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“So what if it was the second time this week,he had needs like anyone”.He thought to himself as he sat on his bike staring at the neon sign above the club as he finished his rolled cigarette,trying to ignore the pull in his belly.He bumped fists with a bouncer,one of the new prospects putting in his hours as he walked past the line of desperate fucks waiting to get in.Nodding at the doorman,he went into the club without paying the cover at the door.He was greeted by a hostess,he cut through her well practiced speil “She working tonight?” He asked brusquely.Her fake smile dropped as she nodded waving him toward the stage with a drink coupon.

He sat with a beer,looking around the room for her.He sat impatiently through two dancers before he heard her name over the p.a as she was announced to quiet cheers and whistles from the crowd.Her song started,I could be your goddess by cashforgold and she walked out on to the stage.Ivarr leaned forward on his stool as she came down the catwalk and spun slowly around the pole,her hips swung in time with the music.She looked so good,the way she moved,everything.Her long dark hair loose with dark eye make up and blood red lips she was stunning.Her skin was perfect and glowing,subtly highlighted with a shimmery sheen in places.

He was rudely jarred from his revery by a group of loud city looking assholes in suits as they cheered and catcalled,waving wads of ones at her trying to get her to come over.He inwardly scoffed “Cheap dickbags”.She ignored them as she dropped to her knees and crawled to the edge of the stage flicking her long dark around before sitting on her heels,slowly removing her black lacy corset bra,letting her natural breasts free and leaned back over her heels,stretching out her lean body showing off her taut stomach.She swished her hair around as she came back up,her eyes met his sending a thrill through his belly to his balls,maybe it was wishful thinking but he was sure he saw a light in her eyes where they were previously dark and zoned out.He watched her turn,her legs crossed at the ankle and bend over taking down her thong tantalisingly slow.Getting a beautiful view of her smooth pussy.She walked back to the pole with an exaggerated sway,spinning around it gracefully before spreading her legs for the room,letting them get what they paid for.Her performance was over too soon,she snatched up her underwear as the song played out,walking past the assholes who threw a dollar at her feet as she left,she only stopped to kick it off the stage with her stilettoed foot as they whistled and disrespected her.High fiving as she disappeared behind the curtain.

Ivarr stood and walked to the bar,taking a seat nearest the back room door as he waited for her to emerge.It didn't take long,just enough time for a shower and a costume change.His mouth quirked into a smile as she stepped out from backstage.They didn't speak,she knew what he was here for,she took his hand and led him to one of the private rooms.The door closed softly behind them blocking out the thumping music from the main room.

He watched her walk over to the sound system,cueing up her music.Ivarr turned and walked over to the shelf next to the door,taking out his gun and his knife and placing them down carefully then removed his vest and t shirt hanging them on the back of the door before reclining in the chair and making himself comfortable.

Lia walked towards him slowly until she stood at his feet.She let her robe drop to the floor revealing her pastel,teddy print two piece.Ivarr adjusted himself in his jeans, raking his eyes over her body and licking his dry lips as she climbed into his lap,straddling his thighs.Lia pointed the remote and pressed play throwing it to the floor as Daddy by Ramsey began to play.

Lia exhaled loudly as she began to move,flicking her hair and looking into his eyes as she writhed on top of him,her body moving sinuously as she bit her lip.His hands twitched as he fought the urge to touch her,not that he couldn’t if he wanted to being a member of the club he had special privileges,they owned the place after all.He was painfully hard,she knew how to get him worked up quick.She sat back on his lap as he watched her hands slide over her skin,squeezing her tits before drifting lower,rubbing her pussy through her panties. “Are you hard for me baby?” She asked.He nodded as he watched her hands,swallowing the lump in his throat.Her hands glided up his tattooed chest as she rose up on her knees,holding onto his shoulders as she rolled her hips in time with the music,feeling him hard on her lips as the song changed to Love Surrounds You.Grinding her crotch against his dick as she rode him,making him gasp.Her hands went to her bra,removing it and throwing it away.Pushing herself to her feet she stood over him pulling the strings on her undies and letting them fall away before she turned sliding her hands down her legs as she bent over,letting him see her pussy up close.Ivarrs put his hands on his head,pushing back his hair as he gazed at her pretty cunt,what he wouldn’t give to slide his tongue up her slit right now.Lia turned,lifting her foot and placing it in his shoulder,caressing her tits as she gyrated her hips.Sliding her hand down her belly and parting her lips for him, “You’re so fucking beautiful” he said staring at her pussy.She smiled at him as her fingers dipped inside,gathering up her arousal and drawing it out. “I don’t do this for anyone” she said as she offered them to him.He took them into his mouth,sucking the delicate tang from her fingers as he stared into her eyes and hummed with pleasure. “Just like that,baby” she said as she slowly pumped her fingers into his mouth.Dark side began to play on the speakers as she lowered herself onto his lap,scooching right up so her tits pressed against his muscular chest and wrapped her arms around the headrest as she rode him hard “You gonna come for me Daddy?” She asked as she began to feel the friction.Ivarrs fingers dug into the black leather armrest,as she rubbed him “mmhmm” he groaned.Lia moaned quietly as he came “Yeah baby” She giggled as she stood,grabbing him a towel and throwing it to him as he stared at the pin lights in the ceiling,catching his breath. “That is three songs,Daddy” she smiled as she put on her robe.He looked over at her with hooded eyes and sighed,he dug in his pocket and pulled out a roll of hundreds,he counted out five and held them out to her “Call it a tip” she took it in her hand realising how much he had paid. “That’s too much,dude” she said as she offered it back. “You’re worth it” he stated as he pulled his shirt back on. “Thanks” she smiled,feeling a little flustered.Lia turned and walked to the stereo and fidgeted around in a drawer as he threw on his vest and put away his weapons. “Hey,don’t forget your receipt” she said, offering him a scrap of paper with her number on it.He looked at it for a while before he took it,stuffing it in his pocket as he left.

