Gotta Break 'Em All

BY : Aguraseiro
Category: +M through R > Pokemon
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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Team Rocket grunts were causing quite the chaos in Azalea Town, as they tried to steal Pokémon and valuables from inhabitants in a rather bold operation. As the attack happened in the morning, the townspeople were caught by surprise. Amongst them was a young man of a relatively fragile appearance named Stephen. His face trembled in fear, not just from the severity of the situation, but also from the thought of what might happen if he released the occupant of the only Poké Ball he had on him.

A Machop that took fighting too seriously. He used to be under the guidance of a strong martial arts master. However, a local mobster had attacked the old man at his home. Stephen was caught in the crossfire, but his appearance, as if fated, distracted the attackers, who had already killed the Machop's owner, sufficiently to allow the Machop to unleash his fury. By the end of his horrific revenge, the men would have drastically altered anatomies, and Stephen had a strange protector- the Machop may have felt that the boy was too weak to survive on his own, and, still under some influence of his departed master's noble teachings, wished to go with the boy.

The creature, although at peak physical condition even for a Machop, and being taller than an average specimen, had suffered severe mental stress, which would shape his view on the world and himself, almost from the moment of his master's death. As he gradually entered puberty, the Machop began experiencing sexuality. A sign of evolution becoming closer and closer, he would find arousal in something that was dangerous: combat, injury and destruction. Stephen wished to help the Pokémon that had protected him by providing conditions for the Pokémon to train himself- ranging from sandbags, dummies and instructional video tapes. However, during these training sessions, the Machop would get an erection.  Stephen had seen this, and thought of this as weird, but would not say anything. He was 13, and had no clear idea of what was normal for a human when it came to sexual matters, let alone a Pokémon.

What was happening, in fact, was that the unbridled violence Machop had resorted to on that fateful day, became the focal point of his sexuality. Stephen remembered the first time the Machop had truly shocked him out of his wits, before he gripped that Poké Ball, having no other choice, as a few thugs advanced at him and a group of other people:

The young man, not really cut out for a true Pokémon Trainer journey due to health reasons, had attempted to reach a Pokémon researcher that had at that point, been studying the health of wild Pokémon on routes close to Goldenrod. He hoped to find a job as one of his assistants, since he had picked up a lot of general medical knowledge from his stays at hospitals.

At one point, he heard a loud voice calling him out: ˝Hey, you there! Let’s fight! ˝ Turning his head to face the source of the voice, the brown-haired male noticed a trainer with a very excited, and confident look on his face. He wore a cap turned backwards. Stephen was no trainer, and despite having that one Poké Ball, his response was predictable: ˝I do not fight…this Pokémon had lots his master…I was accidentally there…now it’s with me.˝

˝Wimp! You’re scared of losing, huh? Call the Pokémon out, or I will make you!˝, the trainer was very aggressive. Stephen tried to stay calm and responded persistently: ˝I’m no Trainer, again. I have no Pokédex, or a Trainer’s license.˝

˝Bullshit!˝, the other one shouts, and comes right at Stephen, punching him in the nose, as he also tried to take the Poké Ball away from him. ˝If you won’t fight, I’ll take the Pokémon! You don’t deserve it! ˝, the impulsive bully shrieked, as he tried to grip the spherical object. Stephen winced, as the punch connected with his mouth, but the resistance he gave to the attempt of the cap-wearer to take the Poké Ball, would be crucial. In the tug-of-war, the button that releases the Pokémon was pressed by accident, while the item itself ultimately rolled out onto the ground.

Both Stephen and the violent trainer looked at the flash of light that soon took the shape of a Machop. ˝Wow, a Machop! I’ll add you on my team- you are wasted on this loser! ˝, the trainer said, as he was positively surprised and stoked by the thought of having a potential powerhouse on his team. However, the Superpower Pokémon certainly did not reciprocate the feeling. Seeing his protégé of sorts on the ground, dazed and holding his mouth, with the boy standing over him, told the Machop that this person had attacked Stephen. The Machop grit his teeth, killing the boy with his look, first. The boy reached for a Poké Ball of his own, but it was too late.

Leaping with speed, the Machop kneed the vicious Trainer in the head, almost knocking him out right then and there. Stephen was stressed, but this was okay. The Machop protected him, and taught the Trainer a lesson. When the Machop clenched his fists and went closer to the downed male, Stephen realized something was dangerously wrong.

