The Last of Us: Coping

BY : Et2bruttus
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Ellie scoped out her intended target’s cabin from a distance, observing through the sights of her rifle. As she watched, a large man dressed in a blue winter coat carried a large bundle of firewood with him, entered the cabin and slammed the door shut behind him while a flurry of snow blew in around the cabin and dusted its way atop the nearby frozen lake. 


The twenty-year-old girl lowered her rifle and took a deep breath, debating in her head for the thousandth time whether or not she was actually going to go through with this. She pulled out a bottle of whiskey and uncorked it, taking a swig of it to calm her nerves. She’d started drinking more and more often over the past couple months, even since…well, Abby. And Dina. 


“Fuck it,” she muttered, tossing aside the empty whiskey bottle into the woods. She was done debating this with herself. If she was going to do this, she might as well just do it, and damn the consequences. It’s not as if she had much to lose these days. 


She stealthily approached the cabin, slinging her rifle over her shoulder and pulling out her bow instead. She hadn’t spotted any Infected or Clickers during her approach to this place, but she didn’t want to risk firing off a gunshot and pushing her luck. When she got to the cabin up close, she ducked underneath one of the windows and peered in. 


The man she’d been watching had lit a fire in the fireplace with the wood he’d gathered. He removed his coat and tossed it uncaringly onto one of the armchairs near the fireplace before he sat down on the opposite armchair. In a surprisingly familiar gesture, she saw the man take a swig from a bottle of rum that he had on the hardwood floor next to his armchair. 


A man after my own heart, Ellie thought with a snort of amusement. Still, if buddy boy was going to start drinking, that would only make things easier for her. She sat by the window, cupping her hands and rubbing them together to warm herself up, hoping she wouldn’t have to sit here out in the cold that much longer. As she watched, the guy kept drinking his rum, and she noticed that he was staring at a photograph of some kind. A memento of family members or an old home he missed? Most likely. This shitty world had a way of making a broken drunk out of most people.


After some time sitting there drinking, he finally got up from the armchair, leaving the photo and rum bottle where it was as the fire continued to blaze in the nearby fireplace. He disappeared into the back room which Ellie assumed had to be the bedroom. She gave a sigh of relief. This was her chance. 


After waiting a few more minutes, she calmly and cooly approached the front door and, after successfully picking the lock, slowly entered the cabin. She was about to take one more step into the living room when she spotted it: a nail bomb positioned right behind the front door with a trip wire just inches from her foot, likely as a safeguard against intruders like her. Luckily, she was no amateur, and she’d planted many of these things herself, so she easily sidestepped it and continued on. 


She winced every time she took a step through the cabin and heard the wooden floorboards make that damned creaky sound they always made. It was slow-going, and this was probably the most timid and cautious she’d ever been when it came to sneaking into a place before, but eventually she was at the bedroom at the back of the cabin. 


Sure enough, when she peered inside, she saw that the man appeared to be out for the count. He’d spent the last half hour drinking himself into a stupor to drown whatever frustrations he was dealing with, so this was no surprise to her. In fact, it was exactly what she was counting on. After making sure there were no other traps or surprises waiting for her, she slowly approached the bed. 


For the first time, she got a close-up look at this guy she’d been scoping out like a hawk for the past few days. He was a caucasian guy with straight brown hair and a dimpled chin with a bit of stubble, but not much in the way of facial hair to speak of, suggesting that the guy groomed himself in some way. He looked to be probably in his mid to late thirties, if she had to guess, and he was in very good shape. Most people who survived long term out in the world had to be in some kind of good shape, she supposed, but this dude was pretty well-built, she had to admit. All the more reason to play this carefully though; one wrong move and he could overpower her, even if he was drunk. 


Deciding to get to work while he was out, she set aside her bow and drew out a length of rope and a knife. After cutting the rope into a couple segments, she took his left hand and tied it securely to the bedpost. He must have really been in a deep sleep, because he didn’t move so much as a muscle when she did this. Satisfied that she could get away with more without incident, she did the same with his right hand, until he was securely tied to the bed he was sleeping in.


With him securely restrained, she got up onto her feet, took off her own jacket and prepared to get started with what she intended. Ellie looked at the man’s chiseled chest underneath his wife beater, his dimpled chin and muscular arms and…didn’t really feel any sort of way about it. If she’d needed any more proof about her sexuality, this was it. She had a, frankly, very attractive male specimen here, but it didn’t really do anything to get her juices flowing, so to speak. Still, she couldn’t deny that he was handsome. Even she as a lesbian could tell the difference between an attractive dude and an ugly one. If she was straight, she could realistically see herself getting quite turned on by the sight of this guy, especially considering what she planned to do to him.


Not that it mattered. She was here for one reason and one reason alone. She didn’t need to get completely turned on in order to get what she was after - his semen. Dina had taken her surrogate son, JJ, with her when she abandoned Ellie. She just wanted, needed, to fill the void that their absence left behind. Even if it meant having a baby of her own. 


Ellie tugged down the man’s pants while he slept with his arms tied to the bedposts, trying to be as delicate as possible so as not to wake him. She pulled them down his legs along with his boxers, and his soft cock was revealed to her under the nearby glow of the lantern he had in the corner of the room. 


“Ok, ok,” Ellie whispered under her breath with a sigh. This was the part she was dreading. She had to get him hard. But how would she go about this? Giving him a blowjob was out of the question. So that really only left one option. 


With shaky hands, she reached down and took his flaccid member into the palm of her hand, curling her fingers around it. The cold weather certainly didn’t help with getting him hard, which meant that she’d have to be even more diligent to work him up to a full erection. 


