Cobwebs and Gears

BY : FlameWolf
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Five Night at Freddy's with the exception of a few O.C. animatronics. I make no profit from this, this is just for fun.

Chapter One: First Night Jitters


“You'll do great! The kids'll love you! You'll see!” the cheerful female chirped, polishing the hook on the animatronic fox's arm. Her aqua eyes shimmering, Rose stepped back to admire the red faux fur covered machine. Smiling affectionately, the black haired female gave the machine's cold nose a brief kiss.

“All ye land lubbers out thar put yer hands together for the best pirate in the seven seas!” came a gruff male voice from the other side of the purple, velvet curtain.

“Alright! That's your cue! I have to go check on the others now. Remember, don't be nervous! You'll be the new favorite, just wait and see,” Rose chuckled, giving the fur covered machine a hug before sprinting off the stage. She never noticed the fox turn its head towards her, an almost smile on its animatronic face.

Rose had been with the Fredbear family since they had first opened the doors, taking it upon herself to personally repair the animatronic performers. Tonight was the debut of their newest family member and she had wanted to make sure he had someone to cheer him on. She almost felt ridiculous for treating the machines as if they had feelings but she couldn't shake the feeling that they appreciated her efforts. With a smile at the curtain as it started to slide open, the black haired female snuck towards the Party Room where the other animatronics waited for their turns. “This here be Foxy! The roughest pirate ever to sail the briny blue,” came the gruff voice of the performer on stage with the machine, his voice following her into the deserted next room.

On a stage in a huge, deserted room stood the three older members of the group, their lifeless eyes staring ahead at nothing. Most other people couldn't help but feel afraid or creeped out by the lifeless machines but Rose felt oddly comfortable around them. “Hey Bon-Bon! Are ya jealous of your new brother?” she asked almost conversationally as she walked onto the stage. The purple furred bunny starred at her blankly, his huge, square jaw hanging slightly open.

“Don't worry Bonnie! The kids won't dump you and the others over so easy. Just put your all into your performance like always,” she chirped giving the machine's rigid arm a reassuring pat. Bonnie only shifted slightly, his head almost seeming to hang in sadness.

“Hey, Freddy I think Bonnie's really upset,” Rose whispered, to the golden bear in the middle, a worried look in her turquoise eyes. The blocky looking bear only stared blankly at her, his tiny black top hat sitting jauntily on his head.

“Bonnie, don't be upset! The kids will be here soon and you want to give them your best!” Rose encouraged, pumping a fist in the air in an effort to encourage the machine in front of her. A strange creaking beside her made her turn her head to Chica. To tell the truth, the chicken was the most creepy looking one of the bunch and had been the cause of several nightmares. Still, she couldn't just leave the poor thing out.

“Oh hey Chica, I didn't mean to ignore you. I know! Lets try and make you a little less scary for the kids,” the black haired female offered excitedly, scooting past the slumped, yellow chicken and off the stage. She didn't notice the chicken slowly lift its head as if to watch her.

Rose rummaged in a box set by the stage, tossing odds and ends in her search for something. Finally, with a triumphant crow, she pulled out a large bib with a party motif printed on it. A slight grimace appeared on her face as she read the jaunty words that simply said 'Let's Eat!' “Not very flattering, is it?” Rose sighed, slumping slightly in defeat.

The sound of approaching voices made her jump slightly and the pale, purple clad woman heaved a sigh. “Sorry Chica, this will just have to do for now,” she apologized, wincing as she slipped the unflattering bib over the chicken's neck.

“Rose! Stop playing with those things and go clean up Pirate Cove!” snarled the familiar, angry voice of her overweight boss.

“Sorry Roy! I was trying to make Chica pretty for the children,” she explained as she turned to look at her glaring boss.

The man easily towered over her, his huge mass jiggling slightly with each wheezy breath he took. His goateed mouth pulled into a disgusted sneer, revealing several crooked, yellowing teeth. His beady, brown eyes glowered at her with a marked look of impatience. “They're fucking machines! They don't care if they're pretty! Besides, Chica is going to be replaced soon anyway. Too scary for the kids,” he snarled, the light reflecting off his bald head.

“Oh, don't say that! These machines, I think they're alive and they can hear you,” Rose whispered, her aqua eyes flicking quickly to the three on the stage. Freddy was in a slightly different position, his head raised slightly as if he was watching them. Chica's head was also turned toward them and her tooth filled mouth hung open.

