I Should Be Dead

BY : Alice_Jones
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      I woke with a quick grin: today would be a good one. The part of me that never sleeps was ready with the teasing thoughts of my plans, and the payoff would be ...well it wouldn't come tonight, but there would be some pleasure. More important - all of me could merge and be quiet in anticipation. The beautiful quiet that I rarely got. The excitement of tearing a soul apart - it gave me more that did making the light leave a pair of terrified eyes, although it was at both times that all of my peices could come together. For a second - just long enough to form the thought, I wondered what Ennard might get out of tearing a human life apart, and that quickly don't think about it. Get out of bed. Yes, you have to accept the good things in life without questioning too deep, or they could lose their joy. I could have danced my way through getting ready for work; I could have danced to the car, I even played with it a little on the road, making morning commuters react in their dummied morning haziness. Hopefully they took their morning shits before they left home. Scott. My mark, my little target. Maaaan, he was gonna love tonight. Well, he wasn't, but then again, yes, he was. That little hole was going to beg for me before I was done with him. 

     As I walked into work I thought of Scott, of course, and what drew me to him; what made me choose him. Yes, he wanted me, but everyone did. I drew eyes wherever I went, and not because I'm purple. Well, yes, because I'm purple. I mean, I am purple. But also because I own being purple. I'm hot. My glowing eyes can lock a pidgeon in place until I'm done with it, and he or she can still be left quivering and dripping with spent pleasure, wondering what happened. But Scott. Scott didn't want to want me. He was repressed. Deeply. I strolled into the lunch room and he was there. 

     "Morning", he said, then averted his ernest brown eyes, and twiddled with his fingers. 

     "Morning Scott" I said with my winning smile, enjoying his grip tighten at the sound of his name in my voice. He was trying not to play with his wedding band. So cute. "How's Amy?"

     "Oh! She's fine. She was finally well enough to go back to school yesterday." 

     "That's good. Kids get everything. Especially when they start going to school, but what're you gonna do? Homeschool? I douldt Linda would go for that", with a chuckle, like I cared about his get, but I wanted him to think I did. She could be useful one day as a training tool for my Scott, but not today.

     "Yeah", he replied with a lame little laugh, and risked a furtive look up at me. I maintained the grin I had put on for him when I walked in, and left it there for him a lingering moment, then turned for my cup of tea. 

     "Better go clock in." Then I left and began my day. I was in a very good mood. I watched the brats all day, and twice saw a kid somewhere who was untended; I couldn't not watch for this. Parts of me had been programmed for just this, after all. It made Freddy and Baby itch like motherfuckers, but we were after something else today, and the drive was much less than usual. Entirely tolerable. I sighed in the relative relaxation of it, and smiled soflty. 

     A few minutes before closing, I went to the payphone in the lobby, and called the phone in the office, where Scott was. Where I had placed him today, and used "the boss's" voice to tell him to clean out the lunch room before leaving today. Everything. He wasn't happy - who would be? - but he was a good boy, and said his "yessirs", and my smile widened as I watched the last of the partygoers prepare to leave. It was a treat to come here and work - to pretend to clock in to a place I owned, and Funtime Freddy and Foxy had voice talents that I used almost daily to place my "co-workers" where I wanted them. I walked up to the customers and charmed the hell out of them, and ushered them out, then locked the doors and turned off the lights. Then I hit the kitchen for the pizza I placed in the oven twenty minutes ago. I sliced it, boxed it, and "sprinkled" it, then brought it to the lunchroom.


     "Thanks," as he backed up from the crisper he'd been wiping out, and grabbed a hot slice.

     "Trying to kiss the boss's ass again?"

     "No. He just called, like just now. Couldn't have called earlier, to ask me to clean the lunchroom."

     I didn't ask; I fucking told you. "Shitty." I didn't say anymore, just started helping by pulling the garbage bag out of the can.

     "Hey, thanks Vincent. You're a lot nicer than people say you are."

     "Well just don't tell anyone that, OK?" Fucking rube. My rube smiled a very genuine smile. Sweet. Goddam, that face was going to change in a few hours. And it had already started. He supressed a yawn while I rebagged the empty can, and yawned some more while I started washing the counter and cups in the sink. I turned to him as I rinsed the last one. He was done with the fridge's mystery containers, but just barely. "You should sit down. There's a chair right behind you." He was ready, he was on the brink - and my little rabbit totally believed me about the chair! He fell back, and hit the bare floor hard. Inwardly laughing, I went to him to "help", and he passed out. Hillarious. I had plenty of time to get him home, so I finished with the lunchroom before I pulled the car up to the back door, and stuffed him in it. I cranked the radio for the drive home - I was hoping for something uplifting - but it was shit. I knew that, I remembered. It's always shit. I pushed the tape in, and sank into some Bizet. Always appropriate. 

