An Exalt and her Tactician's Happily Ever After

BY : Notsocheesy
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During that moment, he felt like all of those years ago, back when he barely had any memories attached to himself safe for his own name, back when the weight of being responsible for so many lives was foreign to him, back when he had yet to experience love or sorrow.

Back then, he had been but a young man with no renown attached to his name, a nobody that had been dragged by an overly-excited princess and her brother, who would become his best friend, into their home.

Back then, he could do nothing but dumbly stare in awe at the richly ornamented walls and tapestry of the royal palace of Ylisstol...

Until he was led to lay his eyes on the greatest treasure he would ever see in his lifetime.

She had been beautiful then, like the purest ray of light shining through the darkened sky. He had known, then and there, that he had irreversibly fallen in love, gazing upon those two mesmerizing emerald orbs of hers. He had bowed down and spoken, yet he could not remember what he had said. She had smiled and bowed in return and he felt as if he was being greeted into his own life by her, for it was only then that he felt as if his adventure had truly begun.


Much time had passed since then. Years. He now was a different man, one that had experienced many things, one that had gone through much joy as well as much sorrow.

He was a man that had lived through peace... and conflict.

He was a man that had lived through gain... and loss.

He was a man that had lived through his life... and his own death.

He was a different man.


And yet, just like it happened back then, he had no words. As, again, an overly-excited princess and her brother, who had become his best friend, dragged him through the richly decorated halls of the royal palace of Ylisstol, he could do nothing but stare in awe at his rapidly shifting surroundings, oblivious to the great commotion his arrival seemed to have caused all around him.

He kept staring as he was led to the center of the palace, into the same throne room he had brought to all of those years ago. It was then, in that very same place, that it happened.

It was then that, again, his gaze was torn from the white walls and the colored tapestry and was firmly directed at the center of the room.

It was then that, again, his vision was filled with the purest of lights.

It was then that his eyes met the two same magnificent green orbs that had greeted him when he had first arrived.

It was then that Robin, Slayer of Grima, Grandmaster of Ylisse, Tactician of the Shepherds, and freshly returned from the dead finally knew that his life would begin anew.


He had barely registered any of the words spoken by the princess and the prince that had led him here. All he could hear was her whispering his name.

Before he knew it, his feet had already brought him to her.

Before he knew it, his arms had found their way around her back, pulling her into a hug.


Before he knew it, Robin was embracing his wife with whom, after much hardship and suffering, he was finally reunited.

All around them, the many cheers of the many shepherds and Ylissean courtiers resounded, but they paid them no mind.

"I am back." He simply said.

"You are." She simply responded.

And, at last, once their lips finally met, Robin knew that all was well in the world.

"Mmmhpfff-!" A stifled moan barely made its way through her lips as a flurry of emotion coursed through Emmeryn's mind as her lips hungrily crashed against his. Everything had gone so fast, the last few hours of her life nothing but a blur in her memory.

They had long left the public space of the palace's main hall for the privacy of their quarters. A great celebration had followed her husband's return to Ylisstol and, soon after, an even greater feast had followed. But, despite having just taken place, Emmeryn could have questioned if those events had taken place at all, so far away did those memories already feel.

After all, right now, her focus, her mind, her body, all of her being was far too captivated by the ongoing making-out session to properly focus on those things.

"Hmrrph-! Mnnnnh-!" Her husband responded to her moan with one of his own as his tongue found its way into her mouth, quickly finding her own in the process, as their shared kiss gained in intensity.

Gods, how long had it been since she had last felt his strong arms wrapped around her shoulders? How long since she had gazed into his ever-gentle eyes? How long since her hands caressed his snow-white hairs as he overwhelmed her mouth with his tongue?

"Pfaaaah…" Finally, after many long seconds of having her senses smothered by his kiss, did Emmeryn feel her beloved pull away, allowing the two of them to breathe.

How long had it been since she had lost him? How long since he had given his life to end the Fell dragon? She knew the answer. She had counted every day, every hour, every minute going by since that moment, but it still felt like an eternity to her.

"Emmeryn." There was his voice, strong, powerful, demanding, and yet so gentle and kind.

