The Tyrant who Shown Kindness

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Disclaimer: This story was made for fun and definitely NOT for making profit or money out of it. Trust me, Mina only sees writing as a hobby and her passion. More important, I do NOT own Togainu no Chi.

Okay, first of all, as some of the tags suggests this is my first time writing ShiAki.
So, only thanks to current writing challenge, I decided to give a try and go for this pairing.
And, yeah, it seems that it turned into light-hearted one-shot.

As always,

~July's writing prompt: He'd had a bad day and just needed something to make him feel better

‘‘So, dear writers, write a story about character A having a terrible day and after character B notices character A is gloomy/grumpy/upset, they decide to cheer up character B in the best way they know.’’

Word count: 1630


It was early morning. After preparing for a new day and putting on his uniform, the most powerful man’s secretary carries on his duties. Despite bearing the heavy responsibility and expectations on his shoulders, Akira never complained nor showed even the slightest dissatisfaction on his face.

Unlike the generals and other high-ranked men who served the military tyrant because of fear of losing their heads or suddenly disappearing with no trace, the silver-haired man shows none of it, only pure respect, trust, and loyalty towards Shiki.

However, instead of relying on his emotions hidden behind his icy gaze, Akira proves his affection through his actions. He is ready to punish anyone who even slightly disrespects Shiki or thinks about his downfall. That’s why the silver-haired secretary has to be his bodyguard too.

For now, Akira cannot concentrate on the paperwork. Mostly, he blames his lack of sleep. Yet, there is something that he cannot shake off his head, no matter how hard he tries.

Tonight, he had a strange dream about the past. Or so, he assumed. Despite that, he could recall just separate fragments of it. Although, he never bothers to think about what happened before he became Shiki’s right hand. After all, that is not important if he can’t remember it. He convinced himself that it should be enough to know that he always had been by the ebony-haired man’s side when he needed him the most.

Yet, in that dream, it was raining, and he defended himself from the ferocious guy wearing a coverall and swinging the machete. Akira had no other choice than to fight back. Unfortunately, he was defeated, and that brunette was about to finish him.

The next moment he can remember is how his opponent was screaming in agony and desperately begged to be killed. Akira was in fear and shock, did not know what was happening, and just stared at the strangely familiar guy.

It’s not the first time the military secretary sees this person in his dreams - either smeared in blood and dull eyes filled with carnal rage or a corpse washed by the cold rain. However, Akira told no one, not even his precious Shiki-sama, and scolds himself for giving up on unnecessary emotions.

That’s why after waking up after having such nightmares, the silver-haired man occupies his mind by taking as much work as possible and without minding taking over hours. Therefore, he naively hopes that this tactic will be effective today.

Unfortunately, his trustworthy method utterly fails. Throughout the day, Akira couldn’t focus on any task and made multiple mistakes. One thing is for sure, it’s annoying and frustrating.

Perhaps, any other person won’t tell the difference, but the crimson-eyed ruler senses his subordinate is unusually clumsy and distracted. Whatever the reason for that, he must find out.

Some time passed. After this couple is alone in the office, Shiki uses his chance.

While Akira finishing up sorting out the documents, the ebony-haired man approaches him and corners around the table.

For sure, such an unexpected gesture startles the gray man. When his superior is close to him, he feels intimidated. In the end, he asks in a polite tone as he could ‘‘Sir! Is there anything wrong?’’.

As Shiki leans closer, he gives the demanding gaze ‘‘Just tell me already.’’.

Yet, Akira confuses by such a question and asks while averting his gaze ‘‘Huh? What are you talking about?’’.

‘‘So, you are going to play like this? I see…’’ The red-eyed man replies as he cracks a smile.

After he steps back, he straightens his back and comments “Perhaps, I should find a new secretary. I’m sure there are dozens of people who will bite each other’s throats for this position. Maybe I gave too much credit to you, Akira. You doubt me and lack spirit and discipline. It’s about the right time to dismiss you.”.

For sure, that cold, judging gaze hurts his subordinate. Yet, Akira defends himself in a determined voice “Sir. If I never believed in you, I would never have followed you, nor fought by your side. However, I understand that because of my personal problems, you want to get rid of me. Er, I’m sorry... I mean, if that is what you wish for, then it’s an ultimate order and I must obey.”.

‘How come he never ceases to entertain me?’ The supreme ruler wonders, as he cannot remove his eyes from his adored secretary, who is figuring out his next move.

In the end, Shiki makes a proud face and replies ‘‘Yet, you were working hard without taking even a single day off. So, I’m amazed how you haven’t burned out or broken yet. Listen.’’.