She leaned over his crotch, noting at the very least that he kept himself clean and that his nasty male musk wasn’t overwhelming to her. She also noted that he groomed himself down there, with only a small tuft of pubic hair, which was a pleasant surprise.


The young woman leaned forward and spat, letting a line of drool drip down onto her hand and his member. She then began to masturbate his cock using her spit as lube. It felt like a chore to her, looking in the other direction with a sigh as she let her hand stroke his gradually-hardening member with resignation and determination, only occasionally looking up at his face to make sure he was still asleep, only pausing when she heard him give a slight grunt or moan. 


Soon enough, she’d coaxed enough blood into his cock to bring him to a full erection. Ellie pulled her hand away and marveled at his size. She could not help but admit that she was a bit intimidated by it. He had to be around ten inches, if she had to guess, and he was thick as well. She supposed it was only fitting; this guy was pretty stacked in terms of all his other muscles, so why not the muscle dangling between his legs as well?


It was daunting, and part of her considered backing out here and now, fleeing from the cabin before this slumbering man was any the wiser. But no…she decided after a moment of internal debate that she would not chicken out at this point. Who was she to let some man’s freakishly big meatstick scare her off from what she’d come here for? She was built of stronger stuff than that, especially after what she’d endured over the past several years. 


Ellie tugged her own pants down her legs and tossed them aside. She took a deep breath to steady her nerves, sucking two of her fingers into her mouth and slipping them beneath her panties to finger her own pussy, preparing herself for what was to come. It wasn’t quite enough though; she needed something more to take the edge off and help her ease into her first time with a man - something she never would’ve thought about doing just weeks ago. As she fingered herself, she imagined herself with the hottest woman she could think of; no specific woman in particular, just a nameless, faceless woman with flowing hair and ample tits. She did not dare think about Dina right now; that would only make things worse and fill her with crippling regret. 


A series of sapphic fantasies playing out in her head finally managed to do the trick and she felt herself getting wet. Deciding to seize the moment before her courage and spike of arousal left her, she quickly straddled the man’s hips, pulling her panties off to the side as she did, some juices dripping from her sex and onto the flush head of the man’s cock beneath her. She reached down and sighed, grasping his pulsing cock, marveling at how her hand could barely even wrap around it. This man’s fleshly pole easily dwarfed the dildo that Dina had used on her during their time together. Part of her wished that the man that she’d happened upon was wielding something a bit smaller between his legs, something a bit easier to handle. 


“Well,” Ellie sighed under her breath. “Go big or go home.”


She only hoped this guy’s size was comparable to his virility. The fewer times it took for his swimmers to find her eggs, the better. 


Ellie decided not to dawdle any longer; she could only delay the inevitable for so long. Keeping his erect, throbbing cock standing upright like a flagpole, she positioned her tight, wet cunt right above it and she began to lower herself down. A jolt of shock ran through her as she felt the man’s swollen cockhead pressing against the folds of her labia. She was immediately taken aback by how warm he felt, especially in contrast to her cold air around them. 


She looked up at his face and saw that his eyes were still shut as he slept, which was quite a relief to her but also surprising. She wondered how the fuck this dude hadn’t been killed by someone in the middle of the night by now, given how he slept like a rock. Perhaps he didn’t care if he lived or died at this point; she could certainly relate to that. Still this was good for her, as he still slept soundly even as his thick cockhead finally pushed past the tight entrance to her sex after several failed attempts to sheath him inside her. 


Ellie let loose a sharp gasp as her vulva swallowed up his cockhead and the first inch of his considerable length slid inside her. She had always been tight, as Dina had always told her, and this dude was packing a hefty piece of meat, so she had to pause and compose herself from just having the first inch inside her. It was an exaggeration of course, but compared to Dina’s dildo, this felt like pushing a baseball bat inside her. All she could manage was micro-thrusts and small bounces that shifted his cock around inside her a centimeter at a time. She knew she would have to start really moving and getting him deeper soon though; ideally, she wanted him spurting his babymaking gushes right up against her cervix when he was ready to cum anyway. Anything to ensure she would have a baby inside her when this was all said and done. 


It was a fairly uncomfortable endeavor for her at first - a process of squatting above this guy she didn’t even know while she incrementally shifted her hips around and worked his thick fleshy member inside of her little by little, all while she was one wrong move away from waking him up from his sleep. In a way, it was an out-of-body experience for her, and part of her still couldn’t believe she was doing this. The fact that she had an actual flesh-and-blood penis inside of her at that moment still hadn’t fully sunk in for her yet. But her whirlwind of volatile emotions was driving her ill-advised actions at this point, and she was beyond the point of caring anymore. Perhaps the guilt and revulsion would come later, but for now, she just wanted to find a way to get this man’s cock as far inside her tight cunt as it could fit.


Deciding to ease her discomfort a bit and sheath him deeper into her, she reached down and began to rub her clit. She let out a soft coo as she stroked her button, biting her lip with satisfaction as she worked her hips and felt another couple thick inches of man meat push its way into her.


“Yeah, there’s some progress, - ugh - you big bastard,” she hissed under her breath. About half of his thick cock was inside her by this point. And she was starting to get herself worked up in the process, thanks to a combination of dirty sapphic fantasies of going down on a busty girl or two, in tandem with her rubbing away at her clit. She felt herself getting wetter from this stimulation, making it easier for her to slip this cock in and out of her, getting closer and closer to having his entire length buried inside her up to his balls. The stocky brown-haired man was practically a fleshy dildo for her at this point …a dildo capable of impregnating her, of course. And while pleasure was not specifically her goal here, she wasn’t exactly about to object to whatever would make this arduous task easier for her either.


