Surfs up

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Surfs up

Off the coat of Hano Beach Nessa sighed as she laid out naked on her surfboard, simply enjoying the feeling of the sun on her bare skin and the gentle rolling of the waves against her arms and legs as she let them hang over the sides of the board, as much as she loved her home city of Hulsbury and its own waters it was simply too cold even in the summer months to truly enjoy surfing leading the Gym Leader to travel to Alola to enjoy the much warmer climate and waves

Smiling softy as she felt a small shoal of Luvdisc playfully nudge her hands and feet before feeling them suddenly disappear making her sit up on the board, pulling in her limbs as the thought of a passing Sharpedo scaring the Luvdisc away came to her mind, the Gym Leader then looking down into the water only for her eyes to widen in shock as she saw a huge shadow rapidly growing under her

“Holy shit!” she cried out as she then dove off of her surfboard just as a Wailord broke through the surface, the massive Water Type bellowing as it leapt halfway out of the water before coming crashing back down to settle on the surface, a heavily tanned young man sitting cross legged upon its header showing himself to be its Trainer

“Nothing like a deep sea dive on a hot day” Marlon sighed as he shook his head to get the majority of the water out of his hair, the Unovan Gym Leader then patting his Wailords head to signal for it to sink further into the water and rest when a small piece of broken surfboard struck him in the head 

“Marlon, you arse!” Nessa shouted up from the water holding up the bottom half of her board “that’s the third one!” she added as she then swam towards the Wailord, the Water Type sinking even further until just the first couple of feet of the top of its body was above the surface allowing Nessa to climb ‘aboard’

“Nessa,it’s been months! How’ve you been?” the Unovan Water Gym Leader warmly greeted her before noticing that Nessa was one, naked and two, VERY angry “whoa now come on! It was an accident!...again”

“I don’t care how many times it’s a fucking accident! You’re paying up this time!” the Galarian snapped as she grabbed hold of Marlon’s diving pants, as skin tight as they were she was sure that she had seen pockets on them meaning that there was a chance he had his wallet on him

Pulling at Marlon’s pants as he tried to calm her Nessa quickly pulled them down and off of him, starting to shake and pat them down to check for any money that he might have for some reason brought with him “Arceus damn it, the moment we get back to the beach you are paying me ba…mate you really need an all over tan” she then commented as she noticed the sheer contrast in Marlon’s skin between his upper and lower half of his body, his upper body so tanned that it nearly matched her own ebony complexion whilst his lower half was stark white showing that he almost never let his lower half see the sun whilst he was out swimming in the ocean

“I just prefer swimming with my diving pants on, they’re thermal so it really helps with deep dives, can I get them back now?” Marlon retorted holding his hand out for her to hand his pants back only for the Galarian to give him a sly smirk before tossing them over the side of his Wailord letting them land in the ocean “oh real mature”

As he moved to dive into the water after them Nessa placed a hand on his chest to stop him “you’re going nowhere, I’ve thought of a better way you can pay me back” she then purred as she eyed his exposed manhood, despite the chill of the oceans waters he hadn’t suffered any form of ‘shrinkage’ allowing him to maintain his impressive package, something Nessa greatly appreciated as she reached forward to wrap her hand around his cock earning a shuddering groan from Marlon

Smiling dirtily at the pleasured groan from the Unovan Gym Leader Nessa moved to push him back until he was flat on his back, the Galarian then moving to mount him, wiggling her hips as she slowly brought her soft tight pussy down upon Marlon’s cock “mmmph fuck yes, this will pay me back nicely” she mewled as she sanked down all the way to the base, gently rolling her hips to knead her groin against his “Arceus you’re so fucking deep in me”

Rolling his head back as Nessa started to ride him Marlon reached up to cup her tits, squeezing and massaging them making Nessa moan shamelessly as she worked her hips faster, biting her lip as she felt his cock explore and stretch every inch of her insides, the tip of his cock kissing her cervix every time she pumped her hips downwards “come on love, move those hips…you’re supposed to be paying me the fuck back so fuck me back!” she then demanded as she started to ride him faster

As Nessa’s ass clapped against his thighs Marlon grabbed hold of her hips and started to buck his hips to match her riding pace, making the Galarian whore bounce even harder as she raised her arms and clasped her hands behind her head to let Marlon watch her tits bounce 

Watching her perky black tits bounce Marlon then leaned up to latch his teeth on one of her nipples making her gasp with surprised pleasure, Nessa the gasping louder as Marlon took control and rolled them both onto their sides, his hips still pumping hard to thrust hard and deep into her as he began to fuck her sideways, forcing the Galarian to raise her left leg as high as she could to give him better access to her cunt

“Fuck…fuck yeah just like that! Harder! Faster! FUCK I’M CUMMING!” Nessa panted before crying out as her pussy clenched tighter around Marlon’s pounding cock, her toes curling high in the air as her body shook with ecstasy, her spasming hole dragging Marlon over the edge with her making him bite her breast harder as he came deep inside of her, making Nessa’s eyes cross at the sharp mixture of stinging pain and pleasure from the bite

Collapsing onto their backs as Marlon pulled out both Gym Leaders panted for air as they basked in their post climax afterglow “well…that’s one surfboard you’ve paid me back for” Nessa stated with a tired laugh “how about next time you’re in Galar you come to Hulbury to pay me back for the other two?”

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