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Miles Morales had just turned 16 and his life had already changed so much. His Dad had died, he moved house, he started volunteering at F.E.A.S.T, he gained super powers and a mentor that he considered a friend and a hero. But, he was also a young black teen, with super hero athleticism and the raging teen hormones that come with it . He tried to focus on studies, work and superhero training, but that nagging desire crept up at him all so often. He wanted a girlfriend, or more commonly and genuinely said, he wanted to have sex. He felt guilty about his desires, hell he barely masturbated, so he always kept busy to keep his mind from wandering. He had crushes on a few classmates , but was always too awkward to even talk to them. He was hopelessly lost and at a dead end . There was never a chance he was gonna ask Peter Parker, Spider-man about this, of all the embarrassing things to ask he figured.

Merry Jane Watson was a 26 year old Daily Buggle reporter at the time. She had a slim body, kept on one side red hair with a pony tail. She always tried to stand up for the little guy, and do what’s right, a trait she shared with Peter. She and Peter had been going on and off ever since high school. She lost her virginty to him, or was it spider-man, she coule never tell. She had been with him emotionally and physically since she was 17, and she did not have the hearth to tell him that she wasn’t sure about this anymore. She tried to break it off, but the excitement of beeing with a super hero , and the fear that he would get himself killed if she leaves made her hesitant. Truth was.... they never made love anymore. Peter was always to tired, or when they did, just so boring. They have been doing it since they were teens, the magic was gone. She was in a rut. She could not tell him though, it would crush him. She was a good girlfriend, she would never cheat on him.

Then ... It happened .A new Spider-man happened . A young kid, no older than Peter when he got bitten by a radioactive spider. A young black kid from Harlem called Miles. She first met him around the volunteer shelter before he was in on the secret, and he even soon put two and two together, asking if she was Spider-Man’s girlfriend. She thought he was nice enough before the powers, but after them hecwas let in on thr loop. Peter started training him, and he became a regular friend over for boardgames and snacks with Peter and co after a long day.

Months went by as he got trained by Peter . Consciously or not, she became attracted to this kid . Not that she would do anything about it. He was way too young and she was taken. The youth and energy he had remainded her of her own teen years , a d beeing black has always been a secret turn on for her. Why should it not be, she had only one partner sexually after all.

Peter was out of town for 2 moths with the avengers, leaving the city to the newly formed Spider-man. Miles was very nervous about patroling alone . Lucky for him, he was a frequent board game visiter over and Mj a d Pete’s place, so he was welcome to come by if he needed to tallk about it. He came over a few nights in the week after patrol and shared some sodas with Mj, and in time they got to know each other in 1 on 1. He mostly needed someone to tallk to about the pressures of his powers, and it helped him so much. They had never really been alone before, and now it was happening fairly often.

One night, things on patrol went pritty bad, Miles got ganged up on and got hurt badly. He used his energy powers and manage to subdue the assailants, saving the truck driver they were trying to rob, but he has cuts and bruses over him, and the suit was in bad shape. He needed help, so he went to Mjs place. This was gonna be a bit unusual. Normally he never got hurt on pattols, his powers and training never let him get hurt. MJ had also made house rule for him not to come by after midnight, she had work in the morning and was not gonna play host to a guest that late in the eve. Well, this was an emergency , it was 1 in the morning but he needed help.

Miles knocked on her window before he came in and collapsed on her living room floor. Merry Jane opened the door from her bedroom with a baseball bat. She was wearing just panties and one of Petes old white T shirts, trying to be comfortable in the New York summer. She dropped the bat -Miles? Is that you? – With both suprise and fear for him she rushed to the floor

-Hey Mj, am so sorry. I, i need some help- as his torn up at the chest suit revealed .

- Yes you do, sit down on the chair and take that suit off, we need to disinfect those wounds. She helped him up and sat on the chair in next to the kitchen counter. He removed the top half of his suit and the Tshirt beneath. Mj got the the needed materials from the medicine cabinet and started tending to his chest. It stung as she applied it. As she was doing that he noticed her sleepwear . She wasn’t wearing a bra and he nipples were sticking out. Her long legs were on display that ended with her blue panties. He couldn’t help it.

-How does the other guy look from this?-She asked to break the silence.

-To be honest it was a bit too close for comfort. It was an ambush of sorts, i beat them, but i felt pritty scared ya know?. My life didn’t flash before my eyes, but really, more like regrets of things i haven’ t done if that was it for me back there in that ally.

-Regrets? Like what? – she genuinely asked as she was tending to his chest and couldn’t help but notice his youthful toned chest and subtle abs .

--Well, the stuff i have never done. Like, what would my mom think if i just dissapear ed. Or would my secret get out. I would never have driven a car, or gotten drunk, or went to another country, or kiss a girl. I understand the risks, but i hope i can live a life even if it will be the end of it , this Spider-man thing . The fear of missing out.

- I understand Miles, it’s normal. Pete had these fears 2 , they started to disperse as he got older and did those things.- she gestured him up , and he stood up.