His thick cockhead finally bumped against her cervix and she hissed from the sensation, never having felt something touch her that deep before. Her pussy tightened around his cock as her juices trickled down his shift; she was thankful for the additional lubrication for the next plunge. 


Ellie opened her green eyes and her breath caught in her throat. The guy whose cock was buried inside her up to her cervix was awake, and staring right at her wide eyed. For several moments, neither of them moved a muscle, only locked in each other’s gaze in a battle of wills, waiting to see what the other would do. 


But Ellie was the first to react. He flinched and tried to squirm away, but he in his alcohol-induced state had only just now realized that he was bound and spread eagle on the bed. Despite that, she still went for her knife and straddled his chest, the man’s thick cock popping out of her in the process. She put the knife right up against his throat, causing him to stop squirming and go still. 


“Don’t try it!” Ellie hissed down at the man. “I’m not going to hurt you, understand?” 


He stared her down, not saying anything. She had to give it to the guy; he didn’t start spouting the standard questions one would likely ask in this scenario. ‘Who are you?’ ‘What are you doing to me?’ She checked his knots again to make sure he was secure to the bed and then, satisfied, she mounted him again with the knife still pressed to his throat.


“I’m not going to fucking hurt you,” she panted, adrenaline coursing through her. She doubted he’d believe her. Hell, she wouldn’t believe her if she was in his position. Still, she didn’t have it in her to explain herself at this moment. “I just…need this, do you understand?” She made a motion down to his thick cock - still throbbing and bobbing with his heartbeat and coated in her juices. “I just fucking need this, and then I’ll leave you alone. Ok?”


He held her gaze, the man’s blue eyes looking back at her for several moments. To her surprise, he nodded after several moments, leaning his head back and shifting himself into a more comfortable position on the pillow behind him. She figured this guy had to either be planning to try something, or he was pragmatic and realized the futility of his situation. Over the years, she’d perfected her knot-tying; even for a strong guy like him, there was no way he was wriggling his way out of that. And she had a weapon and an ideal position to take him out the moment he tried anything. Besides, his cock was still hard, and all he would have to do was endure some young woman fucking him until he came? How bad could that really be for him? He was a man after all, and sex was probably all most of them thought about anyway.


Ellie relaxed, putting aside the knife, but making sure it was within reach if she needed it. She gripped his thick babymaker again at its base and exhaled as she squatted down and felt its thickness pop back inside her again. She heard him groan as her cunt gripped him like a silken vice, clearly unprepared for her tightness squeezing around him. 


“You like that, huh?” she goaded him, putting her hands on his hips to center herself before she got to riding him proper. “Well, enjoy it, buddy. Because after you’re done, I’m gone, and it’s the last you’re going to feel of his tight cunt.”


With that, she began to slide herself up and down his thick stem, letting out breaths in regular intervals as if she was giving birth in reverse. Still, getting herself wet and prepared and lubing him up beforehand had helped, and every slide up and down his member was just coating him in a fresh layer of her natural lubrication and making it easier despite his freakish size. At the end of every downward stroke, his spongy thick cockhead was bumping her cervix. Ellie fought aside the uncomfortable sensation and before long had grown used to that as well. His fat cockhead pressing right up against her fertile womb was a good thing, so any discomfort was immaterial at this point. 


The bed began to rock and thump against the wall of the cabin as she rode him, and he scrunched up his face and gripped the ropes that bound his wrists as he was subjected to the sensation of the young woman’s tight sex rhythmically milking his member. Soon enough, he began moaning in tandem with her soft gasps and panting. Sometimes, his cock would rub against her g-spot, and she bit back any moan that would come as a result. Now that he was awake, she definitely didn’t want any pleasure on her part to be known. Hell, this wasn’t pleasurable for her anyway, was it? She just needed to milk this guy dry of his seed, and that was it.


She was dripping with sweat despite the cold air temperature, not having anticipated what a workout this would be. She kept riding, however, gliding up and down the fleshy living dildo she’d turned this hapless dude’s cock into, bumping his thick cockhead against the moist ring of her cervix again and again. He groaned, and she swore she could feel his cock swelling up inside her, growing thicker despite her not thinking such a thing was possible for an already-thick member. She rode him even harder, putting her kegels to work as she tried to tighten herself around him and milk him for all he had to give her.


A moment later, he gasped as she shoved herself down hard, pressing his plump cockhead right up against her cervix. He pressed at her womb, his cock twitched and then he was blowing a considerable load inside of her - warm, thick and spurting. She gasped from the feeling and the realization that the seed that she needed was finally being emptied into her. She pushed herself down fully, sliding down the length of his pole until her lips kissed his clenching and unclenching balls. With every flex, another spurt of sperm-rich semen shot out of his cock and into the lesbian girl’s pussy up to her cervix, and than another spurt, and then another. She figured this mystery man had to have been pretty backed up to drain his balls of such a huge load inside her. 


“Fuck…mmm…there ya go! Every fucking drop inside me, alright?!” she moaned. Tied to the bed as he was, he could do nothing but throw his head back and moans his pleasure while his body complied with her demands - filling her fertile sex with a fresh batch of cum. 


Her womb was thoroughly inseminated with molten babymaking lava, before he finally slowed to a trickle. He threw his head back with a sigh, and his hands went limp in his rope restraints as his orgasm finally ended, his wilting cock dripping out whatever excess reserves of spunk he had left into Ellie’s pussy. 


