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Utopiland, a newly built district centering a new era for Santa Destroy, stood the enormous Damon tower on a crisp blue clear summer sky. Walking from the halls a curvy figure trotting her high heels is Sylvia Christal, a secretary to chairman of said building Damon Riccatallo. Accompanied by one of said bosses colleagues walking behind her holding up a camera for her, filming a new segment for the highly anticipated Sylvia's Garden.


For the first time she summons her boss and his childhood friend Jess Baptiste VI…aka FU for a special segment...however with the two bickering on several occasions pre-show, she wonders how they'll cooperate. With a thumbs up from the cameraman Sylvia stood behind her boss's desk for the cue.


"Welcome gamers," the part-time secretary,now part-time streamer, greets her audience with a warm smile sitting on the desk of her boss's office.


"Hope everyones doing great today. I'm joined by a couple guests today in this extra segment to leave all of you hot with excitement…" Sylvia raises her right finger, "Or perhaps puzzled on why I bought these two together."


"But for now let's start the game…" Sylvia clears her throat, teasing the viewer, "I mean the show." Sylvia proceeds to strip from her black dress which covered a one piece striped bodysuit from beneath. 


Even then after birthing a pair of twins ten years prior,she always kept her body in picture perfect condition. With the camera lens pointing to her she stares with her pretty eyes swaying her hips before flaunting to her backside. She moves her hips at a slow rate, jerking her booty forward to the viewers.


While her booty was a certain treat, another eye opener was her chest and with the suit partially concealing it didn’t fail to hide her pink nipples. Getting excited now she feels up with her hands filling her boobs with her delicate hands all while looking seductively biting her bottom lip. As she cupped her perfect double Ds for the viewers, a second pair of hands felt up her ass which caught Sylvia off guard. She wanted to see who took over her backside but the feel of a man's bare hands pressing on her bubble butt made her feel tingly on the inside.


"Mmm…Oh my couldn't wait any longer sir?"


It was obvious that Damon came into the scene as Sylvia fondled her nips slowly becoming erect beneath the thin material. The man's blonde head moves in with his hands still grasped on her ass planting several kisses on it. While foreplay was fun she wanted to keep her viewers and quickly get to the action, however her boss…yes the man all over her ass now tearing her bottom portion of her only undergarment now fully exposing her fair bare buns. Now with that out of the way, keeping his hands still spreads her cheeks apart in order to trace his tongue to her tightest hole. One thrust after another led to the woman jolting as she laid her hands down on the edge of the desk.


"Ooh sir!" Shook in belief Sylvia prompts him to keep going in which he gladly complies thrusting his tongue into her hole not even her love even encountered. The sexy secretary pushes her bum back with Damon's face matching her boss's steady lick strokes in her ass, clearly loving the daring oral skills tilting her head upward in pleasure.


"Hmm I'm impressed," Sylvia cutely smiles and turns to Damon who follows up by teasing his cock between her juicy asscheeks. "Now give me a good pounding! You deserve it!"


"Sure thing, just remember who runs this place, Chrstel?" Damon says in a stern tone as he starts to slowly thrust in his assistant's ass. He adjusts his standing position to make room for the second guest of the show. "Now take care of FU while you're there."


"Yes sir!" Sylvia a bit concerned by the tall flamboyant space prince considering he packed more in size with his

long and thick pressing in front of her face. This made Sylvia salivate,easily beating her husband(and ex-husband) by a landslide.


"Well? This is what you wanted? Now start sucking!" FU demanded the hot blonde. Out of the lenses stood Damon's best friend looking as colorful and flamboyant as always. FU moans at the sight of Sylvia steadily taking his length in her warm wet mouth coating his slightly slimy cock mixed with her saliva and his precum. The tall outer species lands his hand on the blonde bombshell's head as she trails as deep as possible.


"So this is a blowjob humans like you do?" FU had to ask.


"MMM HMM!" Slyiva's mouth was full with the length halfway reaching her throat. Her eyes slightly teared when the alien put a little motion into his thrusts which led to the blonde to choke and gag. The result of that was from Damon using this freehand to drag her wet slit as he pushes his cock deeper into her backdoor. With two of her holes conquered by two another rush flooded her core.


