Natalia's Number One Fan

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It was a known fact in the Pit that Sheol loved using her reality warping powers to mess with other dimensions.  Aside from the constant kidnappings and replacements of various girls (by Jamie's count, there were roughly 75 copies of Juri Han throughout the Pit), sometimes she liked to just make a few changes, then sit back and watch.  It could be almost too easy at times.  All she had to do was mess with a few formative childhood experiences, and the next thing you knew, the war between the Sailor Senshi and the Dark Kingdom was being resolved by a threesome between Usagi, Rei and Beryl.  Sheol still had a framed photograph of Sailor Pluto's face when she woke up and realized that Crystal Tokyo had been replaced by a non-stop lesbian orgy.

However, today, Sheol was messing with reality for the benefit of someone else.  Between the opening of the Bondage Olympics and her own personal fun time, she had forgotten to get a birthday gift for an artist she was a huge fan of.  Right now, she was scanning countless timelines for a way to make it up to him.

"Let's see, maybe I could... no, not that... AHA!  I've got it!"

With a quick swipe of her hand, Sheol temporarily fused two universes together, and warped to the town of Santa Destroy, preparing to set one of the residents on a different path...


Natalia Reznikova, legendary kidnapper, was perched in the branches of a tree just outside Santa Destroy University.  She had just received a high-paying job, asking her to kidnap a student there by the name of Kimmy Howell.  Supposedly, the assignment was from one of the girl's teachers, who was sick of her acting out in class, and wanted to scare her straight.

"Stupid plan, if you ask me," Natalia thought.  "Oh well, it's his money, and I'm not turning down a payday this big just because the client's an idiot."

Some mild recon had revealed that Kimmy was known to sit beneath a particular tree after her classes every day, playing her recorder.  All Natalia had to do was wait for her to show up, drop down, chloroform her, and be on her way.

In fact, she wanted to get out of this town as soon as possible.  Santa Destroy was commonly referred to as the assassination capitol of the world, and the longer she spent her, the higher the chance some psycho with a laser sword would recognize her and try to nab her for the bounty.

Luckily, at that moment, a pigtailed blond in a schoolgirl uniform skipped over to the tree, sat down, and began to play a peaceful melody on a recorder.  Natalia took a moment to appreciate the tune as she soaked a rag in chloroform and prepared to jump down from the tree.

What she wasn't expecting was for Kimmy to suddenly tilt her head up and fire an energy ball out of her recorder into the tree.  Natalia was caught off guard by the sudden attack, and despite her attempt to dodge, the blast skimmed the side of her face, knocking her out of the tree.  As she fell to the ground, Kimmy blurred into action and jabbed the end of her recorder into Natalia's stomach.  Kimmy pressed a concealed button, and the end of the recorder lit up with electricity, shocking Natalia into unconsciousness.

Kimmy giggled with unrestrained glee.  "I've finally done it!  I've caught Naty the Great!"

Picking up Natalia's body in a bridal carry, Kimmy made her way to an old abandoned dorm near the university.  The few students who saw her carried on as if nothing had happened.  By now, they were used to Kimmy kidnapping random girls to test her skills.  They were just glad it was someone other than them.


Natalia awoke to four uncomfortable realizations.  First, she was naked.  Second, her wrists and elbows had been taped behind her back.  Third, she had been frogtied with pink tape.  And finally, three pairs of panties had been stuffed into her mouth, and were held in place with a pair of stockings used as a cleave gag.


"Oh, you woke up already?  I wasn't done getting you ready yet!  I guess that's why you're Naty the Great!"

A nude Kimmy Howell stepped into view, carrying a leather blindfold with the words "NATY-CHAN" written on it.  Natalia yelled curses into her gag and tried to keep her head away from the blindfold, but in her current position, it wasn't long before Kimmy had strapped the blindfold over her eyes.

"I'm sooooooo glad to finally meet you, Naty the Great!" Kimmy gushed.  "My name's Kimmy Howell, and I'm your Number One fan!  Of course, I needed to be able to prove that.  Otherwise, any chick or bitch could come along and say the exact same thing!  So, I decided to kidnap you and make you my pet, therefore surpassing my hero!  All I had to do was call you in to kidnap me, and then turn the tables!"

Natalia began frantically tearing at the tape binding her arms.  "The last thing I need is another Jo with less restraint!  And even if this bitch wasn't off her rocker, there's no way I'm becoming anyone's pet!"

