Some Horny Boys

BY : Latias425
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Ivan wasn't certain what exactly led to this, but he recalled Isaac and Garet saying they wanted to try something out with him, which involved something he never thought he would do with them. It took some convincing, but eventually he was willing to try.

So here he was on Garet's lap with the redhead lowering his pants, the young blonde both a little excited and nervous. "C-Can you guys please be gentle? I-I've never done this before."

"Don't worry, Ivan. We'll be gentle." Isaac assured as Garet grabbed Ivan's legs and spread them, revealing that cute little boypussy. It was perfectly pink and already looking pretty puffy with arousal, and Isaac got down on his knees in front of Ivan and leaned his head between his legs, giving those folds a little lick.

Ivan gasped and jerked a bit in Garet's hold as Isaac began pleasuring his snatch, feeling a strange sensation like never before. It was so weird yet also kind of good, and Ivan started to let out shaky yet adorable moans that were like music to the older Adepts' ears, and soon Isaac moved up to that little nub and flicked his tongue at it, making the younger blonde moan and squirm some more, and Garet had to hold him still while Isaac kept his legs spread and continued to tease that sensitive little clitty.

This much stimulation was getting a bit too intense for Ivan and it wasn't long before his first climax was getting close. "Ahh...g-guys, I'm...AAH!" he cried out as that orgasm hit, his pussy quivering as he gushed all over Isaac's face, but the older blonde didn't seem to mind it.

Once he came down, Ivan panted as he went limp in Garet's arms, that orgasm taking a lot out of him, and before he knew it, he was lifted up and placed on his hands and knees. It didn't take him long to figure out what was about to happen next as Garet knelt down in front of him, the young blonde noticing a bulge in those pants as the front was lowered, and his eyes widened as a rather large cock was now just a couple inches from his face.

"Open wide, Ivan." Garet told him, and Ivan had no choice but to do so as that fat cock was shoved into his mouth, nearly reaching his throat which made him gag a bit. "Yeah, that's it, Ivan..." Garet sighed, putting a hand behind Ivan's head and gripping his hair as he started to steadily fuck his mouth, leaning his head back a bit and moaning.

While that was going on, Isaac knelt behind Ivan and traced a finger over his dripping slit. "Oh yeah, you're pretty wet, Ivan." he commented before taking his own cock out and positioning it with those swollen lower lips, and it managed to slip in with ease.

Ivan emitted a muffled cry as his virgin pussy was penetrated, feeling a slight discomfort as Isaac started pushing in and out of his cunt, every thrust forcing the younger blonde's body forward and taking Garet's cock even further into his mouth, even reaching his throat a few times. Ivan started to emit low moans as he was getting railed from both ends, both of his penetrators being rather rough with their thrusting, but despite this, he found himself starting to enjoy it.

The other two guys were absolutely loving the feeling of those tight orifices, and soon Garet pulled his cock out of Ivan's mouth, giving the young blonde a chance to catch his breath.

"Hey Isaac, you wanna switch?" he then asked, and Ivan knew what the answer was as he felt Isaac pull out of his pussy, letting out a faint whine at the feeling of emptiness. The two older Adepts then switched positions, Garet now behind Ivan and getting ready to fuck his cunt while Isaac knelt in front of him and presented his cock to the younger blonde.

Just like before, Isaac ordered Ivan to open up, and this time he was more than eager to do so as he took in the cock that was just in his pussy, moaning lowly as he tasted his own juices.

While that was happening, Garet positioned his dick with Ivan's quivering cunt and quickly thrusted inside, making him cry out again as he was stretched even wider. Garet's cock was so much bigger than Isaac's, and Ivan didn't have a moment to adjust as the redhead immediately started moving his hips, gripping the young blonde's waist firmly as he pounded that pussy rather roughly. "Aah...Damn, Ivan, your pussy's pretty tight." Ivan could only respond with more muffled moans as he was railed even harder, but he somehow found it even more pleasurable.

Moments later, Ivan felt both cocks start to twitch inside him, and that's when he knew that the two were getting ready to cum, and he felt himself reaching another orgasm.

" it comes, Ivan." Isaac warned, giving one final thrust and groaning as he began to shoot his seed down Ivan's throat. The younger blonde moaned as he swallowed the salty-sweet stuff, and then he felt the other dick inside him throb as the same sticky warmth filled his cunt, and that was enough to send him over the edge as the second orgasm shook his whole body.

Once the three came down, Isaac removed his cock from Ivan's mouth, the younger blonde drooling a mixture of cum and saliva as he panted. At the same time, Garet pulled out of Ivan's pussy, holding his softening cock as he watched his cum slowly leak out.

"Oh man, that was amazing." Isaac said.

"Did you like it, Ivan?" Garet asked.

"Ahh...yes." Ivan answered, still recovering from his climax. Maybe this was something the three of them could do more often.

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