Where the Temptation of Demon Leads to...

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Disclaimer: This story was made for fun and definitely NOT for making profit or money out of it. Trust me, Mina only sees writing as a hobby and her passion. More important, I do NOT own King of Fighters.

Okay, and it seems that the only way to beat the writer-block is by grabbing random WIP and seeing how it goes. Besides, I've planned self-indulgent OTL content. So, it was inevitable~

So, not sure whenever this is a good yuri, but I was curious to see what exactly happens when you grab the demon by their tail. And yeah, it turns into a hot mess like this x'D

A-anyway, please, don't bonk me and send to the horny jail, 'cos you know that Mina will return much more powerful and buffed xDDD
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It is the middle of the night and everyone, including one blonde nun, is deeply asleep before the new day.

However, the sudden noise of someone opening the windows awakens Goeniko. As she sits and turns the night lamp, she asks in a strict voice ‘‘Who’s there? Show yourself.’’.

After noticing the silver-haired succubus about to climb in through the window, the blue-eyed nun is bewildered once Orochi lifts her head and their eyes meet.

At the moment, the silver demon’s chest bloats as she feverishly breathes. Even she heavily blushes while giving the begging gaze. Another thing that catches the blonde’s eye is the impatiently and shakily waggling tail.

‘‘What… what happened to you? You look terrible! Where in the world have you been gone?’’ Goeniko asks in a concerned voice.

Yet, the succubus only gives a sleepy smile ‘‘I will be fine. Maybe I just picked the wrong prey tonight. So, once I return to my world, I should recover in no time.’’. The second later, Orochi loses her balance and trips over the thin air.

After rushing toward the demon, Goeniko kneels next to her and scolds Orochi ‘‘How can you go anywhere when you are weak like this? You must stay here until you get well. Tell me, how can I help you?’’.

Instead of doing what the servant of the god has said, Orochi cracks a smile and explains ‘‘Are you sure that you can lift a powerful curse? I was lured into a trap set by a demon hunter, who suppressed his energy. I didn’t know he was waiting for me and prepared a magic seal. Unfortunately, as I was about to get his life force, the magic sealed got activated. Not only was I stuck in this form but also I could feel how my power was drained. At least when that fool got close to me, I slashed him with my nails and somehow escaped. However, this time it felt like an impossible distance between that hunter’s place and the monastery.’’.

Suddenly, the blue-eyed nun is startled by the loud moan of the demon. As Orochi shakily hugs herself, a dark purple below her belly. As Goeniko is about to place her hand on her shoulder, the succubus brushes her hand away ‘‘Stay away!’’.

After lowering her head, she continues in a feverish voice ‘‘I don’t want you to get hurt… It’s already getting worse, and I may lose control. I beg you, leave before I give in to my instincts!’’.

However, the blonde only clenches her palms into fists and closes her eyes. Lastly, she speaks up from the bottom of her heart ‘‘How can you say such a thing!? Do you expect me to leave you to suffer? There is no way I abandon you when you are crying out for my help!’’. When she softens her fixated gaze on the glowing cursed seal, Goeniko comments ‘‘I saw a familiar sign in one book I have borrowed from the forbidden section. If it is what I think, it will work out. You only need to believe in me, Orochi.’’.

While Goeniko gently brushes the silver succubus’s cheek and gives a comforting look, Orochi objects ‘‘You may die. Are you sure you want this? I won’t be able to hold back until I get enough life force.’’.

In the end, the blue-eyed nun stares with determination at Orochi and declares her decision ‘‘As long as it will lift the curse and let you return to normal, I don’t mind giving my life to you. So, leave the rest to me.’’.

Of course, even in such a terrible state, the demon can still sense that Goeniko is nervous no matter how hard she hides it. Although, the succubus accepts her offer. Orochi chuckles and replies in a deep tone ‘‘Fair enough. If that is what you wish. However, aren’t you afraid you may get into trouble by waking anyone up with your adorable voice?~’’.

‘‘Everyone is deeply asleep, and by the time they realize to check it, you will be gone to your world. Isn’t it right? A-anyway, let me help you walk to the bed and get comfortable.’’ The blonde backfires in a polite yet shy tone.

