Anon E. Mus: Furry Hunter Season 1

BY : Magmos
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A camera comes on and starts panning around, showing off an island with various jungles and a massive mountain in the shape of a gorilla head. After holding on the island for a moment, a voice started to speak.

“Kong Island is a magical place when you get right down to it. Luscious jungles untouched by modern society, ancient temples dedicated to cultures long since past. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about.”

The camera then cuts to inside a forest, it’s focus on the trees towering above. Zooming in further, a Gorilla wearing a necktie, and a monkey with a red and yellow T-shirt and baseball cap swing by on vines.

“Yes, deep in these forests live the species known as Kong. The males tend to resemble the various types of simians found on Earth, ranging from Apes, orangutans, and so on. The females on the other hand though…”

The screen then changes to show a new figure. This one looking more like a human with chimpanzee like features, primarily the hands and feet, with the face managing a good balance between the two to look noticeably inhuman, while still being quite appealing with the bright pink lipstick and violet colored eyeshadow and shoulder length blonde hair on the top of her head. Her body in particular managed to serve as a perfect blend between the two with a curvy hourglass figure with breasts large enough to smother just about anyone’s face and hips wide enough to be used as handholds, coated in a layer of brown fur thick enough to hide any skin aside from her breasts and crotch.

“The evolutionary divergence among the women of the Kong isles are quite large, making them a perfect subject for our show!”

The screen changes once more, showing a human of above average height and dressed in a stereotypical safari outfit.

Next to him stood a much shorter and curvy woman with bat like ears and wings. Her head was mostly covered with shoulder length white hair, her large, heavy lidded eyes coated in dark blue eye shadow. Despite being so short, her body was nothing short of full, with an hourglass figure that gave her large breasts, handholds for hips, an ass that was nothing short of squeezable, and firm yet soft thighs. She was dressed primarily in black latex with the portion wrapped around her heaving tits being a dark pink shade and pattered to look like a valentine’s heart, the two bumps on the top being what covered her breasts while still exposing a generous amount of cleavage. Her hands and feet were both covered in white gloves and high heeled, thigh high boots respectively with the main stand out being what looked to be pink rings around the gloves armholes, and a pair of pink hearts on the toes of the boots.

The man gestured to himself and his female partner before continuing. “I’m Anon, and this is my partner, bodyguard, and camerawoman Rouge!”

The bat woman chimed in with a sensual tone, her right hand tracing over the top of her breasts. “And together we travel the multiverse, finding the most exotic of animal women out there and enjoying the age old pass time of this and that.”

The duo then struck a simultaneous pose, gesturing towards the center of the screen as they both shouted excitedly, “Because this is!”

The screen then fills with letters falling from above and below, each letter alternating between an animal’s roar and a sensual moan as they settle into position, eventually forming the show’s title.

“Furry Hunters!”

Season One, Episode 1: Kong Island's Candy


The screen shifted, now showing Anon marching ahead in a jungle, hacking away at the underbrush with a machete. The camera bounced slightly as it kept pace with him rather well. After a moment, Anon turned to the screen.

“Now, for beginner Furry fanatics, Kong Island makes for an odd kind of beginner’s hunting ground. The entire area ranges from relatively livable to impossibly dangerous due to a number of factors. For starters,”

He then gestured upward, signaling for Rouge to fly the camera upwards and out of the foliage, eventually revealing large grey ruins off in the distance. Anon’s voice chimed in once more over a radio.

“You have ancient ruins clogged with enough traps to make Indiana Jones walk away,”

The camera moved, turning to the side before stopping on a mountain riddled with mining caves.

“Long abandoned mine shafts which would give you a long time to wave good bye after one bad step,”

The camera moved once again, this time stopping at a large lake where an overall wearing orangutan Kong was swimming happily, only to be eaten in one gulp by a massive shark jumping out of the water from under it.

“And don’t even get me started on the water.”

Her job complete, Rouge flew back down, focusing once more on Anon who had now cleared away a good bit of brush.

“Funnily enough,” Anon continued on, “ safest place to be on this island is in what would be one of the most dangerous places if we back on Earth, the jungle.”

With one final swipe, Anon cleared out the last of the brush blocking the view, showing a number of Kongs running around, swinging on ropes, and blasting themselves out of barrels. The camera then refocused on Anon.

“Indeed, within these trees life can outright thrive quite easily, as the Kong species has aptly shown. “ A loud snapping noise rang out as Anon’s face twisted in agony, his voice straining as he desperately tried not to yell out. Lifting his foot, he revealed a tiny crocodile with an oversized head had clamped it’s mighty jaws on his foot.

“Of course,” he squeaked out, “even the safest places can have their threats.”

Rouge’s giggles could be heard as the human struggled with pulling the small reptile off his foot.


The scene then changed to show the human and bat girl sitting around a campfire, Rouge looking concerned as Anon tried his best to look wise.

“But Anon,” the busty bat babe began in mock concern, “where does the easy part of this come into play? I mean, this place is so dangerous, why would anyone come here just to get laid?”

“Well my dear Rouge, that’s actually quite simple.” Anon answered before reaching somewhere off camera and pulling down a pull down map sheet, showing the anatomy of a male human and the standard gorilla Kong. He then pointed toward the Kong pelvis which detailed a VERY noticeable difference between him and the human. “You see, much like Earth primates, the average Kong male is severely…lacking in certain aspects. Indeed, even a human operating with the world’s cruelest handicap has Kong men beat by a country mile.”

