Sarah Bryant: A real life fighter

BY : Aguraseiro
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Sarah Bryant was going home from yet another day at college, when she heard screams. Running over to find out what was happening, the blonde student found two criminals tearing off the clothes of a fellow female student while kicking a downed male all over his body.

At first shocked, Sarah soon broke into a run, not giving any of the attackers a chance to react to her presence by warning them. She sent a right high kick into the head of an attacker who was shaven bald, and followed it up by a middle kick into his back which was amplified by Sarah’s somewhat high heels. Crying out in pain, the attacker went down, dazed and with a likely spinal injury, but wasn’t completely out. A bottle and a rag had dropped from his hands. This was definitely a rape about to be committed, and Sarah saved the girl.

“You b*tch! I’ll get you for that!” the other one shouted, and immediately got a handful of Sarah’s jacket, even though his footing wasn’t entirely solid. As he tried to punch the blonde in the gut, the dark-haired goon wasn’t ready for a left kick into his right knee, which sent him down, whining. However, his right hand had grabbed onto Sarah tightly, while his left hand thrust forward, trying to cut Sarah with a knife.  She barely stopped him with her arms, and, as she tried to parry the attack into a throw, the female almost fell on top of him, having lost balance.

Since the knife made a cut through the leather, she went to take off the blue top, deciding it was too hot anyway, realizing the  slow, sideways cut also damaged her bra. However, the injured attacker from before had grabbed her by the right leg, trying to avenge his injury. This, combined with a panicked kick of the other attacker, made Sarah stumble, while her bra fell off, as her arms had moved backwards to make taking the sleeveless top off easier.

She landed on her butt, slowing the fall with her left hand, feeling embarrassed for letting these criminals see her breasts. She looked clumsy at the moment, but this gave her a unique opportunity. The desperate, bald foe was trying to use her right leg as a support to get vertical, and it would be easier to apply a chokehold than beat him down. Sarah wanted to try it anyway, to get better at grappling. The fact that she was topless helped confuse him, and buy Sarah time for a grappling move.

Quickly hooking her left leg behind her target’s head, she crossed it with her right one at the ankle, and began squeezing the injured male’s neck. He quickly tried to pry at the toned calves of Sarah, but was weakening with every second, his groaning sounding more and more intermittent. Furthermore, Sarah grabbed his left arm, turning headscissors into a triangle hold.

“What is it? Wanna grope me? Try never again in Hell, because I’m going to send you there in a snap!”

Her words hinted at what was going to happen- the accent was crucial. She had seen action movies where women broke male necks with their thighs, and somehow, the thought got her excited. She could kill a man like that, right now.

One twist of her hips, and a pull on the arm, and two cracks came. One in the arm, but the softer one, from the guy’s neck mattered more, as he went all twitchy. Sarah gasped in shock- knowing he was seriously injured. And then- the twitching stopped- completely. The body of the bald rapist went limp.

Sarah groaned, as the reality of what she had done hit her. It produced tingling and wetness down there- she applied martial arts knowledge in real life, and killed a guy taller and physically stronger than her.

“H-holy sh*t! Dan! Dan?? You k-killed him! Hot chick…way too hot!”, the other male reacted to the death of his accomplice in crime with panic, as he saw the corpse clearly, upon getting up. He stared at Sarah’s breasts for some time, and tried to run away, but Sarah wasn’t going to let him.

Running at him, she hooked her arms around his waist, and after kicking at his legs from behind, hurled his body backwards in a suplex. The hard surface on an alley magnified the impact force, and the dark-haired assailant was out cold.

Sarah could have just assumed him dead right then and there, but something drove her to want a finisher. Her pussy was burning for it.

The blonde fighting prodigy picked the knocked out male by his hair, only to see a smashed, bloodied face with eyes rolled back. She wanted to use her bendy legs in a different way.

She raised her left leg while standing on the right, and bent the lifted leg so that it wrapped around her next thrill kill’s neck. Standing on one leg, she squeezed hard, harder, more, while moaning louder and louder.

Then, she pulled her left leg upwards, readying for the twist of her hip. The force of a downwards twist and full force squeeze produced grisly sounds that weren’t just bone breaking, but also, cartilage being destroyed. A ghastly croak told her the deserved victim had expired, or will, within the next minute.

“Y-yesssss! T-take that! That kill…was so damn hot!” Sarah was elated, and barely avoided a fall from the strong climax her brand of improvised justice triggered. She felt awesome, and would surely masturbate to these events in her bedroom tonight. Likely many nights.