     I pulled into my garage, attached for obvious reasons, and dragged my prize inside. Everything was ready for it, just a little heavy lifting was all that was left before I could unwrap it. Up the stairs to my room, and onto the bed, where I had installed wrist and ankle locks on the posts. I undressed him first, then set him up. He was still out, so I went downstairs and called his wife with his voice. 

     "Honey the boss just called. I gotta work the night shift."

     "What? What's that - a 24 hour shift? That's not legal, Scott."

     "No, he said he's gonna really make it worth my while. I'm sorry, but it's good money."

     That cracked her. It cracked nearly everyone everytime. "...Yeah....well, come home as soon as you can, OK?"

     "OK. See you tomorrow. Give Amy kisses for me." I hung up and laughed some more. Telephones were just great! They allowed me to make the most of my abillities to tell people what they wanted to hear, in the voice they wanted to hear it. Then I went upstairs to check on my mark, and wait for it to wake up. 

     It was another couple hours later when he did. He groaned and turned from the light, squinting, and trying to pull his hands away from the shackles. That woke him with alarm, and he looked around wildly, until he saw me sitting against the wall. 

     "Vincent?! What is this? What's happening?!" I flashed him my smile as I went to him.

     "It's what you asked me for, Scott. It's what I did for you. Trust me, you're going to love it." He stared in dumness, working out the words singly for all I know. What was it like to be that stupid? Probably not that bad. You wouldn't know that you're stupid, for one. I stood over him now, and reached out a hand to stroke his face. I was going to be so gentle tonight. More gentle than I've ever been in my life, possibly. "Sweet repressed, innocent Scott. I'm going to make your wishes come true tonight". He continued to stare at me. Was that his way of consenting without having the shame of actually giving it? I doubted it. That was something I would see tonight, but this wasn't it. I leaned over him, and brought my lips to his, just barely touching, and he jolted. Wow. Did he just now get it? "Oh Scott. What shouldn't I do to you tonight?" 

     "This is - isn't funny Vincent. Let me out! What -what are you doing?!" I think it was then that he realized he was naked, and chained to a bed, because his voice raised in pitch, and he tried seriously to free his hands. My hand braced his face, and I kissed it allover, slow, and let him see me savour him. His cheek, his jaw, his chin, his eyes. They were beautiful eyes, deep and frought. My troubled rabbit, confused and secretly angry. 

     "Scott, I need you. You have to let me have this one night, or I swear I'll die. I'll die without you." Scott stared up at me in surprise. Good, he was listening. That was more than half the battle sometimes. "I would never do anything to hurt you. I love you." He was shocked. Shocked enough that I kissed his mouth, and he allowed some response at first, then he tried to pull away, but I held his head, and spoke against his lips, "I know you want me. I've seen you want me. Shit, I've smelled it." His eyes were as wide as they could go.

     "No! No I don't! Why - How could you even think that?" I sniggered and kissed his neck, and moved my hand from his face to his chest. I pinched his nipple as I sucked the side of his neck, and I let out a moan to encourage him. 

     "It's OK, Scott" I murmured into his neck, "I would never tell anyone about this. I would never do anything that could damage your life. I just want this one night. And I'll never tell a soul." The moron was still listening. Listening to the guy who hours ago told him there was a chair behind him! I almost cracked up again, but that wouldn't have gone over well. So I didn't. I am the soul of self control, I told my Selves. I ran my hand over his chest and down, feeling his body tense as I grabbed his dick. It was semi-hard, and I had to take this as encouragement, but I'll admit, I had hoped for a rager. He jumped as my grip became serious, with slow strokes, and I growled low at his shoulder, letting my kisses become more pressing, more urgent. "Please, Scott, let me suck your cock."

     "Oh god!" He'd never heard that request before, and his dick twitched and pulsed in answer. "No! No, we can't do this, Vincent! I'm married!" What, did he just remember that? I did laugh then, low and throaty, a sound everyone responded to. He was ready. I threw a passionate kiss on his mouth, and he half-responded, half passively submitted. I think he was overwhelmed by my show of passion. It's not something a married man sees often, and it's almost always a very hot experience. My grip changed to stroking, a tight grip on the shaft that grazed his balls, and he sighed in my mouth. 