Rouge looked curious at hearing that. “Okay, but size isn’t everything right? I know I’ve been with men that were hung like moose that wouldn’t know how to actually pleasure a lady with it if you gave them written instructions.”

Anon let out a sad sigh as he pulled down another screen, this one blank. After a quick second, a video projected on the screen. The video depicted a Kong woman, just as curvy as the one in the opening, clad in a dark pink one-piece swimsuit, leaning over a fallen tree trunk with her ass in the air and reading a magazine.

Suddenly, a gorilla type Kong man entered the scene, his erection bobbing in the air at its full one inch mast. Without so much as a care, the man walked up to the woman, pulled her swimsuit to the side, and thrust forward, knocking her upwards from the force. He then pulled back and thrust forward again, this time throwing his head back and letting out a primal roar. The woman, still focused on her reading material, just rolled her eyes and spun a finger around in a mocking, celebratory manner. His job done, the Kong man pulled back and ran off, hollering away all the while the woman just readjusted her outfit before walking off with an annoyed grumbling.

As the film flicked off, Anon just shook his head at the sight. “You see Rouge, the average Kong male is a two pump chump.”

“Oh my god!” the white haired bat cried out in played up shock and horror. “Those poor women!”

“Indeed.” Anon spoke sternly before a wide smile broke out on his face. “But their loss is our gain! Because the men are so utterly lackluster as lovers, most Kong women are, to put it bluntly, thirsty ass sluts who’ll give it up at the drop of a hat at the first chance of anything better!”

Rouge then began bouncing up and down in her seat, coincidentally causing other parts of her to bounce with her. “Oooh! And what about women?”

The human adventurer just pointed back at the screen as a new film started up. The new video showed the previous Kong woman, now completely nude as she and another, smaller, simian woman were wrapped in a passionate kiss. Their sizable breasts mashed against one another and their tongues mingled and their pelvises ground against each other.

As the film flickered off, Anon continued. “Because the men are lacking, or more uncaring than anything, most Kong ladies are NOT adverse to taking care of each other’s needs.” He then pulled on the screen and let it go, sending it flipping off. “With all these factors combined, Kong women can officially be listed as D Class difficulty in seducing, and C class risk to your health!”

Rouge looked positively giddy now. “Okay, so when do we start hunting!?”

A loud ringing caused the bat woman to gain a confused look on her face while Anon just looked knowing.

“Right now.” The human spoke plainly.


Anon dashed forward through already mashed down foliage as the ringing grew louder and louder until he reached the source, a large cage covered in a bit of plant life. Inside the cage stood a Kong woman who looked more than a little embarrassed to be caught in such a manner.

She stood a fair bit taller than Anon, with thick blonde hair that reached the top of her shoulders with equally long bangs covering the sides of her face. She was clad in pink hot pants and a pink tank top with string shoulder straps with the word Candy printed on the front. Her figure was nothing short of curvaceous with breasts that stood larger than her head and jiggled with every motion, a plush ass that spilled out of the shorts, and hips that could knock you for a loop if she bumped you with them.

Seeing the simian woman in the cage, the camera focused on Anon with no small amount of incredulation coming from Rouge.

“Really?” The camerawoman said flatly. “She fell for this cliché of all things?”

Anon had the good decency to look more than a little ashamed at seeing this particular trick work out for him. “Well, for most people this wouldn’t work and Kongs in general are certainly smart enough that this REALLY shouldn’t have worked, but there’s one way to ensure even the brightest of this species can fall for tricks this obvious.”

He then pointed toward the cage’s floor. Rouge zoomed in, showing a pile of large banana peels that had clearly very recently held the potassium laced snacks. She then focused on the caged gorilla woman who turned away and blushed in no small amount of shame at having fallen for this.

“Okay,” Rouge spoke as she looked over the caged Kong’s figure with an approving eye. “We have her, so how do we have fun together?”

Anon walked over to the front of the cage and began fiddling with the locks. “Well, it needs to be said that all Kongs are incredibly strong, even if they don’t look it. So it’s important to make sure she knows she’s in no danger.” With a loud click, the door opened wide and Anon and the camera both jumped back, allowing the woman inside to walk out at her leisure.

Now free of the cage, the Kong woman looked at the two with an eyebrow raised, and crossed her arms under her breasts, clearly waiting for them to make the next move. Anon turned to the camera with a large smile on his face.

“This is good! She’s letting us make the first move!”

“Okay,” Rouge said cautiously, “So, what do we do?”

Rather than answer, Anon just turned back to the lady before them and gestured to himself. “Anon.” He said before gesturing to the camera. “Rouge.” He finally gestured toward the Kong woman, expecting her to state her name. Said lady just rolled her eyes before gesturing toward her strained shirt, placing focus on the word on the front.

“Okay, Candy. Great!” Anon spoke cheerfully before unbuckling his belt and fiddling with the front of his pants.”

“Whoa, what!?” Rouge shouted as the camera focused on Anon again. “We just introduce ourselves, and now you take off your pants!?”

Anon just smiled as he dropped his trousers, revealing his sizable though still flaccid dick, and gestured back towards Candy. The camera shifted and saw the blonde Kong now staring at Anon with wide eyes, and a little drool trickling down her mouth. She then strode over towards Anon, stopping inches from him. She then slowly, almost reverently, reached out towards the human’s member and began gently stroking the shaft, her face in awe of what she was seeing.

