Life of a Wife

BY : J-FSindel
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The early light of morning broke the Tokyo skyline, slowly eating away the previous darkness of night. After a short slumber, the city had begun to stir awake with warming up subway stations and bus stops.

However, one couple had been awake before the city when the night sky was still shimmering with twilight darkness. Aloft in a hotel penthouse at the top of a luxury hotel in Toranomon, there was currently a hefty battle of the wills amidst the silent stupor of previous lustful excursions.

It was Lord M.Bison’s personal hotel suite and he was sharing it with arguably the second most important person in his powerful criminal empire: his wife, Chun Li. Others in the organization would thank her silently as she appeared by his side, considering her to be the most important asset to the enterprise. After all, she was the one who spent the most with him (and beneath him) to assuage his moods and tempers. It was a running joke in the organization that if she died, the soldiers would canonize her as the first Saint of Shadaloo.

The two had only been married for less than six months but the aura within Shadaloo had definitely improved. Now instead of shooting people directly in the face, Bison was coming around to the idea of giving them a five second head start.

The young wife was waging war early in his busy day, fighting against his whims and demands like a trapped feral cat.

“It’s one day.” She had pestered him since he left her bedside, “Why can’t I go out for a single day? I’ve been stuck in here for a day already and I’m about ready to hang myself with your belt.”

What the former detective of Interpol didn’t count on was his renewed sense of vigor from a early-morning, marriage certified wake up call and a refreshing cold shower. Bison had zipped up his pants, taking in his annoyed wife’s banter like a brick wall.

“Because you can’t be trusted.” Bison responded with the same gravity as a child demanding a toy from a supermarket, “Keep it up with the complaining though. I’m certain I’m going to change my mind after the hundredth time you insist.”

Chun Li crossed her arms, trying to stare down her husband from her bed. Her scowl was quite tight lipped and her eyes were hard as steel.

Bison didn’t even notice as he was buttoning his shirt.

“Why even bring me if I can’t leave the room?” Chun Li whined, “It makes no sense. I’m a strong fighter. Whatever happens, I can take care of myself…”

“First off, I brought you here because the last time I was away, you tried to escape by hijacking my jet and then subsequently wrecked it.” Bison reminded her coolly, completely not in the mood to listen to her whining.

“That’s not true. It didn’t even make it off the runway.” Chun Li pointed out.

“Right. Because you jammed the landing gear and smashed it up in the hangar.” Bison stated, making Chun Li scowl again, “Secondly, after that little incident, what makes you think I would just let you waltz around Tokyo? You would run away at the first police station you came across.”

Chun Li untangled her legs from the bed, “That’s not fair. I’m not stupid. You put that little chip inside me that would make me docile if I tried that.”

It was true; after the little escape incident, Bison had her undergo surgery (completely against her will) that implanted a small chip in the back of her head The chip would become active with Bison’s Psycho Power had Chun Li been disobedient, rendering her mindless and hypnotic as a little lovesick puppy.

She absolutely did not believe him the first time he told her that. So when she tried to escape again by getting a truck, Bison just had to wave his hand and Chun Li felt helpless under his power.

For two days, he left her like that.

“Yes but you would still try. Old habits die hard.” Bison picked up his comb, “Third, you belong here. The streets are not safe and without escorts, you would be subject to rival gangs and kidnappings. They wouldn’t be so nice with your attitude as I am.”

Chun Li pouted, “I was a detective for over ten years…”

“You also thought popcorn was from baby kernels.” Bison said, entering the bathroom. Chun Li froze with her mouth slightly open. God, he was never going to let her live that down. The worst part was that she absolutely argued with Bison for thirty minutes about it, steadfast in her resolve that popcorn was the product of baby kernels and when the kernels got too big, they wouldn’t pop.

He actually fetched a book to prove her wrong and boy, did he. The fact he read the exact mechanisms of popping popcorn was embarrassing enough but then he got a unshucked adult corn husk from the kitchen, made her toss oil in a pot, and made her watch as it popped.

Chun Li would never eat popcorn again after that incident. Bison kept referring to it as the “Dumbest argument he’s ever won”.

“It was a common mistake!” She called out after him, “Really!”

“My point is, Detective,” Bison said, his voice carried further than hers, “You are not leaving unless the building is on fire and I’m dead. Neither of those things will happen. Stop your incessant complaining.”

Chun Li scoffed at the idea, getting up from the bed. Wincing from the pain of her interlude with Bison last night and this morning, she leaned over and scooped up her discarded clothes.

“Can you at least leave your credit card?” Chun Li asked, making Bison stop for a second. He came out of the bathroom wearing his usual, full outfit. Sweeping his arm towards the nightstand, he picked up his hat and placed it on his head.

“What for?” He asked rather plainly, “There isn’t a boutique in here.”

Chun Li plastered a fake smile, “Room service?” Her hands quickly shoved her clothes back on even though they felt dirty to her.

A groan, “That is ridiculous. If you get hungry, you ring the assistants and they will bring you food.”

She dropped her smile, “Online shopping?”

“The answer is no, dear little detective.” Bison responded, picking his cape off the lonely closet rack, “You have little trinkets to occupy yourself while I’m away. I know you’ll miss me quite terribly but I assure you, I will be back.”

Chun Li scowled again, “I hope you get hit by a car.”

Her husband chuckled a little, pinning his cape to his shoulder. Chun Li watched his hands smooth out the creases before he finally acknowledged her attitude.

“If you’re really bored, Detective, maybe you can write me a paper about being a more grateful wife.” Bison suggested, leaning over to her, “I’ll let you recommend ways on how to be more grateful. Ten pages ought to do it. I’ll even grade it myself.”

She turned her face away, huffing, “No thanks.”

Bison pulled her back to staring at him, giving her a kiss on the lips. Chun Li unwillingly let him finish as she clenched her fist tightly. Soon, he was done playing up such a charade and he patted her cheek.

“If you behave, I’ll let you pick the next hotel room I can lock you in.” He playfully winked, making her glower at him.

“Why don’t you take the fast way down by jumping out the window?” She hatefully baled, turning around as she crossed her arms. Bison ignored her blatant attempt to thwart him, wrapping his arms around her slender waist.

“Only if you’re handcuffed to me.” He responded, “We would die together. That’s a bit romantic, isn’t it? Kind of like those ridiculous stories you keep parroting to me.”

“Just go.” Chun Li groaned, slipping out of his embrace, “Maybe I can find rat poison to sprinkle on my waffles. Which, by the way, you promised you’d let me downstairs for breakfast and you haven’t yet.”

