The Queens of Fighters

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It all began in '94...

Coming from the city of South Town where each of them received their invitations, Mai Shiranui and Yuri Sakazaki met unexpectedly to discuss an upcoming fighting tournament. Prior to this,their male counterparts declined room for them, since they filled their teams fast. With no other solutions, the two met and wanted to prove the men wrong and they’re worthy of joining the guys in team battles.

Yuri questions who will be the our last team member, until the Shiranui Ninja found the perfect solution to complete their group. Yuri’s surprised to hear that they would travel all the way to England, where their last member opened a bar the “Illusion”.

"Let me get this straight," A bartender by the name of King reads the invitation."You two want me to team up with you two for a fighting tournament?”


“Yes, please!” Mai and Yuri begged in unison with pouty eyes.


"Hmm,haven't gotten any action since my bouncer days, so sign me up." King tosses the invitation so she could get back to clearing the bar.


“Yea-! That completes the…” Yuri says.

“Women Fighters Team!” Mai continued. “So we can send those guys a message not to forget about us next time!”

The two desperate damsels were happy and relieved that their team's complete. Their third fighter grinned before her time as bartender was up and gave the girls a quick drink up before closing.


"To the princesses of punch!" Yuri raised her glass as King and Mai gave her a puzzled look.




"To us, and those who may end up having their butts kicked by us!" Mai chirped in which gave King a facepalm.


“Girls,let me say this...” King concluded as the bar ran silent for a few seconds. “Let’s kick some ass out there!”


"All right!"


The ladies gave their cheers and prepared for a new day. ready for some KOF action.




Battle in USA!


In the outskirts of San Francisco, California, an area where a friendly basketball game broke out in a fight. Nothing personal about it, the six competitors were split in half, becoming two separate teams of three. A small crowd of men in athletic wear, a couple of hobos and a group of cats were in attendance.

Their first victims were professional athletes representing the United States; former boxer, current street fighter known as Heavy D!, his friend Lucky Glauber, a basketball star,and lastly, Brian Battler, MVP of the Year in football.

Just to make thing even the matches were one-on-one and anyone KO-d, the next opponent is up. Just to make things were fair, team USA brought in Cool Guy, their own announcer.

"Ladies and gentlemen...get ready for the biggest match of 1994!" The short, quirky suited man warms up a small crowd that surrounded both teams. He turned to his supporting team to see if the participants are ready. Lucky gave him a thumbs up in return Cool guy nodded in approval.

Next he waited for the England team to see who'll start the match first.

"I'll go!" Mai grabbed her trusted fan while Yuri gave a thumbs up to the announcer.

"Let’s get this started folks! Haha! Round one…”


With the first two up to fight they went to their stances looking determined to get closer to the prize. It’s all or nothing this time around.



For round one, all Lucky threw numerous basketballs at his opponent, which seemed like an unfair start for the scantily clad ninja. Mai missed several and dodged them all before twirling and called out,"Ryu En Bu!" Lucky flew ablaze before the flames faded as he rose back. Before he could throw a single punch at her, she got the upper hand and hit him with her trusted fan.

"Nippon ichi!" She posed for the crowd or anyone watching anywhere before the next opponent Brian Battler enters the stage.

In round 2, Mai threw basic punches and kicks with Brian easily blocking them, despite mild damage. Unfortunately, his attacks came up short and the team was defeated by another hit in the face with her trademark weapon, the butterfly fan.


“Kacho Sen!”

Mai had little energy left in the third round , but didn't back down against Heave D! That is until she attempted an air dive and D! countered with special move Blast Upper.

King avenged her team in round four by a series of kicks that'd put ol' Hwa Jai to shame. She took a heavy punch to Heavy's face, followed by her signature fireball move:

"Venom Strike!"


The former bouncer did a roundhouse unleashing a bluish fireball, knocking down the last of the American Sports Team. Heavy unleashed a faint yell falling dramatically to the ground. With Yuri left out of battle, the England Team won the first stage.