‘For sure, this human will never cease to amaze me.’ Or so, Orochi wonders as she takes the blonde’s hand.

When the demon sits on the bed and carefully leans against the wall, the blonde joins her. This time, Goeniko is the one who shows initiative.

‘Orochi mentioned she can feed even in the human realm by using the tail. If I’m not mistaken, it should be enough, is that correct? But what should I with that tail when it moves like this?’ Or so, the blonde thinks to herself as she cannot remove her eyes from the impatient tail demanding attention.

Suddenly, her guard is caught by the succubus ‘‘You are doubting. Can you handle this?’’.

That’s it! Finally, even if Goeniko is unsure what will happen next, her curiosity takes over her. She has to know what happens if she touches the forbidden tail.

After she grasps Orochi’s tail, she widens her eyes at the sudden amorous cry.

‘‘Does it hurt?’’ The blonde asks in a concerned tone.

Just as the blue-eyed nun is about to release it, the succubus places her hand on her palm and holds it.

When Goeniko lifts her head, she notices the demanding and flaring passionate gaze. The tormented creature is speechless and only deeply breathes.

After the blonde delightfully smiles, she realizes she is right about her theory. Lastly, she comments ‘‘Is it already that unbearable? Please, endure it for a bit longer. It will be over soon.’’.

As the blonde gently strokes the tail, she can feel how Orochi throws her arms around her shoulders and presses her breasts against her.

When the succubus rests her head on her shoulder and purrs, it becomes harder for Goeniko to concentrate on her current task. Besides, this is her first time seeing Orochi vulnerable like this. That’s why she has to focus on relieving her pain and nothing else. Or this is how the blonde convinces herself while listening to the sighs and sweet groaning noises.

More so, the blue-eyed nun didn’t know that the succubus’ tail was so smooth and warm. It is so pleasant to touch too. Lastly, the blonde checks one more thing.

After bringing the sensitive tail in front of her, Goeniko’s one hand continues to take care of this limb while with another one, she brushes the tip between her fingers and thumb. Even this heart-shaped part is as soft.

She cannot have enough of enjoying to touch it. Besides, judging from the Orochi’s whimpering, the succubus also likes the given attention.

Eventually, the demon spreads her precious human’s legs by slowly sinking her knee under Goeniko while she sits on her lap. The blue-eyed nun thinks Orochi is trying to make herself comfortable.

However, when her lap rubs against her private regions, it awakens the same thrill and thirst as the first time the demon fed on her. Despite that, it was a long time ago, but her body still remembers the touch of the Orochi and responding to it.

Lastly, the sudden realization that such a gesture is just the demon’s desperate begging to be relieved.

‘‘You poor thing… If you keep doing it, I may go crazy as well.’’ Goeniko addresses the succubus in a shivery voice, as she can feel that her head is already dizzy and filled with cotton. Nevertheless, she sinks her fingertips into the fluffy silver hair and carefully ruffles her hair.

Yet, the blonde doesn’t expect that she has fallen into Orochi’s trap. Goeniko widens her eyes as something soft presses against her lips. Soon enough, the blonde blissfully closes her eyes and allows her partner to do as she wishes.

In between lovely sighs and soft cries, the demon slowly dominated the servant of god and the blonde is losing her mind. But it’s fine. As long as Orochi gets well, that should be more than enough. Or so, she believes.

Meanwhile, one Orochi moves her palm on the blonde’s head and sinks her fingers inside, as the other searches for Goeniko’s hand. After finding it, the fluffy silver-haired demon holds her hand. Lastly, as their fingers intermingled, this couple showers each other with affection.

After a while, the blue-eyed nun with-draws her face when she feels that the stroked tail is wet. For now, she dazes at the alluring demon while impatiently waiting for the answers.

Suddenly, their hips stop moving as the blonde gives a shy look and innocently asks ‘‘Oh my… did I make it cry? Perhaps that may help to cheer it up.’’.

