Mia's Wonderful Wedding

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Mia’s Wonderful Wedding

“And do you Mia, take Ivan to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, in many gold coins or none, as long as you both shall live?” the great healer said.

Mia looked in front of her at Ivan, her boyfriend of five years. It was their wedding day today and everybody had traveled far to come to their wedding in Kalay. Faran had come all the way from Lalivero for the deeds they did in the past. Ivan’s sister Hamma had also traveled a great deal to see her young brother get married and Puelle from Prox had come for the event as Mia and Ivan saved the lives of all the people of his town.

“I do” said Mia, Ivan slipped the ring on her finger

“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride” said the great healer. Ivan moved forward and kissed Mia, it was a light kiss because both he and Mia knew what happened when they used tongue, they lost control. Mia didn’t really want to have everybody watching when they fucked for the first time as husband and wife.

As Ivan and Mia walked out of Hammet’s castle (which was where they got married) the people clapped and cheered. Mia noticed Isaac standing by a tree, his hands moved slowly as he clapped for them, but for some reason he didn’t seem too happy. It must be because he and Jenna were having problems again in their relationship. She didn’t want his mood to ruin the best day of her life.

Mia and Ivan got in the caravan that Hammet gave them as a wedding gift. They waved to the guest and went off for their honeymoon. Isaac looked at the caravan leave, and then he quickly scanned the crowd to make sure Jenna didn’t see him, and then he quickly slipped away.

That night

A popular place for honeymoon’s in Weyard was none other than the Apojii islands along with a guided tour of Aqua rock. From Kalay Ivan and Mia took a path through the mountains to Champa and from that location a ship that took them to the Apojii islands. That night in the Apojii inn, they unpacked their suitcase. Then Ivan sat on the bed and looked at his wife.

“I can’t believe we finally got married” he told her

“It won’t have been possible without Hammet’s help” said Mia, since Ivan didn’t have many gold coins to his name.

“Now honey” said Ivan “Maybe you won’t mind getting back into your wedding dress so we can have some fun”

“We can have fun now” said Mia, during the five hour boat ride to get to the islands; Mia had changed out of her wedding dress and into her regular clothes to be more comfortable during the journey.

“I have dreamed of fucking you in your wedding dress since I asked you to marry me” said Ivan

Mia sighed “Alright, I’ll go get changed” she took the dress with her and when into the bathroom.

Ivan couldn’t wait any longer, he pulled down his pants and his boxers as well, and he even pulled his shirt off over his head and sat on the bed naked. Just thinking about his wife in her wedding dress and him fucking her while she wore it, turned him on so much. He couldn’t help it, he was already hard. Ivan started to stroke his cock with his hand, as images of Mia kissing his body and begging him to screw her played in his mind.

“Fuck this feels good” he mumbled to himself. He never understood why he never masturbated before; Isaac did it nearly every single day especially with how sour things were between him and his girlfriend Jenna.

He heard the bathroom door open and quickly moved his hand away from his large cock. He didn’t want Mia to think he was that kind of guy. She walked into the main room, in a huge white dress; there were light straps on her otherwise bare shoulders, her chest popped out of her body, making Ivan crave for a taste, the dress went all the way to the floor.

Mia’s eyes were drawn to his penis. “Whoa, Ivan your cock is so huge” she said

Ivan smiled and pointed to the bed. Mia nodded and lied down on it, her legs bending right next to where Ivan still sat. Her hands were above her head, like if she was reaching for the headrest.

Ivan rolled up her dress all the way up to her stomach; he then peeled off her panties to see her bare pussy. Ivan took his cock in his hands and moved forward, slipping into Mia. Mia moaned as she felt his full length enter her body.

“Oh my wise one” said Ivan, he had only slept with one other girl in his life and that was a young maid that worked at Hammet’s castle. The next morning Layana caught Ivan and the maid and the girl was fired on the spot. Ivan never saw her again.

 “Yes Ivan” moaned Mia as he started to pump inside of her. Like Ivan, Mia had only slept with one man before she started dating Ivan. It was her former boyfriend Alex; they had dated for two years until he finally talked her into sleeping with him. Two days later he dumped her and left Imil.

Ivan and Mia had never slept together. Mia was always worried that if she would sleep with Ivan, he would dump her; she didn’t believe he was a man like that, but she believed the same thing about Alex when she was with him. As for Ivan, he had no idea how to ask Mia to sleep with him since the young maid was the one who made a move on him.

