Picking The Stepped Flowers

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Disclaimer: This story was made for fun and definitely NOT for making profit or money out of it. Trust me, Mina only sees writing as a hobby and her passion. More important, I do NOT own Togainu no Chi.

Okay, another month - another challenge.
So, for this one, at the very beginning I planned to use Shiki's BAD ED1( aka slut!Akira ending). Yup, it might been interesting idea tho ^^

Also, during the writing process, this song played at least once or twice: Un Jour Ordinaire 「Raven’s Jig

You know, feel free to bonk my head, but this one might also fit for the secretary Akira, who also already grew attached to his job and doing it wholeheartedly, and of course, his daily routine. And of course, in the end of the day, getting praised by the commander for the hard-work would be like that precious reward.

And another one, which now become like a perfect song for describing the Shiki's ED2 - TOP SECRET -My Red World-【暁Records公式】

So, you bet that now I had The Feels during the writing process❤

A-anyway, not sure if this time I may went too OOC with this one-shot, but please let me know what I did wrong.

And as always,


~August's writing prompt: He made a poor job of hiding the damage.

Word count: 2747



It was the end of another day for one secretary. As the warm orange sunbeams enlighten the office, Akira looks at the window before closing the long velvet curtains. Not only he is the first one unlocking and entering through this door, but he is also the last one leaving the supreme ruler’s room.

After all, as the right hand of the most powerful man in the country, Akira feels like it was an unwritten rule to check that everything is in their spots and in order. The silver-haired secretary also inspects whether anything stood out and is a potential threat to his commander’s life.

He is aware that since the beginning of civilization, none of the most influential and greatest leaders have died when their time should have come. That’s why warning his precious commander shouldn’t do any harm. Besides, it’s wiser to have several false alerts than regret one time when the tragedy silently occurs.

Of course, a few days ago, Akira mentioned this to Shiki. But the red-eyed man didn’t take this seriously, and, after lifting his subordinate’s hat, he ruffled his hair and lowered his hat. Even now, he can feel that lingering sensation in his hair when he remembers that moment. Despite that, Akira tries not to think for too long because it would distract him.

When the secretary finishes the daily inspection, he puts on his coat, and before leaving, he locks the door. Lastly, he greets Shiki, who waits for him. Tonight is also special because the supreme ruler invites him to his mansion to have dinner together.

Perhaps, later on, he may overnight again. But then, the blue-eyed secretary is still not used to wearing the commander’s given pajama. It’s not that he minds it, nor he doesn’t like it. Contrary, he is more than glad that Shiki gave it to him, even if that is an unexpected gesture. Or so, sometimes he wonders.

However, the very little Akira realizes he should watch his back.


It is a new day, and in less than an hour, Akira, as the right hand of the mighty ruler, has to be prepared for an important meeting.

When he thinks everything goes according to his plan, one officer insists on his advice where no one would hear them.

However, the secretary already senses that something is off. Of course, he tells that man that he can ask it here. For sure, such a reply angers the officer, but he uses another tactic.

The persistent man now demands Akira to sign the documents, which he never heard about, and how they are left in the office. He politely backfires that instead of wasting his time and running like a dog, he will check the so-called papers when the meeting is over.

It is the last drop of the officer’s patience, and he decides not to play nice anymore with some stubborn brat.

After Akira turns his back to him and leaves. Suddenly, he hears the cracking noise and feels the electric shock against his nape. Soon enough, he passes out.


Some time passed. After being swallowed by the darkness for too long, Akira receives a harsh wake-up call from the freezing, splashing water into his face. He even almost chokes to death by the never-ending stream.

Fortunately, the ice-cold water stops running immediately when the silver-haired secretary shows the first signs of struggling. When his shivering and coughing ceases, Akira finally opens his eyes and realizes he was taken to the interrogation room and tied up.

If it is a twisted joke, then someone will have to deal with the consequences of it. Or so, Akira wonders before someone grabs his hair and yanks his head.

As his face is grimacing in pain, he can hear a familiar officer’s voice mocking him “Enough of lazing around! Haven’t you slept long enough on your owner’s lap? Just look at you - smelling like a wet dog and whimpering like one. However, if you beg nicely, we might spare your low-life. But first, you must tell us every little dark secret and weaknesses of your owner. After all, the loyal pet should know it.”

Despite being in such a position, the blue-eyed secretary backfires in a calm tone “Aren’t you the same incompetent fool from earlier? Release me. I have nothing to tell you.”

However, this reply doesn’t satisfy the blond man and the delegation of a few people behind him. Suddenly, this officer harshly slaps one cheek, and a second later, another one.

Instead of showing fear and being defeated, Akira gives an ice-cold, stubborn gaze. The poor secretary understands what awaits him, but he won’t allow anyone to enjoy his suffering. Besides, if he survives, at least he would know who were traitors plotting his commander’s demise.