˝Don’t! He’s out! We can leave, Machop- he’ll be regretting this enough.˝, the frail teenager tried to talk the Fighting type out of further violence. A sharp ˝Ma-chop! ˝ told him the creature disagreed with him on the amount of punishment the attacker deserved. Stephen had no chance to stop him. He could only watch.

As the attacker’s head rose slightly, a sign that he was regaining his senses a bit, the Machop gripped his left ankle in his right hand while falling down to the ground as his feet locked around the leg. Stephen knew immediately what the move was. With unwavering control and skill, the Pokémon fixated his legs on the targeted limb, having previously tucked the ankle and foot under his right armpit, and then pulled back, while also twisting sideways the lower leg of the Trainer in a perfect heel hold.

A wet CRRKK was mixed with the instantaneous scream of the boy, as his whole body flailed from the overload of pain caused by the ripping of tendons and bone in the attacked leg. The Machop groaned…it was an indicator of pleasure. Quickly, his penis began to stir. He wanted more. Stephen had gotten up in the meantime, and could see the hard-on forming in the Machop. His eyes inflated, and the lower jaw dropped in complete shock.

The injured Trainer tried to grab one of the Poké Balls that were attached to his belt, but the Machop wouldn’t have any of that. Grabbing the right hand of the boy with his left, the Machop slid his right hand underneath the targeted limb, and then gripped his own left hand, before sharply torqueing the trapped arm away from the boy’s body. The boy immediately began to cry, and when the arm snapped grotesquely, he began convulsing hard, as he could barely speak ˝Please…call him away…please…! ˝ The pain had paralyzed his vocal chords after the first few sharp cries.

Stephen nodded, and as he came out of his dazed state, he looked for the Poké Ball. However, he wouldn’t get to recall the Machop in time. The creature’s boner had grown immensely from that arm lock, and, as he sought ejaculation, he saw Stephen looking for the Poké Ball. Not wanting to be denied his pleasure, he went for the kill swiftly. Reaching forward and around the head of the crying Trainer, the Machop put him into a neck lock. At first just squeezing and pulling back slowly, choking the boy out, the muscular Pokémon must’ve seen his fellow traveller grab the red-white sphere, or heard him. Whatever had happened, the outcome was not in doubt.

CRAACKRCK!  The Machop had pulled back on the cap-wearing Trainer with mighty force while keeping the head trapped in his bulging arm, finishing him off by snapping the neck in one go. Stephen could only see the trainer spasm briefly, before his body fell limp. He was about to save his attacker by activating the Poké Ball, but, it wasn’t meant to be. He could only think about what would happen to him if the police caught him.

As Stephen thought of what to do, the Machop fucked the dead boy’s mouth, thrusting violently as he enjoyed his deadly superiority over a human.  Soon, he cried out in sheer pleasure, and to the consternation of Stephen. He not only ejaculated into the corpse, but also used his legs this time to break more vertebrae in that neck, in what looked like head scissors. Stephen could now understand it fully- the Machop enjoyed killing with his body. The look on his face, a mix of focus similar to the one when he was training himself and sexual lust gave the impression that the creature used his victim as a live practice for some of the techniques he had learned.

˝How will I avoid jail now…you are with me, and have just killed a human.˝, Stephen asked, in a rather resigned tone, full of worry, and discontent. As he turned around to squarely face the Machop, he was carrying the corpse at great speed. ˝W-what…? ˝, the boy was at a loss for words. The tireless muscles allowed the Stage 1 Pokémon to reach a nearby hill soon. Out of Stephen’s sight, he crushed the three Poké Balls of the dead Trainer, before launching his body into the hill.

Stephen had contemplated running away, as it would take a few minutes for Machop to come back. Maybe calling the police. He was afraid they would still charge him, though. In his indecisiveness, he wasted time. Machop came back, seeming friendly and even looking at his mouth and nose. Stephen felt unnerved by this. Was Machop just extremely protective? Either way, this event forever changed Stephen…

Stephen said nothing, hoping that, in the chaos, he would not be identified as the one having released this deadly Machop. The Fighting type came out, and quickly saw Team Rocket grunts attacking everyone in sight. Gritting his teeth, he leapt towards a Rattata, connecting with a flying knee to send this common Pokémon into a large, sturdy house. An Ekans is caught as it attempts to wrap itself around the Machop, and hurled by the spinning fighter, as if he were competing in Olympic hammer throw. High and far the serpent goes, away from the area.

