Sleeping Beauty Reloaded

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The Evening before the Hunt

It had been a hard week. After a rough month. After a bad year. While the mansion itself was undamaged, two thirds of the personnel had been dead on the spot or died from their injuries during the past days. Not that she cared, because the guards had been the worse half. Adding some field hands to that death toll she was still better off than before.

She could have considered the monster in the woods a blessing.

But then, the yelling never stopped. For bandages, for hot water, for wood and empty night pots, for herbs from the small garden behind the stable that she considered her own by then. With the naughty stable boy dead, she had moved from the hut at the garden wall into the saddle chamber. Closer to the few surviving horses she had to care for and less chilly in the upcoming autumn nights because of the animals and the amount of straw and hay that was stored underneath the thatched roof. It could even be heated.

She piled the last handful of carrots in the basket and was about to even out the ground when the captain of the no longer existent guard rounded the stable’s corner. “Get that stuff down to the kitchen fast, you lazy bitch. You’ve got a visitor to care for…” she forced herself to drop the small wooden tool upon his rapid approach, grabbed the basket and rushed to reach the end of the patch before the captain stepped on the food she was growing. Just squishing past the big brute would not do, so she curtsied and acknowledged his presence without rising her gaze higher than his armored chest “…right away, sir.”

She would have been on her way but he grabbed her bare upper arm and squeezed to emphasize his next point: “Tend to his horse and to his every need once the Butcher finishes business with the Count. Dinner, bed ‘n’ breakfast – and whatever piece of you he wants. The countess doesn’t want that whoreson in the mansion, understood?” – “Yes, sir.” – “And,” the armored chest was coming awfully close to her nose now, “if your service is found to be lacking, the count promised to take your tight virgin ass for it this time.” The captain emphasized his order with a slap on her buttocks that sent her stumbling down the garden path. She did not know where he got his ideas from, but she could feel his gaze run down her shoulder blades. His chuckle clung to her ears until she rounded the stable’s corner. She rushed over the empty courtyard, passed the main stair in front of the mansion and slipped through a side door down to the kitchen.

“Cass?” she realized that she was yelling, straightened the cloth around her hair briefly and tried again. “Got you the veggies, please, I need wine, ale or beer or something.” – “Who doesn’t, these days?” a thickset woman in her thirties looked over her shoulder at her like she had grown crazy or even a set of horns. “It’s not for me, Cass, it’s the captain who ordered me to cater someone called ‘the butcher’.” The cook wiped her hands on her dirty apron and threw her a ring of keys. “Take one bottle from the mid shelf then,” she went back to the pig roast she was spiking with garlic. “Just one - and put my keys back on the table!” the cook shouted before the gardener could rummage around her cabinet and scavenge more groceries. - “What if he gets thirsty?” – “There is plenty of water in the trough.” A warning raise of the thin knife made the older but trim gardener duck for cover behind the basket-turned-shield and scramble out.

In the courtyard, an impressive war horse had appeared in the meantime. The big red mare was still fully saddled and packed. Tied loosely to the huge stone basin, but unable to rest, it huffed at the clean cold water that drizzled constantly into the trough from a well up in the hills. Velita filled a bucket at the far end of the basin and went around the horse in safe distance. “It’s okay, have a drink while I put this away.” The gardener went to store the looted food in the saddle chamber and took the sturdy brown leather apron off a peg in the wooden wall. She tied it over the skimpy dress that was one of the two clothing items she had aside of a pair of wooden clogs that would hopefully add to her safety while she was handling an animal trained to fend off foes.

Velita got a braided halter and adjusted it to the larger size. She poured fresh water in the trough inside. She went around the stable, lit a fire and went around the horse again with a tankard to fill up the water in the saddle chamber’s oven. The go-and-return gave the mare plenty of times to get used to her general presence. Stepping out again, she secured both door wings and slung a feed bag over her shoulder. “Now Sweetie…” she whispered to the horse which perked its ears at the tone’s pitch while she approached from the side with slow but even paces. Running her palm down the wide neck and under the reddish mane she stood, exhaled and let the mare get comfortable with her scent and proximity.