"Yeah!" Yuri held up a peace sign, "No one can stop us now!"

Mai held her opened fan to hide half her complexion, "That is if we get through six other teams..."


“Man,this is bull-” Lucky Glauber was pissed stomped his foot down as did Heavy and Brian.


“Come on, let’s not get in the way.”


Just as the  sportsmen made their exit, leaving the gates the gates for good, a bright voice echoes their ears.

"Oiii...!" Yuri ran behind them along with Mai and King not too far behind.

"What do they want now?!" The arrogant basketballer got annoyed.

"I feel bad when the losers just go home packing..." King crossed her arms, "We could talk it out with a drink.”

Brian scratched his head,"Could use one before I go back to the field..."

"I know!" Mai has an idea. "We'll provide service!"

"HUH?" Everyone turned to the Shiranui ninja puzzled.

"Service? As in..."  Heavy D looked confused.

"Oh,you guys don't know?" Mai says with a sigh and huddled her team members up. "Well we..."

"Oh gotcha!" Yuri jokingly smiled.

"Sorry, not my type of thing..." King nearly declined, "But I guess we could treat them for their efforts."


The women turned and smiled before the tall athletic men. As the leader, King proposed the offer.


“Say, now that the first round belongs to us, how about an evening celebration?”


“Can’t say no to these pretty ladies.” Heavy D shrugged. “After all,they’re the winners.”


“We just happen to know the perfect spot for that, if you know your way there.” Lucky grabbed his basketball.


“Let’s not waste another minute standing in this court full of cats,bums and other people were not familiar with, LET’S GO!” Yuri declared before King put a sock to her head.


“Were not going anywhere until we find our way out here first,” King says turning to their formerly opposing team,”Lead us to our destination, gentlemen.”




Within the heart of San Francisco, the two teams gathered at a large hotel on what could be the men’s best choice ever to be celebrating with three of KOF’s finest attractions.

The beautiful Mai lets her ninja garb showing what most men desire for. Lucky for a shirtless Glauber to witness such a fine kunoichi do more than kick butt in south town. Mai dropped to her knees exploring more of the street fighter on the edge of the bed with her head between his legs.


“Damn! I'm gonna enjoy this!” Lucky boasted.


A tug from his shorts, out pops his impressive member...something that surpasses her 'fiance' Andy. She grabs such a large black tool stroking with her left/right hand licking the tip as she goes. She stops using her tongue and thinks about going for the blow.

“Goodness will it ever fit?” Followed by, “I'm a Shiranui dammit! Well here goes...!”


On the soft rugged floor sat Yuri planting her bottom against Brian's face who happens to be laying back first. The superstar grabbed a handful of her cheeks as he took his tongue to her lips trailing through her wet lips. The First Lady of Kyokugen stroked his impressive stick firmly while taking the entire thing in her mouth!


“Oh woo!” Battler gropes Yuri’s firm cheeks as she works on his semi erect member. The energetic fighter bobbed up and down sucking him up while battler used his tongue unleashing quick hits to her entrance.

“Haha! Ooh! Ahh...that feels nice…” Yuri squeals lifting her head.

On the corner end stood a chair with Heavy D sitting down engaging in a makeout session with King, dressed down in her undergarments.The former bouncer of L'Amour trails her kisses to the neck down to his upper torso grinding gently against his crotch.


“Mmm…!” the pair let out a moan.


As they battle it out with their tongues, King had an advantage and that is raising his erection from beneath his shorts. The hand that  knocked him out began to rub his bulging crotch hidden within his shorts. Those were soon pulled off and a smooth hand stroked his hard member.


Back on the edge of the bed Lucky spreaded Mais legs as he slowly took his time pushing his cock in her. The ninja let out a moan after a few thrusts while groping her own bosoms to increase her arousal. Lucky sped up the pace keeping his hands on her thick thighs in return mais tits jiggled along the rhythm.


