I'll Come During the Restless Night

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Disclaimer: This story was made for fun and definitely NOT for making profit or money out of it. Trust me, Mina only sees writing as a hobby and her passion. More important, I do NOT own Togainu no Chi.

Alright, new month - new challenge!~
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A-anyway, even during the work process, I couldn't help myself, but have The Feels and shy out like student -///-'
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And yeah, this chapter might be focusing on the sleep deprivation part while the next one gonna be like a bonus, and another way of the commander spoiling his adored secretary❤
Perhaps, this time Akira may also learn about the line between hard-work and devotion, and where the workaholism begins.

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September's writing prompt: Sleep Deprivation.

Sleep deprivation can make any person act strangely. A barking dog, a leaky faucet, or a loud and unruly neighbor can own the night, turning pleasant people into frazzled malcontents. Write a story about a protagonist who is prevented from sleeping by an outside force, and describe how this character handles the stress and resolves the challenging situation.



It is another morning in the Shiki’s mansion. However, for someone, it isn’t so peaceful.

The silver-haired secretary is trapped in his precious commander’s embrace again. No matter how Akira wants to get up and prepare for the new day, he refuses to wake up Shiki.

Besides, during his last attempt to escape, he learned the hard way that it ends with a failure, no matter what he may do.

For example, he was sure that the commander was deeply asleep. So, no matter how quietly and without too much struggle, Akira attempted to leave. Yet, he was alerted when he suddenly felt how the pair of arms wrapped around him and caught him. And thus, once he was pressed against the dark-haired man’s chest, he knew he couldn’t leave. Or at least until Shiki wakes up.

Even to this day, he cannot understand whether the commander acts like this to tease him or if it is unconscious behavior to reach for him during his slumber. However, even when Shiki is half awake, he remains silent and keeps his secretary close to him for a bit longer. Therefore, even after Akira politely asks permission to leave, it ends with the opposite effect.

On the other hand, the silver-haired man can rest assured that the commander is safe by his side. More so, there is something special and calming by hearing the Shiki’s breathing and heartbeat. Along this, the commander’s scent helps Akira to relax until he falls asleep.

Another thing that he notices is that when he spends a night together in the mansion, he isn’t bothered by nightmares or strange dreams at all. In the end, staying in bed for a longer time during the morning is a small price to pay for waking up with new strengths and full of energy.

Perhaps, getting used to getting up early can be nice because of being able to enjoy and cherish little moments like this. But for now, the silver-haired secretary observes the slumbering Shiki. Without realizing it, his hand almost reaches to stroke the commander’s cheek.

Yet, he holds back and decides not to disturb this serene moment. When Akira slowly closes his eyes and exhales, he patiently waits until Shiki awakens.

Even so, there are nights when the blue-eyed secretary sleeps alone. He convinced himself that it was wrong to use the commander’s kindness too often and rely on him to rest until the morning.

Perhaps, it’s only a coincidence that when Akira stays overnight in the supreme ruler’s mansion, he never has to worry about seeing the same nightmares which haunt him. Or so, he believes.

Tonight is one of the nights when he sleeps alone in his home. By far, the secretary doesn’t have any issues aside from rolling on sides for a long time before finally falling asleep.

Unfortunately, such a blissful time doesn’t last long. After a while, Akira’s face twitches, and soon enough, letting out silent groans and whimpers. More so, he unconsciously hides under the blanket.

That’s right, he has another one of those dreams about the past. No matter where he goes or what he touches - everything is dyed in red and filled with agonizing screams. Of course, he has used to seeing the corpses or punishing anyone who stands in the commander’s way. Even a pathetic begging to be spared, nor the enemy’s shown fear and despair, doesn’t affect the silver-haired secretary.

However, in the current dream, it’s not the weapons or torture devices that are killing people. It’s his cursed blood, which takes lives away in the most disturbingly and slowest way. Countless faceless rabid men die one after another one when they approach him. All Akira does is protect himself, yet, he is being accused of being a mistake by god, a freak, who is to blame for this massacre.

Eventually, he is outnumbered, and one of these people grabs him by the throat and chokes him. In the end, just as a familiar voice speaks to him and threatens him, Akira is about to notice the detailed face in front of him.

Suddenly, the secretary sits on the bed and loudly gasps. As Akira deeply breathes, he places his hand on the bloating chest ‘‘It’s just a dream…’’. When his breathing slowly calms down, he can still feel his strong heartbeat against his palm. ‘‘Each time it ends in the same way…’’ he whispers while lowering his head.

After he nervously swallows the saliva and his eyes are wide open, he turns to the night table and turns on the night lamp.

Even when he notices that it’s not even midnight, it makes the blue-eyed man close his eyes and shakily frown. Yet, he naively believes that he still has time to return to sleep. And thus, after dimming the warm orange light, he rolls to the side.

Although, the howling wind outside refuses to let Akira rest. Even if all the windows are closed, he can still hear how it violently rustles the leaves and breaks the branches. If it was an ordinary evening, he would have instantly crashed out and rested until the morning. But for now, even the slightest noise irritates and triggers him.

Perhaps, a warm drink should help him calm down. Or so, Akira decides as he lazily gets up and leaves.

Some time passes after aimless attempts to return to slumber. Before wrapping himself under the blankets, Akira checks the time - at least he has a couple of hours left before he needs to wake up. In the end, Akira falls asleep, but, unfortunately, the alarm clock wakes him up.

As soon as the silver-haired secretary forces himself to leave the bed, he walks towards the bathroom while having a terrible headache and over-sensitive eyes to even the mildest light source. It's not even the beginning of the day, and he is already frustrated with how slow and clumsy he is during the morning routine.