“That promise hinged very heavily on you not giving me backtalk this morning.” Bison reminded her sharply, “You lasted a full ten seconds. Record breaking, I know, but not good enough. Also, you know, I’m not really a waffle person.”

The former detective puffed her chest a little before deflating, “Can I order room service to get waffles?”

“No. I don’t want to come back and every surface is sticky.” Bison denied before pausing, “And not sticky in a good way. The good way, I’m fine with.”

Chun Li threw her hands up in the air, exiting the bedroom. Her criminal boss of a man followed after her as she crabbily flung herself on the couch. Her stomach laid flat on the cushions, her breasts propped up by the pillow underneath. Bison spotted her legs kicking idly in the air behind her as he picked up her assigned cell phone from the counter.

In his mind, Bison felt a little giddy about the scene. It wasn’t too hard to think that he was drinking from that fountain daily; he was, after all, a powerful and wealthy man. Women flocked to him like lambs to a shepherd. But to have the Chun Li was like winning the life he knew he was so entitled to.

The whole kidnapping her and forcing her to marry him was sort of the lemon making lemonades situation. If she wasn’t so damn churlish all the time, it would be kind of nice to come home to her. But Bison loved fighting more than he loved peaceful interludes so constantly beating her on her own whims was fun sometimes.

Besides, the sex was phenomenal. Regardless of her endless prattling and cold rebuffs, Bison made that unforthcoming woman mewl like a kitten in bed (or countertop, shower, floor…). Chun Li took him like a champ too, practically squeezing and draining him dry of his fluids.

It was worth whatever crap she flung at him in the morning for her body to be covered in his semen as she stared up at him like a sweet little kitten. Waking up engorged and buried to the hilt inside of her was worth the effort of putting up with her behavior.

Bison handed her the cellphone, “Don’t call me unless the building is on fire and the only way out is sucking my dick.”

Chun Li angrily snatched the phone as she sat up on the couch, “I’d rather just die in that case. Why even give me this phone if I can’t call you? Not that I ever want to, by the way.”

“It’s not for you to call me. It’s for me to call you.” Bison answered, “Oh, and don’t get any cute ideas about calling...unwanted numbers. It can only call my phone. Emergency services turned off, detective, so you really will have to call me if the building is on fire.”

“Does it have games?” Chun Li nosed around in it, “Oh. Great. No. Because the great Shadaloo leader who earns millions a year can only afford a burner phone with one function for his wife.”

“Millions? I’m insulted. Billions.” Bison clicked his tongue, tutting at her, “I have to go. Have fun writing that paper for me.”

He turned to leave and Chun Li held the pillow against her chest, following him towards the door. Two tall soldiers clad in Shadaloo uniform saluted him, making Chun Li a little queasy at the signal.

“Hey, don’t forget your soldiers.” She said to his back.

“Oh, no. They’re here to stay. They’ve been here for about a day now. All four of them, assigned to the door, and seven more on the floor.” Bison didn’t even turn around, going through the door. Chun Li blinked for a moment before her eyes widened.

“W-wait, did they hear us?!” She demanded, starting after him before the door clicked shut. Chun Li swore on the spirits of her ancestors that Bison was laughing at her from the other side of the wall. She clenched her pillow tightly against her chest, her head swiftly turning to each soldier.

“Did you hear us this morning!?” Chun Li demanded, her face turning a dark red. The soldiers saluted her.

“No, Mistress Bison, we did not hear Lord Bison consummating his marriage duties with you this morning.” They both said in unison. Growling, Chun Li tore the pillow in half and tossed the fabric on the floor as she stomped away.

“That means you did hear!” She snarled, thoroughly embarrassed. Chun Li beelined for the bedroom to sleep off the humiliation.

After another two hours of restless sleep, Chun Li was awoken by her own urges to use the toilet. Taking care of herself promptly, she decided it was a waste to spend all day in bed as it was the last place she wanted Bison to find her in.

Perhaps she might find something interesting on the news. Tokyo was a lively city and she liked the fluff pieces, personally. She remembered that she wanted to be a journalist when she was sixteen and saw the movie The China Syndrome on cable. For a whole summer, she practiced interviewing people like her father, her neighbors, and even her pet dog.

Her father’s disappearance dissipated that flight dream real quick.

However, Chun Li spotted the same two guards from earlier at her door. Feeling the shame build up inside of her, she retreated back a little before she decided she wasn’t going to be afraid in her own prison cell.

“Can’t even walk around naked in my own room…” She muttered before approaching them, “Can’t you two beat it?”

“Mistress Bison, Lord Bison gave us direct orders to stay here and watch over you.” One of the soldiers said, saluting her again for the second time that day. Chun Li put her hand on her hip.

“Do not call me ‘Mistress Bison’.” Chun Li ordered, “My name is Chun Li Xiang, not Mistress Bison. He can keep his name because I don’t want it.”

“His orders were that you would be addressed properly, Mistress Bison.” The soldier stated, “And that your order is to be dismissed if you wanted to be called anything different.”

What an asshole. Chun Li turned her back to them, fuming a little. Just because one gets forcibly held against their will, married off, chipped, and bound to a drug lord doesn’t mean she should be robbed of her identity as well!

Chun Li reckoned she should get dressed; her boyshorts and night tank top was already a little dirty. It wasn’t her fault though! Bison was a perverted jackass and he wasn’t keen on being tidy when he was in the mood. Especially since the bastard wakes up at an ungodly hour and starts getting frisky with her when she’s still in dreamland. It did not help that Bison woke her up by fondling her breasts and biting at her taut little nipples.

It also did not help that instead of kicking him out of the bed, Chun Li let him kiss lower on her belly and reacted very positively to his mouth. In her defense, she was barely coherent and still half-asleep.

Honestly, she kept trying to change her shorts into pants but the pajama bottoms kept “mysteriously” disappearing. When Chun Li brought it up to Bison (more like accused him of stealing them), he would just chide her for being careless with her things.

The penthouse suite was large. In fact, it was too large for two people who couldn’t be in the same room without fighting or fucking. The rooms were oversized and comfortable, featuring a fully functional kitchen, living rooms, dining room, and spa bathroom. It has its own pool, balcony, and skylight which, in Chun Li’s opinion, was begging for an assassin but Bison didn’t seem to worry.

Then again, he worked. She was stuck here by herself. An assassin would be a welcome relief from her boredom.

