Reality of Diamond (Riku x Sora)

BY : TristyandShane
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The place was quiet, and nobody was around other than a couple of people at the computers. The golden rule in the library was to remain quiet, but a certain brunette broke that rule constantly. 

"Yoohoo! Librarian," beckoned a short male, dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, complete with a skateboard in hand. 

Green eyes averted their gaze from the computer screen and over towards the brunette that called out to him. A long, drawn-out sigh escaped his lips when he caught the lad sending a wave in his direction. This librarian was clad in a black long-sleeved button-up shirt, along with a pair of slacks and leather shoes that appeared pointed at the toes. Short silver locks were dishevelled, albeit brushed, possessing a sweep fringe and bangs that fell over his face. 

It took him a while to respond, and instead, he watched the brunette approach the cataloguing desk. Green eyes were fixed on those cerulean orbs that just wandered along his shirt, seeing them eye his nametag. 

"Riku, huh?" 

The lad tilted his head to one side, inspecting the silver-haired male's face. His hands placed a large cooking book onto the desk, allowing the book to create such a loud thump. Short silver locks bounced gently when he jolted, and it caused the smaller male to laugh at the sight.

"Weren't expecting that, huh?" 

"No, I wasn't," he finally replied, actually saying a word now. 

"But it's nice to meet you, Riku! I'm Sora," the lad greeted, presenting the silver-haired with such a large, happy beam across his rims.

"You know you can check out the books yourself, right?" Riku informed Sora, whilst one hand pointed over to a self checkout machine not so far away from the desk.

Leaning inward, the brunette continued to beam widely from ear-to-ear, and he placed a hand onto his hip. 

"I want you to check out the book for me!" Sora chortled. 

"Oh, sure."

"Mhm!" Sora intoned with a quick nod of the head, "I'll be cooking the cake on page 53 when I'm back home." 

"I've seen you come into this library at least twice every week so far, checking out all kinds of cooking books," mentioned Riku as he scanned the back of the book.

"What about you?" Sora questioned, placing both his palms onto the desk's surface, as he unexpectedly lunged forward, now standing on his tiptoes just so he could reach Riku's face. "Do you like to read?"

"On occasion."

"Only on occasion? But you're a librarian!" Sora blinked, his grin shrinking into a slight frown. 

"Mhm," he intoned. (I see Riku as reading magazines or playing games more than actual reading ;w;)

"Sounds...uh...exciting," replied Sora with a shrug, "I just like to get creative and see what I can really do."

Passing the huge book onto the smaller lad, Riku gave him a bittersweet smile. This wasn't a big smile, but small enough to be considered one. 

"See you another day," he stated.

- x - 

Bobbed crimson locks bounced while she ran, and loud, continuous footsteps were followed by chimes of her voice. The sound of constant rattling and clinking could be heard along the way, which were her many bracelets and earrings moving with each swift step she took. This short girl ran like the wind, wearing a large, eager grin along her lips. Pink lipgloss was painted over her lips, too, causing them to shine. She was clad in a short pink dress that reached her thighs, and the material appeared sparkly in the sunlight.

"Hey! Hey, Sora!" 

Turning his head, Sora shot a glance over his shoulder, and at the sight of the girl, a wide beam sprung over his rims in an instant. 

"Kairi!" Sora voiced, approaching the redhead, "Kairi, what's up?" 

Halting right in front of Sora, Kairi stood, one hand reaching down to snoop through her shoulderbag. Rattles could be heard in the process. 

"Sora! Sora!" Kairi continued, "I saw you looking at that librarian guy again."

"Looking? I wasn't looking!" Sora claimed as brunette eyebrows furrowed.

"Yes, you were!" Kairi shot back, and soon enough, she pulled out two tickets to a place that Sora would NEVER go to, "I found something! You know that cute librarian, Riku? He works as a stripper at this club. I bought us tickets!" 

Cerulean orbs just dropped their gaze down to these twin tickets, and Sora swallowed a lump in his throat at the mere sight of them. This was a pretty large lump, too. He shook his head, dishevelled brunette locks dancing in the process. 

