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Disclaimer: Based of Blizzard's World of Warcraft. All refrences belong to Blizzard though the characters are my creation. I do not make a profit on this at all.

A female troll stood idly stirring a large pot of jungle stew.  Her long ebony braids were gathered in a tight bundle behind her turquoise shoulders.  She was completely lost in thought as she watched the two sitting on the beach some distance from her.  They looked so peaceful outlined against the setting sun.  Her long ears strained to catch their conversation, but other than a random word from him or a squeal of laughter from her, she had no idea what the two talked about.

The larger of the two, and most definitely the male, was a young troll.  His teal skin was thick like leather from living a rough life in the wilds of Stranglethorn.  His proud mohawk was such a deep red that it looked almost black in the evening's light.  A few lose braids fell over his shoulders and down his back, weaved with small bones and feathers.  Long white tusks jutted almost a foot from his lips in a sweeping circle, the gap was just big enough to accommodate a future mate, the female troll mused.

With a quick glance at the stew, she started to let her eyes wander over the smaller figure.  The young girl had almost become like a little sister to her in the short time they had known each other.  Beautiful thin ears swept back, holding her waist length emerald hair behind her.  Her skin almost glowed in the sun's evening rays.  A shade of pale purple, soft but taut over her athletic physique.  Gentle eyes glowed silver beneath her green brows.

Dumping a few more herbs and roots into the stew, the troll's attention was brought abruptly back to the two as a loud "smack" cracked the silence followed by the Night Elf running off crying.  Concerned, she turned her attention to the confused male who was heading towards her.

"Whatcha say dis time, mon?" she asked.

"I dunno, mon.  We was just talkin' 'bout how I had become a hunter, an she asked if I could teach 'er ta be one too.  I told 'er dat she no good at being sneaky and dat she did'na smell good.  Den she slapped me an took off cryin'." The troll looked completely confused and lost as to what had upset the girl.

Sighing, she lifted the spoon out of the pot and quickly thumped him on the head.  With her hands on her hips, she glared at him, "You as empty headed as dat skull 'round ya neck, mon.  Ya tell a female dat dey smell an o' course dey gonna smack ya.  She t'ought dat ya meant she smelled bad.  Now 'ere, stir dis while I go try to calm 'er down."  With that, the female troll left, hoping her idiot brother wouldn't ruin dinner.

'I can't believe he told me I stink!' the young Night Elf thought as she ran along the shoreline, tears of hurt and anger flowing down her cheeks.  Finally, she came to the small hidden cove that she had discovered just over a month ago while looking for tide crawlers for dinner.  The cove or small grotto was so well tucked away in the rocks and trees, that she never had to worry about being found.  She waded out to a large rock and curled up on it thinking.

It had been almost two months since she first met the siblings, and she remembered that first day well...


2 Months Earlier:

Startled awake by some loud yelling and the feel of large hands on her, she looked up to a see a large female troll with her arms around her body.  The yelling was coming from her, but seemed directed at someone else.

Peeking over the female's shoulder, she saw an even larger male troll in the doorway grinning.  He was incredibly tall and his blood red mohawk was beautiful.  His chest was bare save for a few tribal tattoos and a feathered skull that hung about his neck, falling dead center between his nipples.  'Wait, did I just check out his nipples,' she thought.  A bright blush formed on her cheeks as she quickly moved her eyes back up to his face.  Suddenly she realized he was staring right at her with a curious grin plastered to his face.  It was then that she looked down... She was naked.

Screaming, she yanked herself into a ball, startling the other female.  More harsh words came from the toll's lips as she yelled at the chuckling male who finally left the room.

"Calm down, mon.  I no' gonna hurt ya," she soothed at the Night Elf in broken common.  Trembling, the young girl eased open her clenched eyes to glance at the female troll.  "Yo...You know co...common?" she ground out through clenched teeth.  She was terrified.  'What the hell do they want with me?  Where the hell am I?  And why the HELL am I naked!?' she thought.

"I know sum, mon, but my brudda, he know mo'.  He teach me.  He trade at Bootah Bay.  He learn so can sell leathah dere.  He da one dat find ya on da sand.  He bring ya 'ere.  I heal ya best I can.  Ya sleep fo' tree days.  I was cleanin' ya, dat why no clothes," she gestured down at the girl.  "My brudda walk in an I yell at 'im ta leave 'n threaten ta hex 'im.  He laugh den ya wake."

Feeling a little safer, the Night Elf relaxed a little, but kept herself covered as much as possible.  Perking her ears up to listen in case the male came back, she turned to the female, "Thank you for taking care of me, but what do you want from me?  Why would trolls save a member of the Alliance?"

Looking slightly offended, the troll answered,  "Because, Horde 'o Ally, it no' right ta leave ya der."