Just as Orochi opens her mouth to warn Goeniko, she realizes it is too late. The blonde swallowed as much as she could take.

It was too much pleasure for the silver demon to handle, and she closes her eyes and let out a long whine.

‘‘You… You don’t know what are you doing… That is... That is…’’ The succubus speaks up through the rough breathing and groans as her partner works on her tail.

Yet, all the blonde cares about is lifting the curse and giving her best. As her warm tongue and mouth play with the tip and tail, her hand also works hard by stroking this limb.

She even savors the sweet flavor of the made liquid, even if that makes the heat spread across her body. Goeniko is becoming addicted to the discovered ambrosia. The blonde even believed that it was the poison that leaves the succubus. Therefore, she has to devour every drop, even if her mind and body will break in the process.

Soon enough, Orochi reaches her limit, and her mind goes blank. Although, she can still sit while her chest bloats. For now, the tail stops moving, and the dark purple seal disappears from her belly.

As Goeniko thinks that she finally lifted the terrible curse, through her feverish breathing she joyfully declares ‘‘I did it!… Orochi-sama, it’s… over now…’’.

A second later, the servant of god is pushed onto the bed, and her head lands on the pillow. She isn’t sure what just happened, nor why her wrists are pinned. When she struggles, her weakened body reminds her of her additional needs.

She cannot understand why the succubus radiates such an enormous amount of dark energy. Yet, she also can’t do anything while the demon sits on her and observes with glowing purple eyes. That piercing, intimidating gaze was nothing like Goeniko has seen before. Perhaps Orochi stares at any of her prey before sending them to the netherworld. Or so, the blonde wonders as she nervously swallows the saliva.

Even once a calm tail becomes lively and shows its master craving for an innocent soul. As the hungry succubus places her palms on the nun’s chest, she leans closely ‘‘I tried to warn you not to touch my tail. However, you didn’t listen to me. Perhaps you noticed the effect of the aphrodisiac.’’.

After a brief chuckle, the demon continues in the same deep tone ‘‘It’s not like an ordinary drug because only the demon who produces it can relieve this awful ache. I’m sorry, but if I leave now, you will go insane, and there will be nothing I can do for the broken doll.’’.

As the blonde soften her gaze, her hand reaches Orochi’s cheek ‘‘Then, I’m leaving the rest to you because I know you won’t do anything to harm me. If you wanted, you have already killed me before. So, take as much energy as you want from me.’’.

In the end, such an answer relieves and satisfies the succubus. After taking the same palm stroking her cheek, Orochi lands a soft kiss on it.

After removing the blue nightdress, the succubus adores the view in front of her. To her pleasant surprise, this time Goeniko isn’t as embarrassed and scared as during their first time together. Yet, when Orochi’s gaze is on her, the blonde can feel how her cheeks are burning as she stares at her beloved demon.

When the fluffy silver-haired creature places her palm on her cheek, she slides it down her neck and stops for a moment.

For sure, even a single second is too long for the nun, and she takes the demon’s wrist hand and traces it down on her breast. ‘‘Aren’t you going to do these embarrassing things? You enjoyed it last time, didn’t you? So, hurry and finish this.’’ Goeniko demands in a soft voice as she turns her head away.

‘‘Someone is impatient and naughty, I see~ But I admire your honesty.’’ Orochi comments in an aroused voice.

After placing another hand on the other breast, the succubus massages them. For sure, the silently groaning nun’s reactions are endearing for her. Soon enough, the blonde gasps as she can feel how Orochi’s tail smeared in the aphrodisiac slides inside her underwear and teases her.

‘‘What… what are you doing, Orochi-sama? That is… that is…’’ Goeniko asks in a bewildered voice, without being able to finish the sentence.

‘‘Hmm~ Is there anything wrong?~’’ The succubus asks in a playful voice as her tail wraps around the underwear and removes it. Of course, in the meantime, Orochi doesn’t forget to pinch and twist her partner’s pink as rose petal nipples.

While the blonde keeps her legs closed, the lower half struggles from the rising heat and urging to be messed up. Lastly, Orochi comments while moving her thumbs around the blonde nipples ‘‘If you move like this, I might fall. Please, relax and if you can, spread your legs. It will be easier for us.’’.