     "Please Scott," I begged into his, although I wasn't asking. But it would help him to think so. Then I got on the bed between his chained legs, and smiled down at his hard dick. There was a little dribble leaking out the tip, and he was staring at me. He was a rabbit. And my eyes were every bit the headlights barreling down on him. I flashed him a smile for him to take any way he wanted, and lowered my face on his cock. He almost whimpered while I slobbered all over it, getting it wet and ready for my throat. I could garantee he'd never been past the cheek of any mouth, and this would crack him if anything did. It did. When I shoved my face around it he let out a yell, and when my chin pushed against his sack, his thighs gripped what parts of my body they could.

     "Oh my god," when my throat constricted around his head, and my nose was in his hair. I face fucked him for maybe a dozen strokes, then his legs shook. He gasped and exploded in my mouth, his entire body shook with it. I stayed at his groin, and swallowed, letting my throat contractions coax more cum and convulsions out of him, until he was truly done. Then he sobbed. Poor Scott. I moved on top of him, and let my face fall to his neck. I kissed him in the same places, and made soothing noises as he shook with his shame. God was that hot. People. People and their stupid shame. I rested a while there, and let him rest. He said nothing for a long time, and I allowed him that silence. I allowed him some private thoughts, whatever he would construct to make this anywhere near right in his head. People will take the path you want them to. All you have to do is make it available.

     "I knew you would taste just like that" I wispered to his shoulder, then got up from the bed.

     "Are - are you gonna let me go now?"

     "I'll be right back," I reassured him, with a stroke along his face. Then I left the room, and went downstairs. I still had some hours to add, and checks to write up for this last pay period, so I took care of that, then checked the time. Only ten. I'd let him stew long enough, so I put all the papers away carefully, don't want those found, then went back upstairs. His eyes shot open as I shut the door.

     "Vincent you have to let me go now. You got what you wanted, and my wife, o god, my wife! She's probably worried sick right now!"

     In my most soothing voice, "easy, my little rabbit-" he squawked at that, "I took care of everything."

     "You what?!"

     "I told the boss we had no one for guard duty, and you were looking for more hours. He called her. Then he called me to let me know it the place was taken care of."


     "She thinks you're at work. And you have tomorrow off." I crawled on top of him again with a smile. "I have you till six tomorrow." Was it? Was it relief I saw? Hard to tell. There was so much there in those eyes. "I'm not done with your cock yet," and I went back to kissing his neck. It was the safest place to go. I still wasn't sure if my timid little thing would try to bite me or anything. The thought promted my teeth into play, and I chewed on his ear a little, while I let out little sighs. "I can't keep my hands off you. You know how hard it's been? Ever since you started working with me, I've wanted you more than anything I've ever wanted before." He pushed his head against mine in what I was willing to take for response, so I moved my mouth closer to his, spending some time on his chin, and the corner of his mouth. He sighed against my cheek, and I kissed his mouth. His lips responded, and he closed his eyes. I bit his lower lip and started feeling his chest. "Scott - I want your cock in my mouth again. I can't stop wanting to suck on it." He moaned in answer, and I kissed him just a little more, before moving down his body, dropping little kisses on my way, finally to his very hard dick. He was ready for me this time; he knew nothing but pleasure from the last time I was here. I gave him exactly what he was expecting, and he almost moved his hips upward in answer. He stopped himself from making a full thrust though, and placed his hips back on the bed. I gave him a couple deep strokes, and chuckled around his dick, making him gasp. Stubborn stupid rabbit. A few more thrusts, then I backed my face away. That made his hips raise. He exhaled loudly through his nose, then without leaving the space between his legs, I grabbed my lube from under the bed, and covered my fingers in it. I looked at Scott but his eyes were closed. Well, it would be a surprise, then. As I stroked his ass, he jumped, and his eyes shot open.


     "I told you Scott, I would never hurt you. You believe me, right?" I put some hurt on my face for his benefit, but he still squirmed.

     "It's not that!" He was starting to panic a little, and sputtered for something to grasp onto. "I just think this is all happening a little fast!" He nodded for emphasis. "Yeah, it's too fast. I think I need a little time. That's all." I smiled. It just came so easy to my face. 