It chewed on the snaffle bit impatiently and took a couple of short steps while thinking about it, then got interested in the contents of the feed bag. “You wanna feed, you let me take that off.” She unbuckled the clasps of the snaffle, held it for the brief moment to get the halter ready for the large muzzle just before it dived into the bags’ contents. “Fine, c’mon inside,” she coed and took steps backwards whenever the mare got pushy for another mouthful of oats. She hung the bag to the lattice of the hay rack and took the bags and saddle off and away. She returned with a cleaning box while the horse was still busy and did not mind to be tied and rubbed down. Once it had all its itches scratched by the friendly newcomer, it let itself down to release one hoof after the other to have the mud caked gravel scratched out as well.

Velita left the divider and hoisted the saddle over her shoulder with a low grunt at the weight and smell that emanated from the large moist blanket. On the second round she moved the luggage bags down the aisle way, closed the stable’s gate and checked the saddle chamber. It was still too chilly to dry anything efficiently and she would have to hurry and put fresh logs on, not to mention food. By the time she returned from the garden with a flat basket filled with herbs, an onion braid and apples, snaffle and rains were no longer attached to the stone trough where she had left them. Making a mental note that she would have to find and clean that later, she slipped through the door wing that had been left swinging in the autumn wind.

A tall person in a black cloak moved in last sunrays falling on the aisle, turning on her at the screeching of the wing she was about to pull close behind her. She took in a mane of matted grey hair on top of the mountain of soft black fabric. The missing tack was tinkling in the man’s gloved fist. His scrutiny locked on her from dark eye sockets. “Where is my horse?” the raspy baritone made her shrink instinctively. Remembering the captain’s assessment of a ‘butcher’ made her clutch her basket. He was a dangerous man and she managed to anger him from the very first moment. Underneath his frowning thick brows, his eyes shone in amber color like a wolfs’?!

The Witcher’s nostrils flared slightly, taking in the familiar scent of Roach as it intermixed with the scent of onions, fresh parsley and flustered femininity. The visuals of the small slim person wrapped in a leather apron that had been made for a square-built blacksmith, hair hidden under a blue print scarf left a lot to imagination. But it took him just one gaze in her wide dark eyes to know: If he made another move, the woman would dash. Experienced with animal fright, the witcher froze and. just. listened.

She swallowed, breathed and found her voice again, “In the third box to the left,” she piped and pointed with a wave of her hand, while he kept his amber eyes on her.  She tried an introduction, “My name is Velita, gardener,” remembering the manners of the mansion, she curtsied; after all she had done nothing wrong. “I took care of your horse and moved your luggage to your quarter,” she pointed at a chamber in the middle of the building of the same size as a stable box, “if you would like to hand me that while you see to your horse,” she offered.

Upon her invite it took him one fluent stride to hand over the mucky tack. “Roach. I’m Geralt.” His arm reached out while the rest of him remained in polite consideration of her comfort distance. “Not what I expected,” he added.

As if that explained anything?!

She dared to inquire, “What did you expect, Sir?” and found herself staring upwards into his piercing amber eyes. Then he set his square jaw and… was that a slight smile of amusement forming in the corner of his mouth? She blinked. Maybe he… Geralt, wasn’t that angry?

“A trampled down stable boy to be rescued from Roach. A guest room where roast and beer is served by a busty wench - after a hot bath,” he rapped down his expectations, the ones he had almost discarded after meeting the Count of this mansion.

While her short comings dawned on her, she kept rambling. To avoid thinking of the consequences of failure, she put her sole advantage on the line: “Well, y... Roach... and I, we got along nicely.”