- Now, am gonna need to clean the wounds on your legs, take off those off.- he wanted to protest, he had grown half erect just seeing her like this, plus her hands all over him, but she was the adult figure here and slowly he undid his pants and slid them off to his boxers. She went down and started cleaning the cuts and blood off, but she couldn’t help but notice the outline of it . Even half erect the outline of a huge cock and very shapely balls could be seen from the grey boxers. Merry could not help but think of the old stereotype about black guys. As she was down there she saw it growing larger and larger. It was impossible to ignore.

- Miles, are you feeling ok? – she asked as the bulge was now bigger and bigger.

- Am sorry Mj... Your just so pritty. Am really sorry, i can’t help it. – he blushed and turned away, beeing only by boxers infront of her.

It’s ok, it’s ok – as she turned him around and met his eyes. – Your gonna be a great superhero and break alot of hearths, ok?

She hugged him , and then he hugged her tight and she realised how unclothed she actually was. Their chests touched through the thin shirt fabric and she could feel his fully erect cock on graze her belly. She felt the heat in the room and between them. She hadn’t had “it” in a long time,long before Pete was out of town, but this was so wrong on so many levels. She felt her womanhood moistening and bidy aching to be touched. She had to stop it .

- I think its time for you to go Miles- as she broke away the hug. And started to wallk away.

- Am so sorry for making you uncomfortable – the kid blurted out and started looking for his clothes .He put on his jeans and was about to dress with civilian clothes, silently humiliated. Mj felt bad, he thought that he was beeing a creep, he wasn’t. But he was a high school kid,student of her Bf, she can’t let on her mutual attraction. But she can’t cripple him socially like this either.

- Hey Miles, that list you have. Its part if growing up, you said you just want to kiss a girl?- Yes- he said uncomfortabley

- Don’t tell Peter , and its ok if you can kiss me. Just one kiss. Ok?

- Yes... That would be amazing.- in disbelief he replied.

- Ok, come over here.- Miles nervouslly wallked up and faced the beautiful red head still naked from the waist up

- Now, just close your eyes and come here- Mj wanted to give him a small kiss, him completely willing and all, plus it would be good for him. And yet ... MJ gently took Miles head and made contact with his lips. A small one. And Yet it continued, the kiss didnt break and she could feel her putting ther chests together, his hands wondering on her back. She broke the kiss. He looked into her beautiful blue eyes and she looked into his. She reckodnized the look.He wanted her. A young boy who doesnt even know what that means, only in theory. She needed to be wanted. Miles was so turned on, and yet desperate to stop this. This was his mentor’s girl. Mery Jane kissed him again , this time like a woman. He responded so well.... She broke the kiss...

- You can never tell Peter... She took off her shirt and revealed her petite breasts to him . The first he will ever touch. Miles started kissing her neck and breasts, started worshipping with kisses every inch of her, from the neck to the waist. She took him by the hand to her bedroom . The same bedroom she had been with Peter. How funny that she was gonna take the virginity of 2 superheros. They reached the bedroom, she unbuckled his pants. - It’s time you become a man- she blatantly stated. She could see how new this was for him. She took off his undearwear and saw the huge shaft that was awaiting her. It was rock hard.So much bigger that Peter. - Lay down- she demanded and he obliged. She took off her panties, and positioned heself for it. She saw the mix of emtions he had . For him this was his first time for her, it was a desperate and very much wrong fuck. Peter was away for 2 montgs, so she had no condoms.

She wanted it... And was gonna use this teenager. She knelt, and slowly started taking it in her. She was so wet, but it was so danm big. It went inside her for what seems like eternity and then... He bottomed out in her. He felt his member twitching , as did his whole body. His eyes were mezmerized on her breasts and put his hand on them. His life was now forever changed. She went up and slid herself down on him... Juices from her folds started to moisten their bellys. She went up, and slammed herself again, and again, and again, it felt so good beeing filled. She slammed herself again and again. The kid beneath her was no more, only a man that craved her. Miles looked at her beautiful form as she impaled herself. Her face betrayed her pleasure as the sounds ther bodies made filled the air. He started to meet her thrusts, as she fell on him. Him still thrusting conpletely in her, her pussy gripping him. As she lay on him, he flipped them around. 

They were now in missionary, him resting on her breasts, her hands on his back as he started pounding her. As his shaft went in and out more of her juices started spilling beneath them. He Kissed her and she responded as both ther bodies shook from pleasure. Miles could feel her body gripping him.

--Mj, i need to...

- Not yet, just a little more, don’t cum inside- as she approached her climax.

Mighty thrust after mighty thrust the black teen bottomed out in her aching pussy, her body tenced and released as her orgasim took her. Her body like a vice grip he could not do anything else but bottom out one more time and cum inside the red head. Instinct took him and for three deep thrusts he filled up the girl’s womb entirelly. She felt him tensing insider her and cum insider her but ,she was far too gone in her own orgasim to protest.

They lay there for what seemed like forever. When he got off her the damage was confirmed as so much cum poured out of her. There was a reason she always used condoms with Peter, the enhaced sperm the spidermen had didnt work on any birth control pills. She didn’t tell Miles . Mj got up to try to wash it off, but even as she went to the bathroom she felt so much cum spill onto her thighs onto the floor. 

The next month her fears were realised. She was pregnant.


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