No matter how the task is difficult, Goeniko swallows her pride and closes her eyes. Yet, she does what the demon says and even gets praised ‘‘Good girl. Here. Since you like my tail this much, I’ll let you have as long as you want~’’.

At first, she does not know what it could mean, but suddenly, she gets a soft moan as the tip teases her clitoris. Her breasts’ sweet torture was too much, but now, she isn’t sure on which part she should focus. It’s simply overwhelming for her.

More importantly, the tail’s tip drives her crazy like Orochi’s tongue. Hell, only by remembering the succubus’s amused look as she screwed her makes the blue-eyed nun let out more frequent whimpers and grasps the bed-sheet.

Yet, Orochi stops moving, and the sudden demon’s concerned question makes her open her eyes ‘‘Hey, have you ever been embraced by anyone before? ’’.

As the blonde flustered stares at her partner, she manages to answer ‘‘What is with that question? Unless you can call the last time when you took the life force. Otherwise, no.’’.

When the succubus cracks a smile, she explains ‘‘When I give you a sign, deeply breathe and trust me, Goeniko.’’. Lastly, the blue-eyed nun nods.

For now, the succubus continued to use her tail and pleasure her beloved human. Aside from the wet noises and her lewd cries, the blonde impatiently waited for whatever awaited her.

After the silver-haired demon strokes Goeniko’s cheek, she warns in a gentle voice ‘‘Don’t get startled. It will go inside you.’’.

The blue-eyed nun nods and closes her teary eyes while doing what Orochi asked her to do.

Soon enough, the tip of the tail slides inside, and then the tail. However, she doesn’t expect that it will get instantly thicker.

While Goeniko gasps and roughly breathes, the succubus gives her another soft warning ‘‘It’s so tight and warm inside of you that you could crush my tail. Please, relax. I’ll start to move it.’’.

Lastly, the silver demon closes her eyes and thrusts the tail while carefully observing whether she has gone too far.

A second later, the blonde forgets about the sudden ache, which instantly melts away and gets changed by the new sensation. Even watching over the blissful Orochi’s expressions is a fresh experience for her. Mostly because the blonde can see that she is not alone, and Orochi enjoys it.

Perhaps, it’s no match for how the succubus penetrates her. The blue-eyed nun even could die from happiness knowing that she pleases her most adored person and lend her strength.

During such a blissful moment, Goeniko brings Orochi close to her and holds into her. As her fingers sink into the demon’s skin, she can hear her partner’s groaning and small whims. More so, the ticklish sensation of the fluffy silver hair is pleasant for her.

Eventually, both reach their limits, and the blonde let out a long moan before her vision goes white.

In the end, Goeniko can feel how the tail inside her shrinks to its former size before it gets removed. Of course, her beloved demon got enough energy. However, she doesn’t leave her side and stays with her together.

After Orochi wraps her arms around the blonde, she buries her head in the blonde’s chest and covers them both under her wings.

However, instead of unnecessary words, Goeniko strokes the succubus’s hair and refuses to let her go. As the fluffy silver-haired demon lifts her eyes, the blonde notices that Orochi’s eye color returns to the former one while lazily staring at her.

But for now, the blue-eyed nun leaves tomorrow’s problems for the new day. Besides, whoever would try to give her weird looks or know too much, she can always play off as innocent while scolding people for having a dirty mind.


First of all,
I cannot thank enough the Twitter artist, who not only made this gorgeous Orochi x Goeniko art, but also gave permission to use it as the cover for this story!(♡´艸`)  ( you can find it on : https://archiveofourown.org/works/40466616 )
So, @AndreaArtistic, Thank You, Thank You so much for such amazing commission!(灬♥ω♥灬)

That's why, I recommend everyone to go and follow this artist: https://twitter.com/AndreaArtistic

'Right, and since I'm done with this month (yup, perhaps, I'm not into this month's YO Forum challenge, but hey, at least managed to get one done, which is already an achievement!)
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