served to heighten the girl's already Olympian climax. Jeane envied them a little for the mindless purity of their orgasm, but it probably served her right for making such an effort to resist her own pleasure.

Once the girls came down to Earth, Jeane carefully pulled out of them, feeling their satisfied bodies shudder with pleasurable aftershocks whenever her own cocks twitched. Once she left them she saw that she'd so filled their pussies with her semen that some of it was leaking out of them. Still, even though she'd filled their wombs with her seed and both girls were young and fertile, Jeane was absolutely confident they wouldn't actually get pregnant from this. Not yet, anyway.

Shinobu rolled off of Shinobu, allowing Jeane to see both of their exhausted smiles. They happily moved aside a little when she lay down between them, then wasted no time in letting their hands wander down her flat stomach to between her legs. Her penises were no longer there and all their fingers found was a perfectly normal vagina adorned with a neatly trimmed strip of pubic hair.

"Impressive," the Shinobus chorused.

"Mmm," said Jeane, who found herself lazily enjoying the new attention.

"You know," one Shinobu (and right now Jeane didn't care which one) said, "I think it'd be good idea if you moved in with us while we teach you how to duplicate yourself and you teach us how to grow our very own dicks. It'd be easier on all of us, don't you think?"

Jeane found herself smiling at nothing. "Sounds like a plan," she said.

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