Letting her gaze settle on his form, the former Exalt momentarily froze. He was standing topless before her, bare and muscular torso in full display in front of her. She was loosely aware of his cloak having been hastily removed nearly the instant she had pulled him inside of their room, but she had not noticed that, somewhere during their little moment of intimacy, his shirt had also been discarded, and Emmeryn could not help but allowing her hungry gaze to remain on him.

At least, until a shiver ran through her spine. Soon, she felt a stare, as hungry, as intense as her own directed at her. Suddenly, she became aware that his were not the only article of clothing that had been removed. Indeed, it seemed that, alongside his coat and shirt, most of what she had been wearing had also found itself thrown across the room, as the former exalt found herself wearing nothing over the white dress that usually laid under her intricate outfit.

' Yes. It has been far too long indeed.'

One of her hands had already found its way up to the straps of said dress. Slowly pulling them, allowing the cloth to gently slide off of her.

A bed. Her bed, the one in which she had spent so many lonely nights over the course of the last few months, was right there, next to her.

She had felt so lonely then, not anymore.

"Robin." She spoke his name again, ever so gently, as an invitation.

He smiled first. His ever-so-gentle smile, one that would always melt her heart. She returned it, of course, and, by his look, she could tell his heart suffered the same fate as her.

Then, he took her hand and pulled her toward him, the two of them falling on the soft mattress.



The sun had begun disappearing behind the western hills. Its final rays of the day were still entering through the great window of the study, basking it in a warm red-tinted light.

She was right there, sitting on an expertly-crafted chair, a cup of tea in her hands. She motioned to the she-knight that had brought him here to leave and flashed him a smile.

"Robin, was it? It sounds as though Ylisse owes you a debt of great gratitude." Her voice, for the first time directed at him, sounded even more melodious than when he had first heard it in her throne room. It took him a couple of seconds to react to it.

"N-Nonsense you grace! I only did what anyone else would have." He bowed low, hopeful that it might hide his growing embarrassment.

The soft giggle that she let out after his action made him feel so weak in the knees that he worried he might fall over.

"Please, sir Robin. Do not sell yourself short, even sir Frederick, wary as he may be, spoke highly of your feats on the field." Daring to look up at the praise, he found her hand motioning to the empty chair next to her. "Would you like to sit down, my good sir? There is still much tea left in this kettle, and I am sure we have much to discuss regarding your new position."

How could he ever refuse her?



"Schluiuurp-! Mnnnhn…"

"Nhn-! Haaaahn… Mhn-!"

Her back arched backward, pushing her shoulders to sink deeper into the mattress on which she had found herself thrown earlier. One of her hands clung to the sheets lying beneath her as the other was hastily brought up to prevent another needy moan to escape her lips.


Another shiver traversed her body as she felt herself drift ever closer to an orgasm. A sensation that could only intensify as, once more, her lover's tongue moved over her most private part, carefully passing over every exposed inch of sensitive skin that surrounded it before-


"M-Mna-!? O-Oohmn…"

The former Exalt felt her body twitch as Robin's tongue suddenly invited itself beyond the lips of her pussy and began thoroughly exploring its inside with great fervor.

Risking a glance down toward her crotch, she was met with the tactician's gaze meeting hers. There, kneeling before the bed and with his face planted between her legs, Robin was hungrily looking at her while he allowed his tongue to dance within her insides, caressing every wall with all the attention he could give her.

Her body twitched again, his tongue pushed deeper.

Despite most of his mouth being hidden from her view, she could make out his smile, quite a devious one at that.

Emmeryn bit her lip and braced herself.


"O-Ooh-Ah!? R-Rob-! Mnh-! RoOOBIN!?"

Despite her best effort, the moment his tongue pushed even deeper, there was nothing the former exalt could have done to prevent her whole body from convulsing as was sent crashing through her orgasm. Soon, an abundance of her juices was freely squirting out of her pussy and all over her bed.

And, even before she could think about recovering from that sensation, Robin would already be back at work to please her with his tongue, possibly even adding one finger or more.

'Ooh… Robin… You rogue. How much had I missed this?'



She had known he had stepped inside her tent as soon as he did so. No words were spoken, no sounds were made, he was simply standing there, watching her in silence, and she could not bear to turn around and look at him.

"Do not speak" She heard him speak. Ever so softly. "You need not to." The night was silent outside, yet she still doubted whether she heard his words or not.

