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"Attention! General on de-"


"I want to know what in the hell is going on, and I want it know it right now!" Screamed a middle aged blonde woman as she stormed into the command center of the Special Forces bunker. Flashing red lights were blaring from consoles while communications operators were calling repeatedly into microphones without receiving any response from the other end. 


"General, here's the sitrep." A younger African American girl in uniform answered to her. "Roughly two hours ago it was reported that one of our weapons depots initiated an emergency distress broadcast. The details were brief but communications indicated they were under attack by an unknown force and were sustaining heavy casualties."


Stepping over to where a holographic display was illuminating the map of a region, the General looked it over and then scowled as she clenched her first. "Dammit! That was one of our supply cashes we were holding onto in case Outworld ever decided to invade us again. We had some of our best tech in there! I thought that facility was supposed to be top secret!" 


"It was, ma'am." The female soldier replied to her. 


Being less than amused with Jacqui's response, Sonya straightened herself up and got back to business. "So what are we looking at here? A security leak to foreign nations? Or is this something Outworld we're dealing with?" 


Stepping into the room a younger blonde woman announced, "It's definitely Outworld related ma'am." With a salute she acknowledged the General and then continued her report. "Commander Blade, reporting. I've just come from sat-coms and they confirm a portal being opened just within the outer rim of the facility. There was a large invasion force that stormed through, with multiple special combatants confirmed." "


Kano..." Sonya growled bitterly. 


"Ma'am?" Jacqui queried to the General curiously. 


"Nothing. This just has the Black Dragon written all over it. Our top priority now is reinforcing what's left of the defense protecting those supplies! How long since the last communication from the depot came through?" 


However, that was when Briggs looked uncomfortable before replying, "Eight minutes after the Emergency Distress Signal was first sent out, ma'am." 


"Eight fucking minutes..." A man's voice finally called out from where an individual stood in the corner looking over a monitor. After turning back to the group he said, "Can you believe it? Even in Cage Undercover III, where I took out an entire missile silo worth of armed terrorists, it clocked my fastest record ever as nine minutes and fifty-seven seconds! And this is ME we're talking about! I'd sure love to know who thinks they can just teleport in here and beat my record by a whole two minutes." Johnny complained as General Sonya scoffed and the other two girls just rolled their eyes. 


"Alright!" Sonya shouted, calling everyone back to attention. "So you're telling me that we've had one of our most advanced weapons supply cashes assaulted, and we've had absolutely no contact with the situation for nearly two hours now?!" 


But it didn't improve the General's mood when Jacqui just looked from Cassie, then back to Sonya, before raising up her hand and shaking her head as if to imply, 'What else do you want me to say?'


Just then one of the communications officers shouted out from his station. "General! We have contact!" Immediately Sonya, Johnny, Cassie, and Jacqui all rushed over as a video display began to be broadcast upon the screen. 

The audio crackled before a voice came through along with the video of the outer facility doors. "Advanced Recon Support teams two and three, moving in! Teams one and six infiltrating from around back. Teams four and five standing by!" 


There was a loud bang as a boot kicked open one of the dual gateways large enough for a truck to pass through. Immediately the sounds of stomping boots could be heard as the jostled camera upon the soldier's helmet revealed the center of the compound


"GOT-DAMMIT!!!" Sonya cried out as she turned away from the screen in anger. There on the monitor displayed opened canisters, warehouse doors torn off it's hinges, and completely empty storehouses there within. And worse yet, there was not a single enemy combatant left in sight. "They got us for everything! SON-OF-A-BITCH!" The General cried before kicking a chair and sending it skyrocketing into the adjacent metal wall


After a few moments of searching, the recon team confirmed there were no hostiles present and roughly 90% of the supplies appeared to be unaccounted for. However that was when Johnny spoke up and yelled, "Hey, Sonya come here and take a look at this.


Turning back to the group, the General stepped over and looked down at the screen where she saw several disturbances torn through the ground. The dirt floor of the compound had lines broken through the soil leading to where military vehicles were upturned or where large numbers of bodies lay dead upon the floor


"Tremor..." Sonya surmised, sucking air through in-between her teeth. "Kano's very own super powered henchman. That confirms it. Somehow information for the facility got leaked to the Black Dragon." However before she could turn away from the screen again, Johnny reached out and grabbed her arm


"No, not that. Look there-" He began to say, just as the camera feed moved when the recon soldier moved o

n.. . " . .  moved on.

"Recon soldier, return to previous position. I repeat, return to-" The communications officer began, before he looked up in surprise when Johnny reached out and ripped the headset off of his head. 


"This is Johnny Cage, now whatever bozo is walking around down there with camera number.... two, on their head, I am giving you a direct order. Look at the dead, do you understand? Show us on the video here the state of the injured and the deceased in the compound!" 