Finally now they were married, Ivan didn’t have to be shy to ask his wife for sex and Mia didn’t have to be scared that her husband would leave her after they would roll in the sheets.

Ivan placed his hands on Mia’s perfect hips as he pumped into her with his hard dick. Mia was moaning in heat as he did her. Both of them barely did this before and they both knew that they would be doing this a lot more in the future.

“I’m close” said Ivan

“Already?” Mia asked

“I’m sorry honey” Ivan told her, he pulled out of her pussy and stroked his cock quickly, he then moaned out as he ejaculated his load over her white dress.

Ivan took several steps backwards and fell down into the single chair in the hotel room out of breath. Mia stayed on the bed also out of breath from what her husband gave her; she soon recovered and was ready for more.

“Please Ivan…I can’t wait. I waited so long to feel you” said Mia

“I know” Ivan told her “But…I just can’t”

“Oh well…at least we did something on our wedding night” Mia said, Ivan could hear the disappointment in her voice

Suddenly there was a knock at the front door.

“Who could that be?” she asked

Ivan got up and walked over to the front door, Mia was surprised when Ivan opened the door completely naked and then returned to his chair. Mia was even more surprised at the man that Ivan let inside of the room, it was Isaac.

“Hello Mia” he told her as he looked at her pussy that was on display. Mia quickly pulled down some of her wedding dress to hide it, her hands got a little sticky from Ivan’s cum.

“What are you doing here Isaac?” she asked

“Piers gave me a ride” he told her

“That doesn’t answer my question” said Mia

“I told him to come” said Ivan


“For you Mia” said Ivan

“What do you mean by that?” Mia asked, this was making her dizzy

“I knew you wanted your wedding night to be the best night of your life, but I’m out of steam and it will take quite a while before I recover…so I asked Isaac to come so he could continue to please you while I recover” said Ivan

Mia sat up in the bed “That’s crazy Ivan…I don’t want to have sex with Isaac, I want to have sex with you”

“I’ll join you in bed later” said Ivan with a smile “Anyways I’ll find it hot to watch another man fuck you”

“This is very weird Ivan” said Mia with her arms crossed under her breast, she then looked at Isaac “and what about Jenna?”

“You’re in luck, Jenna and I are no longer seeing each other as of this morning” said Isaac, he walked over to her and sat right next to her. Mia felt uneasy; she did not want to have sex with Isaac. She was just about to verbalize it once again, when Isaac kissed her. When she felt his tongue enter her mouth and touch hers, she started to lose control.

“This will be good” said Ivan to himself, he noticed that he was flat, he stroked himself a few times to make his cock grow in size.

Mia closed her eyes and moved her tongue forward, making it enter Isaac’s mouth. As they made out, Isaac moved his hands to her hot chest and pulled the dress down, freeing her boobs from their prison. Mia felt his hands roam her body, she moaned into his mouth at his magic touch. Venus adepts made amazing lovers.

They parted the kiss, their lips were inches apart.

“Please Isaac” she said

“I’ll use my dick on you” he told her

“Thank you” she told him back

Mia turned around so she was on her stomach, she didn’t care if the cum from her dress, stained the sheets of the hotel room. All she wanted right now was Isaac’s cock in between her buns. Isaac quickly took his clothes off; he pulled up her wedding dress so that the white material was collected in a mass at her belly. Isaac checked out her fine ass and slapped it a few times.

“Isaac…stop tensing me and fuck me” she said

“I will” said Isaac, taking his dick in his hands he went inside of her. Mia moaned as she felt him, she could tell that he was already bigger than her husband. Isaac started to thrust into her hot body, as Ivan watched another man fuck his wife as he stroked his member with one hand.

“Isaac….Isaac…Isaac…yes” Mia moaned as he fucked her

“Your ass is a lot tighter than Jenna’s” said Isaac as he took another thrust forward

“That’s because Jenna’s a slut” Mia answered

“Yeah, I heard that she and Puelle slept together after Mars was lite” Isaac told her

“Yes” shouted Mia “Tell me all the dirty things your girlfriend was doing”

“That’s all I have” said Isaac “Other than the fact that she would beg me every night to suck my cock”

“I want to suck your cock” said Mia

“You will once I’m done with this hot piece of ass” Isaac told her

Isaac took a couple of more thrust in her ass, before he pulled out suddenly, taking a hold of her hips, he flipped Mia over and roughly kissed her mouth. His tongue passed over her teeth and her tongue, before he pulled away from her once more. Isaac hoped off the bed and stood in front of it.