“Heh heh.” Anon chuckled as his right hand reached forward and began to gently massage Candy’s left tit, drawing an appreciative moan from the blonde woman. “Like I said, Kong ladies are so starved for good sex that it doesn’t take much to get them going.”

If Anon had anything else to add to the subject, he was cut off quickly by Candy grabbing the back of his head and pulling it towards her’s, Anon’s lips quickly becoming enveloped by Candy’s much larger mouth which managed to completely cover his mouth and a good bit beyond. With a shrug of his shoulders, Anon simply tried to return the smothering kiss as best as he could by latching onto Candy’s intruding tongue and suckling on the wriggling organ, drawing a happy moan from the Kong Lady.

“Ohh,” Rouge moaned out as she zoomed in on Candy literally sucking Anon’s face. “I think she likes you Anon.” Zooming back out, the camera could see Anon’s free hand moving down Candy’s well toned, fur coated stomach before stopping at her skin tight shorts. After a bit of dexterous fiddling, he managed to unbuckle her belt and open up the front enough for his hands to slide inside and slowly insert his middle finger into her soaking depths.

Candy’s reaction was instant. Her eyes shot wide open and she let out a muffled scream as her hands released their grasp on Anon’s member in favor of his shoulders in a desperate attempt to keep her upright while her knees shook wildly. Rouge focused the camera on her crotch, revealing a massive trail of sticky liquid now having soaked her pink shorts and poured down her legs.

As the Kong woman’s orgasm faded, she broke off her kiss with Anon, revealing the lower half of his face to now be coated with a thin smeared layer of Candy’s bright pink lipstick, gasping and wheezing as she tried to catch her breath. With all the tenderness he could manage, Anon laid the ape like woman on her back and began stroking her face.

“You poor thing,” he spoke gently, Candy nuzzling the palm of his hand. “You’ve been pent up for a long while, haven’t you?” Seeing her nod, Anon grabbed the bottom of her shirt and gently pulled it off of her, exposing her massive breasts for the world to see. Despite the lack of support, they stood proud on the Kong woman’s chest, topped with nickel sized and rapidly hardening light brown nipples. “Don’t worry, we’re gonna fix that right now.”

He then leaned down and gave Candy a quick peck on the lips before scotching down till he was face to face with her tits. Where he wanted to be, Anon lowered his head down into the valley in between her breasts and wrapped the soft pillows of flesh around his head as best as he could. The back of his head managed to just out of her cleavage as the human just inhaled deeply, clearly enjoying the sensation of where he was at. Candy meanwhile, just observed what was very odd behavior by her standards.

“Geeze, c’mon Anon.” Rouge grumbled in no small amount of sexual frustration. “It’s not like you don’t play with my titties whenever either of us want, what makes her’s so special?

“Nothing really.” Anon’s muffled voice spoke as clearly as he could before raising his head up. “But you know as well as I do that only a fool doesn’t enjoy a lady to her fullest.” He then latched onto her right nipple and began nursing at the nub, drawing a coo out of Candy as she placed a hand at the back of his head, encouraging him more.

“Can’t really argue with that.” Rouge spoke as she moved closer to the duo, the camera catching her placing a gloved hand on the Kong’s free melon and squeezing gently, tit flesh spilling out from between her fingers. “This little slut’s tits really are something amazing.” Her tone then turned heated. “I can’t wait for my turn with the little lady.”

Anon then began pulling his head back, his lips never letting go of the nipple and causing the breast he was nursing on to stretch out with him. After pulling back a few inches he pushed forward, squishing his face into the tit before letting go and lavishing the fleshy mound with licks and suckling kisses on every inch he could find till he hit the soft fur surrounding them, all the while Candy just cooed and moaned as her legs ground together.

After leaving the squishy mountain covered in saliva and light hickeys, he then trailed over to the other breast, Rouge’s hand pulling away as he went to work repeating what he did in reverse, licking and suckling, moving up to the peak and latching onto the nipple before pressing his face into the soft expanse and pulling back, stretching it out again only this time releasing the nipple with a light pop.

A ravenous grin then formed on his face as her firmly but gently grasped a tit in each hand and squeezed, squishing Candy’s massive amounts of tit flesh upwards. Without warning, his head ducked down once more, ravenously sucking on each nipple, alternating rapidly between the two with wet smacking noises as he let go of one just to start sucking on the other.

After having had his fill of fun playing with the ape-like woman’s titties, Anon scooched up till he was straddling Candy’s chest with his still raging member laying in the valley between the mountains she called breasts.

“So,” he began playfully, “since I get you off, do you mind returning the favor?”

Candy just stared at the throbbing fleshy pillar for a moment before a lustful grin formed on her face and her hands gripped the side of her breasts before pressing them together, burying a good bit of Anon’s dick in her warm, soft mounds. Anon let out a soft groan at the sensation and slowly pushed forward till his hips hit the bottom of Candy’s melons, leaving the tip of his cock poking out the top of her cleavage and pressing against her lips.

Looking down at her face, Anon spoke up. “Hey, don’t think you need to do anything there. I’m perfectly happy with what we’ve got going on here.” Candy just stared at Anon for a moment before leaning forward and giving the tip of his member a quick peck, leaving a bright pink lipstick mark. She then leaned forward more, letting the head of his cock in her mouth before gently sucking on the firm bit of flesh.