“You're fucking crazy Rose! If it weren't for the fact you were my niece, you would have been gone long ago! Now go fucking clean the Cove!” Roy hissed, shoving past the smaller woman on his way to the Party Room.

“Fuck you Roy! You can't just get rid of Chica just because she's a little more scary than the others! It was bad enough when you decommissioned old Rob Rabbit and put him in the back to rot!” Rose exclaimed, following close behind the severely overweight man.

“Rose, listen to me, this is my business and I will run it how I see fit! Chica isn't the only one going either! Old Freddy there is getting a whole new look too,” Roy announced, gesturing to the golden bear who stared at them with black eyes.

“But Roy...,” she began to protest only to be interrupted by a glower from her Uncle.

“I'm not going to tell you again, go do your job and clean up Pirate Cove,” Roy snarled, the foul stench of his breath hitting her like a punch.

Rose glared at her Uncle for a few moments before shaking her head and moving into Pirate Cove. Unknown to her a deep chuckle came from Freddy as soon as she left. Roy whirled to face the golden furred bear, a glare on his jowly face as the kids filed in. “Fuck you Freddy. Soon you'll be locked in the back and deactivated. Then you won't be much threat to anyone,” the overweight man wheezed at the machine, his dark eyes narrowing angrily.

The golden bear only shifted slightly, another deep chuckle coming from a voice box deep within the mechanical works. A strange screeching noise nearly made the obese man jump out of his skin and he whirled to see Chica leaning slightly towards him, its lifeless eyes fixed on him. Fear replacing his confidence of a few moments ago, Roy cleared his throat and backed away from the lifeless machines. “They're only settling in place,” he whispered to himself as he moved to a control board hidden behind the stage. With a deft flick of his fat fingers, Roy pressed the button that activated the animatronic band. Almost immediately a tinny, old track started to play and the band jerked to life.

Rose smiled at the cheers of the kids as the old music started up. Picking up the discarded, empty popcorn boxes the kids had left on the cove floor, the black haired female found herself humming along to the jaunty tune that played in the other room. The sound system it played on sounded like it had been run over a few times by a tractor but the song still came through crystal clear. “Grab your party hats and your cake! Its time to celebrate,” she sang softly as she moved onto the popcorn littered stage.

Rolling her aqua eyes, the pale female swept the popcorn into her waste bin. “Man, why do they always have to throw it,” she grumbled in playful exasperation. The purple curtain beside her rippled in a phantom wind, making her halt in her tracks.

“F-foxy? Are you playing with me?” she chirped out in a voice that sounded far too nervous. Again the purple material rippled slightly, as if something was moving around behind it. Her heart thumping in her chest, Rose reached forward with a shaky hand and pulled open the curtain. A self depreciating giggle left her lips as she saw Foxy standing where he had been when the show ended.

“Foxy! You scared me!” she admonished playfully, giving the fox pirate's head a fond ruffle.

“Actually, I was hoping to be able to talk to you,” she whispered softly, going back to sweeping up the loose popcorn on the stage. The sounds of the kids singing along with the band faintly made her smile despite how sad she felt.

“Roy's gonna be replacing Chica and old Fredbear. It'll be like ol Rob all over again,” she confessed quietly, stopping sweeping to lean on the broom.

“I just don't think its right. Chica, Fredbear and Rob have been here for years, even before Uncle bought the place,” she hissed, her eyes narrowing as she straightened.

“I can't stand the thought of Freddy and Chica sitting in the back and just rotting away. If I had my say, Rob wouldn't be back there right now. Even old Fritz was remade into you,” Rose grumbled, turning her head to glance at the slumped animatronic beside her. What she saw nearly made her have a heart attack.

Foxy was in an entirely different position, his head lifted slightly and his eye patch raised. Both of his golden eyes were fixed on her and his fang filled mouth hung open. Fear slowly began to fill her and she took a small step away from the towering fox. Right now it almost looked as if the machine was waiting for an explanation. That was impossible, right? Clearing her throat, Rose squared her shoulders and moved back towards Foxy. He was just a machine, he wasn't going to hurt her. “I suppose you want to know who Fritz was,” Rose began cautiously, her turquoise eyes watching the fox animatronic carefully.

