Elizabeth on Monarch

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Elizabeth on Monarch

“How much for some food?!” Elizabeth exclaimed incredulously as she stared at the credit prices on the vending machine, even a simple can of meat being well over 100 credits whilst she held a paltry...none “I’m kinda broke, is there any way I can trade something for this? I’m starving”

“No hand outs!” the Trader barked in response “do I look like a Philosophist? If you can’t pay then do some damn work!”

Scowling at the Trader’s rough tone Elizabeth turned to storm out only to stop as a smirk graced her lips “so you want me to work for my food?” she breathed as her hands went to her mini skirt, slowly lifting it to show that she was going commando “then why don’t you put me to work?”

Staring wide eyed at a moment as Elizabeth showed off her tight pristinely shaven cunt the Trader then smirked before pressing a button under the counter to close and lock the stores door “take off the rest and I’ll see if I have some jobs for you to do” he smirked as he stepped out from behind the counter whilst Elizabeth eagerly stripped naked for him “get on your knees”

“So strict, do you speak to your employees like that?” the slut giggled as she obeyed, kneeling with her legs spread as wide as possible to keep her pussy visible for him as he stood in front of her, biting her lip as she eagerly stared at the bulge in his pants whilst he undid them

“Only ones who try to get away with shit” the Trader sneered as Elizabeth nuzzled her face against his cock “now get to work you fucking freeloader”

Both annoyed and turned on by his tone Elizabeth nevertheless obeyed, wrapping her soft lips around his cock head before slowly swallowing his shaft down to the base with utter ease, humming and moaning from the thick musky flavour of his cock as the head of it massaged the inside of her throat

“Damn that’s a good bitch, earn your fucking food” the Trader groaned as Elizabeth bobbed her head along his cock like a pro, her lips creating a tight seal around his shaft making sure that every inch of him was equally worshipped as she fully got into the act, her tits bouncing as she bobbed her entire upper body back and forth to put more force into the blowjob “fucking dirty bitch, suck harder!”

Humming louder to further stimulate his cock Elizabeth then gasped as he grabbed her hair and pulled her off of him “get on the counter whore” he then growled using her hair to drag Elizabeth towards it, using it to pull her onto the counter making her lie down on her back with her head hanging over the edge of it allowing him to reclaim her mouth for an upside down face fuck, his hands moving from her hair to her tits groping them roughly as he started to rail her throat

As the Trader started to borderline rape her face Elizabeth just clung to the sides of the counter for dear life, her cunt burning with arousal as the uncaring borderline degrading way he was using her was turning her on like crazy, her hands inching to her dripping pussy only for the Trader to grab her wrists and pin them down at her sides preventing her from pleasuring herself whilst he abused her throat

“Just focus on sucking my dick bitch!” he grunted as precum started to pour down her throat, his denial of her pleasure and the rough tone of his voice making her cunt ache and throb as precum poured down her gullet, the taste of it making her mind swim “fuck I needed this, haven’t bust a nut in a week”

The thought of how much cum he was going to feed her made Elizabeth’s heart skip a beat as she put her tongue to work, working his cock seemingly desperate for his cum as she began to kick and writhe her legs, wriggling her body to make her tits bounce for his enjoyment making him shudder and groan as he finally came

Elizabeth’s eyes went wide as she felt his cock explode in her mouth, flooding it with the rich thick salty cum she had been craving, the slut swallowing as fast as she could before her mouth started to overflow causing his cum to pour down her face and into her hair as the Trader empty his load completely, pulling out at the last few seconds to finish on her tits

Gulping down the cum loudly Elizabeth then gasped and panted for breath “fuck! How...backed up where you?!” she exclaimed before yelping as he took hold of her again, the Trader spinning her around so that she was lying on the counter propped up on her elbows as he forced her legs open “you still got more?! Ok you pervert, fucking use me!” she then moaned noticing that his cock was still rock hard

“I’m giving the orders here slut!” the Trader then grunted, grabbing Elizabeth by the throat and choking her just right as he then drove his cock balls deep into her dripping cunt, his cock head threatening to break through her cervix making her eyes cross

“Fuck! Yes sir!” the slut moaned as he started thrusting hard and deep making her body buck and jerk in his grasp, her cum coated tits bouncing with every thrust as her body started to thrum with pleasure, the rough degrading treatment having her suffer a mini orgasm every time he slammed into her loving how he was using her as a mere fuck doll for his pleasure “god I’m cumming!”

Grunting as her pussy started to spasm and clench around him as Elizabeth came hard on his dick, becoming impossibly tight around his shaft prompting him to suddenly pull out as he started to cum again, making her gasp and moan as his hot seed coated her face, tits and abdomen

“Oh fuck...so much cum…” she panted scooping up some of it from her tits before licking her fingers clean of it “so...was that work sufficient?” she then asked looking up at the Trader hopefully

A few minutes later the slut was being bundled out of the store barely dressed with a single can of boarstwurst in her hands “only one?! Come on I made you cum twice! That’s worth at least two!” Elizabeth protested only for the door to be slammed in her face making her scowl and huff “fuck this place, full of assholes” she seethed opening a Tear the moment no one was looking before jumping through leaving the work obsessed planet as a bad memory

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