"Nah, I don't think so," he mused out loud, "I mean, he was wearing such nice clothes...and he seemed pretty normal to be a stripper."

"Normal?" Kairi rehashed, giggling.

"Yeah, he seems pretty...normal."

"Well, how come his face is plastered all over the banners at this strip club then?" Kairi pondered, tilting her head to one side. 

"Really, you went to the strip club?" 

"Yeah! I wanted to purchase the tickets, so yeah," she quipped, "It's my birthday tomorrow and I wanted to go to a male strip club for the evening."

"Oh...r-right...I understand," gulped Sora. He was so innocent when it came to adult themes, but Kairi was turning eighteen tomorrow and she was no longer the little, angelic girl that he knew when he was little.

"Well, are you coming?" Kairi asked, extending a hand out towards him, "It opens in one hour."

"What, that soon?" Sora spat out in alarm, jolting in surprise.

"Mhm," she intoned, giving him a nod. 

"Will...Riku be there, then?" Sora also asked, albeit more hesitantly now as he coyed away a little.

"Mhm," she intoned again, grabbing onto Sora's hand in a heartbeat, "I promise you will love it at this club!"

"I will?"

"And after we see Riku, we can just...go home!"

Without any further ado, Sora allowed himself to be pulled along, and in the meantime, his heart kept on racing. He held his free hand up to his torso, pressing the palm onto his chest. He could feel each thump practically ring through behind his ribcage, becoming more powerful and erratic the closer he got to the strip club. Oh lord. It wasn't that far from the library, too, just a few streets down.

"Kairi, what if he sees me in the crowd?" Sora questioned.

"Well, he won't be able to see you since there will be a full house at this club."

During the time Kairi stopped at the double doors to the club, Sora caught sight of what appeared to be Riku's photograph all over the banners. Sora squealed at the pictures, knowing that it'll be the librarian here and not another Riku. The librarian he likes, too. 

"Diamond's...big night...?" Sora read out the title, and the mere name caused a vibrant reddish hue to burn across his cheeks, "I-I mean, of course, strippers don't use their real names..."

Placing a hand onto his trembling shoulder, Kairi glanced at Sora and pulled a frown.

"You okay?"

"I know I sound selfish...but after we see Riku's show, can we go back home? I know it's your birthday know..."

"Shh," she nodded, placing an index finger onto his lips, "It's fine. Your wish is my command," she answered cheekily.

Cerulean hues watched Kairi run up to the counter while flashing two tickets, but all that Sora had on his mind was the cute librarian he met earlier. Averting his stare to the advertisement banners again, Sora continued to observe the image and those constant flashing lights. He wondered what Riku will be dressed in, and he wondered if Riku would be okay on the stage all by himself. That and his rent must be at a high price if he's working two jobs.

But then, a curious idea sprung to mind.

"Kairi!" Sora followed behind, still seeing her standing at the ticket office, "I was wondering...if Riku and I become friends, maybe he could move in with us?!" Sora thought, a wide beam along his lips now.

Kairi just smiled at that idea.

"Are you both here to watch Diamond? He starts like real soon," informed the ticket collector, "I suggest you go inside now since the crowd will be large."

"Okay!" Kairi chimed.

Heading into the dance hall, Sora glanced around, not really sure what'll happen next. He sat at a circular table, and very shyly, he checked the stage every now and then to see if Riku's ready. As of yet, the hall had very few people scattered around, and there was a punch bowl sitting on a catering stand. Kairi went to the stand and left Sora sitting all by himself at the table. 


Lights grew dim, and a member of staff walked through the dance hall, beginning to light a flame to the candles on every table. This was followed by calm, funky music. 

"Is it starting now, or...?"

Kairi sauntered over to the table, placing two plastic cups of peach coloured punch onto the table's surface. She sat down on the chair opposite Sora.

"I think it's starting," she mentioned, glancing at the closed curtains.

"H-huh?" Sora was clueless, like always, "Riku's show is starting?"

"Get ready for Diamond!" alerted the DJ.