A faint 'Ar Matey' came from an ancient voice box deep inside the mechanics, making Rose jump back from the machine. Her eyes wide and frightened, Rose clutched a hand over her racing heart as she stared at the animatronic. It had to be a mechanical glitch! There was no way Foxy had just responded to her. “F-fritz was here when I first started working here. God that was years ago, when this place was still owned by Mr. Bedian. He was a lot like you, a pirate fox. But he was the first animatronic Mr. Bedian ever made so he wasn't that well built. When he started to fall apart on stage, Mr. Bedian decided to retire him. I couldn't just let Fritz die, so I managed to convince Mr. Bedian to let me rebuild him. It took me a long time, but I finally managed to make you. I just wish Mr. Bedian was around to see you. Fritz was always his favorite, mine too,” Rose explained, feeling more and more silly the longer the story went.

What was she doing talking to a pile of animated gears as if they could understand her? Maybe Roy was right, maybe she was crazy. An odd creak broke into her thoughts, drawing her gaze to the red fox machine in front of her. Foxy's arms were hanging open, as if offering a hug. His jaw was closed and his golden eyes bored straight into her. Fear fluttering in her chest, Rose moved slowly toward the completely still animatronic.

Her aqua eyes flicked over the lifeless machine's fur covered features, her teeth worrying her lower lip. She had always had a sense the animatronics were more than they seemed but she had never seen them outright move like this before. Before it had always been slight, subtle movements, movements that could easily be played off as the mechanics settling. For the first time since she had started working here, Rose found herself feeling fear around her animatronic friends.

Giving herself a firm shake, Rose moved into Foxy's open arms and gave the fur covered machine a tight hug. She had never been afraid of her friends before and she didn't aim to start now. If they were dangerous, they would have attempted to harm her years ago. Still it was extremely startling when she felt the thing's arms wrap loosely around her. With a gasp, Rose jumped back and away from Foxy, fear written all over her pale face. Foxy slumped forward, his jaw hanging open and his eyes closing slightly. It almost looked as if she had hurt his feelings. “I-I'm s-sorry Foxy, I just. You moved!” she gasped, clutching a fist over her racing heart.

A sudden hand on her shoulder made her give a small scream as she whirled to face her assailant. Behind her stood her overweight Uncle, a frown on his pudgy face. “R-roy!” she gasped out, turning slightly to look at Foxy.

Foxy was back in his original position, his eye patch down and his hook raised in a wave. His square jaw hung open in an almost smile as his lifeless eyes stared into the empty room. “The party's over Rose, finish up here and then move on to the Party Room,” Roy grunted before waddling out of the room and leaving her alone with Foxy.

Rose swallowed noisily before going back to sweeping. “I'm really sorry for how I reacted earlier. I was just startled,” she whispered, not quite daring to look at the machine. She was afraid that if she did, she would start screaming and be unable to stop. A faint creaking let her know that Foxy had shifted again and she found herself looking up despite herself. Right in front of her face was the fang filled mouth of Foxy, hanging open to show the endoskeleton within.

Unable to stop a slight scream of fear from escaping her lips, Rose jolted back from the animatronic. Foxy's jaws clicked shut mere inches from her nose, making her heart tighten in her chest slightly. It almost seemed as if Foxy was pissed at her. “F-foxy... please. Try to see it from my point of view! I never expected you to be able to move,” she gasped out, unable to stop the sliver of hurt from slipping into her voice.

Never in her wildest dreams would she have ever thought any of her friends capable of harming her, yet Foxy had very nearly taken her face off. Tears beginning to brim in her aqua eyes, Rose got to her feet and brushed off her purple pants. A faint 'Matey' drew her attention back to Foxy who was now standing with his head hanging slightly, almost as if in shame. “Oh, I can't stay mad at you. You did great today,” Rose sighed with a slight smile. Despite the oddness of the situation, she found herself easily slipping back into feeling comfortable around Foxy.

Foxy's head slowly jerked up, his jaw opening into a horrifying facsimile of a smile. Unable to help a slight shudder of fear, Rose smiled back unsurely before going back to sweeping. As she swept up the popcorn kernels and empty boxes, Rose wondered if she could get used to the fact that her friends were actually alive. Every now and again while she was cleaning she heard faint creaks and groans as Foxy moved around.

After a while of this, Rose looked up to see Foxy stiffly bending over to pick up a discarded candy box. “Er, thanks,” Rose whispered, taking the box from the animatronic. Foxy stiffly nodded to her before jerkily bending down to pick up another box. Blinking at her odd help, Rose went back to cleaning and soon had the Cove spotless with Foxy's assistance.

“Uh, apology accepted on my part. I assume you feel the same way?” she asked, feeling a little off balance. The faint 'Ar' that came from within Foxy's mechanics still caused her to jump slightly.

