The Ritual

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“Keep still!” Asdis said with an exasperated sigh “I’m going to make a mess of these runes”. Lyja stood naked in the tent,her long dark hair gathered in a knot on the top of her head,exposing the shaved sides.”I’m trying” Lyja replied quietly.The fragrant smoke emanating from the brazier was making her head spin or perhaps it was from fasting for three days and nights in wait of the full moon.She let out a shaky breath watching as the Volur tended to their duties. Una and Halla the Elders were preparing the potion she must drink to commune with the Nornir.They prayed over the bowl of mushrooms and herbs asking the Gods to grant Lyja foresight. Inga and Asdis, her fellow novice sisters, had finished painting the sacred runes onto her body,the smell of the fresh hare’s blood almost turned her empty stomach.”How do you feel?” Inga whispered her eyes full of concern.”Sick” Lyja replied “What if I fail?”.Asdis smirked wickedly and whispered “Then at least you will get a fuck out of it”.Inga shushed her with a glance toward the Elders. “They will hear you,” she warned.


Lyja had known Inga and Asdis for most of her life,they had grown up together after they were given to the Volur as tribute.They were unwanted orphans,their parents dead from war and starvation.Inga was the youngest at seventeen.A tall blond, pretty,sweet and kind.Asdis was next at twenty one.Another tall one with flaming red hair,boldest of the three.Lyja the eldest at twenty two,was small and could almost pass for Saxon with her brown hair and hazel eyes,more reserved than the other two but could be fierce when riled.Halla was mute,approaching middle age and mean if you got on her bad side.She had never spoken a word in front of the girls though Asdis swears she heard her curse once.Una was the eldest and most respected,if there were a leader of the group it would be her.Her hair was tending to salt and pepper these days but she was still as sharp as ever. They were a little family and cared for each other as such.


Lyja had been tasked with an important duty and as the eldest novitiate of the group it fell to her to provide the divination.She didn’t know which of the brothers was to be her partner.Una would not say.Halla could not and Asdis and Inga dared not.If they even knew at all.All she could do was pray to Freyja and ask that it not hurt too much and that it would be over quickly. The prospect of losing her maiden hood in front of strangers to a stranger filled her with dread.She knew it must be done and did not begrudge the offering to the Gods but she could not help but feel trepidation at the thought.Sex with a man was something she had never thought about,some of them looked pretty enough but she had delivered enough babies to know it was something to be avoided.Not that the urge didn’t take her,she was no Christian Nun.Sharing a bed with Inga and Asdis had led to some “interesting” moments.Those two were not shy.


“Do you think it will hurt much?” Lyja asked, looking at Asdis. “I don’t know” she replied with a shrug “I hope not”. “I heard some village girls talking about it once” said Inga “It sounds awful”.Asdis rolled her eyes “Oh that will make her feel much better Inga”. “Oh…I’m sorry Lyja,I didn’t think” she apologised. “It’s all right” Lyja replied as she took down her hair from the knot shaking it out “I will be fine and at least it will be done with”.Asdis nudged them both “Shh”. Una approached to inspect the girl's rune work,she lifted Lyja’s chin turning it this way and that .She nodded in approval making the bones on her headdress chime together. “This is good work girls,well done”. She motioned to Halla to bring the bowl.”Are you prepared for what is to come?” She said holding Lyja by the shoulders.Lyja nodded and took a deep breath”Yes I am”

“This draught will amplify your natural Seidr and your connection to the Norn.It will also make you feel more…and make you more receptive.It will serve as an offering to the Gods in exchange for knowledge.Be an active participant in your vision IF it is granted,remember all you can and for all our sakes girl if you see their deaths,keep it to yourself.”


Halla brought the bowl to Lyja’s lips and she drank deeply,struggling to keep the foul tasting brew down.The strong earthy taste was disgusting but Lyja knew if she didn’t swallow it all the Gods would not speak and the whole ritual would be ruined.Lyja clapped a hand over her mouth as she retched,breathing heavily through her nose as she tried to regain composure.Her eyes watered with the effort but she managed to swallow it. “Tastes like boiled shit doesn’t it? Una said,sympathising with the younger woman.Lyja nodded in agreement.She took several deep breaths centering herself.Inga placed her cloak around her shoulders,giving them a supportive squeeze.Una patted her back gently “Come child,It is time”.Asdis handed the older woman her staff reverently and she slowly walked out into the night


Lyja stepped out from the tent into darkness,pulling her cloak tightly around her as she saw the warriors lining the path up to the stones, some holding torches to light their way,their heads bowed in respect.Asdis and Inga walked either side of Lyja with Una in front taking the lead and Halla taking the rear.Together they walked through the village and up the climbing path.As they approached the top of the hill,she saw that large fires were blazing, lighting up the standing stones and Altar.There were people already gathered.Volva from the nearby towns and villages and of course Him.Lyja felt apprehensive,so many people watching.She was worried she would make a mistake or the Norn would not hear her.Lyja kept her gaze on the stone table ahead and walked on,not wanting to make eye contact with any of the women gathered or the man for that matter.