She let out a long sigh of satisfaction from having gotten what she was after. Granted, even in her tipsy state, she knew there was a chance she wouldn’t get pregnant from just this one occurrence, even if she was at her most fertile time. But even just the chance of getting what she was after made her feel fulfilled in a way she hadn’t since…well, Dina. 


However, her feeling of fulfillment did not last. Like a tidal wave washing over her, she was slammed with a feeling of guilt. Her eyes widened and she sat up on this guy whose softening cock was buried inside her, checking to make sure if he was ok. His head was slumped back and his chest was rising and falling in steady breaths, but otherwise he was mostly resting from the workout he’d just been given. 


Ellie smacked herself in the forehead with the palm of her hand. “Fuck!” she muttered under her breath. Her fingers balled up into a fist and she hit herself in the head harder. The guy looked up at her questioningly, probably thinking she was losing it all of a sudden. 


She quickly stood up onto her feet, the man’s cock slipping from her pussy with a slurp, followed by a trickle of semen. Pacing back and forth by the window overlooking the frozen lake, she rubbed her arms, grimacing with disgust. Not disgust at this guy, or the fact that she’d had a real cock inside her for the first time, but at herself. 


A rapist. She was a fucking rapist. This guy had done nothing to her, and she’d followed him back to his cabin, watched him drink and pass out, and then she’d had her way with him. Like he was nothing, an object. 


And for what? So she could have a baby, to fill some void left behind by Dina and JJ because she was too chickenshit to go back to them and apologize? She’d done something monstrous just to satisfy her wounded pride. 


She was no better than that sick fuck, David. What would Joel think if he could see her now?


A tear slid down her cheek. She turned around, croaking out an apology. “Look. I’m sorr-


Her eyes widened as she was suddenly pinned against the window. The muscular guy she’d taken advantage of had her in his grasp against the frosty window, and she didn’t have a single weapon in sight. Her own knife was in his hand and he had it up against her throat just as she’d done to him earlier. And after she’d molested him in his sleep, he had every reason in the world to want revenge. 


Fuck, fuck, fuck. How the hell had he gotten loose?! Had she become so much of a fuck-up that she couldn’t even get her knots right anymore either? Just another mistake to add to the list. Only this mistake could be the last she’d ever make. 


“Look,” she struggled out, fighting back the lump in her throat. “I shouldn’t have fucking done what I did. I’m sorry. I’m so god damn sorry. I’m a selfish bitch who got her fucking heart broken and lost every fucking person I ever cared about.”


His steely blue eyes bore into her soul but he still didn’t say anything and he made no move to kill her, but he also didn’t move the knife from her throat either. She only just now realized he hadn’t said a word since she’d arrived here. She wished she knew what this dude was thinking. 


“But I deserve that shit, don’t I? So just do whatever you need to do, ok? Because to be honest, I don’t give a shit anymore.” 


He furrowed his brow and relaxed his grip on her slightly, but he seemed to be contemplating something. As the moments drew on, she started growing unnerved. Whether he was going to kill her or not, she just wanted him to do or say something, anything. 


Finally, his other hand - the hand he’d been using to pin her against the window - came into view. She flinched and slammed her eyes shut. This was it for her, she was finally done for. 


A calloused thumb gently swiped against her freckled cheek, wiping away the tear there. Of all the things she expected him to do, that was dead last. She opened her eyes and stared back at him, seeing not hatred but sympathy in his gaze. Sympathy, and something else. 


“What the fu-”


Before she could finish her sentence, the guy had removed the knife from her neck and had leaned his head down, sucking at her collarbone. Her breath caught in her throat and goosebumps materialized all across her skin as he began licking and planting kisses along her neck and her jawline. His other hand no longer held a knife and it was gently running down the curve of her hip, stroking soothingly, gently. 


And her body was…fucking responding to it. How the hell was this possible? Her pussy was getting wet in a way that it hadn’t even when she’d mounted this guy’s cock only a half hour earlier, and he was doing hardly anything more than touching her. Sure, he was a handsome dude, but there were some handsome dudes in Jackson too, and none of them had ever done anything to get her blood pumping. 


Was she that desperate for attention from another human being that even the slightest bit of kissing and caressing was enough to get her horny? Whatever the case may be, emotions be damned and sexual orientation be damned. She was too tired to fight any of this at this point. 


Ellie craned her neck, giving him more room to work, he inhaled her scent, shutting his eyes as he got lost in her for a moment, before he continued showering kisses along her neck. He started working his way southward as her breathing increased with her arousal. He gently bunched her tank-top up to her chest so that the gentle swell of her breasts and pert nipples were exposed to his gaze. He looked up at her face briefly, seeking permission - a courtesy she’d denied him earlier. She said nothing, merely nodding and looking away, chewing her lip.


A spark of pleasure ran through her as the guy used both of his thumbs to roll her sensitive pink nipples at the same time. He gently massaged and caressed her tits until her nipples were as hard as erasers. A moment later, he lowered his head down and took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking on the nub for several moments before he turned to the other nipple to give it the same treatment. Down below, two of his fingers were gently rubbing her slit through her panties, a squishing sound being emitted from a combination of her juices and his leftover semen leaking out of her sex. 


It became abundantly clear very quickly that this guy had experience with a woman’s body, and he knew what he was doing. He had an intuition about him that came with experience, and he seemed to be listening to her moans and body language whenever he did something right. She wondered if he would even believe her at this point if she told him she was a lesbian; the way her cunt leaked like a faucet from his foreplay and especially from tweaking and kissing her sensitive nipples, she was starting to doubt that herself.