Her ‘trinkets’, as Bison so callously referred to them, were scattered about the penthouse. Chun Li had her books, romance and crime novels, stacked on her nightstand and dining room table. The pages were very well leafed through and worn from her fingertips.

Secretly, she had an erotic novel hidden in the nightstand but she wasn’t in the mood.

On the dresser, Chun Li had her small calligraphy set that she sometimes toyed around with when she was bored enough. Writing “Fuck You, Bison” in Hanzi was pretty enjoyable especially since she knew Bison could read it fluently. The joke doesn’t last though because he literally burns it to a crisp but it was worth the effort, at least. Otherwise, she often wrote her name or, also as a joke for Bison to find, her suicide note.

The latter often ended her up in tied to a bed for a week so maybe it wasn’t so much as a joke as “perspective on life”. Kind of strange how Bison lets her keep that calligraphy set, actually.

In her purse, Chun Li did have a little handheld console that she fiddled around with at times. Mainly, it was an easy way to be distracted from Bison in the car. She was working on a cute little game about dogs which she regarded those pixels with far more love and affection than her husband.

She could practice her Tai Chi. It was the only thing Bison let her practice frequently, probably because he mocked the entire concept of it and didn’t consider it a threat.

Otherwise, the only thing missing was a piano. Chun Li had learned to play at a young age and used to practice a little to blow off steam. But when Bison asked her play for him once, she told him the only way he was getting her music was in the divorce decree. She hadn’t played since before she was single.

Maybe something would magically show up (like a convenient assassin) after her shower. Chun Li shut the bedroom door, stripped, and headed into the hot water.

After about thirty minutes, she shut off the water. Wrapping a towel around herself, Chun Li wiped the steam off the mirror and peered close. Hm. Her face had the perfect resting bitch face.

Chun Li picked up a blowdryer and styled her hair into her two buns. After some careful thought, she figured her hair would be fine in this weather and opted not to hairspray it.

Her hand briefly touched a thin sheet of paper. Chun Li looked and saw a brightly colored red note tucked into the bathroom cabinet. Curiously, she opened the letter:

Good morning,

Glad you found my note. It means you’re not sleeping until 3 P.M like a lazy little brat.

I am going to be out late tonight so you’re going to bed on time.

There better not be calligraphy ink in the bed again or so help me, I will be furious.

Lord M.Bison

Fuck him. It happened one time that Chun Li did calligraphy in bed and one time, there was ink. It didn’t help that she pretended she had no idea how that happened or how it got there but it did ruin the mattress.

Crumpling up his little note, Chun Li was more pissed than before. Bison thought those little notes were fucking hilarious. Chiding her when he wasn’t there, bossing her around…

Fuming, she tore off her towel and threw open her closet. Fuck. All dresses. Why all dresses all the time? Why not a pair of pants or some leggings? Hell, Chun Li would kill for some cute shorts.

Of course, Bison would say in that stupid tone of his, “As my wife, you have to look a certain way and I’m so far up my own ass that I can’t let you be a single unit out of my control…”

He wouldn’t say that last part. He never admitted his medical problem like that. Chun Li grabbed a dark navy blue short chiffon dress and shoved it on, grumpily heading back to the bathroom sink. Oh, the humanity if Chun Li didn’t pretty herself up for an invisible all seeing eye of Bison!

Dabbing on her makeup, Chun Li fantasized all the ways she could stab him with her mascara brush. Not many, it was a short fantasy, but still. The pain would be bothersome.

Slipping her feet into heels, Chun Li threw herself on the bed. Now what? It was only 9 A.M. She hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. She rolled over on her back, staring up at the ceiling. Chun Li could cook something small, provided the hotel had stocked the fridge…

There was a knock. She lifted her head, confused. Was that the door? It sounded strange, like they were knocking on glass.

Another hard thud. Chun Li felt a little scared; maybe it was an assassin. She got out of bed, creeping towards the window. Hm. She tilted her head, not seeing anyone on the balcony. Besides, who could reach the 80th floor of this hotel without some airplane assistance?

Suddenly, she saw the two soldiers that were guarding her room racing towards the balcony. Their guns were drawn and ready in position, making her a bit frightened. Oh God, was she about to be part of terrorist attack? Kidnapping attempt? Very aggressive door salesmen?

Chun Li followed them out on the balcony, seeing them point their guns downward to the lower levels.

“Hey!” One soldier shouted, “Beat it! Or I’ll shoot!”

This time, Chun Li leaned over the railing behind them and saw the foe she so desperately dreaded her whole life: window washers. The two Japanese men were terrified, holding their hands up in complete fear as they babbled in Japanese.

Rolling her eyes, Chun Li approached the soldiers, “What’s going on? Why are you pointing an assault rifle at those men?”

The other soldier turned to her and bowed, “I’m sorry, Mistress Bison. We’ll get rid of these men right away. The threat will be neutralized.”

Chun Li groaned, “It’s window washers. Not exactly a top tier criminal gang here. It’s fine.” She waved at the two men, “It’s fine! Ignore these trigger happy assholes!”

The two workers were frozen to their spots. The soldier speaking to her saluted quickly.

“Mistress Bison, Lord Bison ordered all threats to be removed from you. We will call the hotel and lower them at once. Please go back inside.” He bowed again, “We will let Lord Bison know the circumstances. Please, enjoy your peace and quiet.”

She wished she could throw him off. Chun Li was about to turn around before she realized something.

The lowering mechanism was on the raft. And the building next to the hotel was only at the 85th floor, just a few floors down from where she was. Clearly, jumping from her balcony would result in her death (as well as a grievous distance miscalculation) but the railing itself was only a few feet up.

No. She had to mentally stop herself. That was crazy. Even if she somehow jumped to the railing and managed to get on it, she would still have to climb down a story using the cords and swing across to the rooftop.

No, no, no. Chun Li hated being here but she didn’t hate herself that much. She didn’t even have safety harnesses for God’s sake!

Slowly, Chun Li walked back into the hotel room. Settling herself on the couch, Chun Li realized that she couldn’t get that plan out of her head. She tried to shake it off, convincing herself it was far too dangerous.

There was a knock at the real door now. She was about to let the soldiers get it before remembering they were so preoccupied with the ultra dangerous window washers. Rolling her eyes, Chun Li got up and opened the door.

It was the hotel manager. Skeevy little ball of stress, Chun Li thought. He kissed Bison’s ass so much the first day they got here that Chun Li figured Bison could have used his lips as toilet paper.

