The Swim Meet

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The Swim Meet

“Come on, you can swim faster than that Mia” coach Piers yelled on the side of the school pool. Mia was in the water swimming her heart out like she did every single day after classes ended. As a Mercury adept, she was very skilled in everything that had to do with water and she was the best swimmer on the entire swim team at Sol Sanctum High School or just Sol High for short.

Mia finished her lap as her hand grabbed the side of the pool and she pulled herself to the edge. Looking up she saw Piers looking at her, he was the swim coach at this high school since way before Mia started to attend this school. He was obvious a lot older than he looked, mostly every single girl on the swim team had a huge crush on him, everybody except Mia.

“What’s happening with you?” Piers asked her “You’re slipping several seconds from your best time”

Mia slowly swam over to the ladder and climbed out of the pool; she wore a blue one-piece suit as it was her favorite color. She grabbed her towel from the bench and used it to start to dry her body. She looked over at Piers “Maybe that time was just pure luck. I never got a time like that before in all my years of swimming”

“You’re only getting better with each year that you swim” said Piers “I know something is going on with you Mia and I just want you to know that if you have any problems you can come and see me”

“Thanks coach…the only thing is that Isaac and I are…how should I say this…” she said as she thought of the right word to use about the relationship she shared with the Venus adept.

Piers seemed cross at her “Is that what this is about?” he asked her “A boy, when you get in that water, you shouldn’t even be thinking about Isaac. Your mind should only picture the finish line. Get your act together Mia, I expect you to swim your best tomorrow at practice” he shook his head and headed in the direction of his office

It was like Mia thought. Piers didn’t care about her life, he only cared about winning the gold. She used to love to swim for fun, but now she always had to be the best and win. It wasn’t any fun anymore. If she won the race then everybody loved her and if she lost everybody blamed her.

Mia headed towards the locker room in order to take a quick shower and then dry off and change. She had to get home because she still had some homework to do that was due tomorrow morning in class.

When she got into the girl’s locker room, she headed to her locker and entered the combination of her lock. Mia was used of being in this room by herself since she was usually the last member of the team to leave after hours. She was unaware that there was another person in the locker room with her. He came up from behind her without making a sound as Mia looked in her locker for her shampoo and soap. The man walked right behind her and grabbed her boobs and said “Hey sweetheart”

Mia screamed for a second or two until she noticed that it was her boyfriend Isaac. Things between them were not going all that great, they would fight a lot and Mia had a feeling it was only a matter of time before they ended their relationship and each went their own way.

“Isaac, what are you doing here? You know, you’re not allowed to be in here. If Kraden finds out…” she started to say

Isaac cut her off “How is Kraden going to find out unless you tell him” his hands continued to move her breast around in circles. It made Mia feel so good especially with all the stress she had with her swim team duties.

“But what are you doing here?” Mia asked him

“I wanted to spend some time with you” said Isaac his hands not moving away from her boobs. “I really like you Mia and I don’t want our relationship to end”

“Hearing you say that Isaac makes me so happy” said Mia “We have to try and spend more time together if we want this to work”

“I have an idea” Isaac said with a smile “How about we take a shower together?”

“Isaac…that…” Mia started, she wasn’t sure if she was really ready to have sex with Isaac. Sure, she loved him but taking that was a huge step in their relationship. However she didn’t want to lose him, she wanted to be with him forever and if that is what she wanted then it was going to have to happen one day. Maybe this was just what she needed to know that her and Isaac were in a good place and she could focus more on her swimming with Isaac cheering for her, even if that was not really his kind of thing. He only showed up to her swim meets because Mia sort of forced him to show up, but he wasn’t into swimming as much as she was.

“So what is your answer Mia…please say yes” Isaac said to her

“Okay, we can have a shower together which I guess is going to lead to us having sex so we can do that as well” Mia said

“Your amazing Mia” Isaac told her, he placed his hands on her shoulder and pulled off the straps of her one-piece swim suit and pulling down the suit to her stomach. Her tits were exposed and Isaac placed his hands over them again and continued his work.