“Man oh man you tight as heck!” He groaned in satisfaction.

Still remaining on the floor Yuri faced away from Brian by sliding from his torso to get to his thick stick. She took a deep inhale as she held his and lowered herself on top,exhaled when she got the whole thing in.


“Oh geez!” Gasped Ms. Kyokugenryu bouncing on top of him along with her booty leaving a smiling Brian to enjoy the view. She got into doing herself inside him, she developed a series of squats as if she's on a workout.

On the other side of the bed King bent over for Heavy D taking charge this time. He penetrated her deeply holding both sides of her hips. She rocked back and forth against his waist repeatedly.


Still remaining on the bed with the lustful kunoichi now taking a well handled black dick in her backside! The current street fighter was mesmerized by the woman fighters body with her cheeks bouncing and smacking against his crotch fully taking her ass leaving her to arch her back while remaining on her knees.


“Ohh yes! Keep doing that!” The ninja screamed with pure lust. “It feels so good!”


Yuri got pinned on the floor all due to Brian unleashing more fury with him taking backdoor as well. As her backside is fully penetrated,her cute moans mixed with panting filled the room when she slid a few fingers in her wet slit.


“Harder...faster…!” King continued to let Heavy D have her way with her, making her scream for more of his thickness. She bit her lip when the hunk of a man held on her leg pushing into the deepest parts of her womanly body.


“Ohh yeah oh YEAH! My Andys never done me this way!” Mai confessed pushing Lucky to go further into her ass. The player groaned holding back as much as he could since any man in his position would burst early, but the ninjas clearly impressed with his endurance that can be matched to her so called fiance.


The couple on the floors feeling the heat and sweat both engaging in their own sexual workouts. Brian took full custody on her pu again only this time letting yuri follow his series of firm thrusts.


“Mmmm fuck yeah, I can feel it coming…!”


“Then get ready!” A roar can be heard bursting her pussy on his cock.


Back on the chair King regains her role as team leader riding Heavy D’s big dick as he held her tight. The master of kicks tilted her head in ecstasy when his dark meat met up with her pussy. She couldn't hold any further and bursted on Heavy D’s cock already soaked with her slick juices.


“Oh How’d I ever doubt you Mr.D…” King says as her orgasm subsided,”You’re not so bad after all.”


“Mmm...Thanks.” Heavy D kissed around her neck.


As the guys pulled out of the gals, the women team formed back up in a single column. Mai used one of her best assets in distracting the prey to make Lucky come with flying colors...her big round breasts.


Yuri finishes her opponent tasting more of the mvp player as he thrusted forward one more time before filling her mouth with thick fluids.


“'re gonna come on my face,huh big boy?” King held her hands on her head with her mouth wide open as heavy groans stroking his co.


“Be a man and do it!” Another accusation from the woman caused the boxer to come all over her face, mouth open wide taking a few sprays in her mouth.


With the women fully satisfied with their night, they called it a day and made room for all six competitors for a long slumber on the only large bed made available to them. It didn't take long to drift off to sleep as one fighter after another were completely spent.


The next morning…the team representing America wake up after the all nighter with England Team. A note from the women sat on the bed as they advance at the finals.


Written in clear english, the paper reads:


Many thanks to our first celebratory win, but now we must go claim our titles as The King— “ the word King were crossed out and the word Queen was replaced. “Of Fighters! Sounds like a cool name for us don't you think?

Next time you'll see us we'll be swimming in big bucks and jewels!

Until next year,




A/N:So this fic is a start of my first series, EVER. Besides writing fics about wrestlers, the KOF fandom was the second thing I'd like to write about, since I'm a big SNK fan. As for future chapters, I've decided which characters would be appearing.

I chose the American Sports team against the Womens Team for  obvious reasons, they don't appear in a lot of fanworks nor in the main seires. It's about time they return in future titles!

One more thing, my writing isn't the best, so I'd welcome feedback!

Until next time...

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