"Robin…" She began.

"I know." He said.

"I have to…" She tried.

"I know." He repeated.

She felt his hands settling on her shoulders. Then they moved forth and she was hugged from behind, pulled into the warmth of his embrace.

"I am sorry." She insisted.

"Do not be." He comforted her.

The war with Plegia, the one she had tried to prevent with all of her strength and resolve, had erupted. And now, word was that the border had been breached, that the capital, her home, was threatened.

His hands moved again, slowly pulling her cape off of her shoulders.

…She was the Exalt. Her people needed her.

She removed her dress herself.

…She was in love with Robin, the tactician of the shepherds.

His clothes hit the ground next to hers.

…But she would have to leave him, for the sake of her people.

He pulled her in his warm embrace again. This time with no clothes to separate their skin.

…It was likely that they would never see each other again after that night.

She let him carry her to her bedroll, willing to enjoy every single moment he would share with her.

The next day, she would leave for Ylisstol. The next week, she would fall from a cliff.



"Ooomph-! Mmmnh…"


Two emerald eyes were staring at him, a glint of satisfaction within them as their owner was obviously finding much delight in the face he must have been making.

"O-Oh-! E-Emm!"

Sitting at the edge of the bed his wife had been lying on minutes ago as he was going down on her, Robin found himself on the receiving end of the reward she insisted on giving him for his previous …actions.

Kneeling before him, the woman in question was hard at work, bobbing her head up and down with her lips wrapped around the thick rod that had risen from between his legs. It appeared that the skills she had developed with her mouth and tongue, much like his own, had not waned during his absence.

"Ohmm-! Schluuuurp-!"

"A-Ah! …D-Damn!"

With each new movement of her head, her tongue spun and twirled around his shaft. A warm wetness encompassed it with each passage, as it was invited deeper and deeper, even inching into his lover's throat before she had to pull back again. The movements were repeated steadily, with little to no interruptions on the ex-Exalt's part. The few times she had allowed herself to entirely pull back were the times she had felt like kissing the tip of his cock or letting her tongue hungrily wander all over it in his full view.

And, during all this time, her eyes never let his own. She was daring him to hold on, to fight back against the encroaching utterly pleasurable feeling she was bringing him, delighted as she was from seeing him in the position he had put her in before. Now he was the one desperately struggling to keep silent, to hold back his moans as her mouth worked her magic on his length.



And, given her renewed enthusiasm, coupled with the most self-satisfied look she was giving him, he must have been doing a poor job at keeping quiet.

'G-Goodness! Hmnh-! Ooooh…'

Not that he himself was in any capacity to tell, so far had his mind wandered in the halls of pleasure. He was getting very close to fully giving in now, to fully succumbing to her will.

"Schluuurp! Hmn-!?"

He felt his cock twitch in her mouth and, going by her eyes suddenly widening, so did she.

His eyes met her again.

'Oh gods.'


"O-Oh!? E-Emm!? Nhg-! G-Gooaah!"

Emmeryn suddenly plunging in, taking his full cock and allowing it deeper into her throat than she ever had before was the last straw for the white-haired tactician.

"Mmmhn!? Ghmmmn!?"

"N-Naga! OooOOH!"

He felt his cock erupt in her mouth, taking no time in flooding it with the large amount of seed it suddenly released, and Robin's whole body shuddered in ecstasy.

"G-Ghk-! Pffaaaaah!"

Soon, however, the sheer amount flooding her throat proved too much for his wife to fully take in and his rod found itself liberated from her mouth, the last few strands of his essence spurting out and onto Emmeryn's awaiting face and chest.

"G-Gods…" He breathed. "E-Emm… That was amazing."


His wife didn't respond immediately. After all, her mouth was utterly filled with his cock's warm and white thick liquid, not that she looked displeased in the slightest by that fact. On the contrary, it took her only a moment to collect herself before-

"Gulp." -Swallowing the whole load. The sight of that left Robin's mouth feeling very dry.

"Ooohmmmn…" The woman before him finally breathed. "There is still so much left for me to take…" She looked at him with a lust-ridden gaze. "Isn't there?" Looking down, he saw the way her own pussy was dripping wet. It looked like she too had orgasmed during that last session.

Those words, that look, her whole being… How was his wife so damn hot? He didn't need to look to know that he was getting hard again.

