The Agreement: The Last Of Us Part I

BY : cinquefoil
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“Look kid, you don’t ever say Tess’s name again, got it?”

The girl clearly felt awful, which only made Joel angrier. This simple job - take some orphan girl to the state capitol building to meet up with a detachment of Fireflies from outside the Boston QZ - had been a mess from the start. Instead of getting their guns back from the asshole black marketeer Robert they had found he had sold the guns to the Fireflies, just as the rebel group had kicked off an open war with the ruling military. A war that started bad for the rebels and went worse fast.

Shortly after taking care of Robert, Joel and his partner Tess had found Marlene, a local Fireflies leader, badly wounded. There guns? Gone.

Tess should have cut their losses there, but there had been a girl and somehow Marlene had convinced Tess to take the girl to her allies outside the Quarantine Zone. That misadventure had resulted in Tess dying, fighting the pursuing military after she had been doomed by a bite from an infected. Rather than turn into a mindless half-corpse looking to eat human flesh Tess had gone out like a fighter. Joel had bitterly accepted her last wish - for Joel to take this girl to the Fireflies. To save the world, she said.

Because the girl was immune to the Cordyceps fungus that had all but destroyed humanity. After over twenty years of slowly dying off, the human race might just have a cure.

The next day, Joel was staring at the small fire they had light in a half-ruined home. The girl had been quiet, blessedly so, clearly feeling guilty at all the death that followed her around, but now she scraped the bits of food left in her dish up and ate it quickly. No one born in a QZ ever left a scrap of food behind. No one born outside one, either.

“Ok, Ellie, we made good time. We’re clear of the city now, so we’ll go find an old contact of ours. He’s… eccentric, but he may have a car for us. We’ll need one to make it to my brother and the Fireflies in any kind of time.”

“You got it Joel,” she said, putting her stuff in the backpack she carried. She was a bit dirty, and her clothes were stained as to be expected. But her eyes were bright and curious, and Joel already knew she was quick and naturally cheerful, for all the world did not merit much in the way of optimism.

Pretty, a bit skinny, but her budding breasts pushed out noticeably on the thin sweatshirt she wore. Joel grunted, then shook his head.

Gruffly, he laid it out, “Like I said, you do what I do, when I say it. It is the only way we stay alive.”


“I’ll get you there, for Tess. Then we go our separate ways. But I won’t pimp you out none, or sell you to any slavers we run into.”

She could only nod, haltingly. Really, what was there to say to that? She knew how the world worked.

“Good. Most days I’ll be tired as shit keeping us both alive. But if I’m not, I want my dick sucked. Or your little pussy. You’re 14, right? So have you had your procedure done?”

Blushing, Ellie sat up straight and said, “Yes Joel, I had it done on my birthday. So, no babies. Probably. It didn’t hurt so bad when the nurse put it in, and it’s supposed to last for a year, but other’n that I’m a virgin.”

That did surprise him, “Really? A military school kid like you? A virgin at 14 years old, dang it you’re practically an old maid!”

“Ha ha. My home room instructor, Sgt. Gonzalez, liked butts for whatever reason. He didn’t pork any of the girls in the veejay, only our bums. And blowies, from his favs.”

“Well, his preference is my windfall. I guess I ain’t had a virgin in…” Unbidden, the image of a skinny blonde girl, writhing as her cherry was popped by the prick that brought her into the world, overcame him. With a savage shake of his head, he banished the thought. “It’s been a while. So, I guess I’ll be taking that, if you don’t mind?”

She looked surprised that he even asked, and he was surprised to find he actually wasn’t being totally sarcastic. Sure, he might fuck the girl hard no matter what she said, but he did want to know her thoughts. Odd.

Ellie must have assumed he was being honest too, because the girl looked down, almost bashful, for a long minute. Finally, she gave a half shrug and grinned, “Nah, I mean, someone’s gonna do it, right? You seem… ok. For an old guy. And you are, ya know, risking your life for me and all. Some of the girls my age and even younger back in Boston were screwing guys, usually older guys who could get them booze or whatever, but I never was that interested. But you? I, uh, think that’d be fine. I mean, if you want to.”

Feeling a sudden tightening in his pants, Joel let out a long breath and said, “I suspect I will Ellie. But today, just your mouth will do. Getcha to stop trying to whistle for a spell, at least.”

As Joel stood up he began undoing his pants. He had washed up after his morning ablutions, so he was about as clean as anyone got outside the settlements, but the girl certainly didn’t seem to care. She got on her knees, rolling her eyes extravagantly and saying, “You’re hilarious Joel. I’ll figure out whistling, don’t worry.”

“Yeah yeah sure thing kid.” His pants fell, and he felt the cool air on his cock as it sprang up.

“Jesus fuck!” Ellie said, her eyes wide, “you got a permit for that thing? It’s fucking huge!”

He gave a wry chuckle, “It’s not so special girl. Don’t worry, I won’t shove it in your pussy all willy-nilly. We’ll get you nice and wet, and if I bugger you, I have some lube in my pack. Tess… uh, she used to like a quickie sometimes up the chute.” Damn it, why bring her up again? Bloody fool old man.

The dead woman’s name clouded Ellie’s gaze, but she nodded solemnly and said, “I’ll treat your cock right. Like she did.”

Joel felt that was coming pretty close to his ‘don’t mention her name’ rule, but her small hand was wrapping around his cock so it felt churlish to bring it up. Besides, she seemed genuinely respectful, and Tess had taken a shine to the kid fast. Half the reason Joel was doing this damn fool impossible quest.

The girl knew her way around a dick, and no mistake. No orphan went through military academy, must less a pretty girl orphan, without swallowing some cocks. Her tongue wrapped around his cock head, then she took him into her mouth, sucking on it noisily like it was going to give out party favors. She held him there for a moment, then pulled back, gasping as she did.

“God damn it Joel, this is so thick I can barely get it in my mouth! How is this monster going to fit in my snatch?”

Gently, Joel took the back of her head and pushed himself back into the warm mouth. “Don’t you worry Ellie, we’ll get it in. I’ve had tight before, a girl with no hair on her pussy, and she took to it like a duck to water.” She gave a moan, her eyes closed, seeming to enjoy working his stiff cock, approaching the blowjob as enthusiastically as she did most any task he had given her. The girl, she wasn’t so bad, really. Not her fault all this shit happened, and she was a good kid with more sense than half the adults Joel knew.

Her right hand was wrapped around his shaft, stroking him in counterpoint to her bobbing head, and in less than ten minutes he felt himself getting to the end. No need to string this out, they had a long walk ahead of them to Bill’s place. His balls tightened and then he was shooting a thick wad into her tiny teenaged mouth, filling it as her eyes went wide. His hand on the back of her head wasn’t necessary as she didn’t try to pull away, instead gulping his seed down like a good girl.

With a relieved sigh, Joel let her lick his cock clean, swallowing every drop of cum she could get her greedy little tongue on. Yeah, the world may be shit and they may be marching to their inevitable, horrible death, but damn if a good blowjob to start the day didn’t put a bit of pep in your step.


AUTHORS NOTE: again, I just wanted to write something quick and easy. I have a few more little ideas for this, maybe to follow a bit of their adventures, but I'm not sure if anyone is interested tbh. Just stuff like Joel tugging her pants down and screwing her bent over the trunk of a ruined car on the interstate. 

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