He used his thumb and forefinger to pull aside her panties, exposing her pussy to the cool air. He turned his dimpled chin and handsome face back to her again, gauging her reaction as she felt one of his fingers gently slide into her pussy. She let out a soft gasp of pleasure that he seemed satisfied by as the single digit delved inside the place his cock had just been in minutes earlier. He gently explored her sex, his movements lubricated by how wet she was with vaginal secretions and his own cum remnants. 


The guy’s mouth turned upwards in the barest hint of a grin - the most animated expression he’d given her thus far. Smug asshole. What trick did he have up his sleeve now?


Ellie moaned and squeezed her own breasts as he began using a curling motion - a “come hither” twitching of the finger. Dina had found that very same sweet spot a couple years earlier, unlocking a pleasure point that Ellie herself hadn’t even been aware of. And like Dina, once this guy found it too, he exploited it, continuing the motion while also adding a second finger to the mix. Meanwhile, the thumb of his other hand began to rub her sensitive clit. He found the clit and was stimulating her g-spot; who knew hetero guys were capable of such things?


The stress and tension that had brought her to this point had wound her up tight, and this handiwork was her undoing. Whether it came from a man or not, stimulation was stimulation, and he certainly knew what he was doing. 


The young woman gasped, gripping the frozen window behind her for support as she squirted. He kept rubbing her clit and fingerbanged her with two fingers to the tune of a lewd “schlick, schlick, schlick” sound as she bathed his hand in clear fluid. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d orgasmed so hard. Probably with Dina, but that felt so long ago at this point. She shivered and cooed like this was the first time she’d ever had a climax before, clutching the guy’s arm for purchase as he continued to stroke her g-spot through the entirety of her orgasm. 


Finally, she’d grown too sensitive and she pushed his hand away. “Please, no more, stop, stop, stop,” she gasped with bated breath. To her surprise, he complied, extracting his fingers from her wet sex with a final “schlick” sound, her juices dripping to the floor. 


After taking several moments to compose herself, she opened her eyes and saw that he’d taken his shirt off, baring his completely nude, muscular body to her. Despite the fact that she still had clothing on and he didn’t, she somehow felt more vulnerable now than he seemed to. And looking down, her eyes widened when she saw that this long, girthy prick had reached full mast again, probably from fingering her and making her cum.


She held up her hands. “Woah, ok, listen pal, let’s just maybe talk about this, ok WAIT-


Ellie gasped as he took her by the arm when she was within reach. His fingers reached down, grabbed hold of her panties and he tore them off of her. 


“Fuck!” she gasped with surprise. He hoisted her entire athletic body up, wrapping her naked legs around his torso, gripping her by both cheeks of her ass. Fucking hell, he was strong; he carried her around and held up in this position like she weighed nothing to him. 


This was…rape, wasn’t it? He was raping her now as she had done to him, right? And yet, while the rational side  of her brain was telling her to fight this, she simply didn’t feel that inclination. She’d come here to get bred because she had wanted to have a baby, plain and simple. Sure, she would’ve preferred to get his sperm into her pussy without him waking up and having knowledge of it, but that plan was a bust now. The guy didn’t seem particularly wrathful about her having taken advantage of him, but he did seem intent on returning the favor, or just simply using her to get his rocks off. Either way, this was what she’d originally come here to do anyway, so might as well endure it.


She wrapped her tattooed arm around the back of his neck to hold on tight for this. A spark went through her like a lightning bolt the moment she felt the spongy head of his cock tap at her cunny, seeking entry. She was going to get a standing fuck from a guy for the first time in her life. Maybe she’d truly lost her mind, but she was actually getting wet from the prospect. This was one hell of a way to procreate. And yet, for some reason, she found herself not objecting in the least. 


Ellie bit her lip enough to draw blood as his plump cockhead pushed its way into her too-tight sex once again. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she feared for a moment that she would lose her grip. Luckily, porn star bro over here had her securely in his grip, cupping her by her rear and giving each cheek a squeeze as he slowly sank her down inch after girthy inch of his prick. She’d opened herself up with his cock earlier, which made this descent far easier than the first one she had to do on her own, but it still felt as though he was stretching her from the inside out. 


His balls pressed up against her ass and she marveled at the fact that she was packed full of cock, she’d taken all of it and he was pushed up against her cervix. She imagined herself having a cartoonish belly bulge right about now, even if she knew that was not the case. She turned her head and looked back into face gaze just inches away from her own face, nonverbally challenging her with his steely blue gaze. Ellie instinctively held on tight, wrapping her legs around his torso so that her sneakers were criss-crossed behind his toned rear. The gaze on his face warned her that this was going to be a bumpy ride for her. 


With that, he began bouncing her body up and down his fat prick. Ellie gasped and moaned, holding on for dear life as she was made a cocksleeve by the guy whose sperm she’d come to harvest. Using her bum for leverage, he raised her entire body up and down while his powerful hips pumped upward, his cockhead striking her sensitive and semen-slickened cervix at the end of each stroke. What an evening this had turned into. She’d come to use this guy and instead was now being used. And you know what? She was getting wet from it - her, lesbian Ellie. As much as she didn’t want to think about Dina right now, she couldn’t help but wonder what Dina would think if she could see her doing this. A cock was a cock, after all, and it was a big one. With enough stimulation and her sex getting filled by such thickness, sexual orientation didn’t really mean much anymore at a certain point. 