“Hm.” He wasn’t one to explain a joke and went to check on Roach who lifted her head over the far divider and was awaiting her two-legged companion. The horses in the first two dividers had withdrawn to the far wall, just a scent of injury and herbs battling infections wafting over. Apparently, the leshen had taken his toll on the mansions live stock as well as the humans. Darkness crept up to the slits in the walls until the stable gate clanged shut behind him and was secured. His mutated vision allowed him to evaluate the length of gashes and compared his own research with what the Count and his Captain had told him about the monster they wanted him to hunt down and dispatch.

Arriving at the third divider, the witcher stepped beside Roach silently. He had trained his horse to fend off thieves grabbing for the luggage on her back as well as his surplus monsters on a killing spree. He did not mind Roach’s occasional snap or kick at an overzealous stable hand. Those were acceptable side effects to him. But apparently, that ‘gardener’ knew what she was doing …which he found the first attractive aspect of his stay. Otherwise, the local nobility had let him wait, sized him up, agreed a price for his service and then socially discarded him for the same mutations that enabled him to do the job. While Velita had given him a deeply frightened impression after sizing him up, she was feisty enough to get Roach dry, clean, well-fed and watered.

He spent time with Roach to get over it, stayed with his four legged companion until he felt that he could face humans again, turn in as well. ‘All your needs will be met within the stable walls,’ the captain had said as he showed him out of the mansion. A square of yellow light beckoned on the darkened aisle as he went to find out what other surprises awaited for him in that box the woman had called ‘his quarter’.

Velita had washed the mucky tack in the cold water at the stone basin’s gutter. Afterwards she had withdrawn in the saddle chamber to prepare dinner for her guest. She stepped out of her wooden clogs on the grate just inside the door and moved up bare foot on the wooden platform that covered the ground to the adobe oven built along the garden wall. Once she placed the saddle bags on the cot she had made from straw she realized the next short-coming in her hospitality: Her guest was taller than the bed was long!

She stir fried onions golden in the butter she had scavenged, and then doused them with the now lukewarm water from the nearby basin. The vapor filled the little room and was vented through the window slits up in the wall. She dropped marrowbones intro the brew and put on the lid to let the onions simmer. She lit two lanterns in the fading daylight and hooked them back under the ceiling. Standing on her toes once again, she stuffed the slits with wool pads to allow the oven to heat the room further. She went to fetch two additional straw bales from the upper level of the stable.

Aside of the scent of freshly cut onions, drying horse blanket, leather and polish that filled his assigned quarter and hit him squarely in the face upon entry, the witcher found the saddle chamber devoid of human presence. Something edible was blubbering in the hearth under the golden light of candles. His saddle bags had arrived and he was about to drop the package with the steel and silver swords on his discarded cloak when a heavy thud right outside shook the door in its hinges. Long swords were no use in such close quarters, but his dagger was ready in a blink, another thud followed suit. The door flew open and he got a square view at the bent back of his host who hoisted a straw bale up on the wooden platform.

Her bare shoulders and arms were straining sinews underneath tanned skin. But that round ass protruding from the apron’s gap was just… right. Without dropping his lusty consideration the witcher stepped aside to let the rampage pass. She shoved the bale at the foot of the makeshift sleeping place. Once she had brought the other one up, she was panting which reminded him of lusty activities in the hay. Unsuspecting, she pushed and kicked the straw in place before he had sheathed the dagger and the thought of assistance crossed his mind. She evened out the hay padding and straightened the sheet when she spotted his booted feet standing on the wooden floor panels.

“Please let me help you with those,” she ushered her guest to sit on the edge of the wooden platform, knelt down on the grate and undid the four clasps before pulling for all she was worth. He inwardly admitted that a smith’s apron was as useful for a witcher’s well travelled, muddy boots as it was for filing down hooves. He transferred his dagger into the back of his belt, under the sheath of his hunting knife. He noticed that she brushed the dirt off the platform immediately and washed her hands with a ladle of water by the edge of the platform.

While his host’s constant activity was an annoyance, it also made the place a clean, cozy nest of this fluttering blue bird.