Suddenly, Akira stands up and carefully listens to the commands ‘‘First, you do not have to be so formal when we’re in private. Second, if you refuse to tell me what causes your today’s behavior, maybe I’ll make you speak in a less formal environment. I hope you don’t have any other plans tonight.’’.

After getting close to his subordinate, he tilts Akira’s chin and adds ‘‘I won’t take no as an answer. Understand?’’.

When the secretary widens his eyes and swallows the saliva, he instantly responds ‘‘Y-yes, sir!’’.

It is a late evening. Before going to the destination place, Shiki insisted on picking up his subordinate.

As soon as Akira greets the dark-haired man, he hears the minor complaint “Just look at yourself. Do I need to look after yourself? It can’t be helped, then...”.

The silver-haired secretary gives the questioning look. He cannot understand what he did wrong this time.

Yet, his guard is caught suddenly by his superior holding his shirt. More so, he can feel how his cheeks dye in pink as someone as fearsome as Shiki fixes his shirt and redoes his tie.

Despite receiving such attention, Akira turns his head away from showing so-called immature and improper behavior.

On the other hand, seeing a rare reaction like this amuses Shiki. As soon as this is over, he’ll get to see more entertaining expressions that the reserved Akira can make.

Some time passed. Finally, this couple arrived at the high-class restaurant, which is also known as the place where no mere mortal could enter or walk. Only high-ranked officers and their beloved ones who swear their loyalty to the supreme ruler can enjoy themselves.

However, for tonight, the entire restaurant was booked by Shiki. Of course, it amazes Akira how one man can allow himself and how much the staff shows no less than perfection to please him and the crimson-eyed man’s every wish.

‘As it should be.’ The silver-haired secretary proudly thinks to himself while he keeps his poker face.

After a while, several waiters surround them by offering the finest drinks and their ordered food and making sure that both are satisfied. Lastly, only by the snap of his fingers, they are left alone. Meanwhile, the staff politely waits in the distance as they hide their fear and silently pray that nothing would go wrong, or else there will be no second time for the mistakes.

‘‘Sir, I beg your pardon. But what is the meaning of this?’’ Akira asks as he cannot figure out what to do with the prepared omelet rice.

As Shiki observes his subordinate with amusement, he replies ‘‘Go ahead and try it.’’.

When he follows the given orders, Akira takes a small bite. To his surprise, it’s much better than he expected. Even his eyes sparkle with pure excitement. That joy is noticeable in his voice “It’s good.”

For sure, seeing his secretary happy about something makes him proud.

While Akira continues to dig into his favorite dish, Shiki comments “I knew you would like it. Because you used to be fond of this flavor Solids.”.

“Did I? But at least it had the most decent taste. Even if they were no match for the real thing.” The silver-haired secretary quickly answers.

Suddenly, he widens his eyes as Shiki’s hand reaches him. The dark-haired man explains “Did you forget about the table manners? You got some rice on your face.”.

When they are done with their meal, Shiki asks in a serious tone “What happened to you today? Did anyone bother you?”.

As Akira lowers his gaze, he thinks for a while before replying. Lastly, he confesses “He keeps haunting me in my dreams. The boy wearing a coverall and swinging the machete like a madman threatens to kill me. I feel like I knew him and whatever happened between us was my fault.”.

After a brief pause, Shiki addresses him “So, this is what concerns you... Tsk, at least it’s nothing life-threatening. Haven’t I told you not to think about the others, and focus on me? How long has it bothered you?”.

“As far as I can recall, a couple of years. I’m sorry for keeping this secret from you. I thought I can get over it without bothering you.” Akira instantly answers.

Lastly, the dark-haired man remarks “I see... Perhaps, I should monitor you during your sleep and keep that impostor away from you. Tonight, you’ll stay over at my mansion. Any objections?’’.

‘‘No, no at all, sir. Contrary, I would be more than glad to protect and stay by your side, even after my duties.’’ Akira replies.

‘‘To take enough of rest.’’ Shiki corrects him. Noticing his subordinate’s gaze on the scolded puppy is a suitable answer.

In the end, his secretary, who follows a strict schedule outside the workplace, monitors him. Although, the next morning Akira will behave as if nothing happened today. However, making his most precious possession smile becomes Shiki’s new highest reached achievement, even greater than conquering and ruling Japan by his iron fist.

A/N: 'Right, since it is over, the only thing is left for this month is working on YO Forums writing challenge (I don't really wanna, 'cos I'm a bit burned out for OC content... but now it's more like preparing homework and delivering to the veteran writers who give a feedback to improve)

A-anyway, if I ever gonna work on this pairing again, I might go for one-shot set after Shiki's good ending. But it depends what kind of writing prompt await in the future.
So, until then - See you next time!~

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