"But aren't you just gonna kill me now?" The nervous elf asked, not really sure if she wanted to learn the answer.  Maybe they healed her so they could fatten her up to eat.  Or maybe they liked to chase their prey.  More and more horrific thoughts crossed her mind and she suddenly became very aware at just how helpless she really was sitting there naked and at their mercy.

"Why kill ya aftah we saved ya girlie?  Dat make no sense.  We help ya get bedda, den ya go home."

And with that, the female troll wrapped the shivering elf in a large, warm tiger fur, "Tink ya can walk, mon?"

Shakily, the elf got to her legs, holding on to the troll for support.  She was lead to another room where she was eased onto a bed.  "Dis be my brudda's room.  Dun worry, he be sleepin' outside by da fiya."  She quickly added at the elf's panicked look.

Nervously, the elf looked around the sparse bamboo room.  Other then the bed, there was a chest that she supposed held his clothes, and a small bedside table with a candle.  On the wall was a mirror, a few tiki masks, and a crude drawing of a raptor, as if a child had done it.

Noticing what held the elf's gaze, the troll sighed and closed her eyes.  "Dat is Kreen, mah son's raptor.  He tamed 'im when he was only ten.  He was gonna be da best huntah evah."  A small tear slid down the troll's face.

"What happened to him?" The elf asked curiously and quietly, noticing the weariness in the troll's words.

"A 'uman shot him on accident.  Dey try ta heal 'im but dey spells didna work on trolls. Da fevah took him two days latah.  He was dirteen.  I miss 'im.  It be almost two months since I lost 'im.  His fada died befo' he was born, in da war in Outlands.  My brudda helped me raise 'im.  He cared fo' both of us.  He 'till blames da 'umans, but I dun."  The troll lowered her head, absently rubbing what looked like a small tusk weaved into a braid.

"What was his name?"  She just had to know.  She wanted to say a prayer to Elune for both the young troll and his mother.

"Eran'ji.  His name be Eran'ji an mah name be Kreeva."

Lowering her head, the elf whispered a prayer for them both in her own language.  Praying that Elune would watch over the boy's spirit and to protect his mother.  She was sure Elune would care for the trolls just as much as she cared for all life on Azeroth.

The troll seemed to understand what the elf had just done, "Tank ya...  What be ya name, mon?"  She looked slightly ashamed for not asking it earlier.

"I'm," the elf hesitated, not because she didn't want to share, but because she was having a hard time remembering.  "Taylin...  Taylin Shadowsong, but that's all I can remember before waking up here..."

Slightly alarmed, Taylin tried thinking of anything and realized that besides her name she had absolutely no memories.  She looked with terrified eyes at Kreeva, "I can't remember anything!  not my family, where I'm from, my friends, nothing!"  Sobbing, Taylin buried her face against Kreeva's shoulder as the troll soothingly rubbed her back, letting the poor thing sob.

When the elf quieted down to just snuffles, Kreeva pulled away and realized that she had cried herself to sleep.  Carefully, so as not to wake her, she laid Taylin back and tucked her into the furs and blew out the candle.

Taylin woke the next day to an uncomfortable heat from being under so many furs during the sweltering heat of the Vale's midday.  The previous day's events slowly returned to her as she took in her surroundings.  A few tears leaked out of her silver eyes as she remembered that she couldn't remember her past.  Once she calmed down again she noticed her underwear, a pair of small leather pants, and a light linen shirt were folded on a small stool by the bed.  Rubbing the sleep and tears from her eyes, she stood and pulled on the clothes.  They were well made and felt brand new.  Her legs still a little wobbly, she slid her hand along the wall to brace herself as she left the room.

The room Taylin entered next was a kitchen, dining, and living room all rolled into one.  There was a small black oven in one corner that already had a small fire going with a large simmering pot bubbling away.  There was a small table with two chairs and sitting at the table was the male troll from yesterday.  Still grinning and still shirtless.

"Afta'noon, mon," he said.  Taylin blushed at having been caught staring again and weakly replied with a hello.

Noticing how wobbly and weak she still seemed to be, he got up and grabbed her arm.  Startled at his touch, she nearly fell on her rump, but two strong arms slipped around her waist and kept her from falling.

"Careful mon.  Ya still be weak," he said as he gently picked her up and sat her down in the closest chair.

Trembling, she managed out a shy thank you to the troll before pulling her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them.  The troll plopped down in the other chair, sprawling back lazily, his long legs stretched out and one arm thrown over the back.  "No problem mon," he grinned.  Relaxing back, he let his eyes close as his ears twitched, listening closely for any danger.

Taylin could tell that though he seemed relaxed he was still very aware and his muscles stayed partially tense, should he need to spring to action.

While his eyes were closed, Taylin took the time to really look him over and study his features.  His blood red mohawk was absolutely stunning.  It was so dark it seemed weaved with black.  His skin was the perfect shade of teal, rough yet pulled tight over sinewy muscle.  It was muscle that you got from long hours of hard work.  His chest was a broad and chiseled like teal marble.