His discarded cloak went on a peg and he repositioned his bags off the bed to have space to undo his armor. He was used to shed his plates in civilized surroundings but walking around barefoot was foreign to him. He would have to transfer the dagger once again or go unarmed. While he was pondering, she was by his side in a blink to assist with the buckles, bustling around him and no longer afraid of his height. A useful support, because he had to bow his head to get the brigandine through under the ceiling beams and to avoid the lanterns that were hooked to it.

She placed the set on a saddle fixture to dry it well away from the oven. His own scent mixed with leather became the new dominant. Rolling up the sleeves of his loose black shirt he extended his long legs in the tight riding pants and looked around. Half of the tack stored in the chamber was under repair but the only blades in the room were his. There was a cutter attached to the opposite wall which she now used to chop parsley. He inhaled deeply and ran his appreciating gaze down the gap of the stained brown leather apron. There was tiny blue angle of washed out fabric above the short hem that revealed the flawless skin on the back of her knees, toned calves and slim ankles …he would love to feel those heels beside his ears.

And then it dawned on him. This was going further than the indentured servitude in the northern kingdoms usually went. This woman was no servant. She was a slave. He was sitting on her bed. And she had nowhere to go.

Undisturbed by his heavy thoughts, Velita pulled a three legged stool out from under the stored saddles and placed a wooden plank on oven and stool as a makeshift table. She produced a cup and a bottle of beer, a piece of bread, lard, pickled cabbage and a spoon. She turned to the oven and lifted a lid. Steam billowed up and she picked out a rolled-up cloth, shaking it in front of him to reduce its heat to bearable. “For your refreshment, Geralt.”

It had been a while since she made eye contact and he welcomed it with a genuine smile. He put his scruples aside, and took the cloth she offered. Her position in human hierarchy did not matter to him. It wasn’t a bath but she made him feel fresh and good again when he cleaned his hands and face for dinner.

She smiled back at her guest, knelt beside him to pour him ale then rose to lift the soup pot out of the hearth. She closed the opening with another cover immediately to prevent smoke and sparks from entering the wooden housing quarter. She picked the now empty bones out of the soup, added the parsley and stirred. Once she had placed the iron bowl in front of her guest reverently, she withdrew…

To his dismay, but the witcher just folded his long legs and pushed the dangling wolf-pendant under his shirt to prevent it from dipping into the brew. He bent over and stuck the spoon into the onion soup. The strong smell had simmered into an equally strong yet somewhat sweet taste that went well with the beer. It was no roast in gravy, but he found it to his liking.

Meanwhile the skittish woman sat on the edge of the wooden platform to shine his black riding boots. He wouldn’t force the gardener turned stable hand turned cook to turn entertainer and flirt with him but decided to intervene nevertheless. “That is not necessary. I’ll have to put them back on to drain the snake.” If she would just stop flitting around and eat something herself – that would serve his peace of mind best.

She just gave him a puzzled look and lifted the boot for him to see. “I was about to fix that for you,” she unrolled a package with leather tools and restored a seam that had been coming loose underneath the dirt, “You can put them on again in a few minutes …ride safely tomorrow.”

 “You are very thorough,” he noted and continued to eat and analyze. Parsley helped men to mount up… and pregnant women to the grave. While she did everything for him, she regarded her distances carefully. So far, he had neither made flirting attempts nor felt the need for an aphrodisiac. Small amounts of parsley prevented bad breath. So where was that leading to? “Where do you sleep?” he inquired casually.

While his piercing gaze followed her around, she felt no longer threatened. “Wherever you prefer, with you or in the hay upstairs,” she replied as casually and kept polishing his boots. She had been accepting him as a polite, even friendly person. It was out of question that he was a big, gritty, dangerous man, but so where others. He was comfortably calm and lenient while others yelled and grabbed …and he put his horse first, he was kind and gentle with the mare. He was attractive in many ways. She had to avert her eyes or that smile would bind her attention to his sensuous lips. She shied away because she was dangerously close to lose her composure. Requirement was that she stopped gawking and noticed her guest’s every demand.