“Open up Mia” he said, Mia looked at him, he was a lot more fit than her husband, she always had a thing for men with little muscle, but she had to admit that just the sight of Isaac shirtless would make her wet. His cock stood straight, showing her just how hard he was. Mia crawled over the bed and opened her mouth, taking all of Isaac into her mouth.

“This is so fucking hot” said Ivan as he watched his new wife suck his friend. Ivan stroked his cock quickly at the sight in front of him.

“Mia’s mouth feels so great” said Isaac, Mia moved her mouth back and forth along his length as Isaac took a handful of her blue hair as he slowly started to thrust into her mouth. He liked to be in control of the girl’s mouth when they blew him and that was something that Jenna knew and loved. Mia on the other hand didn’t yet know this about Isaac, but she was about to find out.

Isaac held her head in place and started to thrust roughly into Mia’s mouth. Her eyes grew wide as she felt Isaac’s dick go deeper in her throat then she would have liked, after all this cock was in her ass not too long ago. Isaac pumped into her throat; he could hear Mia gag on his big dick as he moved back and forth down her throat. Mia shut her eyes tightly as her throat was assaulted by Isaac and tears fell from her eyes.

“Much. Better. Than. Jenna!” Isaac said as he did her mouth

“I sure have a wonderful wife” laughed Ivan

“You sure do buddy” said Isaac “You mind if I could borrow her and fuck her once in a while?”

“Not at all as long as I can watch you and her do it” said Ivan

“You got it” smiled Isaac

Mia sort of found it insulting that they were talking about her having sex with another man then her husband without including her in the conversation. She would be the one to choose if she would do it with anyone. On the other hand, Isaac was amazing in bed and one kiss from his lips drove her crazy, so she had a feeling this wasn’t going to be her first and only time sleeping with this monster.

“I’m close” moaned Isaac, thrusting quickly into Mia’s mouth

“Give my wife a drink” said Ivan

“I will” said Isaac, he thrusted into Mia’s mouth one last time and shot his head back as he emptied his load into her mouth. Mia moaned around his dick as she took it all, some cum spilled out from the side of her mouth and she swallowed the rest of it with little trouble.

Isaac pulled out of her mouth and walked backwards until he hit a wall. Mia was taking deep breaths of air after having such a large dick in her mouth.

“Whoa, Jenna never burned me out like that before” Isaac said

“Thanks for the help” said Ivan “But I can handle it from here”

“In your dreams” said Isaac “I want some more”

Ivan felt a little uneasy, he looked at his wife on the bed “What do you want Mia?” he asked her

“I want Isaac to stay” she said, she wasn’t sure why she said that. She loved Ivan, but Isaac had one great dick attached to his body. She could tell from the look on his face that Ivan was not happy with her answer, but he was the one who called Isaac in the first place and he was the one that gave her the choice for him to stay or not.

Isaac walked forward and joined Ivan in front of the bed “Looks like we can do her at the same time”

“Is that safe?” Ivan asked

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing” Isaac told him, he put a hand out and Mia took it. Isaac helped her to her feet. Mia placed her hands on Isaac’s shoulders and kissed him while Ivan touched her hot ass.

Mia then jumped into Isaac’s arms and continued to kiss him like if he was her husband. Isaac walked backwards until he was against the wall, with the extra support; he slipped his cock into Mia’s pussy and started to pump inside of her. Ivan came from the back route and went into her ass. Mia moaned into Isaac’s mouth as two cocks did her at once.

“This is pretty hot” said Ivan

“I told you so” smiled Isaac as he broke the kiss he shared with Mia “I have great ideas when it comes to sex”

“If you and Jenna ever get back together maybe we can have a foursome” said Ivan

“I don’t think that will happen” said Isaac “But I can easily trick Sheba into going along with it”

“Nice one man, she has a fine body”

Isaac had his hands on Mia’s legs while Ivan had his over her hips, both men were timed so that they both pushed into her at the same time and pulled back at the same time as well. Mia’s eyes were rolling to the back of her head; her tongue was hanging out of her mouth. This was the best night of her life, it was true her wedding day was perfect and it was thanks to Isaac. She was going crazy, how would sex be afterwards when Isaac wasn’t around anymore to give her his skilled penis.