A moment later, those in the command center were greeted by a depiction of gore. Soldiers all over the compound were torn limb from limb. Many of them seemed to be dissected in half, while several others were decapitated. But as the screen panned, Johnny pointed out to the others how there were several darkened areas as if from scorch marks. But the bodies of the fallen soldiers in the vicinity seemed to be melted rather than actually burned. 


"No way our old pal Tremor is responsible for doing that to our soldiers." Johnny said, more for the benefit of the younger group. "Even Kano's eye laser doesn't do something like that to a body. It seems that the Black Dragon might have a new player in town." 


"Either that, or they've just gotten their hands upon a fancy to weapon that made them ballsy enough to attack the Special Forces." Sonya argued, standing up now and deciding that she had seen enough. 


Cassie reached out and returned the headset to the communication's officer from her father before ordering, "Send out a silent alert to all other remaining Special Forces bases. Tell them to be on alert for a surprise Outworld Attack, with focus on raised sentry's to defend against Tremor, as well as to be on the look out for a new Special Combatant or a secret weapon with a... melting ray technology." 


"Yes, Commander." The officer replied immediately. 

"Real life just keeps getting more and more like Saturday morning cartoons, don't it? With melting death rays and all that?" Jacqui laughed to Cassie nervously as they both nodded before rejoining where the others were gathering around the conference table. 


-Meanwhile, Elsewhere in Earthrealm and miles away- 


"YYYEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!" A large man screamed from atop a balcony. Down below him a force of nearly two hundred troops all shouted together in victory. They aimed their semi automatic and full automatic guns into the air, firing wildly, as they all cheered together. "This is going to be a proud day in the history of the Black Dragon for all you ladies, heh, heh." He called down to his troops. "All we need do now is wait for the word and-" 


Just then a much smaller man came rushing out of a cabin behind. Kano turned to face him as the man looked up and said, "We've just gotten confirmation from the buyer. They are sending transport for the goods and I've verified that the funds have already been fully transferred and received." 


With a large gruff smile, Kano turned back to the members of the Black Dragon organization and called out, "Drinks are on General Sonya Blade tonight! Let's hear it for the Special Forces for making us all rich! Eh?!" He laughed as the troops below cheered again and started erupting in wild celebration for the financial bonus soon to be headed all of their way. 


Back up top of the upper platform, Kano followed his assistant back inside took at look at the computer screen. "Well would you look 'e there. That sure is a whooping load of zero's, heh heh. Get started on breaking that up amongst all of our internal accounts. I want that money off of that ghost account as soon as possible, you hear me?" 


Without even waiting for a response, Kano turned his back and was pleased to hear the keyboard clicking away behind him. 

After proceeding downstairs through the center of their compound he looked over his faction's endeavors. Many of the light weight mobile armaments were already being replicated for his soldier's use, while others were being studied to be fit into a series of cyber biotics. Elsewhere, rations and provisions were being divided up between storehouses and what was left out, as it would be a hell of a party for the faction tonight once last week's stolen imported wine bottles were opened. Lastly though, all the background noise and gunfire fell quiet when Kano had reached the base of their facility. 


Beyond the prison trench and torture holdings, there was a large stone wall that seemed otherwise nondescript from the rest of the underground structure. Pounding hard upon the surface twice, the hardened soil split away to reveal Tremor's face staring back through the opening. Upon seeing Kano, the earth wall opened into a doorway and the henchmen stepped back to allow his boss to enter. 


"Well what the fuck is this?" The cyber-eyed ringleader called out in irritation. Kneeling before him were ten women, all in U.S. Military or Earthrealm Special Forces uniform gear.  


"Uh, these are the prisoners from the weapons depot that we captured." A nameless grunt of the faction responded in confusion. "You ordered us to take no more than a dozen females from the compound alive for-" However he was slapped sharply across the head by Kano who yelled out angrily.


"I know exactly what I gave you orders for. What I'm trying to wrap my brain around is why I have to waste my precious breath inquiring to you as to why none of these supple young ladies are naked?" He asked with sarcasm nearly foaming from his mouth. Then clapping his hands impatiently he called out, "Come on! Come, on! You know what we brought them down here for. On your feet girls, and clothes off, all of you, now!" 

The looks on the women's faces were grave, and yet not entirely surprised. Before any of the others could move, a rather attractive but bulky woman shot right to her feet. She seemed caucasian in race but sported a very deep tan, and her tall figure with broad shoulders and shapely assets made her look almost like an Amazon but in a modern day soldier's uniform. "So you're the big bad Kano, huh? Sure, you've got a lot of soldiers and rock-head over there is pretty intimidating, But you sure don't look so tough. We're Special Forces elite and if you think we're gonna let a pervert like you defile us then-" 


However, Kano seemed to ignore her threats while looking over her broad and muscular physique. After deciding he was not seeing whatever he had come downstairs to be looking for, he pulled a pistol from his side holster and put a bullet through the woman's eye right in the middle of her sentence.