Stephen is nervous, but so far, the Machop had attacked Pokémon only, and not with excessive brutality. An angry Rocket grunt makes a mistake that would change this. He throws a binding device at the Machop, thinking the light-based restraints would take care of this insolent creature. The Machop sneers, even as the restraint squeezes his torso and arms. However, within seconds, with a sharp cry, the Pokémon engorges his muscles, which exert tremendous force on the device, causing it to break immediately.

Shocked to the point of figurative petrification, the grunt does not retreat in time, and is met with an angry face, before being tackled to the ground. Trying to push off the Machop is futile, and the left arm that he used to attempt this, pays the price first. With great speed, the Machop fixates it with his legs, as he moves to the side of his target. He pulls back with fury, completing the cross arm bar. The scream of the grunt was enough to grab the attention of civilians and other grunts, as it perfectly conveyed the pain he was experiencing from his crippled limb.

While Stephen couldn’t watch the scene after that arm bar, the Machop had to act quickly. A Drowzee had showed up. Closing his eyes to deny it eye contact, the Machop moved to the head of the grunt, and as he thrashed from the pain, the Pokémon wrapped his right arm around the neck of the grunt so that his face was close to Machop’s right armpit. A dragon sleeper. The grunt resisted verbally, but Machop just jerked his bicep upwards. The loud, sick crack stunned even the Drowzee, let alone the townspeople, some of which had begun to cheer on the small, but mighty Pokémon.

Turned on by that nice, fast-paced submission hold combo, Machop had a boner, and wanted more. The dangerous Drowzee had already attempted a Confusion attack. Feeling the pain and disorientation already, the Machop looks around for solutions. Here, Stephen empathizes with the Pokémon, and instead of doing nothing, he tosses a wood splinter at the Drowzee, buying Machop critical seconds of time. The Machop looks at Stephen, and smiles slightly. Using the time, he manages to grab a Koffing that had floated to assist the Drowzee. The floating spheroid being is full of gases, and is prone to exploding. Machop knows this, and his left arm starts glowing, before sparkling commences. Stephen gasps. ˝Thunder punch.˝, he realizes. It happens, as Machop launches the Koffing at the Drowzee with an electrified fist, even amidst newly growing pain in his head. He wills himself to jump away, and as the electrical charge starts a catastrophic chemical reaction with the gases constantly coming out of the levitating Poison type, the Machop tries to roll away, as his late master had taught him in a judo falling exercise.

The desired explosion happens, and the fireball consumes the Drowzee, two grunts, and even a few of the people that were under attack by the thugs. Shrapnel and bone fragments cause more damage. Stephen is fortunately, only lacerated.
Getting up after he managed to hide behind a small shed to avoid the full force of the blast, Stephen surveyed the area where the Machop would have been, even though his ears were ringing, and smoke obscured his vision. There was fire generating more smoke, and the boy thought that, as nothing indicated Machop was alive, this situation would be over. Apart from any surviving grunts, that is.

Suddenly, he saw a faint light in the smoke. A strange, whitish light. The sound accompanying it was specific, though. He’d seen it before. Some Pokémon was likely evolving. Now, the frail boy was shocked. Could it be that Machop was going to become a Machoke? It could be a Pokémon belonging to the Grunts, which would be a considerable issue. Stephen just stood there, as the light grew brighter. Other survivors look at this, as they recover from the blast. Soon, the light glows no more, the sound of cells multiplying and tissues reshaping stops, and a thud lightly shakes the ground. A bluish, thick leg steps out of the smoke, before the body of the incredibly muscular Pokémon is visible in all of its glory. He has scars, but the Machoke looks strong, and victorious.

One of the people that had cheered the Fighting type on during the battle is ecstatic to see him alive and stronger than ever before. The Machoke senses this. His briefs tent, as he beckons the fan to come to him, while cracking his knuckles. The male comes closer, having no idea what would happen to him. Machop had not only evolved physically, but his personality also changed. Self-adoration, the need to make others worship him, and deadly domination became the only important things to this creature. With a body like his, these goals would be quickly achievable. Very quickly.

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