“Heh, this is going to take a while to get used to,” Rose chuckled, rubbing the back of her head in embarrassment. To tell the truth, she was beginning to feel horrible for how much fear she still felt around Foxy. Despite the close call earlier, it had become quite apparent to her that Foxy meant her no harm.

“Well, I have to go see to the others. I'll come say good night before I lock up,” Rose whispered with a small smile.

“See ye later matey!” came the tinny prerecorded voice as Foxy jerkily raised his hook in a wave.

Rose chuckled softly before grabbing her supplies and moving back into the Party Room. The sight that greeted her made her jaw drop in horror. The floor was coated in confetti, bits of discarded cake, candy, popcorn, spilled soda and paper plates. To her further horror she saw the animatronic band was covered in streamers and cake. Freddy had even had his jaws pried open and a piece of cake shoved into his mechanics.

The band jerked and twitched, still obviously turned on but jammed by the sheer amount of cake in their gears. Fighting the urge to throw up at the shocking sight of her friends, Rose immediately moved to the control box in the back of the stage. “Oh fuck Roy! Why the hell did you let them do this!” she exclaimed as she turned off the motors forcing the band to move. A brief shower of sparks spat at her from the control board, making her flinch back and shield her face.

A thick, acrid smoke slowly began to curl in front of her face, drawing her attention to the machines on the stage. Thick, black smoke and sparks billowed from both Freddy and Chica as they slumped to the wooden stage in a heap. “Oh god no,” Rose whispered, a desperate edge to her voice as she hopped on to the stage. Her black work shoes skidded slightly in the cake that was smeared on the wood as she scurried to the fallen animatronics.

Rose immediately went to Fredbear, whose head was tilted almost upside down. The golden bear's mouth hung off its hinges and a shower of sparks spat from deep within his mechanics. Pink and blue frosting from the cake jammed in his mouth was smeared all over the exposed endoskeleton. “Oh fuck, oh fuck! I don't know if I can fix this!” Rose moaned out, tears beginning to roll down her pale cheeks.

An odd creaking made Rose jerk her head up. There, in front of her, stood Bonnie; his purple mouth hanging slightly open. “Bon-bon, what the hell did he let them do to you guys?” she asked in a distraught voice, wincing as Freddy's ajar mouth spat more sparks at her. Bonnie's head slightly jerked to the right, an odd screeching noise coming from deep within the rabbit.

“Don't worry Bonnie, even if I have to stay here all night, I'll fix Freddy and Chica. I can't leave you guys in this condition,” Rose assured, a hard glint in her normally kind eyes.

“Ar Matey!” came a sudden voice from behind her, making her jump and whirl around to see Foxy. The fox's eye patch was again raised and both eyes were fixed on the prone forms of Chica and Freddy.

“Help me move them to the back. I'll need to take their skin off to get at the machine parts,” she ordered, not even stopping to think just how strange the entire situation was.

“Aye Cap'n,” came the tinny, mechanical reply from the fox. Then, while moving rather jerkily, the animatronic fox picked up the sparking body of Freddy and began to carry it to the back.

Rose watched in stunned silence for a few moments before moving to pick up Chica. The chicken looked like several of her wires had been pulled free and there was a large piece of cake jammed directly into the gears that moved her head. “Oh Chica,” Rose moaned softly, gritting her teeth as she tried to drag the heavy machine.

“Let's party!” came a cheerful, mechanical voice from beside her, making her nearly jump out of her skin. Looking up, the black haired woman saw Bonnie jerkily bending down to help her drag Chica.

“Uh, thanks Bonnie. You know, with my luck this will all turn out to be a dream brought on by too much pizza,” Rose quipped with a chuckle, still a little stunned by the current events.

“Be sure to eat your vegetables!” came the nonsensical reply from the purple rabbit. Bonnie then haltingly bent to pick up the sparking Chica and carried the prone, yellow chicken to the back.

Some of the fear from earlier beginning to come back, Rose squared her shoulders and gave herself a firm shake before following her friends. 'You always treated them as if they were alive before. Them actually being alive shouldn't make that much of a difference,' she tried to reason to herself as she moved into the well hidden repair room. “Kzzt bzrt h-hey k-k-k-kidssssh,” came a broken, staticy voice, jerking her back to reality.

In the room was several spare parts as well as tools for repairing the animatronics. Spare heads stared at her from the walls, almost giving her the creepy feeling of being watched closely. It didn't help that both Bonnie and Foxy were staring at her in an almost expectant manner. Smiling at her friends a bit nervously, Rose knelt beside Freddy. Freddy jerked slightly, his head swaying almost sickeningly while sparks shot from his dangling mouth. “I have to remove your skin in order to have any hope of fixing this,” she explained apologetically, reaching cautiously for the latches that held the hard, fur covered shell on.