“Hi.” She greeted without much pleasantry, “Yeah, this about the window washers? It’s fin--”

“Mistress Bison!” The hotel bowed, trembling, “Yes, I am sorry! We did schedule them to work today but it’s not an excuse. They will be removed immediately! Would you like something brought up to you in apology? Food, drink, masseuse…?”

Bison would tear the arms off of any man who massaged her back. Women, he’d be down with. The soldiers outside her door was at prompt attention.

“Look, it’s…” Suddenly, Chun Li was struck with an idea. Putting on her best pissed off face, Chun Li crossed her arms.

“I am not going to tolerate this.” She sniffed angrily, pouting, “They interrupted my beauty regime. Now I have a ruptured skin pore and I have to face Bison with such a terrible, ugly mark! I’m scheduling an emergency facial with my specialist! Who will pay for that?!”

The manager looked like he was about to urinate himself, “P-please, Mistress Bison, I’m sorry…”

“I demand my husband’s credit card.” Chun Li ordered, “I need it to go to my appointment to salvage this mess! If Bison doesn’t have a pretty wife, he will just...I don’t even know what he would do. Probably drown the man in charge.”

“I...his credit card? Mistress Bison, the policy is that we keep…” The manager worriedly stated. Chun Li hide her smile. Good. So he did have a credit card here.

“Do you believe my husband isn’t good for the money?” She glared at him, almost towering him, “I’m sure he would love that explanation. Why don’t you tell him when he gets back?”

The manager swallowed hard, his face almost purple from lack of oxygen. The soldiers looked uncomfortable as Chun Li tapped her foot. She was almost thinking that the plan wouldn’t work at all.

“Y-yes, Mistress Bison. I will fetch it for you.” He bowed, running off. In lightning speed, the manager returned with a fancy red card holder and he timidly gave it to the warlord’s wife. Chun Li snatched with huffy pretense.

“Thank you,” She snidely said, “I will tell Lord Bison how kind you were to me.”

Before the manager could blubber out another apology, she shut the door in her face. Giggling, Chun Li opened the card holder and saw the item she wanted emblazoned in the center. It was a sleek, black card with silver letting that said “LORD M.BISON” on the front. There were strange numbers on the bottom and side but no logo.

Chun Li wasn’t really sure how a criminal boss can get ahold of a card and what bank would bankroll that liability but she dismissed it. Perhaps there was a lucrative underworld banking system that she wasn’t aware of.

Tucking the black card in her purse and arranging it to sit across her body, Chun Li went back to the balcony. The soldiers were loitering around, their guns fixated on the errant window railing. She tapped them on the shoulder.

“Excuse me.” Chun Li sweetly said, “Coming through.”

Before they could react, Chun Li climbed on the railing and jumped. Her hands wrapped around the first cord, enabling her to swing to the window washer railing. She tumbled a little, making the Japanese men beyond petrified as they were frozen to their spots. Chun Li gave them a little smile.

“If you have a prayer, say them for me. I kinda need the extra strength.” She stated, hearing the soldiers go ballistic. One of the men slowly nodded as Chun Li grabbed the furthest cord. Taking a deep breath, she kicked off the railing and swung as hard as she could towards the rooftop next to her.

When she was as far as she could go, Chun Li let go of the cord and fell hard on the rooftop. The cement scratched her leg up, making her bleed, but she was otherwise perfectly fine. Muffling a cry, Chun Li turned to the hotel building.

“Yes!” She cheered, scrambling to her feet, “And in heels! Suck my dick, Bison.” Sticking her tongue out, Chun Li hurried to the rooftop door. Locked.

Oh no. And there was no other door. She became worried before leaning over the side of the rooftop, seeing a set of building railings. Smiling broadly, Chun Li climbed down and hit the metal floor with her feet.

The building was 85 floors down though and the railings only went a few floors before stopping so Chun Li figured it was probably for air duct maintenance. Chun Li bit her lip before she felt someone staring at her. Turning around quickly, she realized that it was a young, confused salaryman holding a cup of coffee from the other side of the window.

Her hand instinctively reached behind her; her dress had hiked up and she was exposing her frilly underwear to a stranger at 9:30 AM in the morning. Chun Li awkwardly waved before motioning him to open the window.

The salaryman slowly opened the window, allowing Chun Li to crawl in. She flattened out her dress before giving him a hug.

“Thank you!” She said, “Arigato!”

Running off, the salaryman waved slightly and appeared even more confused. Chun Li realized she was an office building and saw the elevator. She pushed the button to call and realized that a whole bunch of people were staring at her.

Finally, the elevator dinged and she went inside. Pressing one, she watched the doors close and fixed her purse. The card was still safely tucked in there.

The elevator stopped on the 60th floor and another salaryman got on. Chun Li shifted to the side, letting him have his personal space. The salaryman took one look at her but shook his head. He probably thought she was a client or something.

The doors shut again and the two waited around. Chun Li was humming a song, brushing errant dirt off her dress and the salaryman was trying very hard not to look at her.

“What happened to your…?” He started before blushing, “Leg?”

Chun Li looked down. It was a long bloodtrail down to her ankle, scratched up to hell. She bolstered along the conversation, trying to wipe away the blood with her dress.

“I fell down the stairs. It’s why I’m taking the elevator.” Chun Li joked, seeing the dress idea was not working. Well, she’ll clean up when she gets to a bathroom. The man laughed a little at her joke.

“I’m Haru.” He tilted his head.

“Chun Li.” She introduced herself, “Tall building, huh?”

“Would to get coffee?” He asked softly out of the blue, making Chun Li melt a little from his kindness. First day out and she’s already getting hit on by anything that isn’t Bison!

“Oh, no,” Chun Li said, smiling, “I’d love to but my husband would break your bones, shove an oxygen tank tubes in your nose, and let you rot in an unmarked grave. Thank you for offering though.”

The man’s face turned pale but the elevator opened on the first floor, making Chun Li leave him in the dust.

She walked to the lobby bathroom, opening the door to the crisp, white walls. Taking a paper towel, Chun Li doused it with water and started to wipe away the blood. After some time, she had cleaned it the best she could and tossed the bloodied towels.

Now. To start her day and to start without any more trouble.

Chun Li exited the bathroom, seeing citizens huddle around the corner. She poked her head through, watching the people excitedly talk about it.

“And they have guns! They must be special police!”

“No way, no police looks like that…”

Oh no. She caught a glimpse of a soldier wearing the Shadaloo insignia on his arm.