It took Sarah time to realize what had triggered this deadly fight in the first place. Snapping to her senses, she went to check on the girl, who was unconscious. She connected the bottle and the rag to this- it must have been a chemical. There was also the male. Upon seeing him, and his state, Sarah gasped in shock and pity.

It was Dorian- a helpful fellow student who seemed to look at her a lot, but was always well mannered. As a nerd, he wasn’t exactly her type, but she hated seeing him in pain, and drifting in and out of consciousness, having lost blood from a knife wound. He had tried to call the police, but failed, judging by his cellphone out on the floor.

“Is…that someone…? Am I dead….? Angels…?” Dorian was delirious, and even though Sarah could and did instinctively take the white shirt off of one of the thugs to wrap it around Dorian’s torso tightly, she knew he had lost a lot of blood.

“It’s me, Sarah! Hang on, I’ll call 911!” Her voice was alarmed, until she realized Dorian had opened his mouth in shock. She had taken off her blue top after that knife slash, leaving her breasts there for the viewing. Blushing, she listened Dorian seemingly sound semi-coherent.

“If I’m not…dying and hallucinating…why are you top…less, Sarah? N-no…this can’t b-be…”

Sarah realized from his shivering and trembling that Dorian would quite possibly not make it. At the same time, she…kind of found his humble remark…cute. If she had finished the two bad guys quicker, she could’ve helped him sooner. Now, she had an idea she couldn’t shake off, given the way how killing the attackers made her wet.

Pulling down her blue tights, and even wetter white laced panties in front of Dorian, she suggested:

“Shhh. I can be your angel and let you go back to your mommy. Just suck on my tits and lick my pussy.”

It was perhaps somewhat cruel of her to say what she did, but…she needed that licking and a third neck snap to make her squirt. Dorian had lost his mom to cancer at a young age, and if he accepted, she could reunite them…

Coughing up, the male nodded, after some time. Grinning, Sarah sat on his pelvis and bent down so he could find comforting pleasure in her bosom, while grinding herself against his crotch.

He sucked on her breasts when she pushed his head up, and instantly, Sarah’s face was beaming with happiness and pleasure. At one point, she even lactated, the overflow of sensations making her pussy leak like a faucet, while her moans acted as a soothing preparation for Dorian to go. She soon had to stop this breast play, because Dorian was struggling to breathe.

Gently lifting herself off of him at first, Sarah first stood up, giving the wounded male time to recover, before she sat pussy-first on his face, opting not to rest her back on his torso, so as to not aggravate his wound. Her juices were flowing intensely, as she anticipated an amazing kill, while massaging her own breasts to put on a last show, so that the inner pervert that might have been present in Dorian could fully enjoy.

Slowly, Dorian lapped at the blonde girl’s snatch, and she cried out in pleasure, grinding her hips downwards into him, while her legs moved underneath his head to cross at the knee. A look back told her he had a visible boner.

As her pussy tingled and burned, Sarah had to hold her orgasm off, but applied increasing pressure to Dorian’s neck. His licking was faltering, but oddly enough, the knowledge she was shutting down a third male was making Sarah all tense up. The anticipation was incredible, and at one point, Sarah couldn’t hold it in her any more.

“C’mon, snap for me!” CRK-POP “YESS!! OH, YEEESSSSSS! MMMMHHH!”

Sarah’s body swayed like a tree in wind, as she slammed her pelvis chaotically into Dorian’s face, while her hips twisted hard to interrupt the connection between his brain and the spinal cord. She gushed tremendously on his face, whining in bliss as he spasmed for a few seconds, before going out, dead like two men before him.

It took her minutes to calm down and get up, having finally recovered from this fantastic orgasm. She had found a purpose to her training of martial arts. She had found power. She had found pleasure.

Pulling up her panties and tights, Sarah looked at Dorian one last time, and said her goodbyes, giggling a bit, having noticed a stain in his trousers.

“Thanks Dorian, I really liked your tongue and mouth. It was a great break from kicking rapist ass.”

She picked her ruined blue top and bra up, and stole a shirt from the other goon, putting it on to hide her nudity. However, her funny gait caused by wet underwear would be hard to hide. She’d have to carefully walk, and avoid running into people. But, it was totally worth it.

The confused, but relieved girl would later call the police, upon regaining consciousness.

That night, Sarah fingered herself multiple times, screaming in bliss as she remembered every kill vividly. Having awakened from deep sleep, she came to a realization that sex with males wasn’t going to be required for her to cum hard.

Killing them would do the trick.

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