“Fuck me Isaac!” she shouted

“I think the whole island will know what the two of you did tonight” said Isaac with a smirk on his face “it’s the fault of my cock”

“I don’t fucking care if all of Weyard knows” said Mia

The two men thrusted into Mia’s hot body at a quick pace, not wanting a waste a single minute of fucking a knockout like her. Isaac was nearing his limit as he thrusted into her tight pussy; she was a lot better than Jenna in every single way. He wished he knew this sooner or he won’t have stayed with Jenna for so long. Maybe if he was smarter he would be Mia’s husband by now and not Ivan.

Ivan knew that he was close to his second load, he didn’t know how much longer he would be able to last. He could feel it trying to come out of him, but he held it back because he wanted to feel his wives hot ass for a lot longer. He loved Mia’s butt and if it was up to him, he would always fuck her in the ass.

Mia was losing control. Her mind was focused on two things, the two cocks that were fucking her out of control. She didn’t want them to cum, she wanted them to fuck her this way for the rest of the night, but she also knew that if they did that she would not survive to the morning, but at this moment she didn’t care, she wanted cock in her pussy and she needed cock in her ass. She just wanted Isaac and Ivan to continuing pounding her for as long as they could.

Ivan moved forward one final time as he shot his load in Mia’s hot ass.

“MIA!” he shouted as he filled her butt

“IVAN!” she shouted back to him as she felt the jizz fill her to the brim.

Ivan pulled out of her and fell to the floor out of breath once again. Isaac continued to do Mia, she looked into his eyes and he looked back at her

“I love you” he said to her, knowing that he would never feel the same way towards Jenna or even Sheba after tonight.

Mia nodded “I know and I feel the same way…but I’m married” she told him

“A real shame” Isaac said, he kissed her, and Mia kissed him back. Isaac took several steps forward, being very careful to avoid Ivan on the floor; Mia found her feet return to the floor and she was glad that Isaac was still pumping inside of her pussy. Her hands moved over to his ass, her body felt so hot.

The two of them fell on the bed as Isaac pumped into her for the final times. Any minute he knew that he would have his release. He wanted to enjoy Mia’s hot body for as long as he could before it was finally over.

“MIA!” he shouted

“ISAAC!” she shouted back, knowing that it was any second now that she would feel his seed inside of her womb.

Isaac pressed his lips to her mouth and moaned into her mouth as he ejaculated inside of Mia. Mia accepted his seed inside of her and moaned back with approval.

Isaac rolled off of her; they were both out of breath from the intense fucking.

“This dress…has wonderful memoires” Mia said to him before she fell asleep in Isaac’s arms.

4 months later

Ivan and Mia had gone over to Vale for a few days to visit their friend Isaac. The last time they saw him was on their wedding night, since when they both woke up the next morning he was already gone and left them a note.

They were in the living room chatting about various topics.

“I talked with Sheba” said Isaac “So whenever you want that foursome, just let me know”

Mia and Ivan looked at each other “That will have to wait a while” said Ivan


Mia smiled “I’m pregnant”

“Whoa, that was a little fast you two” said Isaac

“I know, but I can’t wait to be a father” said Ivan.

That night when Ivan was in the bathroom taking a shower, Mia went over to see Isaac, she came from behind him and kissed the back of his neck.

“You want to fuck Mia?” he asked her because Isaac was always in the mood for some hot sex.

“Maybe tomorrow” she said to him “I have something important to tell you…my baby…it’s our baby”


“Ivan never came inside of me” said Mia “That first night before you showed up, Ivan pulled out before and later that night you came inside of me. Since that night all Ivan wants to do is fuck my ass, so you see Isaac I know that you’re the father of my baby”

“Why does Ivan think it’s his child then?” asked Isaac

“I have no idea, but don’t tell him it would only break his heart to know that my child is from another man” said Mia

Isaac placed his hands on Mia’s shoulder “I won’t tell him my love, but if our child is a Venus adept then he will find out”

Mia smiled again “Venus adepts run in my family”

“Maybe this will work out” said Isaac, and then even if they knew that Ivan was in the house and could catch them. The two of them shared a passionate kiss in his bedroom, pushing their tongues into each other’s mouth and mixing saliva with one another. Isaac found his hands going for Mia’s large chest and Mia found her hands going into Isaac’s pants.

Mia had a strong feeling that she and Isaac were going to end up in bed after all tonight. The question was would Ivan catch them or not?

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