‘With wh..hat the fuck?’ he thought, her forthcoming went farer than expected. By the time he finished dinner and was chewing on a twig to clean his teeth, she had his boots ready as promised. He did not bother with the cloak and walked around the stable by her side. It was nearly dark in the shadow of the thatched roof under the waxing moon and it got frosty outside. “Your garden?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied in low voice then knelt by the side to feed the oven fresh logs. The hair on his bare forearms and around the silver pendant stood. A beam of red light from the fire opening shone on her fine features and left just a few edged shadows under the head scarf as the fire roared and cracked. He averted his gaze to look over the schemes of well kept patches and an orchard that supplied fruit and vegetables for the whole mansion. Then he strolled off to the dung heap to have a piss and spat the twig on top of it.

Despite that skimpy dress underneath the apron, this garden proved his suspicion that the woman worked hard for her food and lodging. What mismanagement by the Count to throw one of his few surviving employees to the wolf! Whatever the Count had implied earlier, this white wolf would not mistake her for a prepaid whore and take advantage of her in the good conscience that everybody was free to choose a working perspective - whenever vertical or horizontal. Since he could not harass the gardener by claiming her bed, he would just get his blankets from her room and avoid the upcoming embarrassment.

 “The water should be warm enough by now.” Velita caught up with him at the gate and secured the huge wing behind them for the night, excluding the moon shine.

His predator eye sight that had scanned the dark stable for the ladder up to the hayloft snapped back to the gardener, “Will you run me a bath in the horse trough, Velita?” he teased.

She was aware that her hospitality wasn’t up to par but there was little she could do about it. She proposed honestly, “Down the main road is a bath house. There they’ve got tubs - for coin.”

That stung. He had run out of coin a couple of days ago, but once he had been paid by the Count, he would soak away the monster grime and slime in a tub and have a buxom bath attendant scratch his every itch. If the harmony was right and he was invited to her room to tumble her sheets, he would enjoy bodily relief and leave a generous tip afterwards. “I’ll go along with what you offer,” he assured her.

“I’ll help you wash your back,” she promised, “and also your hair, if you don’t mind.”

“It’s warm enough,” he agreed. Maybe she wasn’t so touchy after all. From what he had seen, he would enjoy her thorough attention …focused on him for once. There, she had asked him to undress and sit on the edge. He obliged her down to his briefs and pendant and prowled around her shapely butt while she was bent over the oven. Without feeling up her curves he sat down and behold, the elusive woman turned to him, carrying a block of soap, a clean cloth over her arm and a tankard with steaming hot water.

He was about to smile, just one thing bothered him, “Get rid of that apron,” he commanded her with a brief raise of his chin.

“Yes, Sir,” her bare toes dug into the floor boards when she untied the apron and hung the thick skin next to his cloak. Velita was afraid that once he recognized her female attributes and realized how low her status really was, he would automatically start to manhandle her like the captain. ‘You are covered unless… keep it dry and stay matter of fact, damn!’ she called herself to order.

Little was left to his imagination now. Her dress beneath the apron turned out too thin to hide the protrusions of her nipples. When she moved he could see the light shine through to the fairly high apex of her thighs. He smiled approvingly at the sites. The downside was his strategy to take it easy and get sex for free had taken a dent because Velita had left their established first-name basis.

“Hm,” he straightened his back and fixed his gaze to the door, “You looked like a butcher in that,” he dared her to call it, call him like so many others. Then he would at least have sufficient excuse to isolate himself from that feminine allure she emanated.

Velita knelt behind him; gingerly she picked the band from his matted gray mane. He accepted her touch with a low hum and she dared a retort. “Don’t be afraid, I’m unarmed …and you don’t look like a lamb to me.” He smiled ruefully and she could have sworn that his canines were pretty pointed. ‘How just a nibble would feel,’ she wondered. Safely out of his sight, she chewed on her own lower lip. She was still careful not to splash water all over them in the frosty draft at the door …though she could not chalk her physical reaction upon the cold.