“Oh fuck…”Anon groaned happily as his hands gently grabbed Candy’s furred shoulders for leverage. With no small amount of hesitation, he slowly pulled himself back, the tip of his member leaving the Kong Lady’s mouth with a wet smack as Candy kept making sucking noises, clearly wanting Anon to put his dick back. Her wishes were quickly granted as Anon thrust back forward, letting the Kong woman nurse on him a bit before pulling back and repeating the process. Slowly, his thrusting began to pick up speed. His pelvis and thighs slapping against the bottom of Candy’s breasts began to sound like clapping every time he bottomed out as he began to sweat and pant, Candy’s grip on the sides keeping the jiggling of her breasts to a minimum though not for lack of trying.

“Getting close Anon?” Rouge taunted her human partner playfully, her gloved hand seen on the camera reaching out and slapping his ass. “Go ahead and cum stud. Look at Candy. She WANTS it. Probably more than you do right now.” Focusing the camera on the Kong Woman’s face revealed the truth in Rouge’s statement. She’d given up on sucking on Anon’s dick due to the speed and was now keeping her large mouth wide open with her tongue laid out like a red carpet, eagerly waiting for the creamy load. “Do it Anon! Cum for her! Cum on that pretty face and those big tits! Paint her!”

“Shit…” Anon growled through grit teeth, trying desperately to hold back and enjoy those wonderful breasts for a bit longer. All for naught as one final thrust into Candy’s cleavage triggered a familiar tightening sensation in his scrotum. As his hips hit the bottom of Candy’s breasts, his member expanded slightly before firing off a long white sticky rope of cum directly into Candy’s mouth. Said woman’s mouth quickly clamped shut, swallowing the hot load with a surprising amount of glee.

The second shot of hot jizz however, was quite unexpected for the young woman.

Candy’s eyes widened as the second shot of cum hit her right across her face, making a straight line dow the center between her blue orbs. A third and fourth shot followed, nailing her in the chin with everything else painting the area above her chest, as well as her breasts as Anon pulled back and aimed at her glorious melons, with the white goo.

“Holy shit…” Anon wheezed out as he sat beside the still stunned Candy, the Kong woman quite clearly not used to seeing someone shoot out this much seed. “Oh you are WASTED on Kongs Candy. Tits this fine makes me wish I could support a harem.  I’d bring you back with me in a second!”

As Candy beamed slightly from the praise, the screen suddenly shook from Rouge shoving the camera in Anon’s hands before shoving Anon himself off the Kong lady. As the screen settled, it showed the bat girl now straddling Candy’s chest and looking down at the taller woman with an odd hunger. “Yeah, yeah, save the pillow talk when you’re actually laying on a pillow will ya? It’s time for the cleanup crew to do her thing!”

Rouge then leaned down toward Candy’s face before sticking out her surprisingly long tongue and licking a long trail along the blonde’s cheek, lapping up a streak of Anon’s semen as she went. After gathering up a mouthful, she swallowed the load with an exaggerated gulp before going for a second trip. The second time however, rather than swallow the creamy load, she mashed her lips against Candy’s, forcing the Kong woman’s mouth open with a French kiss and letting the cooling cum slide into the simian woman’s mouth. Candy, for her part, eagerly returned the kiss, and gulped down the mouthful of cum eagerly.

As Candy finished gulping down her treat, the white haired woman pulled back with a sultry smile and a lick of her lips which Candy matched with her own. “There we go,” she cooed, “one for me, one for you. That’s fair, right?” The Kong lady nodded and grabbed a hold of the back of the bat woman’s head, pulling her closer to another area where the human seed had landed. Not needing any coaxing, Rouge eagerly returned to work, lapping up every inch of cum on Candy’s face and alternating who got to swallow it.

As she finished cleaning the simian woman’s face, Rouge trailed downward  toward’s Candy’s breasts, continuing her work though now hogging all the jizz for herself (mostly out of continence rather than greed, as it would be a bit of a hassle for the shorter woman to make the trek back and forth between Candy’s face and her tits) as she licked and slurped at the soft mounds, making sure to take a few moments to suckle at Candy’s now diamond hard, dark brown nipples. As she finished, Rouge took a few moments to nuzzle her face in Candy’s cleavage, making sure the mounds wrapped around her head while said simian lady gently stroked Rouge’s white locks.

“Didn’t you get onto me for that?” Anon said playfully as he positioned the camera behind the bat girl, making sure her plush ass was just as visible as Candy’s tits.

“Mmm.” Rouge moaned as she pulled back. “Fair enough, I apologize. I just didn’t know how great these gals were! I could use this girl as a pillow any day!”

“Well, have you fun, but be quick about it eh?” Anon chuckled before giving Rouge a light slap on her jiggling latex clad ass. “The audience is waiting for the fun part.”

Rouge’s head shot up in excitement. “Oooh! That’s right!” She then looked Candy in the eye, a mischievous smirk on her face. “You are in for a treat big girl!” The camera shook as Rouge all but tackled Anon, snagging the camera and flying up then down, focusing on Candy’s pink denim wearing pelvis.

Without a word, Anon unbuckled Candy’s belt and undid the front of her pants before dragging the denim clothing down and off her feet before tossing them away without a care. He then reached down to her now bare and dripping snatch and began gently stroking her pussy lips with a thumb, causing Candy to squirm and whimper.