"There is." He answered her. Standing on his feet, he took her hand and helped her up, and pulled her into a loving kiss.

"There is." He said again. "And much more than that." He murmured in her ear.

His hand found his way down between her legs, hers had come to gently grab his throbbing erection. She shuddered under his touch, he under hers. They moved back onto their bed.

The sun was setting on the horizon, slowly disappearing behind the great western sea.

…Fate, as Robin learned, could be exceedingly cruel.

The waves crashing against the cliffs below, the barest hint of the salty smell of seawater in the air, a small number of seagulls flying over their head, having ventured out of their hiding spot…

…The battle was over.

A sigh escaped his lips as he took in the sight before him. The sea, the cliffs, the birds. It was all so peaceful.

…It was unfair.

He felt something brush against his hand. Slowly, someone's fingers intertwined with his. It was the gentlest of touch.

…Did he regret it?

'I'm sorry.' He tried to speak.

…Should he regret it?

"Don't." She spoke before he could, silencing him. She moved closer and he felt her head resting on his shoulder. Together, they gazed upon the world that had been saved.

…It was so peaceful.

Again, he tried to speak. But again, he fell silent. Holding her hand in his, he felt her ring. The one he had bought for her, so many years ago. The one he had planned to give her before her fall, the one he had given her after she made her way back to him.

…So unfair.

That day, hearing her say 'Yes' had made him the happiest man alive. He had embraced her, so close to him, and promised never to let her go again.

…The world is fading.

They had shared much after that, more than they ever had.

…No, he was the one fading.

And even then, as he felt like the world could not give him more… He had not been ready for the joy meeting his own daughter brought him. Those were the memories he swore to cherish until his dying breath.

…That time has come.

He finally managed to look behind him. He was greeted by the sight of sorrowful faces. They were already mourning. He glanced at his best friend, he said nothing, his look said enough. Those were his goodbyes.

…During those short years of his life, the world had given him so much.

The hand that was holding his own was joined by a second one. She was looking at him, with those beautiful eyes of hers. Tears were starting to form.

"I'll miss you." She murmured. He failed to respond.

…It was time for the world to take something back.

He held her close. His decision had already been made. She had accepted it, just like he had accepted hers.

…His vision became blurry. The world lost its focus.

It hurt to leave her, to leave his daughter, to leave his friends. But they had made peace with it, he had sought to that.

"Robin…" She spoke, for the final time, and finally asked him. "Come back to us. To me."

…His vision faded to black. His very being disappeared into the void.

Still, at last, he spoke.

"I will."

The last thing he felt was her last kiss on his skin.

And then, Robin, tactician of the Shepherd, grandmaster of Ylisse, husband of Emmeryn, was no more.



"M-Mnhaah! R-Robin!"

"O-Ohmn! E-Emmeryn!"

Pants and moans, along with the wet sound of flesh slapping flesh, resonated across the room.

"E-Emm-! Emmeryn!"

Lying on the bed, Robin found himself calling the name of his wife, his hands grabbing her hips with a firm hold as he bounced her on top of him.

"H-Haah! R-Robin! Robin!"

For her part, Emmeryn was answering his calls with her own. Her own hands had found their place in taking hold of her generous breasts. Squeezing them harder each time her husband slammed her back on his awaiting cock.


Each of her movements was accompanied by the feeling of her juices squirting out of her overstuffed pussy as her white-haired lover did not relent in his intense pursuit of pleasure. Emmeryn herself had, after hours of passionate lovemaking, long lost the strength in her legs and was solely relying on his strength to keep up their momentum.

"L-Love!" Another wave of pleasure traversed her as the flow between her legs gained in intensity. She felt herself fall forward and had to rest her hands on his shoulders to steady herself. This brought her face in front of his, and she met his lustful gaze. "M-My love!"

"G-Gahn!" Her spoken words drew out a reaction from him. Within her, his large cock began twitching, further clinging to her walls with each passage. "E-Emm!" He almost yelled. "I-I love you!"

"A-Aahn!?" Her moans joined his own in a lust-filled song. "M-Me too!" She cried. "I-I love you!"