However, he refuses to contact the commander to ask for his mercy to rest for today. Even if the secretary can feel every bone in his body and how it might crack after one reckless move, Akira feels awful just from the thought that his laziness is a poor excuse to slack off and may disappoint Shiki.

And thus, while ignoring his breaking body, Akira prepares for the new day.

As the day passes, the blue-eyed secretary is relieved that he can continue his duties as if nothing happened.

However, his biggest concern is facing the commander. In such an awful state, he can barely concentrate or pay attention to his surroundings. The poor secretary is nauseous and wishes to smash his head because that might save him from the terrible headache and constant beeping inside his head.

Like never in his life, Akira desires nothing more than to hide and be happy after having a couple of minutes of a nap. At this point, where and when is not important. As long as no one finds him, it shouldn’t matter.

Although, he is surprised that Shiki has told nothing to him, only narrowed his gaze after noticing the dark circles under his eyes or trying his best to keep a straight posture. Most importantly, Akira does not know that the commander keeps an eye on him and waits for one wrong move to corner him until he gets the answers.

It’s an early afternoon, and the blue-eyed secretary is relieved to be awake.

‘Right now, it should be easy to survive until the end of the day and take a rest before the commander even noticed anything.’ Or so, Akira convinces himself while heading towards the office and carrying the reports. For now, he saves his remaining strength for this moment.

After taking a deep breath, the exhausted secretary knocks on the wooden door ‘‘Sir, it’s me. I have brought the reports that you asked for. Can I come in, please?’’. As soon as he receives permission, he opens the door and enters.

When Akira closes the door behind him, he politely nods ‘‘Did you call me, sir?’’.

However, instead of answering, the supreme ruler glares at his loyal subordinate with his crimson eyes while resting his chin on his hands.

For sure, Akira can sense how Shiki strips him naked until he has nothing to hide just by that piercing gaze alone. More so, the moment their eyes met, the intimidated secretary feels how the commander tries to read his every thought.

Despite that, Akira stays in the same spot while holding the papers close to him and asks ‘‘Did I do anything wrong? I’m sorry if I upset you, sir.’’.

Suddenly, he can feel being short of breath, and his head spinning like crazy. Even when Shiki is approaching him, Akira can barely stand anymore. While his lips and hands are trembling, the silver-haired secretary’s vision darkens.

In the end, he lets out the last gasp and collapses. Fortunately, Shiki’s reaction is quicker, and Akira falls into his arms. While the secretary rests his head against his chest, he silently stares at his passed-out subordinate.

Instead of wasting time thinking that Shiki was right and that his most loyal secretary tried not to worry him by hiding his problems from him again, the red-eyed man carefully lowers Akira until he lies on the floor.

After kneeling and placing one hand under the secretary’s shoulders and the other one under the tights, Shiki stands up. Lastly, as he ignores the scattered documents on the floor, he checks that Akira won’t fall off his arms. And thus, he leaves the office while carrying his adored subordinate like a wounded princess.

Some time passes. Finally, Akira shakily opens his eyes while silently groaning. After sitting in bed, he realizes he isn’t in the office anymore but in the familiar bedroom. Secondly, he notices that instead of his uniform, he wears light gray pajamas.

More so, Shiki is sitting on the bed edge next to him, and judging from his loosened uniform, Akira can tell that he returned not so long time ago.

Perhaps, he only dozen out for a couple of hours. But why did the commander go through the trouble of changing him into these clothes? He could leave him like before his body gave up on him. Or so, the secretary wonders.

While Akira gives a demanding gaze, he asks ‘‘How long did I pass out? And could you return my clothes? I need to return to the office and finish the work! I promise I won’t take too long.’’.

When he is about to leave the bed, he is pushed back on the bed by Shiki’s hand.

‘‘S-sir?’’ The silver-haired secretary dumbfounded looks at the commander, who corners him with one arm.

When Shiki cracks a smile, he replies ‘‘In the middle of the night? Do you have any idea how long you have slept?’’. As he observes how his subordinate tries to figure it out, he adds ‘‘Not only the previous night but more than this entire day. Care to explain what is going on? Or do you prefer that I’ll get the answers out of you?’’.

After turning his head from the commander, Akira briefly answers ‘‘It’s nothing important. I was slightly more tired than usual. That’s it.’’.

‘‘To that case, it was impossible to wake you up? Anyone could screw you up and take an advantage of you, and you won’t be aware of it.’’ Or so, Shiki back-fires while fixating his gaze on the exposed silver cross and his subordinate.

Of course, after these words, the blue-eyed secretary cannot face the man in front of him any longer because he felt guilty.

However, such behavior doesn’t satisfy the supreme ruler. After he leans closer, his other hand holds Akira’s chin and makes him face him. As their eyes meet Shiki narrows his gaze ‘‘Look at me when I talk to you. Or are you afraid?’’.

Despite being in such a position, the cornered secretary doesn’t give in to the intimidation. Lastly, he confesses while keeping a calm yet stubborn gaze ‘‘I couldn’t sleep for the whole night. However, I didn’t want to wake you up just to trouble you and let you down by asking for a day off. So, I decided to endure it before you notice and worry for no reason.’’.

After sitting up and giving Akira more personal space, the dark-haired man continues ‘‘Hmph. Tomorrow, I’ll take you where you need to carry out the important task, which only you can do it. Before that, you are not allowed to leave until you are fully rested. Any objections?’’.

Even if Akira has no clue what awaits him tomorrow, he knows he cannot disappoint the commander. Lastly, the secretary gives a comforting smile and replies ‘‘Yes. I understand! Then, I’ll give no less than my best.’’.

In the end, Shiki gives the last command while he undresses and changes into the pajama ‘‘To sleep. And to make sure that you do not fail, I will need to monitor you.’’. For sure, Akira has already prepared himself for another morning routine. On the other hand, he can also make sure that the commander can rest well.

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