'What the heck am I doing?  He's a troll!  So?  Doesn't mean I can't look.  Oh for Elune's sake!'  She continued to argue with herself internally for a few more minutes before giving up and biting her lip.  She turned back to the male.  Her eyes continued to study every crease and line on his chest.  Following the outline of one of his tattoos, her eyes traced it down his side where it disappeared beneath the waist band of his dark leather pants.  Noticing just how low slung his pants actually were around his hips, she blushed and let her eyes travel back up to his chest, following another tattoo.

When she let her eyes travel back to his face, she saw with ashamed horror that he was watching her intensely with hooded eyes.  A rose stain blossomed across her cheeks as she looked away immediately.  'Idiot!' she screamed to herself.

He continued to watch her even after she had turned away from embarrassment.  He had to admit that the way she had been studying him had him both confused and interested.  He knew that by troll standards he was incredibly good looking, as his bed was rarely empty when he wanted company.  But she was an elf, and a Night Elf at that.  They were notoriously stuck up and would never find a troll attractive.  'Would they?'  Her gaze and blush answered him.  Grinning, he figured he could try and have some fun with this little elf.

"Like what ya see leetle girlie?"

Turning an even deeper shade of crimson, she tried to stutter a response, thankfully Kreeva chose that moment to enter the hut.

Kreeva took one look at her grinning brother and the blushing girl before smacking her brother's forehead with the back of her knuckles.  "Quit teasin' da poor girlie an make yaself useful.  Go get some fresh watah fo' lunch." Kreeva scolded her brother in trollish before switching to common for the elf's sake, "How ya feelin' mon?"

Glancing from Kreeva to the retreating male who's shoulders were shaking with laughter, she replied, "Still weak but feeling better."  Again she glanced nervously at the doorway.

"Dun worry nun 'bout 'im.  Been a while since he's had sumtin prettiah den me ta look at," she winked at Taylin.

Blushing a little again, she asked, "What's his name anyways?"

"It be Sen'krii.  I jus' call 'im Sen do'."

"Sen'krii..."  Taylin rolled the name around on her tongue.  She muttered it one last time under her breath before she heard him behind her.

"Whatcha mutterin' mah name fo' girlie?"  He was grinning at her while leaning back against the doorframe, his arms crossed over his chest.

'Damn he looks good like that.  Wait!  I did not just think that.  Come on Tay, pull yourself together.  He's a damn troll.  You need to remember who you are and where your family is so you can get home.'

So lost in her own thoughts she didn't even notice him pull the other chair closer to her before lounging in it, a curious look in his eyes as he watched her.

"Ya get da watah Sen?"  Kreeva asked.

"It out on da fire Kree."

"Go bring in da meat den.  Da roots should be soft 'nuff now," Kreeva ordered, turning to the pot bubbling on the stove.

Taylin watched as Kreeva carefully pulled the pot from the fiery oven and set it on some old folded cloths on the table.  She then went to one of the cupboards and pulled down three handcrafted bowls, setting them on the table.  As Kreeva took a seat, Sen'krii came in holding a large skewer of dripping meat.  Taylin's stomach growled at the sight.  The two trolls just laughed as Sen pulled a hidden dagger seemingly from nowhere and proceeded to cut two huge slabs of meat off the roast, letting them fall into the girls' bowls.  Sen however just took the skewer with the remaining meat and settled himself on the floor against the wall.

While they ate, Taylin learned as much as she could.  Sen had found her passed out on the west coast of Stranglethorn while he had been out hunting.  Knowing she was alive, but unable to wake her, he raced her home to Kreeva.  Kreeva was a fairly powerful elemental shaman and used her small knowledge of healing.  Thankfully it had been enough for some color had returned to the pallid skinned elf.  Taylin learned that at that point, Sen had wanted to return her to the shore, but Kreeva wouldn't allow it.

At hearing that, Taylin had turned shocked but sad eyes to Sen who just shrugged and looked away.  'Maybe he's not as good as I thought.  Of course not, he's a troll,' had fleeted across her mind.

Taylin also learned that Sen was a very accomplished and well known hunter, though he wouldn't reveal any details about the missions that made him particularly well known.  Whether this was because he didn't want to share secrets about the inner workings of the Horde with a member of the Alliance, or because those missions had involved him killing her kin, she didn't know and she didn't think she wanted to find out.

When he spoke of being a hunter, his voice still sounded warm and inviting, but his ruby eyes turned cold and distant.  It scared her seeing how devoid of emotion he could suddenly be.

She also learned that Sen had been the one to make her leather pants and that Kreeva had made her shirt.  She had thanked them both continuously.  She knew leather clothes, especially this well made, were not cheap.  Not to mention how scarce linen and silk were out here.  Both trolls had told her it was nothing and that in a day or two they would have some more garments for her.  Apparently her original cloths had been so ripped and tattered there was no way to repair them.  Although she did find out that they had been leather which gave her a small clue of her past.

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