Mia closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Isaac touching her, she had so much stress build up inside of her, she really needed this. The more she thought about it, the more she knew this was the right choice to make.

“Let’s take this under the water” Mia told him; Isaac released her. Mia took his hand into hers and lead him to the shower area of the locker room. Mia finished Isaac’s work as she took off her swim suit and tossed it at the entrance of the shower area, Isaac stripped out of his clothes and set it up in a pile next to her wet suit. Together and both naked they stood under a shower head as Mia turned the shower on, trying to get a balance between hot and cold.

Isaac and Mia shared a kiss under the running water, getting his blonde hair wet while she was already soaked from her practice in the pool. Mia wrapped her arms around Isaac, it had been many weeks since the last time they started to kiss at this degree. Mia forgot how much she loved to feel his lips on her mouth and how much she missed his touch on her wet body. On her leg she could feel his dick growing as it rested on her leg, Mia looked down and was shocked at how big Isaac was, without even thinking about it, Mia wrapped a hand around him, she heard Isaac moan as she slowly started to stroke his member.

“Grab it just like that Mia” he told her. Mia moved slightly away from Isaac in order to see better what she was doing. Isaac rested his back against the tile wall of the shower as Mia moved her hand up and down his dick. He was so big, Mia was actually looking forward to him pushing it into her pussy, her heart was beating so fast as her hand move along his length, she was never this excited before in her life for something to happen. The last time she was this excited in her life was the night before her first swim race.

“How much do you like this Isaac” Mia asked him

“It feels so good Mia” he moaned as he looked into her eyes

“I think you’ll like this even more” she told him. She stopped jerking him off which earned her a whine from Isaac, quickly she turned the water off of the shower because they were barely using it anyways and they were both very wet to start with. Mia fell to her knees and took Isaac’s dick in her hands, slowly she used her tongue to lick his cock. Licking the tip of his penis with her wet tongue, she looked up at him with her blue eyes and he looked down at her, loving the feeling of her tongue on his manhood.

Mia moved her face down to his balls, her tongue poked out of her mouth and rolled over his balls. Isaac moaned again which told her that he liked what she was giving him. She had no idea where all this was coming from, she never did any of this before, but the longer it lasted, the more she gave Isaac, the more that she liked it and the more she wanted to give him.

Mia licked his balls, moving her tongue up across his balls until she reached his wet public hairs. Mia opened her mouth wide and took the hairs into her mouth, sucking on them for a while, then her tongue came out of her mouth again and she licked Isaac from the bottom of his dick all the way up to the top. When she reached the top, she opened her mouth wide and took him inside of her, all of him. She moved her head back and forth along him length, loving the taste and his scent, this was wild and it made her feel more alive then she ever was in her life. Mia coated his dick with her drool, keeping his cock wet with her saliva as the only water that came out of the shower head was a droplet every few seconds that passed.

Isaac placed a hand on Mia’s head, passing his fingers through her blue hair. She was giving him the best blowjob he ever got in his life. It was also the only blowjob he got in his life, but with how amazing her mouth felt around his dick, why would he ever want anyone other than Mia to suck him. When he came to see her in the locker room today he wasn’t sure what he was going to do, he knew it was only a matter of time before they broke up, but he knew that if they took this shower together, then maybe there was a chance to save the relationship they had. Now with what they were doing, they had to save it. Isaac would do whatever he could to save what he had with Mia, because he truly did love her and her skills at sucking dick were out of Weyard.

“Fuck…Mia” he moaned trying to tell her of his upcoming release. However Mia was clueless of his warning, taking it more as “Fuck…Mia…feels amazing” just that the “feels amazing” part never came out of his mouth.

Isaac bucked his hips, holding her blue hair tight in his hand as he released his cum right in her throat. Mia wasn’t even expected him to reach his release so soon, since Isaac had a grip on her head, she was forced to swallow the load that he gave her. Once he was done, he released her head.

