The Little Protector of the Family's Fireplace

BY : Mina-chan95
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Disclaimer: This story was made for fun and definitely NOT for making profit or money out of it. Trust me, Mina only sees writing as a hobby and her passion. More important, I do NOT own King of Fighters.

Alright, another month - another challenge.
This time I decided to ask the Twitter to pick a fandom for which I should write this month's challenge.

So, first of all, thank you for all people who have voted!❤
To be honest, I was struggling between picking to either write about how Nano's adopted black kitten may slowly heal woulds left after these inhumane experiments, or how the young Hector's picked and rescued animals helped him to keep his sanity and remain the kindness for them.

Anyway, it seems that majority voted for another KOF fic...
I ain't really complaining about that but I wasn't prepared for that x'D

So, not sure if that qualifies as the Pet's POV, but that it turned out like Chi's Sweet Home clone, that's for sure!

Anyway, as always,


~June's writing prompt: Pet Fiction/Pet POV.

‘‘So, dear writers, write a story from animal's/pet's perspective how they behave/act during a critical situation (for example, when character(s) is/are sad, depressed, lonely and etc. ) and how they help to cope/solve this situation.’’

Word count: 1264



Life is not easy when you live together with your human cat-dads and have to take care of them. Especially when you are just a kitten.

All this time, the tuxedo kitten Oreo has a lot of responsibilities about his parents don’t have even the slightest idea. From making sure that he hunted every toy down, checking every corner in the house, to protecting his cat dads.

The little fellow loves his adoptive parents - Kyo and Iori because they love him and pamper in attention. However, he doesn’t like when his cat-dads may argue or even ignore each other.

Fortunately, these two stubborn men’s fights don’t last long, and most of the time they make up in the same way. Although, Oreo cannot understand why his parents shut in the bedroom while making weird noises and Kyo nearly meowing like a cat behind the door.

Nevertheless, the tuxedo kitten does his best to keep the peace in this household and the family’s fireplace warm and without the smoke.

However, one day, Oreo had to deal with another difficult mission.

It is a rainy afternoon outside, and the tuxedo kitten rests on Iori’s lap in the study room. He enjoys how the redhead strokes his fur before falling asleep during this kind of weather.

Some time passed. Suddenly, the little Oreo lifts his head and carefully listens to something. As the tuxedo kitten jumps from Yagami’s lap, letting out a short trilling noise, he rushes to greet his other dad.

‘‘Maybe the dad will give me more treats before my other daddy shows up?’’ The little kitten innocently thinks to himself while marching into the living room.

As soon as Oreo notices the brunette, he widens his eyes and slightly back-offs.

‘‘Dad, don’t come near me. You’re so scary and wet!’’ Or so, the little fellow would say while keeping his tail close to his little body. Yet, all his talk was just one loud meowing.

Soon enough, his other cat-dad shows up and nags on Kyo, who is soaking wet. Yet, the Kusanagi doesn’t take his partner’s words seriously.

‘‘Oh no… Are they going to ignore each other again?’’ Oreo wonders, as he observes his parents.

Fortunately, Iori only asks the brunette to dry himself and change clothes.

Later on the same evening. Little Oreo plays with one of his cat dads. However, the tuxedo kitten gets startled by the brunette loudly sneezing.

The poor little creature is even concerned about how Kyo instantly leaves the couch while covering his mouth and nose and desperately looking for the tissues.

As the redhead rolls his eyes, he leaves the room. After a couple of minutes, Iori returns with the paper tissues and a thermometer.

Meanwhile, Oreo feels relieved watching over how his daddy takes care of another one.

It is a late night. Little Oreo peacefully rests near the redhead on the couch. Tonight, Iori decided Kyo should lie in the bed without leaving it unless it’s necessary. Lastly, the brunette should follow such a strict mode until he recovers.

Of course, he and little Oreo would nurse the brunette in the meantime and make sure that he would act like a good patient.

Meanwhile, the tuxedo kitten stretches out and yawns, and he leaves the couch without waking up his cat-dad and goes to visit his other parent.

After reaching the bedroom, Oreo jumps on the bed and curls into a ball next to Kyo while he hopes it will cheer up his still ill dad.

Some time passes. The little kitten wakes up by the sounds of the brunette whining and murmuring something.

However, Oreo can sense that his dad is in pain because of nearly crying and calling Yagami during his sleep.

The more the kitten observes the suffering brunette, the more he feels bad for him. He is not sure whether he should call his daddy to help Kyo.

Yet, little Oreo refuses to leave his dad’s side, even if the brunette rolls on the side and curls into a ball while sobbing during his sleep.

In the end, the tuxedo kitten tries to comfort his dad in his way. After Oreo rubs himself near Kyo’s face and neck, he lays next to the brunette.

A second later, Kyo furrows while wrinkling his nose and groans. When he slowly opens his eyes, he notices a small ball of fur sleeping near his face.

The brunette is confused about where he is. Yet, it took some time until he realized that what he had seen and experienced before wasn’t real.

‘‘So, it was just another dream?… Oreo, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with your dad?’’ The Kusanagi’s heir asks in a half-asleep voice as he sits up.

Yet, little Oreo is worried about how his dad grasps his chest around his heart area and looks about to burst into tears.

Of course, the tuxedo kitten has to do something about it! He would do anything that none of his parents would be upset or in pain.

As Oreo jumps on Kyo’s lap, he kneads and purrs. While the brunette strokes the tuxedo kitten’s fur, he asks ‘‘What is it with you? I’m fine, Oreo. So, go and check how your dad is doing.’’.

However, the little fellow shows his stubbornness by curling into the ball and purring. Even he can feel that the brunette needs someone to cheer him up until he feels better.

Kyo lies on his back while commenting ‘‘Fine. You won this time, pal.’’. In the end, the tuxedo kitten gets up and stretches out.

When the Kusanagi’s heir thinks Oreo will leave him in peace, the kitten proves him wrong. That’s right, the little Oreo finds a new spot to rest on Kyo’s chest.

While the kitten comfortably lies, the brunette complains ‘‘So, this is how are you gonna play, huh? Fine. I don’t mind this.’’.

Even if the Kusanagi cannot escape the traumatic past, the little Oreo makes him realize he is not alone, and neither the blood curse corrupted Iori nor hasn’t met a tragic end.

However, each time reliving these memories in his dreams hurts him.

Suddenly, the brunette can feel how the tears run down his cheek. For now, he continues gently stroking Oreo’s fur. To think of, do Kyo and Iori pick up and adopted Oreo? Or is it the other way?

Either way, such a small creature made a significant impact on their lives and allows them to grow. So, a little tuxedo kitten is like the most precious gift given to them.

In the end, Kyo admits that Oreo’s purring also has a relaxing and calming effect. Besides, the tuxedo kitten dragged him out from the same dreams which haunt him for years.

However, without realizing it, Kyo feels how his eyelids become heavier within each moment until he calms down and falls asleep.

Meanwhile, Iori checks where his precious little angel is gone, and at the same time, if his partner is doing fine or needs anything.

After entering the bedroom, the redhead notices how the brunette and the tuxedo kitten peacefully sleep together.

When Iori gets close to Kyo, he carefully touches his forehead while observing him. In the end, the redhead notes to himself that he should prepare fresh clothes and help him change into them. But for now, he goes to the bathroom to get a bowl of cold water and a small towel.

Besides, who else will take care of that reckless idiot if not little Oreo and the redhead?

A/N: Oh, and almost forgot this part xD
Silly me~

Anyway, hopefully, that this is what Pet POV meant...

And now, it's time to work on another update of Fading Blossom in the Sand!❤~

And as always - See you next time!~

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