“W-w-welc-come t-to bzrt zzzrt Family Diner,” came the broken, glitched sounding reply. The golden furred bear seemed to almost lean toward her, as if giving his permission.

After several nerve wracking hours of touch and go, Rose finally pulled back satisfied. Her hands were coated in black oil and her black hair clung to her sweaty forehead in a very unflattering manner. Heaving a shaky sigh, Rose swiped an oil coated hand across her head; leaving a black smear on her starkly white forehead. She still wasn't sure she had gotten all of the cake out of their gears but she had done the best she could. She was amazed they even worked at all after all the damage that had been caused. “Well, I did the best I could guys. Sorry for not being able to fix you all the way,” she apologized in a shaky voice, slowly getting to her feet.

Despite her best efforts the mechanics seemed irreparably damaged. Freddy and Chica had odd twitches that happened at random as well as some strange audio glitches. Nothing she did seemed to even help the problems and she eventually had to admit defeat. She just didn't know as much about the animatronics as Mr. Bedian and he wasn't exactly around to ask for help.

Her legs nearly buckled under her as she stood, almost causing her to fall. With a grunt, Rose managed to lean against a nearby wall and just barely managed to stay on her feet. “Phew, I must have worn myself out,” gasped the tired female, fighting to steady herself as she leaned heavily against a wall.

Several strange creaks drew her attention and she raised her head to see all four of the animatronics staring at her. “I'll be okay. I just stayed up longer than I should have. I just need to get some sleep,” she assured, smiling at the almost concerned looking machines.

“Aye,” came a tinny reply from Foxy as he jerkily began to move towards her.

Hiding a yawn behind her hand, Rose only smiled at the animatronics as she swayed slightly on her feet. “Lets eat!” came a cheerful reply from Chica, the yellow chicken also beginning to move towards her.

“We really need to work on your guys' sayings,” Rose sighed, hiding another yawn as she turned and began to walk out of the repair room. A sudden, fur covered, cold hand grasping her wrist stopped the black haired woman in her tracks. A bit of helpless fear running through her, she turned slowly to see Fredbear staring right at her.

“S-s-st-stay a-a-at... kzzt,” came a garbled voice from deep within the mechanics. Rose couldn't help but blink a bit. It almost sounded as if Freddy was trying to get her to stay the night.

“Do you... do you want me to stay here?” she found herself asking, almost dreading the answer. Freddy's head jerked slowly up and down, an unmistakeable nod.

“I can't! Roy would kill me!” she protested, another jaw cracking yawn escaping her. Bonnie jerked his head slightly in response, odd bursts of static coming from his voice box.

“Zzzrt come bzzrt join kzzzt not frzzzt s-s-s-s-s-a-a-afe,” came a halting, glitching, screeching voice from deep within the purple bunny. Rose blinked, looking at the mechanical rabbit with a mixture of astonishment and a bit of fear. The end of that phrase had definitely not been programed into Bonnie's voicebox.

“Zzzzt kssh bzzrrrrrrrrr mmmmatey kzzzrt s-s-s-s-st-stay R-r-rose,” came an equally garbled reply from Foxy as the vulpine animatronic haltingly reached forward and placed his hook on her arm.

Her turquoise eyes going wide, Rose jolted back from the machines. Her heart beat erratically in her chest as she stared at the animatronics with fear-filled eyes. There was no way in hell something like her name had been programmed into Foxy's sayings. “Ksssh n-n-n-no ssshhhrrrt f-f-f-bzzrt fear,” came a garbled reply from Chica, her horrifying, tooth-filled mouth hanging slightly open.

Looking at the animatronics as they all closed in on her slowly, Rose pressed as tightly into the wall as she could. “Y-you guys are t-talking. Actually talking,” she gasped out in a weak voice, sliding slowly to her knees as her legs finally gave out. The four machines looked down at her, almost seeming to be concerned. Her vision beginning to gray around the edges, the purple clad woman desperately clung to her consciousness.

Despite her best efforts, her fear had become an all encompassing thing and her vision was beginning to lose all its color. The last thing she was aware of before she lost consciousness was Foxy leaning slowly down towards her. His oddly angular, faux fur covered face was merely inches from hers and both his golden eyes stared at her. Before she she knew no more, she could swear she could almost see worry in the glass orbs.

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