“Hey,Li” Kim called as she walked into the dressing room “Your reg just got arrested out front!”. “Who,the one with the scar?” Lia said as she walked out of the shower room towelling her hair. “Yeah,he just smacked the shit out of those shirts!”.Lia sighed as her shoulders dropped “For fucks sake” she said throwing her towel in the wash basket.

A couple of weeks passed when Amy stopped her in the parking lot as she walked from her car “Hey I got some juicy goss for ya” she said as she opened her car door. “Oh yeah?” Lia turned as she opened the back door ,adjusting her backpack. “You know that Sons of Ragnar guy you get wet over? Lia rolled her eyes “Go on”. “Well,that fight he got into copped him twelve months”. Lia’s little heart sunk to her belly “I’m sorry hun,least you know why he didn’t call”. “Yeah,thanks” she nodded and went into the dim back rooms of the club.

Time passed and Ivarr drifted into a memory as school took up more of her time and she had to drop down to one night a week at the club.Her phone had been vibrating on silent for the whole of her creative writing class.It was her roommate Kim letting her know that there was a private party at the club on Saturday and to call Soma before all the shifts filled.She thought about it through lunch eventually deciding she needed the money too much to skip it.

The Sons of Ragnar filled the club,rowdily welcoming Ivarr home from jail.Lia sat in the back, her tummy turning over at the thought of seeing him again.He probably didn’t care,she was just a stripper.The way he had stared at her hand when she offered him her number said everything she needed to know,really.The best thing she could do was be professional and get over it.

She stood behind the curtain watching Amy and Stacy dance together.Between stolen glances at Ivarr.He was sitting with his brothers,smiling and drinking beer as they celebrated his release.She willed the music to keep going,she really didn’t want to go on.When to P.A announced her she almost turned around and walked out.Lia took a deep breath and put on her game face before she walked out to,I’m Afraid of Americans by BonesUk.Ivarr watched her dance trying to catch her eye without looking too obvious about it,she either didn’t see him or was avoiding his gaze.Either way she grabbed her underwear and booked it as soon as she had finished.The disappointment surprised him,he had wanted to see her,she was his favourite and he knew she liked him before he went to jail.He was definitely going to ask her what was up when she came out to work the room.

Walking through the door into the dark club,she automatically looked for him in his spot by the bar where he would usually wait for her after she had finished on the pole,advertising herself to the crowd.She didn’t know how to feel when he was not there,putting on a smile she walked into the crowd of noisy bikers.Keeping to the edges she managed to fend off most of the attention when Ivarr came in from smoking outside and their eyes met “Hey” she mouthed beneath the loud music.Lia’s heart raced as he walked towards her,he nodded in greeting, grabbing two beers from the waitress and handing one to her. “Thanks” she said, tucking an errant strand of hair behind her ear.They stood together in an awkward silence until Lia couldn't take it any more “So,welcome home I guess” she said clinking their bottles together “mmhmm” he shrugged “So,you didn’t call,you didn’t write.Something I did?” Her joke fell flat.Lia sighed “Okay” she said as she walked past him “Good to see you”.

For the last year thoughts of Lia had kept him company in the longer hours and he had thought long on what he would say and do when he saw her again but somehow his words eluded him now she was here in front of him,looking and smelling so good.He was so busy thinking of something to say that he missed what she had said and she began to walk away.His hand grabbed her wrist a little too tightly,stopping her from leaving. “Ow” she cried quietly,turning to him as pulled her to him,ending up face to face.She yanked her arm from his grip and wrapped her arms around his neck,trying to diffuse whatever the hell was happening.Feeling relieved as she felt his arm around her waist,gently pulling her in. “I missed you,Daddy” she said,her mouth close to his elfin ear.“Are you gonna let me show you what a good girl I can be?” He allowed her to lead him by the hand into the same room they always used,his friends banging their bottles on the table and catcalling as they walked away.