Bison’s soldiers were in the building. Chun Li darted behind a wall, looking out from around the corner. Shit. They really couldn’t just let have this? She jumped from a 90th story hotel building to another rooftop and survived.

Her eye caught the entrance. It was the only way out and his people were swarming the lobby. They were making demands, orders, barking at people to stay in their spots. It was like a terrorist takeover.

What a terrible way to handle the situation. Bison needed less trigger happy people to work for him. Slowly, Chun Li crawled towards the entrance.

“There she is!” The soldier said, “Get her!”

Chun Li bolted through the entrance, running down the street as she evaded two cars about to hit her. The soldiers chased after her with detailed precision, not letting up once as she zigzagged down the narrow streets.

She leapt over a retaining wall, ducking into a city crevice as the soldiers ran past her. After waiting a few moments, Chun Li cautiously came out from hiding and pushed a strand of hair from her face.

Then she turned around and saw ten soldiers pointing guns at her. Raising her hands up, Chun Li swallowed hard. Bison was going to be pissed.

“Mistress Bison, come without a fight or we will shoot.” One soldier called out, aiming his gun at her chest, “It’s over.”

His sleek rifle drew a lot of attention from bystanders, making them scream and run in fear. Chun Li merely stared him down before dropping her hands in realization.

“’re not going to shoot the wife of Lord Bison.” Chun Li stated, remembering who she was, and then abruptly just ran in the other direction. Just as she thought, they did not rain bullets down on her like a May shower.

Another long chase but this time, Chun Li had a plan. Seeing a bus, she grabbed onto the outside railing and wrapped her forearm around it, seeing them in the distance. She wiggled her fingers in a mocking wave as they soon became dots in the distance.


Meanwhile, Bison was sitting across three well-dressed men in suits as his bodyguard stood beside him. While the associates were speaking in Japanese, Bison was intently listening to their concerns.

It was a Yakuza drug deal that Bison was brokering himself which could draw massive amounts of profit on Tokyo alone. The billions that the Shadaloo leader stood to gain was astronomical and of course, smoking out his competitors made it easier to jack up his prices for services offered.

“I understand that, Kurita.” Bison spoke in reply, choosing English to cement his dominance over the conversation, “You’re looking at a massive…”

An assistant hurriedly rushed to his side, whispering something in his ear. Bison paused for a moment before turning to the assistant.

“Well? Go fetch her then.” Bison stated simply, turning his attention back to his colleagues. The other men looked somewhat concerned but the feeling soon dissipated when Bison began to go over the economical (and rational) reasons why paying 10x the price was worth the money.

Chun Li was having a grand time and on Bison’s dollar too. Hitching a subway ride to Ginza, Chun Li found herself enamored with the high class shopping stores and dining. She had never been able to afford such gifts on her own nor been able to walk down Ginza with her head held high.

First stop was getting new clothes. Bison’s men were definitely after her and definitely took stock of every item of clothing she ever owned. They probably had a catalogue of her wardrobe, complete with pictures and combinations she wore.

One shop’s window display caught her eye. It was a cute little black jacket with shiny silver buttons and distressed fitted look. She smiled, hopping into the store like a kid with free license for candy

The shop assistant, a young lady that looked no older than 20, took notice of her appearance, slowly looking over Chun Li’s wide and scratched leg.

“Can I help you?” She managed out in English. Chun Li pointed to the window.

“Can I see that jacket?” She asked before she flashed Bison’s card, “You know. No hurry.”

The shop assistant slowly took the card, bowing deeply. She returned with the jacket from the window, giving it to her.

“Would you like us to take your sizes?” The girl said, “In the backroom?”

Chun Li smiled, “Perfect!”

After the assistant took her sizes, Chun Li was presented with racks and racks of clothing. They were all very modern and sleek, reminding the detective of youthful days of past. Unlike her current wardrobe which had nothing short of elegance, class, and taste, these clothes were trendy and ticking with to the hour where they would no longer be in style.

Well, she needed to be comfortable. She had a lot of running to do today and sights to see. Chun Li aptly chose a blue tank top with gold Kanji lettering (“Get Lost”) and smooth, soft dark colored jeans. She found a brilliant pair of gold and blue sneakers that reminded her of her early fighting days though these shoes were much more of a “vintage” style from the 70s.

She liked the look. Jeans, sleeveless tank top, and a suede jacket. Her butt looked good too.

Trashing her old dress in the trash can that sat in the dressing room, Chun Li went up to the front desk were the assistant was waiting on her. She turned around, letting the assistant pull the tags right off her.

“Love it. I’ll take everything.” Chun Li started out, bubbling over. Finally, she chose her own clothes and they were pants!

The young lady bowed again and rang her up. The total came out to 2,000 yen and Chun Li watched her slide the card. The register appeared to think for a moment before accepting the card without hesitation. It soon struck Chun Li that Bison’s accountants were no doubt alerting every guard in the city where she was.

“Can you do a cash back?” Chun Li suddenly piped up.

“Uh...yes, but I’ve never done one with this card before…” She admitted, “It’s kind of a rarity. But I’ll ask my manager.”

“Awesome,” Chun Li leaned over, “Can you hurry? I’m trying to...surprise my husband.”

The girl nodded and disappeared. Keeping an eye on the door, Chun Li moved away from the sight line before an older gentleman came through the back door. She hesitated at first but then she saw his nametag, relaxing a bit.

He bowed at her, “Is there a problem, Mrs. Bison?”

Chun Li physically had to tell herself to let it go. He didn’t know any better, he was just reading the card. She plastered a fake smile, really enunciating the Chinese dialect she sometimes showed through her pearly white teeth.

“Can you do a cash back on the card?” She asked, “I just need some play money.”

“Of course we can!” He bowed so low that Chun Li thought he’d fall over, “It just requires manager approval. I’ll do it right away, Mrs. Bison!”

She was peppered with questions during the transaction about their service, customer support, clothes...Chun Li felt a little flustered.

“Everything was great.” She kept saying, “Thank you. It was. No, it was great!”

The most he could give her was 30,000 yen which gave her about 275.00 dollars to spend freely today. Besides, she still had his card so if she was in trouble, she could swipe it and be done with it.

After the transaction was done, Chun Li looked around the store. They were very nice to her and she needed some ample distraction for the hotel so they might lay off looking for her. Turning around to the manager, she smiled again.

“Do you deliver, by chance?”