Kimmy giggled as Natalia strained against her bonds.  "You're so energetic, Naty!  I just can't wait to put all that energy of yours to good use!"

Natalia jumped in her bonds as a metal clamp closed around her left nipple, followed by another clamp on the right one.


Kneeling on the floor, Kimmy pulled the chain connecting the nipple clamps taut, eliciting a muffled cry from Natalia.  Moving behind her captive, Kimmy wrapped her legs around Natalia's waist and began groping the bound kidnapper's breasts.

"Do you like my touch, Naty?  Can you feel my love for you in each tender squeeze?"

The answer was made obvious by the struggling and muffled curses, but Kimmy pointedly ignored her.  Instead, she trailed one of her hands down Natalia's body onto her crotch.

"Now, let's see what you've got down below!"

Kimmy's fingers plunged into Natalia's pussy, causing her to moan.  Slowly at first, Kimmy began to pump her fingers in and out, gradually picking up speed.

"All you need to do is submit to me, Naty.  Then, you can feel this good all the time, forever and ever and ever..."

Natalia's response, although muffled by her mouthful of panties and stockings, consisted of questions as to Kimmy's parentage, as well as inquiries into the intensity of her obvious head injury.  As Kimmy began to finger her deeper and faster, the muffled insults were replaced with muffled threats about what Natalia would do when she got free.  One particularly creative one seemed to involve three gallons of glue, a week-old grilled cheese sandwich, and a live buffalo.

Finally, with a loud moan, Natalia climaxed under her captor's assault.  Kimmy pulled out her sticky fingers and licked them clean.  "Mmmmm, Naty the Great tastes so delicious..."

Standing up, Kimmy walked around to Natalia's front, bent over, and kissed her on her gagged lips.

"I'll leave for 5 minutes so you can recover.  Then, I can show you how much I love you all over again!"

So saying, Kimmy walked out of the room, leaving a panting and struggling Natalia behind.


"Alright, Naty the Great, I'm back!"

True to her word, Kimmy returned at exactly the five minute mark, not wanting to miss a single second with her idol.  However, as she entered the room, she realized Natalia had disappeared, leaving her restraints behind.  Kimmy had just enough time to put two and two together before she was seized in a strong grip from behind, and a chloroformed cloth was clamped over her mouth and nose.

"I underestimated you before, bitch," Natalia muttered as Kimmy succumbed to the chloroform.  "Trust me, that won't happen again."


Kimmy awoke to find herself mummified from her neck to her ankles in silver duct tape.  Her panties and stockings, which she had used to gag Natalia, had been stuffed into her mouth and taped over with more duct tape.  Under all the layers of duct tape, Kimmy could feel a dildo and butt plug inside her.

"Finally awake, bitch?" Natalia asked.  Kimmy whimpered into her gag.  Naty the Great had escaped, and she wasn't going to show her any mercy.

Sitting down on her insane fan's mummified body, Natalia began swatting and twisting her captive's chest.

"You know, for a crazy girl, you're actually kinda cute.  I'm actually a little disappointed in you.  You tied me up pretty well, but you made a rookie mistake and didn't use waterproof tape.  Once you got me all sweaty and left the room, I was able to just slip out of the tape."

If Kimmy had been able to move her arms, she would have facepalmed at her error.

"Of course, I didn't make that mistake when I tied you up.  You'll be in here until someone comes in and cuts you free.  And considering how terrified most of those brats seemed of this shed, who knows how long that'll take..."

Kimmy moaned, realizing she wasn't going to be getting out of her tape until the custodian came in at 8:00 the next morning.

"Anyway, I've gotta leave.  I've got places to see, and people to kidnap.  Still, I didn't want to leave you in here all by yourself, so I gave you some company."

Natalia produced the remotes for the dildo and butt plug inside Kimmy, and turned them onto a medium setting.  Kimmy moaned and thrashed as the vibrating toys began to pleasure her.

"That should be just enough to keep you on the edge without actually getting to cum," Natalia smirked.  Standing up, she walked to the shed door, only to turn back at the last moment.

"By the way," Natalia called back to the writhing blonde.  "I already have a Number One fan.  Her name's Jo, and I care a hell of a lot more for her than you."

So saying, Natalia walked out of the shed, leaving Kimmy to fume at the idea of another girl spending time with HER Naty.


Deep in the Pit, Sheol grinned at a DVD, containing a complete recording of Natalia's adventure with Kimmy.

"If this doesn't make up for missing Kaozkaoz's birthday by a day, I don't know what will!"

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