"Hey Damon?" FU turns his sights to his friend. "You've been hogging the broads ass for a while, how about I get a shot of it next?"


"The time will come...wait a second," The Utopina CEO grunts, thrusting in Sylvia's ass. 


"Bullshit! As your best bud let me in too!"


"Ok fine, Sylvia get on top of me, we were changing things around," Damon pulls out of Sylvia and guides them to his office chair where he sits as Sylvia straddles on top of his dick. Fu soon followed their lead, kneeling down grabbing the hot vtuber by pushing her ass and spreading her cheeks apart so that he could insert his dick in her.


"B-but will that big thing fit?!" Sylvia now cautious lowers down to her bosses dick while FU positions behind her fucking her ass.


"Relax…" Damon slowly pumps upward into Sylvia's pussy at the same time motorboating his face with her round tits.


Sylvia jolts at the feel of FUs abrupt entrance stretching her tightest hole with it reaching only half inside. The space prince grunts once he pulls out and with his hands pressing her curvy thighs jams it with a little more force. 


Dubbed the hottest woman in the world, she held on to her bosses shoulders following his thrusts grow rapidly as her tits bounced in her boss face while the brash blue alien thrashes all over her rounded ass. Never having two dicks inside both holes proved to be a challenge for sending bolts through her sweaty body. With both her sides filled completely Sylvia looks at the camera that was filming this special segment grinding herself against FU and Damon with lustful moans escaping her lips.


“Look at this gamers!” Sylvia manages to address her viewers rocks between Damon and FU while facing the camera in front of a chaotic threeway. “Ohhh! Now this…Paradise!”


The Utopiland CEO groans and slows down his thrusts once his assistant suddenly bursts onto his dick with her juices. As a man of responsibility didn't want to impregnate her with his childhood friend, pull out her ass with an audible pop. He lifts her up off of him and slams his cock into Sylvia's hungry mouth letting her taste the mess she left on his lap. Suddenly a light lit up in his head from Damon, finding a proper way to finish. 


"Sylvia, you earlier asked for a bonus? Here's your chance." He grins, setting his sights on Sylvia's tits bounce as she hungrily sucks him, “I want to tit fuck you right here on the table.”


Sylvia doesn’t respond vocally but gives him a nod before laying back first,stripping off the thin layer of her bodysuit finally exposing her bare bosoms. The nips were finally out of the open with the camera obviously zooming for a few seconds before zooming out. Her boss then climbs on top of her torso and with his right strokes a few times before grabbing her tits and laying his cock between them. Damon moans, thrusting his pelvis forward pressing the tip of his cock on Sylvia's smooth tongue.


FU grunts wildly, undoubtedly having a good time filling her ass with his massive alien dick and notices he did get to do her pussy which was still glistening with her juices. He pulled out of the woman's ass and shoved himself in her wet and slippery hole which shocked her that even with his size seemed to fit.


Sylvia cries out with every thrust the two men are giving to her her boss tit fucking her and fu ravaging her pussy harder than what he did to her ass to the point his dick reached her womb. Groans were heard coming from the blue alien as his member began to throb. It would spell trouble for the mother if he would cum within her stretched out snatch, luckily spelled relief for her once he pulled out abrupts with a visible colorful trace of jizz spraying outside of her pussy lips and toned stomach.


"Goddamn that was great!" Fu huffs jerking the last of his cum on Sylvia's lower body. Once the space prince made a mess on her he departed from the office leaving the two humans to finish their business. Damon gave several thrusts on his assistant's tits before giving her a nice coat of cum on her pretty face with a shot to the right side of her glasses. Another spat of spunk headed to her mouth and with her tongue out has a taste of what her boss has to offer.


"Mmm...so tasty…" Sylvia, now in a pretty good mess, turns to the camera as Damon removes himself off her torso. The sultry streamer faces the camera, licks her lips.


"And this concludes this special feature…your girl next door Sylvia will see you in the next episode." She ends the show blowing a kiss to all her fans.


Next up is Shinobu and Badgirl cuz they’re done dirty

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