Smiling at her reaction, Anon pulled back a bit, placing his hands on her soft furred thighs and thrusting his hips forward. His dick pressed against her entrance for a brief moment before slipping upwards, rubbing against her clit and causing a gasp to escape the Kong lady’s lips. Eventually he stopped, his member now resting on Candy’s stomach just under her belly button.

The blonde woman looked down at the raging erection with no small amount of nervousness. With one shaking hand, she reached down and rubbed the head of Anon’s dick, the difference between Anon and a Male Kong now truly sinking in. Just as she was starting to think about backing out, Rouge gently stroked her face, drawing her focus to the bat girl.

“It’s okay sweetie.” Rouge cooed gently. “I promise, Anon stretching you out is gonna make you feel better than you ever have before.”

With a hesitant nod, Candy looked back at Anon and spread her legs as wide as she could, freeing up Anon’s hands and giving him an easy target. The human then looked up at the camera as he adjusted his hips.

“Now, for the comfort of your partner it’s important to go slow. Kong ladies are used to one inchers after all, and getting used to a larger partner can take a bit.” Properly lined up, he slowly thrust his hips forward, gently sliding into Candy’s pink folds as said blonde moaned loudly from feeling so filled for the first time in her life.

When he was halfway in, Anon stopped, opting to gently rub Candy’s stomach which was now bulging slightly. “Now, at this point it’s important to let the lady take the lead. If this is her first time with a non Kong partner, you’re gonna be hitting areas she’s not used to, so remembeRRR!” Looking behind him, Anon could see Candy’s hand-like feet now grasping onto his ass. Turning back to said Simian Lady, Candy’s face had taken up a heated glare.

Before he could do anything, Candy pulled his hips forward, hilting him into her depths in one strong pull, clapping their hips together with a slap that was almost as loud as their moans. Candy’s hands then wrapped around Anon’s head and pulled him in close, mashing their lips together again (though this time NOT enveloping his mouth) and muffling their moans as her legs moved back and forth, lifting Anon’s ass with them as she made him fuck her.

“Lesson learned kids,” Rouge chimed in as she watched Anon’s hips move without his control. “furry ladies can always surprise you.”

“Mmmph” Anon murmured in agreement before the need for air forced Candy to release the liplock, leaving the lovers panting and moaning loudly, Anon in particular gritting his teeth. “In the case of Kong women, it’s more than just the extra hands!” He let out a relived hiss as his hips were pulled back again only to groan out almost painfully as Candy forced him back in. “Due to how lacking male Kongs are in this department, lady Kongs are all virgin tight. GYAH!” He screamed in shock as Candy began to pick up the tempo, clapping their hips together more rapidly as the simian lady began panting and hooting in arousal, her hands now gouging out lines in the dirt as she clawed at it.

Then, with a feral growl, her monkey like feet unlatched from Anon’s ass before Candy proceeded to flip herself and Anon, leaving the human on his back and the ape woman straddling him. She then grabbed his head and pulled it in between her heaving tits before leaping upward into the trees. The screen just stared at the direction Candy went for a moment before Rouge let out a laugh.

“So, what do you folks at home wanna bet?”

The screen then shook as Rouge flew herself and the camera up to where the rutting couple went. After a few leaves were cleared away, it showed Candy and Anon still in mid coitus, the Kong woman’s hands and feet now clinging to a branch as she thrust her hips back and forth while Anon clung onto the taller woman for dear life as his own hips tried to mirror Candy’s motions as their hips clapped together, all the while candy let out bestial hoots and moans, clearly more than a little feral in her fuck frenzy.

Finally, Candy grit her teeth as her pussy lips clamped down and she let out a primal screech, her snatch practically spewing fluids as she came harder than she ever had in her life. Anon followed suite with his own roar as his balls tightened before firing off rope after rope into Candy’s gushing folds and filling her to the point of flooding out, his seed mixed with her fluids. As the high left her, Candy smiled warmly, let out a happy sigh, and wrapped her arms around Anon in a gentle cuddle.

Unfortunately, in her now fuck addled mind, she’d forgotten she was clinging to a tree.

As they fell, Rouge let out a yelp and darted forward the falling lovers, the camera going right with her and causing the screen to shake wildly. As it settled down, it now showed Rouge looking down as her free hand grabbed hold of what she could of one of Candy’s arms, the three now lowering at a much slower and safer rate. As they reached the ground, the bat girl released her grip, letting Anon and Candy fall to the grass with a soft thump. Amusingly, the Kong woman didn’t seem to notice, too focused on cuddling with her human lover.

“Heh, sorry Rouge.” Anon uttered apologetically while one of his hands gently stroked Candy’s fur covered back. “Kong ladies tend to get pretty affectionate after a good fucking, and they’re durable enough that a good fall from a tree isn’t going to phase mmph.” Anon found himself being cutoff as the lustful Kong lady once again smothered his mouth with her own again, which Anon returned as best as he could.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s great.” Rouge grumbled as she tossed the camera at Anon, who managed to catch it easily before pointing it at the busty bat babe. With the screen now focused on her, the bat woman reached down to the sides of her top before yanking down the pink part, revealing her own tits to the world with glorious bouncing. With little pause, she then reached behind her and unzipped the back of her latex outfit. She then grabbed the front of her clothes and, with a move that would have any magician nod their head in approval, yanked the pink and black ensemble off with one pull (somehow leaving her boots and gloves on) revealing her full figured body. Her body was thicker than Candy’s, but in a way that better accented her curves, leaving the bat woman as the curvier of the two with larger breasts, wider hips, a fuller ass, and thighs that managed to be thick but avoiding fat by a wide margin, all of it covered in a thin layer of tan fur aside from a pair of dark brown nipples topping her breasts and her soaking pussy.