To increase volume, she mixed the boiling water she had produced in the oven with the cold water from the bucket. She rested the edge of the bowl against his wide shoulder and moistened his fairly long hair with handfuls of water before working up lather with the block of soap. She wondered if his matted grey hair would turn into a pure white fluff once she managed to get a rid of the suds. That dirtied yet dignified hair color was in mismatch with his young and amazing physique.

His briefs were about to get soaked and since they stank like he had spent two weeks on horseback in them, she was unsure if the mercenary owned replacement. Somehow, she could not think of a polite way to broach the topic. Geralt wasn’t talkative anyway. She wiped the foam off her hands and ran two fingers of each hand around the sides of his sculpted six-pack and further down his groin, hooking in the waistband.

Since she had taken her sweet time to massage his skull, Geralt jumped at her unexpected shortcut to his private parts; but she just pushed the clothing item down to his thighs without touching his manhood. He could have sworn he had felt a pair of tense nipples against his back for a fleeting moment. There was more than she let on, but he saved the risky comments à la Lambert that came to his mind. He kicked off the briefs, flipping them over to his saddle bags. Her palm between his shoulder blades nudged him to bend forwards. Now, that way she wouldn’t get as much as an uncouth sight as reward for her daring underwear loot?! Next, the foamy suds were gushed out of his hair, right into the gutter beneath the grate. Coming back up, he split his long floating mane and wiped the water off his face.

Velita felt that she had pushed her luck by removing his underwear. She sat back on her heels but couldn’t help but gape at his profile; eyes closed, featured relaxed, perfect edges highlighted by water, planes matted by a three days roughness. Nevertheless she was quick with the cloth, wrapping his hair up as she wrung the remaining water from the silver strands and into the fabric.

The moisture made him feel her hot breath down his neck acutely. Since she had stolen his underwear, he was about to turn and steal a kiss from her in return. Just when she stood briskly to get the steamed cloth from the adobe oven and all he caught was a good look at the back of her thighs underneath the twirling hem and a whiff of her arousal.

She was so driven by duty, it wasn’t romantic. He sighed under his breath. There was no telling her how often he had cracked a layer of ice from the bucket he used to wash in Kaer Morhen. No telling who he was. He was no lamb and made from stern stuff, but somehow she fuzzed over him as if he was precious. Maybe she did not know better? Or he could give her something if she was prone to freezing… Taking all his warmth upstairs suddenly appeared like a selfish move on a frosty October night. He was out of coin but he could help with cold feet in a fair exchange.

Velita placed a plate with the steaming cloths beside his bare butt and went to scrub his shoulders. At least, this one of a kind woman skipped scar-memory-moment and rubbed his wide back down to his ass in amiable silence. The torrid moisture evaporated instantly on his skin and left him so fresh and clean his hackles rose due to the fleeting hot-cold experience. Since he had gained her up-close attention, he took just a moment to wipe down his hairy front side to make sure he smelled and felt appetizing to her. Her arousal was his appeal. And then it was time for clarifications. “Did you decide?”

Velita had been somewhat detached as her guest spun her that line. While she washed his back, Velita’s mind had been on working her way around the angry scratches. She was carefully removing the flakes of dead skin that came off ridges and puckers to reveal clean rosy tissue. Her thoughts had been floating with the steam that rose from the huge plane, “Wha.. what was the question, Geralt?”

“Whenever you invite me into your bed or point me the way to the hayloft.”

“You cannot just leave,” she blurted out and, “If someone sees you outside, then…”

He whipped his head around because she suddenly emanated desperation. He had not been aware of being locked up and bristled at the idea, “Then what?”

“I’ve got to serve to your full satisfaction,” she stated firmly, skirting around the captain’s threat.

‘Whatever that means,’ he thought, listened to her rapid heartbeat and reassured her, “I enjoyed your cooking, freshened up nicely and I am content to sleep up on the hay loft.”