During a small break, Bison gazed over the credit card receipts that were sent to him by his accountants. Chun Li had apparently decided his money was well worth her time when she spent years lamenting his business practices.

1 million yen at a clothing store.

30,000 yen as a cash back.

250 yen for ice cream at a parlor.

It was pocket money to be sure, little use to him. Honestly, he didn’t know it could go that low. But it was still aggravating that Chun Li had eluded capture this long and was taunting him by using his money. He considered shutting off the card but it would then leave him no way to track her otherwise.

“Lord Bison,” One of the soldiers, “The shopkeepers confirmed she was there. They had told her about a place in Shibuya but she declined to go there as it was too far.”

Bison picked up receipt for the store, “And where is she now then?”

“Ah...well…” The soldier stammered, “We…”

“Don’t have a fucking clue.” Bison finished for him with aggravation, flicking the other receipts with his forefinger, “I do not have time to go chasing after my belligerent little wife. The deal is too important to be distracted from. This is your fucking job. Find her or I’ll string up my new Christmas lights with your fucking head.”

The soldier bowed, hurrying off. Bison pondered over the thought of what she was doing now. Probably burning stacks of money like it was a bonfire…

His eye caught something at the end of the receipt: DELIVERY CHARGE.

Sighing, Bison decided he’ll figure that out later. One problem at a time.

Chun Li was waltzing down the streets of Ginza, taking in all the pretty sights. The air felt fresh and clean and people were busy moving from one area to another. However, her stomach growled in irate hunger.

“Right, I haven’t eaten today.” Chun Li murmured, “Waffles? No. I bet Bison staked out every waffle place from here to China.”

He had the manpower to do that, she knew. Chun Li spotted a little sandwich cafe down the block and she crossed the street at the crosswalk. As she stepped onto the opposite sidewalk, she suddenly heard a few thudded footsteps behind her.

“Stop!” A voice called out. Chun Li whisked around, seeing one man in a Shadaloo uniform approaching her. She gave him a baleful look and started walking in the opposite direction before she ran into another soldier.

Shit. They found her. Chun Li raced off down the alleyway again. The two soldiers ran after her, their boots hitting the pavement in tempo with hers. Finally, she reached a larger park area where she ran into even more soldiers.

Well, that ended as well as it could.

“Mistress Bison!” The soldiers surrounded her, “Lord Bison demands you come home immediately!”

Chun Li placed her hands on her hips, “I told you to stop calling me that. That isn’t my name!”

Mentally, she counted seven. Not too shabby for Bison scrambling to find her. The soldiers pointed stun guns at her, just a few feet from her face.

“Mistress Bison, please come quietly. Lord Bison authorized us to use excessive force to bring you back…”

Chun Li did not want to be on the receiving end of a stun gun. Did that in police academy and she still gets shivers thinking about the time. She doubted these guns would be restricted to “normal” wattage.

“You can do whatever you want but you can tell Bison that he can get me himself.” Chun Li got into fighting stance, “Or go tell him to go fuck himself. Either way, I’m happy.”

The soldiers went into stance and one ignited the stun gun, charging it at her chest. Chun Li flipped over, kicking him squarely in the jaw with sole of her shoe. The others immediately rushed her, the stun guns sizzling with activity.

She kicked one in the head, knocking him out cold. Another one jumped at her back, trying to shove the electric tool into her neck before she tossed him over her shoulder, allowing him to get stunned with another gun. The body felt to the floor, unconscious.

Another one lunged at her and she kneed him in the groin, letting him fall to the side. Twisting the arm of the intruder next to her, Chun Li dislocated his shoulder and snatched his stun gun, electrocuting the next one behind her.

And then there was one. He kept his distance from her, letting the stun gun determine her feet away from him. Chun Li looked bit annoyed before she flung her purse at him, distracting him momentarily to leap kick in the air and knock his ass out.

She fixed her hair, retying her left bun. Picking up her purse, she stepped over their bodies and took off the street.

“Bye, bye, boys!” Chun Li called out, running down the street, “Tell Bison he’s an asshole for me! Love you, guys, thanks for all the work you do!”

The Shadaloo leader was having a business lunch over Kobe beef and strong liquor, discussing their prospects with the gangs. The associates were getting drunk as Bison coolly suppressed his liquor intake. His Psycho Power didn’t allow him to get drunk so he had the edge in all drinking contests (as his wife found out when she drank herself into a stupor).

The assistant interrupted the lunch quietly, whispering in his ear. Bison hemmed quietly, his throaty low growl was loud enough to render the assistant terrified with fear. The feared leader absolutely knew he was going to make it festive with these soldiers’ heads for winter break.

What was worse was when the assistant confessed that the soldiers, once again, had no idea where Chun Li was. Bison stood up without another word, leaving the table.

“Bring my phone.” He spat at the assistant as he exited to the hallway.

The Shadaloo wife was enjoying her cheap bowl of ramen outside of Ginza, huddling in the corner of the restaurant as well as she could be from view. Slurping away at the noodles, she craved the cheapness that life had to offer.

Chun Li’s phone was ringing. She knew it who it was right away. Fiddling with her chopsticks, Chun Li answered.

“Hello?” She said in the most innocent way possible. Chun Li even turned on her Chinese dialect for extra points.

“You will come back to the hotel.” Bison’s voice quietly said, “Or you will be brought back by force.”

Chun Li feigned shock, “But I am at the hotel, Bison! You must be getting old. Why, I’m working on that essay idea you had for me. Ten pages, right?”

“I am too busy for games, Detective, so cut the bullshit.” Bison shut her down, “And I am too busy to go chasing after you on the streets of Japan. You had your little outing and now it’s time to come back home.”

“It’s only noon.” She stated, dropping her falsehoods, “It’s hardly an ‘outing’. Maybe I’ll be back by dinner. Maybe next week. Your pockets are pretty deep, I could probably easily make it a year on the streets…”

“I’m not going to sit here and argue with some girl who thinks jumping off hotel buildings is safe.” Bison said, his voice increasingly quieter, “You will come home, detective, or you will face serious consequences for your disobedience. You have nowhere to go that I cannot find you, nowhere to hide that I cannot uncover, and no avenues out.”

“Can find me, huh?” Chun Li repeated, taking another bite of her meal, “So...where am I then, Bison? Am I in the hotel? In the car? Across the Pacific?”

“You’re in a cheap little restaurant eating ramen.” Bison answered succinctly. Chun Li went pale for a moment before realizing that he probably could just hear her eating. Frowning, she placed the receiver back to her ear.

