Do my back

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Do my back

Setting up a deck chair next to the large pool in the backyard of Dawn’s condo White stood in what could barely be considered a bikini, the string of it barely holding up the tiny material that only just covered her nipples and pussy slit in a way that she might as well have just gone naked

Moving to lie down on her front White then spied Black heading out in a pair of swim shorts showing that her twin had had the same idea as her on how to spend the day “oh dear baby brotherrrr” she called out to him in a sing song fashion, holding up the bottle of suntan lotion she had brought out with her as she caught his attention “be a good boy and do my back will you?” she requested, setting the lotion down on the ground next to her deck chair before reaching back to undo her bikini top

Grumbling under his breath at his slutty twins teasing tone Black still nonetheless complied, picking up the bottle of lotion as he moved to straddle her legs, making White giggle as he then poured lotion in a zigzag pattern along her back before starting to rub it into her skin making her let out a sultry moan “mmmm that’s a good boy, you’ve been practising with your hands haven’t you?” she breathed as he ran his hands up and down her back and along her sides working the lotion in “keep this up and I might let you do my tits” she teased wiggling her ass back against his groin

Gritting his teeth as she essentially hot dogged him through his swim shorts Black decided that he deserved something for putting up with her teasing, slyly lowering his swim shorts to free his now throbbing cock before quietly lubing up with the suntan lotion, White seeming none the wiser until she felt him pull down her bikini buttons before a familiar pressure was felt poking between her ass cheeks

“Mmmph, someone’s taking his reward early” the brunette moaned before gasping with pleasure as Black pushed balls deep into her ass, her toes curling tight as her groin and stomach bulge out around his girth “Arceus yes fuck me deep”

Grabbing hold of his sisters ponytail Black pulled her head back making her gasp as he then started to thrust nice and deep into her tight slutty ass, making her pussy clench with need as he stretched her insides making her eyes roll and her tongue hang out as she bent her legs back to press her feet to his lower back to encourage him in deeper

“Do your back…you might as well have swapped the lotion out for lube, this is what you really wanted you shameless slut!” Black grunted as he drove his cock deeper into White’s ass making her eyes cross harder

“You know me so well!” White panted back, the deck chair beneath them creaking and groaning as Black’s brutal pace threatened to break it, her face displaying the perfect image of fucked stupid both from her own pleasure and her effort just in case anyone was watching them from inside the condo “Arceus I’m cumming!”

“Fuck yes, tighten up bitch…” Black hissed as his sisters ass got even tighter around his cock, his cock pulsing and throbbing hard inside of her as he leaked precum into her guts, the feeling making White reach back to grab at his hips, desperately pulling on him to wordlessly beg for his cum

Pulling her hair harder to make her arch her back Black drove into her ass even deeper, making her stomach bulge more as he then rewarded her with his load, White breathlessly screaming in bliss as she felt him cum deep and hard into her deepest regions, her insides warming from his seed making her toes curl tighter as she orgasmed again mere moments after her first had ended

Slowly pulling out of his sisters now cum packed ass Black smirked at how much she was shaking and twitching in bliss, giving her fat ass a good hard spank as he then walked off to go get cleaned up, leaving her in her own post sex blissful mess

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