Blind Love

BY : KenshiUchiha
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Disclaimer: I do not own Minecraft. All rights to go Mojang and Microsoft. This is a non-profit fan made work for entertainment purposes.

This is a set up chapter for the whole idea. The 'tale' is told from the perspective of an old miner talking to some young new adventurer. Explaining some 'backstory' to the main idea that feeds the main of the story.

If you want to skip this and move onto the first real chapter TL;DR: Enderwomen exist they are very much like sexy human women and will run away if you look at them. They are also extremely rare about 1 in every 15,000 enders.

For those of you who want to read the tale, let me know what you think as i work on chapter 1.

Blind Love. Chapter 0: the tale


Have you ever heard the tale of why we call them endermen? Ya I know some places still call them 'the farlanders' or 'the dryskins' but let's be honest here, no civilized place still calls them that. People know about 'The end' the dragon, and the place the endermen seem to come from. Ya never questioned it though did ya kid, why we call them endermen, instead of just 'the enders' or 'enderpeople' or something like that.

Now that ya are thinking it you're probably going to ask the obvious question right? 'Well then surely if we call them men there must be women right?' That's what you're thinking. That might be the case, though if ya tell anyone ya saw an enderwoman they'd laugh and call you a liar or seeing things, or worse yet, crazy. Truth is though it's not that farfetched. You'd be one in a million if you actually saw one though.

See, Where endermen get all kinds of angry when you look at them, enderwomen are shy. So if you ever look directly at one, they will run away. Of course, the odds of seeing one even with that are rare. As they aren't common. Friend of mine use to go to the end and tried to find these creatures. Course this was after the dragon was defeated. He actually said he found where the endermen take all those things they take, ya know, the dirt, grass, sand, stone, heck even the bits from the nether that people say they saw them taking. Dens!

Yup, large cave like dens. The males seem to be bringing this material to the females. He said he only found 2 of these dens and that took him months. The dens have soulsand around the outside which we now know to be how they keep the endermites out. The rest of the stuff is used as lining. The harder materials are used to protect the female while the softer materials are used as her living area so she can walk around. He said they where almost like really tall if very thin limbed and dark skinned human women.

Hm? Yeah I hear ya kid, sounds a little weird. But he drew pictures and swears by it. Most people who seem to have seen real enderwomen also claim to see something similar. Hm, why are they so rare? Funny enough my friend mentioned something he found out after watching one den for months. He said he counted over fifteen thousand endermen being birthed from the female, and only one, female from her. So ya kid, they are rare, he said the newborn female grew slower then the males and when she was 'big enough' she left, he said he saw her head in the direction of the portal out. He thinks they explore our world for a bit which explains why some are spotted, but due to their shyness they retreat making sure not to get hurt.

So yeah, that's the more or less the reason we call them endermen. I know it's a little weird kid but ya know, maybe one day someone will tame an enderwoman and prove it more concretely. I sure wonder how though, sense they don't liked to be looked at, You'd have to be blind to befriend an Ender, gender be damned.

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