"G-GaAH!" She suddenly found herself lifted by his strong arms, higher than before, though she still got to feel his cock growing even larger as she was pulled nearly entirely off of it-


Only to find herself being slammed back onto it with tremendous force. His whole length fully filling her insides in the process-



Before violently erupting into her. Flooding everything, her passage, her womb, and all her senses, with love and warmth as an unending torrent of thick seed coated her walls before completely overflowing her pussy and spilling out below her.

"Pfaaah- Hmphfff!?" His lips came up to meet hers in a hungry kiss. His tongue forced itself into her mouth again while her hazy mind failed to fully make sense of what was happening.

It was unclear, to her at least, how long their making-out session lasted, but she still failed not to moan needly when the kiss finally broke off. Still, she found some comfort when he pulled her in a tight hug, basking in the afterglow of their latest orgasm.

His cum was still dripping out of her, along with more of her juices. They were both out of breath and covered in sweat.

"You.." She began, trying to speak between pants and moans. "Nhm-!" A task made more difficult by the fact her lover was still sheathed deep within her. But the former Exalt steeled herself.

"You came back to me." Her arms wrapped themselves around his shoulders as she hugged him tightly.

His warm breath caressed her ear.

"I did." He pulled her even closer. Each finding solace in the other's embrace.

"D-Don't…" She breathed. "Don't ever let go of me again."

"Of course." He kissed her cheek. "May I ask the same of you?"

She turned her head, meeting his lips with hers again. "Y-Yes! I'm never allowing you to leave again!"

He presented her with the warmest smile she had ever seen him harbor. She answered it with one of her own, then kissed him again.



Suddenly, Emmeryn found herself lying on her back, feeling the soft mattress under her. Her husband had rolled her off of him before climbing over her. He now was the one looming over her.

"R-Robin?" A shiver ran down her spine when she met his eyes. Somehow, she felt like the tastiest-looking sheep being gazed upon by the hungriest wolf.

"As I said, Emm." He said with a firm voice. His hands took hold of her legs, guiding them to rest on his shoulders. Below, she felt something big poke at her entrance. "I'm never letting you go again."

"Oooomnh…" She failed to bite back the moan that escaped her lips as her pussy lips spread apart, allowing his rock-hard rod to bury itself deep with her folds again. Then, slowly, he began pulling away.

Emmeryn, with all of her resolve, braced herself for what came next. After all, the night was still young.

"M-Mnh! OOOAAAH!" And yet, the moment he slammed his cock back into her at full force, she could do nothing but yell a desperate cry of pleasure while helplessly kicking her legs in the air as she was ruthlessly thrown into another orgasm.

'T-This… This is the best.'

Losing her senses, that night, Emmeryn allowed her most beloved to fully conquer her with his love.



The sun was rising, and the birds were singing.

The dawn of a new day.



"Mmmmhnn…" He felt her stir next to him.

"Good morning." He spoke, softly.

"Good morning." She answered, just as gently.

Her eyes met his.

"Last night-" He started.

"-Was the best." She finished, in his stead.

She moved closer, her lips meeting his in a tender kiss before she allowed her face to rest in the crook of his neck.

'This is nice.' He thought.

They remained like this. Naked, with their bodies entangled together in bed.

"You know…" Robin was brought out of his reverie by his wife murmuring in his ear. "Morgan's birthday…" He shuddered.

"-Is in nine months." He finished for her.

Their eyes met once more.

"Should… Should we make sure?" She asked, with a small smile.

He stared at her, then laughed.

"Yes! Yes, we should!" Suddenly, Emmeryn found her husband's hand seizing her hips, and soon, she was lying on her back, with him on top of her.

He laughed, and so did she.

It would not be until much later that the reunited couple would finally emerge from their room.



The sun shone through the stained glass that decorated the great hall's many windows. The air was filled with the noise of the gathered crowd feasting. Men cheered, and women laughed. Slowly, but surely, the Ylissean court life was resuming its course around him.

Seated at the main table, to the right of his best friend, a white-haired man took hold of the hand of his wife. Both were listening to the story being told by their overly-excitable daughter and her cousins.

His wife's head came to rest on his shoulder, the story told came to an end, and they all shared a laugh.

"You came back to me." Emmeryn said.

"I did." Robin answered.

Once their daughter came to take a seat next to them, they both knew that all was well.

And they lived happily ever after.


The End



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