Lyja stepped up to the altar and disrobed, feeling the spring chill on her skin rise into goosebumps.Her head swam as her connection to the norn was growing stronger,the draught was taking effect.She stood among her sisters and her peers.Not quite able to focus on Una’s words,she closed her eyes and focussed on her breathing instead.She sensed someone approaching,an outsider.It must be him she thought.


Una's voice addressed the small crowd,leading them in prayer.The sacrificial Ram was bleating loudly in panic as it sensed its impending death.Lyja turned her head to see The Son of Ragnar on his knees before Una,receiving her blessing.Inga and Asdis struggled to hold the rams head back as Halla slit its throat,catching its hot blood in a copper bowl.She approached the kneeling man and anointed him with it,dragging her fingers across his face and down his naked body. Una dipped a yew branch into the blood and blessed the altar, flicking the blood around as they prayed with their heads bowed and palms open to the sky.Lyja closed her eyes as the droplets landed on her skin.


Halla brought the cup to his lips and he choked the draught down.The foul potion took effect quickly he felt hot all over his mind becoming foggy,he tried to shake it out tell himself to keep a hold.Fucking Seidr,why had he agreed to this.He struggled to keep a hold on his thoughts but the screaming prayers of the Witches interrupted.He panicked and stood, thinking he would leave.Just walk away.Ivarr stumbled unable to walk straight his head spinning he stood still trying to focus.His eyes falling on Her.


A slow beat began and the crowd quietly chanted.It was not long before the night filled with howling prayers and singing.Drumming and dancing as the Volur began to invoke the Gods.Lyja’s breaths became shallow and a warm heat spread from her between her legs making her ache painfully,her nipples and lips began to tingle and her skin prickled with sweat.Her heart raced as the potion ravaged her senses,she was filled with an intense need to be touched.Lyjas mind grew hazy and she struggled to think clearly.Her eyes locked with his and he stumbled towards her.


He dropped to his knees before the Priestess,sitting on his heels.Her pale skin glowed in the moonlight,making the dark blood runes stand out all the more.She held up her arms shouting prayers into the sky.She was all he could see,all he wanted was to please her.His hands moved towards her, stopping before he made contact unsure if he was worthy enough to touch this perfect creature.He laid his hands upon her finally.Holding her hips as she sang and he looked at her in wonder,sliding his hands up her body as he rose.He held her ribcage in his hands not daring to go higher.Feeling it expand as she sang her song to the Gods.He had never heard anything as sweet.Ivarr rested his head on her belly,his eyes closed in supplication completely overcome with emotion.He caught the scent of her sex,inhaling the intoxicating perfume.his hard cock throbbed painfully,his balls full and heavy.Still she sang out her prayers,he lifted his head resting his chin on her soft stomach and looked up at her between her heavy breasts, a look of adoration on his scarred face.Unable to stop himself his hands caressed them reverently,squeezing and kneading gently.Lyja took him by the hands bidding him to rise and she led him to the stone altar.Her sister Priestesses helping her onto the rough cold surface.She sat on the edge of the altar and lay back.


Lyja felt his rough hands on her thighs sliding up her body lighting a fire in their wake.The heightened sensations making her whimper.She watched his face in the firelight,his expression loving only moments ago had darkened.Lust overtook him as waves of need assaulted his senses.His hands ran over her soft belly until they found her breasts kneading them a little more roughly making her gasp as he squeezed her nipples.He leaned over to suckle on them in turn,nibbling and pulling gently with his teeth.Lyja’s hands twitched at her side not knowing what to do.She felt his hard cock prodding her thigh as he explored her body,leaving a trail of his seed on her pale skin.He stood and let his hands drift back down to her hips.Gently, he parted her lower lips with his thumbs and spat copiously rubbing his cock up and down her slit,coating his cock in the slick.Lyja’s body rebelled against her as her hips bucked in response.Her swollen bud sending radiating waves of intense pleasure throughout her body.