     "Scott, I'm going as slow as humanly possible. I promise you." My fingers had never stopped caressing his button, and he jumped now and then when I circled too close to the center. I lowered my face on his cock again, and continued working him. The jolts in his body continued, and gasps started to leave his quivering lips. Soon he let his head rest on the pillow, and closed his eyes. I wished he would leave them open, so I ran my teeth down his shaft and pushed my finger the tiniest amount in. His thighs pushed at me, and I looked at his face to see those wide brown eyes, alarmed and locked on me. I nodded in approval, and worked my finger around a bit, just enough to let him know I was there. Little circles, then larger ones, pushing more at his walls, and pushing in more. Then another finger, and his legs twitched. I started to fingerfuck his ass, and put a little more effort into his his dick, giving it long strokes that reached my throat. I sucked a little, letting the insides of my cheeks hug him. A little more lube, and a little more fingering, then I sat up between his legs. He was panting now, and his legs moved as though he missed my mouth. Perfect. He was wide eyed now, and his breath hitched as I stroked my own purple cock with lube, and made sure I wasn't grinning. Not now. 

     "Vincent please - please stop. I'm not ready for this!"

     "Scott" in an admonishing and shocked tone, "You just came in my mouth earlier. Does that mean nothing to you? Am I supposed to just give you everything tonight, and get nothing from you?"

     He was embarrased over his selfishness - rightly so - but definitely not convinced, either. I seized the moment, however, and lowered over him, bringing my member right to his door. He cried out and shut his eyes, a frozen rabbit waiting for the impact. I put my fingers back, and massaged him a little open. "You really should relax," I whispered in his ear. "I promise you it'll feel good if you do." He whimpered, but, like the fool he was, listened and obeyed while I tongued the flesh below his ear, and started slowly pushing my cock at his ass. Just a little bit, in tiny almost-thrusts, and he whimpered as I made an excruciatingly slow entry into his hole. "Just a little bit more" I lied, and he gave an anguished moan in response. "There it is", when I was only an inch in, and rested a bit, letting his shocked hole adjust to me. I continued to lick his face, and kiss him. I really wanted him to open his eyes, so I started fucking him, pushing in a little more with every thrust. Then I brought my hand back to his neglected dick, and jerked him a bit. The tiniest groans were escaping him, and a gripping jerk from me every now and then made his breath catch, but he kept those eyes closed. Sometimes he seemed to be saying something, just mouthing the words, and I couldn't catch it. "Scott." He hummed to me. "Scott!" He opened them, and my cock felt it. I held those eyes with my glowing ones, and finally I felt his ass meet my thrust. I couldn't stop a sigh at the satisfaction, and rewarded him with a deeper shove, and a fuller stroke of his cock. He met that too, with his hips, and his lips parted. I jumped on them with my mouth, and put my tongue inside his mouth. His tongue met mine, and he moaned around it. He was still held by my intent gaze. He spoke a word and I pulled away from his mouth. "What?"

     "Please." His voice was strained and thick with desire.

     "Please what, Scott?"

     "Please -" He must have been close. He blinked in a daze. I don't think he knew what he had meant to say. "Get off me! What the fuck is wrong with you, you purple freak! Get the fuck off me! O god!" 

     I laughed fully at him, but took my hands off his dick. No rewards for that behavior. Then I pounded his ass, pushing in till my balls slapped his cheeks. He gasped at the depth, and pulled at his restraints. I let his dick rest between our stomachs, and ground it with every thrust, and he yelled out and slammed the chains tight but soon enough he came all over himself. I fucked him until I was sure he was done cumming, then freed his wrists. He winced as he pulled his arms downward, then put his hands on me. He gripped my face with both shaking hands and stared up at me with those fraught eyes. What was it like to feel so much? What was I seeing in them? So beautiful..."What?" I demanded into the silence. Who fucking said that? Scott blinked, and our moment was gone; he tensed his ass a little, pushing me out a bit, and his hold of my face and hair retreated while I waited for some answer in my head from whatever the fuck said such a stupid thing. None of us would have. It alarmed me, but I straightened my face and pulled out of him, making him grunt, then I got up to undo his ankles, left the room and went downstairs to my piano. Somethimes I played and we could be still for moments, but now I just sat there, and let my hands lightly kiss the keys without making a sound. Who could've said that? Machines didn't find things beautiful, and those parts of me were silent in answer. 

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