He power-fucked her like she was a ragdoll for some time, and she felt the tingles of pleasure in her loins growing stronger and stronger. It dawned on her that she was about to have her first orgasm from actual full-blown vaginal penetration with a dude. One part of her protested, arguing that pleasure wasn’t what she was looking for in this ordeal, just getting knocked up, but another part of her was saying fuck it, if she was going to do this, she might as well have fun. 


She cried out and buried her head into his shoulder as his thick prick tore a climax right out of her even harder than his fingering earlier had. Her walls clenched down around him tightly as she bathed him in her juices as he continued raising and lowering body up and down the length of his member. Only once she stopped shuddering and shivering against him did he finally stop his pumping motions. 


By now, her skin was glistening with sweat, and it looked like he was working up a sweat too. She was amazed that he’d managed to hold her aloft as long as he had, but it seemed that even he reached his limit and was getting tired. He carried her over to the bed settled her down onto her hands and knees to fuck her doggystyle on the bed. 


“Wait,” Ellie panted, looking over her shoulder at him. He looked at her questioningly but let her continue. “I know I didn’t exactly make a good first impression. But I want to be on top again. That ok?”


He blinked at her and after several minutes he nodded, once again not saying anything. Quiet, strange bastard, she thought. Still, at least he was being rather amenable, all things considered. 


The man settled onto his back on the bed and he watched as Ellie took a deep breath and took off her tank-top, as nude as he was now aside from her sneakers. The chill of winter was no longer a problem from how much this had warmed her up now anyway. Rubbing her pussy, she settled herself down atop him and sank her pussy down onto his prick in one plunge, sighing with satisfaction as she was filled up again. A dildo was nice, but this, well, she could understand how women out there could get used to the real thing. 


With that, she began to do the riding now, while he simply put his hands on her hips and let her do the work. He watched her freckled face bob as her body rocked up and down atop his prick. He began moaning now too, which actually gave her a bit of satisfaction knowing that she wasn’t the only one getting some kind of pleasure out of this. 


Apparently, despite how untalkative this guy was, it was feeling better for him than she thought, as a few moments later, he leaned up and hugged her slender body to him and started working in conjunction with her as she rode him, moving his hips in a smooth synchronized motion with her as she rode his pussy-pleaser. She thrust down and he thrust up, and they met in the middle. She could tell from his increased breathing that he was close to cumming. She could only speculate on how long this guy had gone without a fuck or a wank, but considering how thick and filling his previous load had been, she had to guess it had been a while.


She clutched herself to him in a gesture that could’ve almost been romantic, riding faster and harder with her tight cunt, her ass jiggling and bouncing as they made contact with his muscular thighs. She heard him groan and gasp like he’d run out of oxygen. His cockhead pulsed, twitched, and then spurted a thick, filling gush of semen against the entrance to her uterus again, filling her for the second time. Fucking hell, his balls were backed up, because it felt like he delivered a year’s worth of hot spunk deep inside of her. Her eyes widened from the sensation, as her reproductive system felt like it was filled to the brim with warm, sticky wetness. Cum and her own juices inevitably leaked from their point of union and stained the bedsheets beneath them as she was giving a filling creampie that dumped millions more swimmers inside her.


He collapsed back and she fell atop him, feeling immensely tired all of a sudden from this savage breeding. A moment later, she heard him snoring, and any thought of packing up and leaving was out of the question for her as well. Maybe she’d feel differently about this when she woke up, but for now, as she began to drift off in an exhausted heap, she concluded that if she was going to have her first fuck with a guy, this went probably the best way that it could’ve gone under these conditions. 




Ellie’s eyes drifted open, and she suddenly remembered where she was, feeling the warmth of a muscular body next to her. Ordinarily, waking up naked in bed with a strange man would’ve terrified and revolted her. But for some reason, she didn’t feel that with this guy. She barely knew anything about him, and hell, he hadn’t said a single word to her. 


But as they say, actions spoke louder than words. She had absolutely no fear of him killing her; he’d have done that already. Rape her? She’d done that to him first, and he still went easy on her when the tables had turned. 


She didn’t know what his story was, and she frankly didn’t need to know. Perhaps he was simply a lonely soul who needed this kind of intimacy as much as she had. 


Ellie turned over on her side and looked at him while he slept soundly. He looked…kind of innocent and relaxed while he slept, which was odd to think about a man who was almost twice her age. He had a slight smile on his face while his chest rose and fell with relaxed intervals. She had to admit, that was the first restful sleep she herself had had in a long time, and it looked like it might have been the same for him as well.


He opened his eyes as he woke up, taking a second to remember where he was and who was with him, and he gave her a friendly smile. He really was quite the looker, she had to admit while looking at that dimpled smile he flashed her way. If she actually did get knocked up from this, at least her kid would probably be good-looking too when he or she grew up. 


“Uh, hey there,” she tiredly greeted with an awkward laugh. 


He just gave her another smile and nod. 


“You don’t talk much, do you?” she queried. “You a mute or something?”


He just shrugged and she shook her head and laughed. She stood up onto her feet and stretched out her tired limbs as the morning sun crept through the window. Good, hopefully some of the snow would finally melt today, she hoped. 


She looked over her shoulder and saw that he was admiring her freckled ass, and she rolled her eyes. 


Men, she thought with bemusement. Still, she wasn’t really offended even though she otherwise might have been under different circumstances. She’d had the guy’s cock inside her, after all. Him looking at her naked butt was pretty mundane at this point. 