“That was cheating. You just heard me.” Chun Li complained.

“Well, detective, you’re not the only one with inferential skills.” He said with increasing annoyance, “For ten years on the force, you should have deduced that, hm?”

Chun Li was going to say something retaliatory to him but then she stopped. She had a better idea.

“Hey, Bison,” She started asking, placing her chopsticks down, “How many people hang up on you?”

“What are you--?”

Click. Chun Li set the phone down. Shoving the phone back into her purse, she got up and left the restaurant.

At the business meeting, Bison tossed the phone across the room to his assistant’s face, turning to his subordinates. The last thing he wanted to see was that fucking phone with her contact name displayed on it.

“Get the Dolls.” He ordered, going back into the luncheon.

Chun Li had hitched another ride of the subway, constantly changing lines to thwart anyone who might be following her. She had remembered the shopkeeper mentioning a little theme part out in Tokyo Dome City.

After paying for her ticket, Chun Li headed into the tiny little park.

The little theme park was an absolute blast. Chun Li was excited to ride the attractions, finding herself giddy at the prospect of screaming her head off on a roller coaster. After a few rides and a few tours, Chun Li found herself in an arcade.

In reality, Chun Li was terrible at arcade games. She had no skill or patience for the crane games, was a terrible shot at skee-ball, and the roulette games were rigged. But she attempted one hand at slots.

After a few times, she hit bogey and only got a single ticket for each time, racking her grand total for five whole tickets. Getting bored with the childish games and wanting to explore the park further, she headed up to the ticket counter.

The ticket man watched her scan the items as he fiddled a little behind the counter.

She only had five tickets but she spotted a pair of hot pink sunglasses that were shaped like cat eyes style behind the glass counter. It was exactly five tickets and she liked the cute appearance.

The ticket man gave her the sunglasses in exchange and Chun Li placed them on her face. Now she was definitely glam-rocking the outfit.

After thanking him, Chun Li exited outside before being greeted by two girls wearing the same uniform style. All three of the girls were blank faced, staring through her body as if she was a zeroed in target, and unmoving.

The Shadaloo Dolls. Or at least, two of them: Satsuki and Enero. Bison must not have warranted the rest of them to come after her.  

“Mistress Bison,” Satsuki got into stance, “Lord Bison has sent us to bring you home. Come quietly or we will use excessive force.” Her swords were pointed at her chest and Chun Li knew for a fact she would use them skillfully to take her down.

Chun Li plucked off her sunglasses, “Stop calling me Mistress Bison. I have my own name.”

Enero stepped forward, “Mistress Bison, if you do not come with us, Lord Bison warns of dire consequences for your actions. He says that for your own safety, you must come back home.”

They sported weapons but Chun Li spotted a shock collar around Enero’s belt loop. Oh, so it was going to be like that. Collared like a bad dog who escaped from a backyard.

“I won these sunglasses so don't break them.” Chun Li said, getting into fighting stance, “But I guess Bison wants to see my kung-fu. I’ll show him.”

Enero went first, charging at her with quick kicks towards Chun Li’s face and chest. Chun Li blocked them, open palming her to send her reeling backwards. Satsuki gripped her swords, slashing downwards at the wife of Bison, jamming swiftly as Chun Li weaved from side to side. The sword sliced her tank top on the sides, leaving shallow cuts.

Chun Li dashed at Satsuki, flipping her to the ground. However, Enero cartwheeled and twisted Chun Li’s body backwards, making Chun Li fall to her knees as Satsuki took her opening, shoving the blade tip into Chun Li’s shoulder. She screamed out in pain, feeling Satsuki steadily keep her there.  

“Give up, Mistress Bison.” Enero unlatched the shock collar, “The car is waiting for you.”

“Yeah. No.” Chun Li swept her leg, surprising Enero. Satsuki attempted to twist the sword to cause her more pain but Chun Li held the blade in her right hand, gripping it tightly as she jerked hard to make the Doll lose her grip.

Satsuki fell slightly, allowing Chun Li to kick her in the face and knocking her out. Enero had recovered from her stunned fall, charging at her with an open shock collar. Chun Li knew she only had one shot, dodging the Doll and keeping her in a neck hold. Enero tried to flip her over her head but Chun Li shoved the shock collar around the young fighter’s neck, locking it in place. The shock collar immediately activated, forcing Enero to her knees in pain before the Doll passed out.

Chun Li immediately flipped her glasses back on, whistling as she took out her pen. Writing on Enero’s limp hand in broad and bold English, she wrote “Remind Bison that he can go fuck himself”.

On Satsuki’s hand, Chun Li wrote “Tell Bison he can wear the damn collar himself”. She wanted to add “If he wants to be kinky” but she ran out of room. Tossing the pen aside, Chun Li walked down the road.

After about an hour, Bison had his Dolls before him as they bowed their heads in shame. He was caught at good time, a lull in the meeting, but he was not any happier for being disturbed.

“So you let her go.” Bison stated after listening to Enero’s report, “And at the same time, not only do you both need medical attention but my wife is probably walking around with a hole in her shoulder.”

“Lord Bison,” Enero fell to her knees in forgiveness, “She…”

Bison appeared annoyed, “Get up, Agent Enero. I’ve no use for whining little children.”

Enero shakily got up to her feet and Bison stepped around her. He plucked his phone off the table, dialing a number.

Chun Li had managed to get into a nearby coffee shop, propping her leg up on the seat. People were staring at her bruises and cuts, whispering quietly. She opted to ignore them, checking her body for wounds.

Her shoulder wasn’t too bad; Satsuki must have known better than to shove the blade in too deep. It was a flesh wound and a bitter pill to swallow for sure but Chun Li figured she’d be fine. Her ankle was swollen from Enero’s flipside kick, looking almost purplish in color.

Inside her purse, Chun Li heard her phone ring again. Taking the opportunity to squawk her victory over his Elite Dolls, Chun Li picked it up.

“Hi, this the city morgue.” Chun Li greeted, “We found this phone on a dead body. Is it yours?”

There was ticking on the other line, almost like it was someone running their tongue over their teeth, “That’s really funny, Detective. We might have our second honeymoon there.”

“Hm.” Chun Li shrugged, “Better than...wait, we never had a honeymoon.”

“Tying you to my bed was my honeymoon. Don’t know about you.” Bison briskly said, “Now, why don’t you explain why you decided it was best to fight my Dolls in some street fight?”