People passed through the room, and Sora had a hard time keeping watch of the stage. Some people were blocking his view while they walked by, and poor Sora was trying to move his head to every corner that was visible. But when the crowd started to cheer, that's when Sora knew the red curtains were opening.

Standing up on the chair, Sora's eyes widened in surprise. The stripper appeared to be the tall, silver-haired male from the library earlier, now dressed in a sexy black bunny suit that consisted of a corset, underwear, pleaser heels, and of course, a pair of lofty black ears. His face appeared straight, not amused, and refused to show any expression. 

Sora just gulped, "R-Riku?"  

The hall was now packed with people from all over town, with a lot of them throwing out munny. Sora gasped, seeing notes he had never seen before, which were clearly being thrown by rich fellas that owned flash cars.

With the loud music thumping through the ground and walls, Sora could feel the beat practically climb through his small body. Cerulean orbs glanced down to his open hands, noticing them vibrate. 

"Sora, are you okay?" Kairi questioned, rummaging through her shoulderbag for loose coins.

"Y-yeah..." Sora muttered as an answer, while he slowly dropped down from the chair, now sitting down again, "I'm fine."

Descending from the stage, Riku tore open his black leather corset and tossed it over to the nearest members in the crowd. He stepped down, then looked up, watching the brunette completely caught off guard in the near distance. The silver-haired started to strut, raising his arms up above his head and keeping his back straight. The sound of heels could be heard stepping closer, and Sora glanced up, finding the silver-haired male drawing closer to him.

"Wh-what?!" Sora hesitated, swallowing his own spit nervously.

It never helped that Kairi was cheering beside him. 

A hand held onto the back of Sora's chair, while his other hand placed a finger underneath Sora's chin. Emerald orbs observed the brunette, looking into his blue eyes. Riku tilted his head to one side, pulling a smirk.

"Ah, the cook from earlier," he remarked.


Riku's ashen skin glimmered in the light, giving Sora the signal that he was coated in baby oil. Cerulean orbs just so happened to glance down, catching sight of Riku turning, and oh my god he wore a thong. He bent over, running his backside over Sora's shorts. The brunette murmured incoherent words when this was happening, as he kept on watching Riku, watching the silver-haired dip onto the ground and then rise. That was until Riku turned to face Sora again, placing the same finger underneath the lad's chin, as his hand lifted the brunette's face up so he could look into his eyes. A leg rose up, as the foot rested on the remaining seat of the chair beside Sora. 

Kairi covered her mouth with both hands when she watched Riku giving Sora a lapdance.

"A bit of a surprise to see you here," mentioned Riku.

Lowering his leg from the chair, Riku placed both hands onto the lad's knees, soon spreading those legs apart while his body dipped in between them.

"But maybe you knew of my work here," he continued to talk, maintaining eye contact with the brunette.

Rising up, Riku placed a hand onto Sora's small shoulder, allowing his fingers to feel and caress the lad's collarbone. Green eyes kept their gaze fixed on him, while Riku began to circle the chair, having his hip gently brush up against the lad every now and then. 

"I didn't know," answered Sora, holding his hands up in defense. His cheeks were stained in a crimson blush, and this blush appeared hysteric, and at this point, Sora could feel tears building up in his eyes. 

"Right," chuckled Riku, sarcasm in his tone.

During the time he exited the circle, Riku leaned down and lowered himself into Sora's lap. Sora struggled to look away, closing his eyes in the meantime. Riku was topless, shining in baby oil, and Sora just couldn't bring himself to look at the silver-haired. One leg coiled around the chair, keeping both the chair and Sora close to his body. Kairi, on the other hand, counted her coins.

"Really, I didn't know you were here!" Sora exclaimed again, looking away.

Riku wrapped his arms around Sora's collar.

"I don't believe you," stated the silver-haired, "but if you say so. I guess I wouldn't argue.." 

Leaning inward, his lips brushed up against Sora's ear lobe, giving it a weak kiss. 

Rising up from Sora's lap, Riku began to walk away, obviously onto the next person now. Kairi tossed at least ten coins in Riku's direction, having each coin hit the ground beneath him. 

Sora started to cry, having tears rolling down his cheeks, "R-Riku..." he mumbled.

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