Suddenly, the silver-haired young man remembers one of Shiki’s given tips on how to escape this situation. Therefore, he has to distract these fools’ attention until he loosens the rope around his wrists.


After the torture, the rope around the poor secretary’s hands is about to fall. It seems that even his executioners are fed off by someone who silently endures any pain without resisting. Even poking him in the face or anywhere else or listening to the mocking and disappointed comments don’t affect him.

At least then, Akira would be seen as dead.

Yet, it’s not time to act. There is still a high chance that his attempt to escape will be utterly crushed. That’s why; he needs to wait until no one pays attention to him. In the meantime, he catches a break.

A few minutes passed. After a group of officers left the room, the wounded secretary shakily stands up while holding the rope in one hand. Although, it isn’t a simple task to walk when you feel like being beaten by a heavy bag and cannot concentrate on which part is the most painful one.

Thankfully, the determination to find the traitors helps to ignore the sore and injured body. Besides, if Akira is fast enough, he’ll lick his wounds and change the uniform before the commander notices anything. So, he should worry only about getting scolded for missing the meeting, right? Or so, Akira convinces himself while going.

Soon enough, the secretary sneaks behind these men. While he holds the stretched rope in his hands, he throws it over one lackey’s neck and kicks him from behind.

As the throat cracks, that man falls like a rag-doll. However, instead of surrounding and fighting back the weakened secretary, the rest of the officers run for their pathetic lives. Unfortunately for them, there was no escape or mercy. Although, killing them without letting them face the consequences of their actions would be pointless. Or so, Akira decides before hunting them.


After the silver-haired secretary put all his unconscious executioners in the same interrogation room and locked it, he checks the time on his pocket watch, which still surprisingly works fine.

When he softens his gaze at the clock, he comments in a slightly gloomy voice ‘‘Looks like not only the meeting is over, but the commander is already gone a long time ago. At least he won’t see me in such a pathetic state. The nurse’s office is locked by this time, too. ’’. With these words, he closes the lid and heads to Shiki’s office to get his long coat. He doesn’t bother to wash down the clotted blood or fix his uniform.


In the end, Akira opens the door and enters inside with a lowered head. However, when he lifts his gaze, he freezes in the same spot. All he can do is speak up in the barely hearable dumbfounded voice ‘‘Sir?… Why are you still here?’’.

That piercing gaze alone allows the poor secretary to understand that he is in deep trouble, and getting fired would be the best-case scenario for him.

While the supreme ruler patiently waits for the answers behind the desk, Akira already feels interrogated as after committing a great crime. Therefore, he needs to confess as soon as possible and accept the punishment.

After swallowing the saliva, he stares like a scolded child. Lastly, Akira explains in a polite, apologetic tone “I’m sorry for my behavior today and missing the meeting. Even if I had to sort out the unexpected business, I understand that it’s not an excuse to slack off for an entire day.”.

Lastly, he impatiently waits for the final verdict. Instead of facing the commander’s wrath, all he hears is a single-worded demand “Come here.”.

No matter how much the secretary wants to avoid this, he has no choice but to follow the given orders.

Step after step, Akira gets closer and hopes Shiki won’t notice his wounds. More so, seeing the disappointment and anxiousness in those red eyes only deepens Akira’s felt guilt and shame, which he seals behind his poker face.

Finally, when he stands in front of the supreme ruler, he hears another brief command ‘‘Show me your hands.’’. When Akira extends his hand, the red-eyed man takes it into his hands.

After removing the bloodstained glove, Shiki exposes his subordinate’s wrist and studies the bruises. Even as he rolls the sleeve up, he notices more hidden wounds. Lastly, his gaze follows up to Akira’s chest and neck.

Despite knowing that he should take this situation seriously, the silver-haired secretary cannot concentrate when he feels the commander’s eyes on him. For now, all he can do is turn his head away.

Meanwhile, Shiki sighs, and his deeper voice makes his subordinate look back “Who done this?”.

When their eyes met, Akira is speechless for a second. Not only the commander holds his hand in his palms but also gives him a demanding and, at the same time, slightly concerned look.

More importantly, this is one of the rare times when such a powerful man shows such emotions in front of him. So, the secretary isn’t sure how to react. In the end, he tells the truth, even if he might get scolded for something he thinks is entirely his fault.

After softening his gaze, Akira confesses ‘‘One of the new officers back-stabbed me when I told him to get lost. After I was woken up, I noticed that I was dragged into the interrogation room, where he and his lackeys tied me up and tortured me. And they were mad that no matter what they did to me, I didn’t say a word nor resisted. However, once I loosened the rope, I followed them and knocked them down. I didn’t kill them because I thought it would be better for you to decide what to do with these traitors. I’m sorry if I took too long dealing with them, sir.’’.

As Shiki slams his palms on the desk, he stands up and rushes towards the door ‘‘Stay here until I return.’’.