She went to her backpack and rolled herself up a joint while he just sat in bed and watched her passively. Deciding to break the awkward silence, she asked him another question.


“So…would you believe me if I told you I was only into girls?” Ellie asked as she lit her joint.


The man gave a slight chuckle and shook his head. 


“Yeah, don’t blame you,” Ellie laughed, taking a hit of her joint. “Gotta admit, at first I just needed what was in your balls. But I think I’m starting to like the rest of you too. Even if you are a bit of an awkwardly quiet weirdo,” she said with a wicked glint in her eye. “Don’t tell anybody. Don’t want to lose my les-cred.” He rolled his eyes at her in response. 


Her gaze ran across his chiseled torso and muscular legs down to his cock. It was still surreal to her that she’d somehow managed to get that long, thick thing inside her body not just once, but multiple times. It was an…acquired taste that she was starting to enjoy, however. In future, she’d maybe need to find herself a larger dildo now thanks to this guy and his horsecock; the smaller one that Dina used to use on her wouldn’t cut it anymore, she thought with amusement. 


“You want a hit?” she asked, offering him her joint. He shook his head again.


She took another hit herself and exhaled, before looking back over at him. “You wanna fuck again?”


He looked back at her, gave a small smile and nodded. 


She tossed aside the joint. “Good. I do too.”


She sauntered up to him, and she saw him looking at her perky tits as she did, and already she could see his cock begin to rise up again for more playtime. As Ellie got on the bed and prepared to mount him, she let out a gasp of surprise as he gently but insistently took her by the arms and flipped her over. In fact, he did not just flip her over so that she was underneath him, he flipped her over so that her head was on the bed and her lower body was propped up so that her pubic mound was right in his face.


“What the fuck are you doING-


Her feeble protest was cut off as she felt his tongue lapping at her pussy and then flicking at her clit. She moaned and gripped the bedsheet beneath her as he began to eat her out. She had been wholly unprepared for this. This level of foreplay hadn’t entered into the equation for her at this stage, especially since she’d already fucked the guy a couple times. Not that she didn’t like some cunnilingus action; she’d given it to Dina and had it given to her by Dina plenty during their time together, and it was amazing. But this wasn’t exactly something she’d counted on this strange guy - the potential father of her child - doing for her. And because it was something she’d only ever associated with Dina in her experience, she didn’t know what to make of a guy doing it to her. 


“Do you even - ugh - know what you’re d- doing?” she panted out. 


She saw him narrow his eyes down at her past her spread legs propped up on his shoulders. In response to her challenging tone, he used his thumbs to spread open her vulva and then he truly began to feast. He closed his eyes and let out a pleased mumble in his throat as his tongue began really wriggling and lapping at her cunt, while a finger diddled her clit. It wasn’t random motions either, but clear experience, just like when he’d fingered her. This is what she got for underestimating him again. 


“Ok, fuck. Yaaaaa, ok, you do know what you’re doing!” she moaned, pinching her nipples as he went to work on her. 


She was certain there were men out there - probably a lot of them - who didn’t have the first fucking clue about what to do with a woman’s body. This man certainly did. She speculated that he had to have had a woman at some point. Maybe someone who was in the photograph he was staring at earlier? A girlfriend or wife, maybe? What she was being given now was certainly not the pussy-eating of an amateur. 


His stubble on her inner thighs felt weird, and she didn’t really like the feeling. But she could tolerate the quirks that came with getting oral from an older guy, considering his skill with the oral itself. Before long, she was building up to another wet climax as he was ravenously flicking his tongue against her sensitive clit while pushing one of his fingers in and out of her tight sex. When she squirted onto his face as she came, it was a mixture of bliss as well as smug vengeance for catching her off guard the way he had with this surprise cunnilingus session. 


After her latest orgasm winded down, he finally allowed her to relax and settle into a right-side-up position again. Wiping a sweat from her brow with her tattooed arm, she leaned over to him and gave him a kiss on the lips before she could chicken out and stop herself. It occurred to her that this is the first time kissing this guy (or any guy, period). But hey, it was a day of many firsts for her, and she figured the dude deserved it after the tongue-work he’d just provided her. 


“Mmm. That was good. Thanks, bud,” she softly said after she pulled away from the small kiss. He smiled and nodded. She gripped his cock and jerked it, pleased to feel how it had grown to its full length and girth. After she’d been primed up with getting eaten out, she was raring to go with more of this bad boy, as she swung her legs over his muscular thighs and mounted him again.


Over the next several hours, they fucked in just about every position. They’d started off fucking in a sideways position with her back pressed up against his chiseled torso and her leg raised as his cock slipped wetly in and out of her. That was nice, but now she was on to the kinkier positions that she’d always heard about but had never really had the chance to try herself.


Ellie couldn’t be sure if she was ever going to have sex with a man again after this, so she intended to make the most of this and indulge to the fullest. Go big or go home, right? She had just been fucked doggystyle on her hand and knees and currently, she’d settled down onto the bed and was getting prone-boned by this non-talkative hunky bastard, which was a delight for her as from this angle his cock rubbed her g-spot on every downward plunge. Each time he pushed his thick cock down into her and tapped her cervix, he practically drove her whole comparatively smaller body down into the bed beneath him. 


And damn it felt good. 


Ellie chewed the bedsheets to muffle her moans while she gripped the blanket for dear life as he pounded down into her like her pussy offended him. She came a moment later, and her tightened grip around him brought him to another release. She had come to relish the telltale twitching of his cockhead inside her that signaled the impending flood of semen that followed. Maybe it was her emotional vulnerability or the thrill of potential impregnation, but she’d started enjoying the feeling of being ejaculated inside of more than a lesbian probably had any right to. 