“Give me a little warning next time” Mia told him as she stood up to her feet

Isaac was still panting from the release he just had “I tied to Mia, really I did”

Mia had no choice to believe him, but she also had a feeling that Isaac won’t lie to her because it wasn’t really going to change anything between them. Mia turned back on the water of the shower head and let the water fall over her face. Isaac came next to her, getting some of the water on his body and rubbing his large dick on her left leg.

“This isn’t over yet Mia” he said to her

Mia smiled “I know it ain’t over” she turned to face him and they took each other in an embrace and kissed each other hard. They were in love for a while, but right now in the shower, the love they shared for each other, grew and grew with each passing moment. Mia didn’t think it was possible to love Isaac more then she loved him right now but as they kissed her love for him increased.

Mia jumped into Isaac’s arms and he pinned her against the tile wall of the shower as they continued to kiss. Isaac rubbed his cock over her pussy, waiting for the perfect moment to slip inside of her and feel her with his length.

Mia moaned at the feeling of his penis so close to her womb “Isaac, just go inside” she panted as she broke the kiss to tell him so.

Isaac took her invitation and went into her. Mia moaned as he filled her and Isaac moaned as he finally got inside of the girl of his dreams. They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment as he didn’t move inside of her. Mia bit her lip and nodded her head, slowly Isaac started to thrust up into her body, going deep in her and pulling out and going right back in again.

“Yes, Isaac, fuck me” Mia told him as he got into a steady pace of doing her

“You’re so amazing Mia, I love you” he said

“What did you just say?” she asked him

“I love you”

“I love you too” Mia said back to him, she kissed him again. She knew that Isaac loved her, but this was one of the first times that he ever said it to her in words. Hearing those words come out of his mouth made Mia so happy. As they kissed., she pushed her tongue out of her mouth and into his mouth, pressing her tongue onto his own. Their tongues rolled together as he pounded her to her core.

Having sex with Isaac was so good, Mia never wanted the moment to end. She wasn’t sure if it was that Isaac was so skilled at it or if it was because they were in the shower of the girl’s locker room at Sol High, but she wanted this moment to last forever. She wanted to remember every single detail, but the thing she was able to remember the most was how good his cock felt in her pussy and how hot it was to have her tongue in his mouth.

Isaac broke the hot kiss they shared, he started to move faster inside of her “Mia…I’m so close” he panted

“Isaac…you have to pull out” Mia yelled just remembering that they were not using any protection.

“Mia!” he yelled, he set her down to her feet and pulled out of her pussy, he stroked his dick two times with his hand and shot his head back as he reached his climax and shot his load all over Mia’s belly. Once he was done with his ejaculation, Isaac breathed deeply and stroked his cock several more times. Mia rested against the wall for support.

“That was fucking amazing” said Mia as she closed her eyes for a moment

Isaac was still stroking his member “That is a lot better than masturbation”


“I always think about you and me doing this” confessed Isaac “But now that we did it…I don’t think I’ll need to do that ever again”

“That’s right” said Mia, she got out under the running water and passed her hands over her naked body, wiping Isaac’s cum from her stomach.

“Maybe we can go on a date during the week-end?” Isaac asked her

“Sure” said Mia “Then we can go to my place and take a shower together and by take a shower I mean have sex in my shower”

Isaac smiled “Sounds good to me” he kissed her on the cheek as Mia turned the water off. They walked hand in hand over to her locker because in the heat of the moment, she completely forgot about the towels they needed. Mia opened her locker once again, she took one towel for herself and handed one over to her boyfriend.

“I have never felt better than I do right now” Mia told Isaac “At the swim meet in three days, I am going to win the gold”

Isaac smiled and hugged her again “Even if I’m not a fan of watching…I’ll be there to cheer you on because it’s important for you”

“Thanks Isaac” Mia told him as she planted a kiss on his lips “If I win the gold, I’ll most likely have to take a shower in this room afterwards, so I guess you can join me there as well”

“We’ll celebrate your win together” Isaac said

“We will, with some hot shower sex” Mia confirmed

Three days later at the swim meet, Mia set a new record and never swam that good before in her life. Her secret for great swimming skills: hot shower sex with her boyfriend.

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