Now bared to the world, Rouge strut towards the two lovers with a blatant swing in her hips and a bounce in her tits as she walked. As soon as she reached the duo, she grabbed Anon by his shoulders and, in a stunning display of the strength in her short form, lifted the human man off the Kong woman with ease, breaking off their kiss with a wet pop, before tossing the human a few feet to the side and allowing him to better record what was happening.

Candy, still a bit fuck dazed, just grasped at open air clearly not happy that her fuck buddy had been taken away. Said grasping stopped as Rouge grabbed hold of the ape woman’s face and turned her head so that she and the bat girl were looking each other in the eye.

“My turn you sexy thing.” Rouge whispered before mashing her own lips against Candy’s once more. The two women moaned happily as their tongues wrapped around one another while Candy rolled around a bit so that she was now lying on her back. Rouge quickly took advantage of the shift by positioning herself on top of the Kong lady, their massive breasts mashing against each other as she pressed against the taller woman while Rouge ground her snatch against Candy’s stomach,  leaving behind a sticky and slimy trail with every rotation of her hips.

Wanting more, Candy tried to wrap her arms around Rouge only for the shorter woman to grab her wrists and pin them to either side of the blonde’s head. Rouge then broke the kiss with a smug smirk as she gazed into Candy’s shocked face.

“Surprised?” The white haired bat cooed to the blonde gorilla. “I’m a lot stronger then I look.” She then squeezed Candy’s sides with her legs, causing the larger woman to let out a slightly pained groan. “I can break steel with these legs you sexy little thing, somehow I don’t think you’re quite up to that level.” She then leaned down and began whispering into Candy’s ear with a lusty tone. “Anon may have been willing to let you use him to get yourself off cause how hard up you Kong ladies are for a good fuck, but I’m not Anon. I LIKE to be in charge.”

 Candy’s breathing quickened, clearly a bit excited by how dominating Rouge was. Said bat smiled warmly as she felt herself rise and fall. “Oh? You like that idea huh? Well since I’m not one of those useless Kong men I’ll make a deal with you. If you’re a good girl and get me off, I’ll make sure you get off too, deal?”

Candy just nodded rapidly, her legs squirming in anticipation. In response, Rouge tenderly stroked the Kong lady’s face before lifting herself up, turning herself around till she was staring down at the Kong woman’s bare tits, and moving till she was standing above Candy’s face, her pussy inches above Candy’s lips and dripping nectar onto the taller girl.

“Well?” Rouge asked playfully. “You’ve been with other girls, haven’t you? You know what to do.”

Licking her lips to taste what had fallen on them; Candy’s eyes widened at the sweet taste before she leaned upwards and began rapidly licking at Rouge’s lower lips in a desperate attempt to get at more of the precious fluids. Rouge let out a happy moan at the sensation as her hips rocked a bit to help Candy lick at various spots she missed.

“Wow.” Anon muttered as he saw the display. “Bit of a sloppy eater, isn’t she.”

“Oh yeah,” Rouge moaned as her eyes closed in bliss. “But points for effort. Haven’t had someone this eager to eat me out since the first time you fucked me Anon.” The screen then zoomed in to focus on Rouge’s pussy showing Candy’s large tongue lapping away at the twitching folds, never trying to enter instead just rubbing against every inch of the bat girl’s dripping snatch, each stroke rubbing against Rouge’s now twitching clit.

“Doesn’t look like she has much of a choice.” Anon spoke as he gently rubbed Rouge’s ass, helping to lower her further onto Candy’s face. “That tongue of her’s is a bit too big to do much maneuvering in that tight little pussy of yours.”

“Mmm.” Rouge moaned as she slowly lowered herself, feeling her lower half smother more and more of the Kong woman’s face. She then looked down with a smirk at Candy’s heaving tits. Without warning the woman who’s face she was straddling, the busty bat babe reached out and grasped the large melons and gently squeezed them, boob flesh spilling out between her gloved fingers as Candy’s rock hard nipples dug into her palms.

“Mmmm!” Candy moaned as her legs squirmed, trying desperately to get herself off. Feeling more than a little sympathy for the randy young lady, Anon leaned over and whispered into her ear.

“Her ass is REALLY sensitive.”

Candy paused in her moments for a brief moment before giving the human an OK gesture and, with that same hand, rearing back and giving one of Rouge’s jiggly ass cheeks a hard and loud slap.


“EEEE!?” Rouge squealed from the sudden and VERY enjoyable shock. “What do you think you’re…”

(SMACK!) went Candy’s other hand as she slapped Rouge’s other cheek, sending a ripple across the busty bat babe’s beautiful bountiful booty.

“AH!” Rouge shrieked again, now turning to playfully glare at the still slurping away Candy. “Oh, you wanna play rough then big girl? I can do that!” Rouge then dropped her ass down completely, smothering as much of the Kong woman’s face as she could and grinding away, all while roughly manhandling Candy’s tits.