He let out a manly grunt and held his cock up against her cervix as he inundated her uterus with thick gushes of semen. She shivered and sighed as she was given just another chance to conceive. 


When he pulled out of her, she quickly and eagerly leaned down and took him into her mouth again, tenderly sucking him back to hardness while he gently stroked a hand through her hair as she did. She still didn’t quite enjoy giving blowjobs, but she tolerated it for the sake of getting him hard again for another round. Ellie wanted this big boy stuffed inside her tight pussy again, and fast. 


Ellie stopped sucking for a moment and tenderly planted kisses on the plump head. It was an incredibly silly thought, but she almost felt like she was thanking this magnificent cock by kissing it. This could very well be the penis responsible for impregnating her, and for some reason in that moment she wanted to savor that fact. Even if she never slept with another man again for as long as she lived, she certainly wouldn’t forget what her first and only cock looked like, with this close-up, intimate view of it, that was for sure. Nor would she forget the man wielding it. 


She popped her mouth off of his cock, a line of drool branching from his mouth to his member as she did. After giving a grin and gulping down the salty seed in her mouth, Ellie laid back on the bed, nude aside from her sneakers. She spread her legs and bent her knees back to her chest, practically presenting herself in a position to be mating pressed. She used two fingers to spread her pink pussy open, tempting him. 


“Well? What are you waiting for? Gonna drain your balls in this pussy or what?”


That was all the encouragement he needed. He hooked his hands under her knees and locked her in place underneath him as he began to pile drive his cock down into her. From this vantage point, she had a front row seat of her own breeding. She watched every time that long, fat cock slid home into her from above, the pink lips of her pussy stretched tight around him as he took a downward plunge. It was such a lewd, vulnerable position, but an undeniably arousing one that seemed almost designed for ideal breeding. Ellie liked to think that this ejaculation in particular would be the one to finally do the trick and knock her up.


Even his spongy cockhead battering her cervix was starting to bring her a weird source of pleasure. This magnificent tool, designed not only for impregnating horny lesbians, but also making them cum just the same as a strap on, apparently. She bit her lip to muffle her moan as she came again, layering his cock in fluid.


He reached his finish shortly after that, thick frothy ropes of sperm-filled spunk spurting out of his cock and filling her up that day once again. She was starting to lose count of how many loads of baby batter he’d blasted into her by now, but she cooed and “mmm’d” with contentment now whenever he did. 


They both passed out again not long after that, his head nestled in the nape of her neck with her legs still entwined around his butt and his cock still plugged inside her sperm-filled pussy. 




When they awoke several hours later, Ellie got dressed again and prepared all of her belongings. She wasn’t one for ceremony, especially when it came to something like this. She intended to say a few words to him before she left, but she didn’t want to make a big thing of it either. 




Ellie nearly jumped out of her skin, spinning around from the realization that someone else had talked. After going an entire day with this guy not saying a word to her, she was convinced that he actually had been a mute. 


“Holy shit, don’t scare me like that, man.” He shrugged and raised his hands up to her apologetically. “So you actually do talk?” 


“Yeah, sorry,” he replied. “Just don’t like to much.”


She crossed her arms and cocked her head at him. “But it took you plugging me up with cum like a turkey baster to get you to say a peep to me?”


He blushed red and she laughed. “Relax man, I’m kidding.” She looked at him with curiosity. “So, James, huh?”


He nodded. 


“I’m Ellie. Kinda a weird stage for us to be all formal, but there it is I guess.” 


They both laughed at that, before she paused and pondered for several minutes. While he got himself dressed.


“So uh, listen, James,” she began, rubbing the back of her neck. “In case it wasn’t obvious enough already, I was kind of, sort of, trying to get…pregnant, you know, from you. Don’t know why I chose you, to be honest. I just needed someone, and you looked like you were in decent enough shape and lived by yourself.”


He nodded and let her continue. 


“And look, I fucked up by…tying you up and, well, you know. And I was just going to get your sperm from you and bounce. But you seem like an ok guy, you know? So I just want to ask. If you did knock me up, do you…want me to come back and let you see the baby?”


He looked away, averting her gaze for a few moments. There was sorrow written on his face, and she briefly thought back to Joel, and his daughter. Wait a minute; did this guy maybe have a kid at one point too? Someone else in that photograph of his? Fuck, she felt like an even bigger bitch now. She hadn’t considered this possibility. 


He cleared his throat. “I don’t know,” he simply replied, with a tinge of emotion in his tone. “You  can if you want. It’s up to you…Ellie.” 


Ellie nodded with some understanding. Maybe he didn’t want to get attached to another kid again, if he’d already lost one. 


“Okay. I’ll think about it,” Ellie said softly, slinging her backpack over her shoulders. Neither of them knew what to say to each other. Finally, Ellie continued after several moments. “Listen, James. I’m going up to Jackson. It’s to the northwest of here. There’s a whole town there, and an electric dam for power. There are…good people there, if you want to come up there.”


He nodded, sighing. “I kind of prefer being alone. But…I’ll think about it too.”


“Sure.” Ellie opened the door to the cabin, as the sun came through and water trickled down from the roof as the snow melted. Ellie looked back at the man. “You know, you’re alright, James.”


He smiled back at her knowingly. “Likewise, Ellie.” 


She smiled, as she stepped out and left James and his cabin. Whether she’d successfully conceived or not, the lone survivor woman was feeling a bit better than she had in weeks. 



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