Lia let the door close behind them and let go of his hand.Walking over to the stereo whilst Ivarr made himself comfortable behind her.She shuffled her playlist and walked over to him,climbing on his lap.Her tight dress rode up over her thighs as she settled,pushing the button on the remote,River by Bishop Briggs began to play and she giggled “Alright!” She said throwing the remote on the floor.Lia gave him an energetic performance as she danced for him,thoroughly enjoying herself as she flicked her long hair around,grinding her crotch into his and rolling her hips as she slowly pulled her dress up her lithe body and over her head,throwing it behind her.


Ivarr’s eyes roamed appreciatively over her body,taking in everything he had missed.The soft curve of her hips,the way her skin moved over her muscles as her body moved to the rhythm,it was hypnotic.She wore delicate lilac underwear,it looked expensive.He wondered if she had worn it just for him.He watched Lia change position with the song,High For This by The Weeknd.She stood between his legs,dropping low.Holding onto his knees as she pushed herself up,her breasts millimetres from his face before she turned removing her bra as she rubbed her ass on his rigid cock.His head dug into the headrest as he gasped,looking at her from under his eyelashes.Lia stood her body swaying as she pushed her thumbs into her tiny panties,teasing him as she danced.She slowly slid them down her legs in front of him,bending low so he could see her pussy and asshole.Ivarr bit his lip humming at the sight.Lia flicked her hair as she turned,dropping low as she pushed his legs apart and sliding up between them.Stroking his thighs sensually as her hands slid to his belt.Staring into his eyes she unbuckled it slowly as she teased,unbuttoning his jeans and pulling down the zipper.That’s where she stopped,standing with a smirk and climbing back into his lap.Ivarr shook his head with a smile,hearing the music change.His last song Love Hurts by Nazareth.


Lia cupped his face, placing her forehead on his as she swayed slowly,her hands sliding down his shoulders to his wrists,lifting his hands and placing them on her hips.Lifting her arms above her head she elongated her body giving him free rein to run his hands all over her soft skin as she danced for him.Gasping quietly as he cupped her breasts,his palms ghosted over her nipples making her shiver.Lia ran her hand through his hair as she brought her chest to his mouth,allowing him to suckle on her sensitive flesh making her hum with pleasure “Daddy” she sighed “I’m so wet for you baby”.His hands slid down her back to her ass, his finger dipping into the warmth between her thighs,She was not lying.He found her hot and ready,almost dripping for it.


As the song was ending she pulled back,much to ivarr’s disappointment “Three songs baby” she teased with a smile. “Oh come on!” He laughed “I’m practically coming in my pant’s here,you gonna leave me hanging?”.Lia laughed with him “I just…I like you” she confessed “More than I probably should,I just want you to know that this isn’t something I do” she said as she intertwined her fingers with his.Ivarr sighed “I would have called,if I could” he said as he dug in his pocket,bringing out the scrap of paper she had given him so long ago.Lia smiled as she took the note from him “You kept it!” She was surprised it had survived this long.


The air grew heavy between them as they stared into each other’s eyes and they kissed deeply as Ivarr took his painfully hard cock out of his jeans.Lia positioned herself over him as he held it up,letting her sink down slowly.Mewling like a needy slut as he filled her.Ivarr groaned as he felt her tight pussy gripping his dick “Oh my Gods baby,you feel so good” he gasped as his hips bucked involuntarily making her whimper.Lia panted quietly as she began to roll her hips,Riding his thick cock at a steady pace whilst she held onto his muscular shoulders “Fuck Daddy,you got some good dick” she chuckled,humming as she bounced up and down. “I’m not gonna last long if you keep doing that” he gasped,holding her hips as she moved.Lia smiled as she cupped his face,rolling her hips deep and slow “I want you to come for me Daddy,I’ve waited so long for you” she said pulling him in for a passionate kiss.Moaning into each other’s mouths as they fucked,his hands on her ass as she moved.”i need you so bad” she gasped against his mouth as she felt him swell and throb.Ivarr groaned long and loud as he came inside her,burying his head in the crook of her neck as she slowed her hips,letting him ride it out as she watched him orgasm.Lia lay against his chest as they both caught their breath with Ivarr gently stroking his finger tips up and down her back. “It’s good to be home” he sighed.




I could be your goddess - cashforgold

Love surrounds You > Ramsey
Dark Side

I'm Afraid of Americans - BonesUK

River - Bishop Briggs

High For This - The Weeknd

Love Hurts - Nazareth





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