The taller woman wasn’t deterred however, now rapidly slapping Rouge’s ass like a set of bongos, actually managing to get a solid rhythm going amusingly enough. As she did so, her licking at the shorter girl’s folds became more frenzied and frantic, desperately lapping up every drop of the sweet fluids dripping out. Opting to help the Kong woman out a bit, Anon slurped at his free middle finger, slathering it with spit before moving toward’s Rouge’s quaking ass and pressing the digit against her twitching rosebud.

“Huh?” Said bat baby gasped out. “What…Anon, what are you…AAAAAGH!”

Rouge screamed as Anon plunged his finger into her ass as deep as he could, causing Rouge to cum hard, her fluids pouring onto Candy’s face much to the blonde’s joy as she suckled and licked at every drop she could. In yet another rather inspiring show of strength, Rouge managed to stay upright as her body shivered through her orgasm.

“Oh fuck…”Rouge panted as her shaking began to subside. “You…you know I’m gonna get you back for that, right Anon?”

“Kinda had to do something hot stuff.” Anon defended himself as he pushed the Bat girl off the Ape girl’s face. “you were almost suffocating the poor girl.”

Looking down, Rouge could indeed see that Candy was looking more than a little out of it, her breath coming in deep gasping breaths as her eyes stared out without focus. Any guilt that she may have felt however was buried by the happy grin on the blonde woman’s face as she mindlessly licked her lips, trying to enjoy as much of Rouge’s flavor as she could.

“Doesn’t look like she minded.” Rouge stated shamelessly as she gave Candy’s tits one last, now gentle, squeeze. She then crawled down Candy’s body, making sure to lay light kisses on every inch of bare skin on her breasts and stomach as she could as she passed, eventually moving down till her head was between her knees. “Still, a deals a deal. She got me off, now to do the same for her.”

Without another word, Rouge placed her boot clad feet on Candy’s hips and pushed the larger woman onto her left side, keeping her still heaving and now bouncing breasts in view of the camera. She then grabbed onto Candy’s now elevated right leg and lifted it up, resting the back of Candy’s knee onto her shoulder and allowing the smaller woman to scotch forward till her still damp pussy touched Candy’s own soaked snatch.

“AH!” Candy gasped in shock, her own nerves more than a little strung out from arousal and the sudden pleasurable sensation. She shuddered slightly, a mini orgasm flowing through her shaking form.

“So sensitive!” Rouge cooed before grinding their pussies against one another, drawing another sharp moan out of Candy. “I could probably get you off by flapping my wings on you, couldn’t I sweety? Just flap some wind on those big old titties of yours and make you cream those slutty little shorts!”

If the brown furred woman was listening she didn’t show it, instead opting to grope and paw at her breasts. “OOH! AH! AH!” she panted, drool trailing down her mouth as her eyes looked to the trees in a mindless haze.

A haze that cleared significantly as Anon moved in front of her, his once again full erection bobbing in front of her face.

“Oh for fuck’s sake Anon,” Rouge groaned out in annoyance as she stopped her grinding, “Can’t you wait till I get a turn riding Candy here?”

“Sorry Rouge,” Anon said sheepishly as he pressed the tip of his dick against the Kong lady’s cheek, leaving a trail of pre-cum as he moved back, “but you know how I get when I see you with other ladies. Remember that Rabbot girl?”

The bat girl just rolled her eyes. “Fine, have your fun. Just save some stamina for the finale huh? I want at least two loads in me by the time we’re done!”

Anon just smirked as the Kong woman leaned forward, her mouth quickly enveloping his member down to the base. “Don’t worry Rouge, between you and Candy here I’m pretty certain I’m not stopping any time soon.” He then let out a loud groan as the blonde began nursing at the pillar of flesh filling her mouth, her tongue wrapping around a good bit of it.

“You’d better.” Rouge growled out as she resumed scissoring Candy.

The trio continued on like this, Rouge and Anon thrusting into Candy with Candy just enjoying what was easily the best ride she’d ever been on. Every time her partners thrust forward, they did so at the same time. It was almost as though the human was trying to cram his dick through her to get to the bat! Harder and harder the duo fucked her as best as they were able, Rouge and Candy’s tits and asses jiggling with every impact like ocean waves. Candy’s hands and feet clenched tightly every time Rouge rubbed against her clit or Anon hilted himself in her mouth.

“Oh shit! Oh fuck!” Rouge panted out as her rocking hips became more frenzied, her clit rubbing against Candy’s own sensitive nub. “Oh Candy! You’re so hot! It’s so hot! I love it! It feels like I’m actually in heat!”

Candy just let out her own happy little moan as she sucked and slurped on Anon’s member, her right hand gently caressing Anon’s dangling and throbbing testicles as she shivered from the sensations of being taken like this.

Finally the trio reached their limit and with one final thrust from the bat and human, Rouge squeezing onto Candy’s leg and Candy’s toes spreading wide as their cum splashed against each other and mixed into a sticky mess while Anon shot round after round of hot jizz into her mouth, Candy’s cheeks bulging from the sheer volume as she desperately tried to swallow the creamy loads only for the flow to burst out from between her lips and drip onto the ground.