Ivarr thrust into Lyja savagely,filling her in one.Her hymen giving way with one thrust.She screamed as his cock punched into her cervix He pulled back, a small sliver of his mind still seeing the glowing Goddess before him.He hurt her.That small part of him wanted to stop,to comfort her but the overriding power of the potion he had consumed made him continue.She sobbed loudly as he fucked her without mercy,she tried to push his bruising hands away as they dug into her hips lifting her body from the stone, pulling her onto his thick shaft.The rough stone beneath scraping against her naked back.She tried to twist her body, instinctively trying to get away but he dragged her back towards him roughly.The chanting began to get louder and louder until it was joined by more howls and shouts,she could see the shadowy figures of the naked volur, dancing hypnoticly against the blazing fires.Her eyes rolled and she felt the pain subside as her mind drifted,pictures began to form in the mist.


Lyja found herself on a battlefield filled with dead men both Dane and Saxon.So many dead. She walked across their backs towards a hill in the distance.As she got closer she realised it was not a hill at all,It was a huge pile of rotting dead bodies and at the peak a Ragnarsson banner flew.She climbed the bodies up to the top,slipping and sliding in the blood and gore retching at the smell,telling herself that this was just a dream,a vision.Willing herself forward.Lyja turned to see fresh green fields and a bright sky,the dead were gone,the hill just a hill covered with grass and sweet smelling flowers.She took a deep fresh breath ridding herself of the foul air in her lungs.


To the East she saw the ocean and on it were countless longships.New allies from across the sea?


A deafening roar sounded to the West as a far away dragon soared,its red scales shining in the bright sunshine.A far away threat?


The South held dark storm clouds and a heavy feeling of dread.Wessex.An enemy at our backs but not our focus.


The North,this is what they wanted to know.The wind bore the stench of betrayal.Lyja backed away from its choking fumes.She saw a fortress in ruins,the houses around it in flames.The screams of the dying filled her ears.Lyja concentrated her efforts pushing for more.Trying to pry her way under the surface but she was interrupted.


“Haven’t you seen enough?” A voice behind her said.She turned to see the figure of a woman.She was dressed top to toe in grey cloth her face covered with a veil of the same.A crown of twigs atop her head.Lyja knew her instantly as Urðr.Lyja was unable to speak in awe of the Norn before her.It continued weaving as it spoke “The threads that bind are strong” she said referring to the two tapestries before her.Lyja walked towards them realising one of them was hers,the other try as she might she couldn’t make out.They had been joined at the bottom where the sword passed between the warp strings of both. “His fate is woven” she continued “But perhaps you can guide the weft”.As Lyja realised what she meant she backed away shaking her head in confused disbelief.Bumping into something solid,she span around to see a blood eagled king his crown still atop his head,a snake slithered and writhed out of the corpses open mouth and she screamed in horror.The harsh laughter of the Norn ringing in her ears.


Her eyes opened wide and her back arched as she came to.Her body remembering to breathe.She focused on the man between her thighs as she tried to earth herself.Her cunt still burning uncomfortably from the stretch as his cock dragged against the skin of her hymen.He stared down at her, brow furrowed in concentration.Their eyes locked as he took her,he had his fathers eyes.Beautiful and cruel.He fucked like a wild animal with no regard for the pain he was causing. He let her hips fall back to the stone,supporting himself on the slab with his hands as he continued to fuck her,Ivarr growled and grunted like a beast.Lyja’s arms snaked around his neck without thought,pulling him closer.He buried his face into her neck and suckled painfully at her soft skin.Leaving his mark on her.The pressure began to build,his muscles tightening. He came with a loud groan,loudly cursing as he emptied himself inside her.The chanting growing to a crescendo as he orgasmed.


Ivarr slumped over her body,his forehead resting on Lyja’s trembling chest.His mind hazy from whatever fucking Seidr they had done to him.What had this cost? he wondered, feeling as if all his strength had left him,it had better have been worth it.The mist in his mind was clearing quickly.He looked at Lyja like he was only seeing her for the first time.Ivarr pushed himself away from her and walked away from the Altar.He turned to see the Volur on their knees gathered around the girl.The Priestess’s clucking around the girl like mother hens,as she wailed loudly.Una held up her hand bidding him to wait.He grabbed his breeches from the ground “Fuck this” he said to himself and stalked back to the Longhouse on shaky legs.

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