However, he widens his eyes when he feels how something clings to his arm. After the dark-haired man looks in that direction, he notices how his secretary stares at him ‘‘Wait, sir! Are you going to execute them? They might be unconscious, and I locked the door. So, you don’t need to worry that they escape, nor anyone hearing their cries for help.’’.

The commander gives him a questioning look while continuing to listen to Akira ‘‘If you want to go that badly, I won’t stop you. But I want you to listen to why did they attack me. One of them attempted to take you down by using me. That’s why, please consider this while you kill them.’’.

In the end, his loyal secretary’s words satisfy him. As his crimson eyes sparkle with amusement, Shiki cracks a smile ‘‘Hmph. Fair enough. Tomorrow, I’ll take you with me, and you see what happens to anyone who dares to harm you. No one is allowed to leave even the smallest scratch on you. Understand?’’.

However, instead of answering, Akira can feel how the heat rushes to his cheeks, and he turns his head away.

Such a reaction entertains the commander. Although, instead of teasing his subordinate, he walks to get their coats and adds ‘‘Let’s go. Tonight, you’re staying with me. Any objections?’’.

‘‘No, not all.’’ The blue-eyed secretary politely replies.

Lastly, he is surprised by how Shiki puts the coat around his shoulders and the short answer ‘‘Good, because your last task for today is to rest.’’.


Later, on the same evening in the Shiki’s mansion. The commander asked his most loyal subordinate to go to his bedroom when he takes the shower.

Of course, Akira didn’t question this task because he believes there is an important reason behind that. After changing into the pajama, which feels so fresh and clean compared to his worn uniform, he heads toward the destination place.

Some time passed. Before entering inside, he knocks on the door ‘‘It’s me, sir. Can I come in?’’. Only, after hearing a familiar voice responding, the blue-eyed secretary opens the door.

‘‘Haven’t I told you that you do not need to be so formal when you are off the duties? Or should I start ordering you to relax?’’ Or so, the dark-haired man’s chill voice greets him.

As Akira closes the door behind him, he politely objects ‘‘There is nothing wrong with showing a basic respect.’’. However, after he spots the first aid kit next to the sitting commander, wearing a pajama and bathrobe, on the bed-edge, he comments ‘‘By the way, did you want to see me only to treat these scratches? I’m grateful for your kind wishes, but that is unnecessary.’’.

‘‘So-called scratches made you keep these weak, pathetic faces and shrug. Even through the ruined uniform, there were visible wounds. So, sit down while I’ll check you. ’’ Shiki replies in a stricter tone.

No matter how he sees this as a pointless and time-wasting procedure if this is the only way to prove that there is nothing to worry about, then so be it.

After his subordinate sits close to him, the dark-haired man states in a serious tone ‘‘You don’t trust me if you have anything to hide from me.’’.

Of course, such a harsh comment shocks Akira, and he defends himself ‘‘I cannot allow myself to put more responsibilities and worries on your shoulders by adding such minor issues. So, I hoped to cover these injuries and pay off by getting for missing an important meeting.’’.

However, Shiki only silently stares at his secretary for a while. After a long pause, he orders ‘‘Take your shirt off.’’.

Instead of arguing, the blue-eyed secretary sighs and unbuttons the pajama shirt. Once he finishes and places this piece of clothing aside, he addresses the commander ‘‘Here. Like I’ve told you, there are no serious injuries.’’.

One thing is sure, seeing these dark purple bruises, cuts, and scratches on the wrists boils the dark-haired man’s blood. Hell, there would be no mercy for whoever did this.

But for now, he opens the kit and takes out the bandage, medical alcohol, and gauzette.

After Akira notices Shiki’s darkened face, he extends the injured arm and softens his gaze ‘‘You don't have to blame yourself that I ended up like this. At least these wounds are only a tiny price I paid for saving your life. And I can endure any pain if I have to.’’.

While the red-eyed commander wraps the white bandage around his wrist, he replies ‘‘You are not a meat-shield whose only purpose is to absorb the damage and die like a dog, neither do I cover behind one. Have you forgotten who you are? Or do you want me to remind you that?’’.

When he is done with one hand, he works on another and adds ‘‘There is no use of having a corpse as a decoration. If you want to show me your loyalty, then live for me.’’.

For sure, Akira doesn’t expect to hear these words. At the moment, all he can do is widen his eyes and nod. Without even realizing it, his cheeks dye in a lovely tone of pink.

Lastly, when Shiki places the medical plaster on his secretary’s cheeks ‘‘That’s all. You can put your shirt on and rest. You’ve earned it.’’. Finally, Akira feels confident enough to push his luck and ask the commander to sleep here without thinking twice about how such an innocent request may turn out.

A/N: And since, I'm done with this month, it time to work on the Vampire Killer AU setting ^^

As always - See you next time!~

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