She worked to straighten out her blunder by getting directly to his part of their bargain. “I want you to sleep in that bed, please,” she pointed behind her. An inquisitive “hm?” rumbled in his throat. That she felt like talking to a wall made her list the resulting options: “I will join you if that pleases you,” she promised and when his expression remained impassive, she admitted “unless you don’t feel up to it…”

“That’s not the issue.” He wondered how she could remain undecided. Did she doubt that he was a functional male in his prime? As it was bathhouse-custom his butt had remained on his seat faithfully. Couldn’t she see what was going on since she had stripped him naked in front of her already?! If that did not help her to make up her mind, nothing would.

Velita had respected his privacy and kept her eyes up. Exceedingly unnerved, she tried to read his stern expression. She figured he had a problem and tried make up for it, “It’s bit narrow, admitted. Once you are satisfied, I’ll grant you a good night’s sleep and slip out silently.”

“You won’t have to,” he insured her. Due to his superhuman stamina paired with insomnia, he was not easily satisfied. Once she allowed him to hold her, she was in for a long night of pleasure.

Velita was sure he did not plan to harm her, but he was totally unaffected by what was at stake for her. She was willing yet couldn’t assume being desired just because he had smiled at her before. “I’ll do whatever you wish, Sir, but please put it straight to the Captain that you’ve been sexually satisfied. If not he will drag me to the Count for punishment first thing in the morning.”

The realization hit and the witcher shied away from it, and from her. “No,” he had been severely mistaken. She had not been in awe or infatuated with him. She had just chosen him in that one way he could not take. “I am not your lesser evil. I get to sleep on the floor and tell your worse evil where to shove punishment - first thing in the morning.” He made his point by placing his palm on the door in front of him, casting an Yrden sign that sealed off the room with a layer of blue light. “No one comes in and no one leaves till the third cockcrow.” End of discussion.

Velita backed away as if he had slapped her and stared at his sudden outburst of chaos. How he could refer to himself as “a lesser evil” was beyond her. He stood briskly and turned to step on the platform. He was a truly dangerous person, a mountain of muscle, a raging force of war craft as well as magic. “I didn’t mean to annoy you,” was probably the nicest excuse he would ever get from a woman as scared, “I just wanted to do you good. I was glad that you were so generous to give me a chance.” She was pleading but he would not have the damsel in distress. At least she did not go any more hysterical but saved her breath and turned to the one corner his hulking presence had left her.

Either way the saddle chamber would be more comfortable than a spot under the bushes outside. He threw Roach’s blanket on the floor to use it as padding. He fetched his bed roll and tried to make up his mind. He projected to himself that he had been served well, that he should feel content and balanced. It was warm and dry and clean and his stomach was full. But what the fuck was she mixing up in that kitchen shelf?! Couldn’t she just shut it, get into her bed and pull the blanket over her head? He had a job to do tomorrow!

The scent of sage and rosemary wafted over to him.

Velita had been working all day to please everybody. She had given her best, she had failed and now she had reached that point where she could not take further reproach about the way life took - out there. She turned and stood upright like a statue of Melitele, deliberately drawing his attention to her.

This was her home, her rules. He was the one with her, in that spot of sole importance. Of course she cared - and so did he. That was all she needed to know and to handle the situation.

“Lay down on the bed, Geralt.” she prompted him in serious voice.

Stark naked he took a stance and protested sternly, “It is your bed.” He was done with her but apparently she was not done with him yet.

“True - and you need to lay face down,” she held his amber gaze and smiled, gently swirling the contents of a bowl on her palm with her fingertips. She had found a different approach. He liked women who knew what they wanted, who could handle his chaos. “Fine, have it your way,” he compromised. Nenneke would be so proud of him. He briefly felt like a greased pig as warm slickness drizzled off her fingertips and onto his back, but her daft palms and pushy thumbs followed suit, spreading warmth all over him.

First he could not believe what she was doing and second he realized that she actually knew what she was doing. If that was her way to make it up to him, he could accept it. Knotted delta muscles stung at first and then relaxed into smooth warm dough under her touch.