Their orgasms subsiding, the furry ladies collapsed into a heap while the human male fell back and plopped down on his ass, all three lovers gasping for breath (With Candy mixing in gulps of cum). As the girls recovered, they both looked towards Anon and saw him still at full mast. With sultry grins, they both slowly crawled towards him, their breasts rocking like pendulums with every movement.

The camera then turned to show Anon’s smirking face. “Well folks, that’s the end of the free content! If you want to see the rest of this episode, you’ll have to subscribe to our Pay-Me-On. Don’t worry though, we’ll be leaving in some clips to show you what you’re missi…”He was cut off by a sudden moan as his eyes rolled upward. Turning the camera he showed Rough and Candy now burying his member in between their mashed together breasts, their fleshy mounds moving up and down as they passionately kissed, Anon’s head in between their lips.

The screen then suddenly cut to static, eventually returning to show the three in a new position for a few seconds before cutting back and forth.

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Rouge leaning into a tree on her palms with Anon plowing her plush ass while Candy suckled at her dangling tits.

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Anon plowing into Candy’s pussy, her legs on his shoulders as he flattened her into a mating press while Rouge once again rode the Kong woman’s face, the human and bat frenching each other hard as they moaned into one another’s mouth.

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Rouge riding Anon’s dick, bouncing up and down as her breasts bounced wildly. Meanwhile Candy straddled the human’s head as he ate her out, both girls moaning loudly as the shook with every motion.

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Finally, the scene settle with Anon, laying flat on his back while Rouge and Candy snuggled up to him. The three were sticky, tired, but clearly quite content with the situation. Finally, Anon opened an eye and looked at the camera.

“And that folks, is how to bed a Kong lady, and what to expect from it.”

“Mmm.” Rouge moaned as she snuggled into Anon’s chest. “I’ve got a few questions if you don’t mind.”

“Shoot.” Anon responded, giving Candy a quick peck to the lips as the blonde Kong practically demanded more attention.

“Well, Candy here has been rather quiet this whole time. I was wondering why she hasn’t been too talkative.”

Human and Kong just stared at the bat for a moment before looking at each other. “Well Candy? Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?”

Candy giggled a bit before agreeing to the request. “Ah, ooh ohh, ah ah. Eeep epp ah oh oh.”

With that, the duo turned back to Rouge before Anon spoke up again. “While Kongs can understand most languages easily enough, actually speaking them is another matter. I think it has something to do with their vocal chords.”

“Ah.” Rouge nodded in understanding. “Well that makes sense. Well secondly, what makes Kong ladies a C ranked risk to health? I mean, I could see a few areas where you could’ve gotten hurt, but it seems like D rank would be more fitting.”

“Well,” Anon began, “because Kong ladies are so thirsty, they tend to jump on any opportunity for a good lay even if they have a partner. Doesn’t really carry any risk for the lady in the equation here, Kongs take a very Viking esque take on their relationships, but the male third wheel tends to have a very bad time afterward.”

As though the universe decided to make Anon’s point for him, a billowing roar echoed through the area, causing the trio to sit upright in shock. Trees shook and fell over as the ground rumbled harder and harder as something charged toward the trio. Finally, out of the brush emerged a very, VERY large and equally angry looking gorilla like creature wearing nothing but a red necktie with the letters DK on it.

With an unreadable expression on his face, Anon turned to Candy. “So…your boyfriend?” Candy just nodded as she pulled away from Anon and moved a few steps back. Turning back to the enraged gorilla, Anon stood up and steeled himself as best as he could. “Alright then, time to earn your paycheck Rouge! Don’t worry, I got your back!” The sound of rustling wind drew Anon’s attention to where Rouge should have been, but now the spot was occupied only by a large wooden sign with words hastily written on it.

“Not enough Emeralds in the Special Zone sweetie”

Turning back, Anon now had a cold sweat as he stared the still more than a little miffed simian in the eye. “You’re gonna hurt me real bad now, ain’t ya?”

The Kong’s response was just a crack of the knuckles.


Dozens of feet above the treeline, Rouge’s still nude form (now holding the camera) flew above an area where the trees were shaking wildly as Anon’s screams of pain flew upwards.


Finally the shaking and screaming stopped for a moment only for the silence to be quickly broken once more as Anon was launched out of the trees and into the air like a missile, the human screaming all the while as he just barely managed to avoid hitting Rouge. Said bat girl then turned the camera, showing her playfully grinning face as Anon faded into the distance.

“Well, I’m afraid that’s all the time we have folks! I gotta go get Anon back from wherever he lands. See you next time on…”

Furry Hunters!

End of Chapter



So…can anyone tell me why Candy Kong smut is so rare? I mean, SNES era Candy I can understand, but after the N64 era I’d think furries would’ve been on her like…well…furries on an Anthro character. On further note, why is Human/furry stuff kinda hard to find? Ah well.

Anyway, this fic is gonna be a bit different from my usual fare. Instead of any chronological order (with one exception) this fic is gonna be updated as inspiration comes and goes, with Anon and Rouge hooking up with various girls from across the multiverse. The closest thing to any real order it’s going to have is a “season” based around the general grouping of the girls with each girl getting a chapter or episode. For example…

Season one: Donkey Kong Girls

Season two: Crash Bandicoot girls

Season three: Conker and Banjo girls

Etc,. Gotta leave SOME surprises, eh? But yeah, no real continuity here, just setup and smut.

BTW: That thing about gorilla dong? It’s true. Look it up. I swear, the things I look up for you people…

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