My furry week at Freddy's

BY : QueenkaiNephilim
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Chapter 1.

    It was ten o’clock Monday night when I woke up. It was dark in my room, the wind causing my chiffon curtains to dance like ghosts. I threw the warm covers off of me and stood up, the wooden floor cold on my bare feet. I walked to my walk-in closet and pulled out the Night guard uniform I had picked up the day before. I layed the dark blue jacket and skirt on the bed, placing the hat and badge on the table next to them. I pulled off my tank top and panties, throwing them into my laundry hamper before walking to my bathroom and turning on the shower. 

    As the water heated up I looked in the mirror and started brushing the tangles out of my silver-blue hair and my white fur. Once I was tangle and shed free I stepped into the hot water, letting it trickle down my back as I washed.

    The shower was shorter than I normally like, I usually spend nearly an hour in the hot, steamy water, but I knew I had to go in early in order to take a tour of the Pizzeria. So I reluctantly slid open the glass door and wrapped a soft towel around myself. After a little bit of a towel dry, I turned on the blow dryer to give my thick hair a helping hand. When It was almost all dry I picked up my curling iron and started primping.

    It took me a total of thirty minutes to do my hair and makeup, by then I was dry, and hung up the towel before walking back into my bedroom to get dressed.

    The uniform fit perfectly, and really showed off my hourglass figure. Just before I left I tied my hair into a high ponytail and slid the hat on, picked up my purse, and left my apartment. 

     The drive to work was a nice one, it was a warm night and I kept the windows of my mustang down. I arrived at the pizza place at about eleven thirty, and parked in a space behind the restaurant, locked the doors, and went inside were I was greeted by a wolf.

    “Hey, I’m Jim.” He said, shaking my paw. “And you must be Kai, welcome to Freddy’s.”

    I smiled and nodded, blushing a little. He was cute.  Jim gave me a tour of the place, showing me the stage, the bathroom, the kitchen, the storage room, all of the hallways, and then, lastly, the security office. There he explained the security cameras, how there were blind-spots by the two doors of my office and the broken one in the kitchen, as well as how the safety lights and doors worked. Then he took me to the generator room to show me the small one they use at night.

    “Its not very big, and really limited.” He said. “Cameras, doors and lights all use up power so, be sparing.” I nodded and we went back to the office. “So, there is a little bit to explain.” He said as I bent over to look at the cameras again. “First off, the likleyhood of someone breaking in is very unlikely. You, mostly have to try and keep things in.” At that I frowned and sat up, looking at him. 

    “What do you mean by ‘keep things in’ Jim?” I asked. He swallowed.

    “Well...the animatronics tend to wander at night.” He said and I raised an eyebrow, “Their kept in a sort of, free roaming mode, to keep their servos from locking up. They used to wander around in the day too, but then there was the bite of 87.”

    “Woah woah woah.” I said, holding up a hand. “Bite?”

    “Yea...a kid decided to mess with Freddy and hit a button or lock or something and it just bit the kid in the head. It’s amazing that someone can survive with out the frontal lobe.” I gaped and he laughed, a little nervously. “but as long as you don’t go around messing with them nothing bad will happen.” He reassured me and I calmed down some, nodding. “ Well, maybe a little, they always seem very...attracted to female night watch. Our last one claimed that the animatronics kept jerking off at her window, but I think those were just some teenagers playing a prank. I mean, they don’t even have genitalia I think.”

    I sighed and smiled, teenagers are so strange. He smiled too and looked at his watch. “Well looks like its almost time for you to start work.” He said and I nodded, turning to look at the cameras again. While I was bent over, looking at the screen a hand struck my ass, hard. I yelped and turned to look at Jim, who was looking at me again, with a smirk. 

    “What are you doing?” I asked with a glare and he chuckled. 

    “Sorry, you just have a really nice ass.” He said and I felt myself blush a little. He looked back at his watch. “You know, nothing usually happens much on Mondays, they won’t come out till later so...” He moved closer to me, pushing me back against the desk. He pressed against me and I could feel the bulge in his pants. He leaned in closer and grinned. “Wanna have some fun?”

    I blushed a bit and smiled, pressing my hips back against him.

    “Won’t we get in trouble?” I asked as he trailed his fingers against my hand.

    “Only if we tell.” He said before grabbing my breast. I gasped and moaned, already feeling a little damp between my legs. He growled into my ear and kept massaging my breast, and I reached my hand down to rub the bulge in his pants. He unbuttoned my jacket and blouse, revealing my black, laced bra and large breasts. He hummed as he pulled the bra down, releasing one of my breast that he took into his muzzle, licking and biting the nipple. I bit my lip and leaned my head back, putting my hand down his pants to rub his cock.

    He pulled away from my breast and took the office chair, rolling it out of the way before grabbing my hips and turning me around. A hand on my shoulders pushed me forwards, bending me over as the other pulled up my skirt. His hands pulled my black panties down and I heard a rustle of material before he cock was pressed against my pussy. He ground against me for a bit, his pre-cum lubing my clit before he pushed it into me. I let out a groan before he gripped my hips and started pounding me. 

    He wasn’t all that large, but he was strong and he pounded relentlessly. I kept an eye on the monitors while he fucked me, moaning in deep pleasure as he slammed into my pussy. I closed my eyes for a moment, gasping and calling out at he came inside me. He groaned and rubbed his hand up and down my back. I smiled and opened my eyes, looking at the screen of the stage. I gasped. 

    “One’s gone!” I said and he looked too before pulling his knot out of me, causing me to yelp.

    “That is my que to leave.” He said, fixing his pants. I pulled my patties back up and my skirt down as I flipped through the cameras quickly, before finding her, Chika, in the dining room. 

    “There she is...” I sighed before fixing my blouse and jacket. Jim spanked me again and smiled. 

    “Show up early again tomorrow and we can do this again.” He said before grabbing his coat and running off. I sighed and sat down in the chair, feeling cum pool in my panties. I moaned a little and adjusted my bra some more, continuing to flick through the cameras.

    The rest of the night was uneventful. Chika and Bonnie wandered around, occasionally coming near my doors, which I promptly closed, and by six am they had returned to their places. I was releaved by the day watch and I gathered my things before heading home, were I fell into my large bed and fell asleep, having lovely dreams of a hot wolf. 

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