It certainly helped him to smother the pang of insult. An olive branch was due; after all that wasn’t an overly friendly rock troll on top of him. It had not been her heavy handed approach that had put him off. He perceived her as light handed, a bit shy but utterly caring around him… when he just wanted them both to be comfortable. “Hm, I don’t mind you sitting on me,” he mumbled under his forearm that served as his cushion.

“Thank you but I could not do that if I was,” she chuckled and continued her massage down the small of his back, over his buttocks and down his legs, pulling his feet which caused an alarming crunch in his spine followed by the warm sensation of normal circulation returning.

‘So much to shy,’ he thought and groaned, “Gardener, my ass” and became dough underneath her knowing hands that were rolling him in an entirely different way than Roach’s gait had required him to perform all day.

Witchers were said to not have human emotions and indeed, he got turned off by the intellect that reined him in to not become a monster. On the physical basis of his artificially enhanced senses, the sensual friction on his groin was hot-wired with his loins. Besides, her pheromones were filling his nostrils, and his ears picked up a little blob now and then as she worked to relax him.

It betrayed surplus moisture at the apex of her thighs and a total lack of underwear. It called to him, turned him on shamelessly, drew him closer and lured his hand to feel for the unseen. The curious fingertips of his left grazed the thin layer of sweat on her thigh ever so lightly. She responded by missing a beat and he twisted on the bed to see if she would let him reach out for her and bridge that gap that prevented him from tasting what he already smelled.

Once he raised his hip, Velita knew better that to allow him to get second thoughts and cause havoc again. She aimed and acted at once. With precision and power, her right hand took hold around his shaft, her elbow and full weight pushed his hip over fully when she climbed the straw made bed. Her left hand smoothed up his stomach and spread over his pectoral as her mouth encased the tip of his erection.

One warm suck and he was paralyzed.

‘Just an old fashioned trap,’ Yen’s voice echoed in his mind. “Fuck!” – His pendant would have alarmed him of a succubus, so “yeah,” he muttered and allowed her doing this… and naturally, she was doing it well.

He grabbed for her head not to stop her but to decelerate her. The headscarf fell away and revealed braided chestnut hair. He dug his fingers in for hold and pulled the braids apart. The disheveled tresses where shot through with grey strands that betrayed more life experience than he had bargained for. The tops of her shoulders were round with muscle; her small tits were just out of his reach but no longer hidden by the sagging collar of the skimpy dress that rode up her thighs as she brought the angle of her onslaught to perfection.

Eager sucks, hard quick pumping and her wicked swirling tongue pushed him to the edge within minutes. He strained against her palm. And then her fingers pinched his nipple to top up his roaring release.

He felt himself relax into a puddle and did not mind. She had eaten him alive like Neville’s bruxa and was now licking him clean with a cattish expression. He used the moment to catch his breath, pulled her up on his mid section and turned them over. The expanse and smothering weight of his thigh landed on her short ribs. His knee on her hip bone communicated ‘game over’ unquestionably before she could get even fuller of herself.

He exhaled with a good natured sigh and stroked her back, running his fingertip across her shoulder blades along the edge of the dress. Decades of experience with professionals had resulted in a hundred pleasurable ideas what he could have done with her all through the night. And she had killed them all in one instant.


“You are still overdressed, little butcher,” he laughed a deep throaty sound into base of her neck. He did not mind the singular way she had taken to please him. The one temporary cure for his insomnia …it would kick in once he taken care of unfinished research. He released his lock on her hip to reach down further, bunched the skimpy dress over the small of her back and pulled the awkward clothing off to toss it aside. In the nude her butt was as shapely as he had imagined. It shone in the dim candle light like the waxing moon. With the heat coming from the adobe oven at his right, he left her leeway to reach for the blanket at his feet or to snuggle into him for the warmth of his afterglow.

She managed both.

The leisure of staying in bed after release – full hours in which he was not pushed out in favor of the next client but allowed to remain skin to skin with a woman who smelled of him and breathed contend – that was a luxury the witcher rarely enjoyed.  

On this job, he got it for free.

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