The confidence in the eyes of the other captured women immediately fell, as they watched their comrade in arms slump lifeless to the floor who many of them had been friends with. Almost immediately after an attractive redhead pulled up on her top exposing her bare breasts as she took her shirt off, and as her fingers quickly began working on her pants, a soldier and close friend kneeling next to her exclaimed, "What are you doing?!" 


Looking back to her friend and ignoring the leering eyes of the two lackies of the Black Dragon in the room, she responded with, "Remember your training. If captured, and escape is impossible, then do whatever you have to in order to survive. And if that means I have to fuck a cyborg, just to be able to put a bullet in his brainpan when I escape later, then so be it." She said defiantly while taking off her pants as Kano marched up to her. She didn't even bother closing her legs, making sure he had a clear view of her rosy pussy lips when he approached.

"Ah, a fiery one are ya?" Kano asked her but her only response was to glower at him, standing nude and proud to show she wasn't embarrassed in front of him. When there was no further reaction, the other girls nodded to each other and all began stripping until nine naked women were displayed before Kano's eyes. 


"Hmm." He mumbled to himself, walking back and forth to inspect each one. "Too thin... Not enough muscle on this one... Too much on this one." He commented to himself as the girls all glanced around, trying and failing to understand what they were being reviewed for. Eventually Kano stood back and then pointed, "Those two. The redhead with a mouth on her and the pretty blonde with the big jugs there beside her." 


One of the lackies approached and motioned with his fully automatic rifle for the two girls to step out of the line. But when it looked as if Kano were about to leave toward a side door in the room, he heard one of the women call out, "General Blade is a bitch!" Kano remained where he stood and closed his eyes, knowing he should just keep walking. But unable to resist, he turned back around and looked to the line of women again. "What was that?" 


Near the start of the line was a pale ashy-blonde woman with a serious expression on her face. "I said, General Blade is a bitch. I always thought she seemed like a stuck up cunt with a stick up her ass." She said proudly, as many of the other soldiers looked at her furiously. 


Kano just stood there and looked the naked girl up and down. "Oh yeah? And what about you? Have you got a stick up your arse there luv?" He asked her. 

"Not yet." She said with a smirk while looking down at Kano's crotch and squeezing her asscheeks with her hands. Afterwhich she said to him, "You passed me up for not having enough muscle. I was an intelligence officer at the base you attacked. I don't know what you're picking girls for, but I'm nobodies leftovers." She said while looking back at the other girls who weren't picked. "I'm not physically a threat to a big strong man like you. And I'll play nice. Let me switch sides and I'll serve the Black Dragon." 


A line of insults and swears were hurled in her direction from the other girls, but her performance had seemed sincere. When she didn't flinch as Kano reached down and felt her roughly between her legs to find that she was genuinely moist, he nodded. "Alright, lass." Turning back to Tremor he gaze a nod in her direction. "I like this one. Take her upstairs to my room and tie her up with something. She smiled, but it was short lived as Tremor's big stone hand fused around her throat and dragged her kicking and gasping back out of the room. Meanwhile, the selected girls were marched forward by Kano through the doorway before he called back to the lackies in the room. "Kill the rest." Automatic weapon fire rang out behind him before any of the girls even had a chance to beg for their lives.

Knowing that whatever was going on, Kano was not messing around, neither the redhead nor her curvy blonde friend fought back against him. Kano marched them swiftly along a series of corridors, only to stop once they reached a set of double doors, both of which were inlaid with gold. 


"You're in for a real treat you know. This used to be my room until I opted for a more hands on approach with my live-in office upstairs." When he pushed the doors open the entire room was decadent beyond reason. The plush couch and the silky furred rug just screamed overexuberance. There was of course a long bar upon the far wall of the room stocked with bottles of alcohol. And a spacious jacuzzi tub was inlaid into the corner which could have easily held ten people within it. 


As the faction leader led the two nude girls in and pointed out the sights to them, the blonde then looked into the other corner from behind the door they had entered from. And after doing so, she screamed so frightfully that she literally fell backwards onto her ass with her eyes spread wide in terror. 


"Oh, and I see you noticed the bed." Kano smirked as he saw the redhead's eyes trail in that direction before her face seemed to go white and her body froze stiff with fear. "As I said, this used to be my room. But in my absence I've lent it to a new and dear friend of mine. I've brought you both here to keep him company." He said as both girls watched a being dwarfing the king sized bed with his massive form, suddenly stand up at over twice the height of a man. "Oh and Red, I'd try to keep that inner strength about you if you can. You're gonna need it if you want to make it through this night." He said just as a large claw gripped around her face encompassing entirely around her head, pulling her forward. As the blonde attempted to scramble to her feet, a long scaled tail wrapped around her waist dragging her screaming across the floor. Kano closed the door and did not look back.

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