“Uh, because Enero had a shock collar?” Chun Li answered with some disbelief, “Really? Like I’m just going to wear that. You know, approachability is part of a great personality….”

“You should have gone quietly.” Bison stated, making Chun Li scoff, “There was no reason for you to fight this. You are coming home.”

“Oh, kiss my ass.” Chun Li grumpily said, “You're ruining my day out. Ow. I mean, oh. I didn't say ow.”

“Your ankle might be sprained.” Bison patiently stated, as if he was speaking down to a child, “And you need to recover from your injuries. Being a little brat about this won't help you get better.”

Chun Li quickly wrapped her hair ribbon around it, “It's fine. Besides, if I come back, you're just going to tie me up for a week.”

“Ah, but you’ll be under doctor’s orders.” He replied, “Now. Comply with me or it’s going to get much worse for you.”

“Fuck you.” Chun Li snapped before pausing, “And not in a good way. Least not me fucking you…”

“That’s a shame. Fucking is going to be the only reprieve you get from your punishment.” Bison said, “Pretty much every part of you is going to hurt for this. If you thought our honeymoon was fun, this is going to be a spectacular event for you.”

Her voice crawled a little down her throat. Chun Li quickly blinked away her tears before shifting her weight to a walking position.

“You know what, that’s fine.” She muttered, “Because I’m not coming back anyway. You’re just going to hypnotize me and take me back to the base. So whatever. Fuck you.”

“Ah. So your tone suddenly changes,” Bison commented, his voice now predatory, “Finally realize how fucked you are?”

In a way, Chun Li had to agree that she did realize how fucked she was. But that didn’t mean he won the battle by any stretch of the imagination. She just had to wrangle herself from the psychological grip he now placed her in.

“I know you like to do weird sex things when I’m hypnotized.” Chun Li accused him, limping outside as she tried to gravitate the conversation away from his threat, “And I know you do weird role-play too.”

“You're a silly little paranoid child.” Bison replied calmly, “Role-play? Where did you get that little gem, from your trashy erotic novels?”

A bright red shade went across her cheeks.

“Who...said that?” She awkwardly laughed.

“Did you smack your little head on the pavement?” His voice was stern, “We have the same bedroom, you idiot little girl. It's not hard finding your books tucked in your nightstand.”

Chun Li felt ashamed for a second before remembering that it was Bison who should be embarrassed.

“Don't spin this on me!” She volleyed back, “I know you have weird sex stuff. I definitely remember something about tying me up and not paying back a loan…”

An aggravated groan, “If you want to indulge me in your waking fantasies about my sexual prowess, feel free. But come back to the hotel so I don't have to come looking for you.”

“No.” She denied, “How many times do people hang up on you twice in a row?”

This time, she just hung up and tossed the phone in a trashcan. Now the day was no longer any fun. It was hiding from a very pissed off criminal warlord now.

Bison stared at his phone as if it as the phone’s fault for hanging up on him. However, instead of getting angry again, he placed the phone in the hands of his assistant who was practically cowering. The Dolls were trembling, afraid of his angry power.

The Shadaloo warlord flicked his cape and turned to walk through the door.”

“Let me show you how to handle Mistress Bison after I am done.”

It was nightfall already. Chun Li briskly walked down a street, seeing the shops beginning to close. Her feet felt tired and her body was beginning to grow exhausted from the day’s events. However, she definitely didn’t want to show up at his doorstep after soundly destroying his men…or hanging up on him twice...

The entire situation would be awkward to say the least. Not even her best bullshit Chinese facade was going to take that down.

Maybe she could find a 24 hour place and sleep it off. Though Chun Li knew better to avoid Kabukicho, it might be a safe place to hide from Bison in the meantime.

The red light district was as lively as ever, hostesses and hosts clawing at the chance to get clients in the door. Drunks were roaming the street, grabbing at anything that resembled breasts and dragging them into love hotels.

The neon lights glowed upon her jacket, bathing her in light. Her feet were killing her and her ankle hurt so bad. Maybe she could rest a bit before figuring something out. Sighing in pain, she slumped against an alley wall as she touched her tender ankle.

“Ouch.” Chun Li muttered, “That’s going to take days to heal back up…”

“Well, well. Look what I found.” A voice said from the dark lights. Chun Li immediately stood upright, looking around in fear. Before she knew it, Bison was standing before her in his full glory, crossing his arms. Her chin stuck out defiantly but her eyes were clearly surmising the situation as bad.

Bison was going to hypnotize her for months.

“My dear detective,” Bison greeted coolly, “Well. You got exactly what you wanted. Now then, it’s time to come back home and I will not take no for an answer.”

Chun Li blinked a little, surprised that Bison actually came for her.

“I thought you were too busy to chase me on the streets of Japan.” She reminded him, “Or was that a ploy to get me to feel sorry for you?”

The Shadaloo leader sighed, flicking his cape back behind his shoulders, “I am too busy. You’re lucky I was able to wrap up quicker that I thought. Otherwise, I would have let you sleep on the streets.”

“Better than your bed.” She scoffed, stepping away from him, “You put that hand away, Bison. I’m not getting closer.”

“And why is that?” Bison beckoned her with a playful wink, “Afraid of me?”

“I don’t want to be hypnotized into a lovesick little schoolgirl.” Chun Li refused, “Stay away from me. I mean it.”

“We're way past all that now, detective.” Bison reminded her, “You will come with me and you will not run from me. Come here. Now.”

She hesitated before slowly getting into fighting stance. Chun Li had to stay away from that hand. It didn't help that Bison had mastery over a whole dimension of time and space she couldn't fathom.

Could she jump over him? She had done it before.

He seemed a little bit amused, “Fine, Detective. I’ve been stuck in a meeting all day. I guess seeing your 'kung-fu’ should brighten my day a bit.”

Ugh. She wished she could smack the hell out of him but that would be something he wanted. Instead, Chun Li attempted to balance herself on her good foot and switch her foot style up a bit. She attempted to perform her lightning kicks on him but he easily deflected her sorry attempts, almost lazily throwing her to the ground.

She did not need to win; she just needed to escape.

Chun Li knew there was a great opening for her to connect her kick with his face but she somersaulted backwards, staying away from him. Bison was trying to lure her with easy hits to get her close to him.

Her good foot blocked his punches, trying to guess his speed and rhythm for throwing. His fist went errant, hitting her small ribs and tossing her backwards. She scrambled to her feet, obviously tired from the day.

“This is the best you can do? What I had to drag myself out here for?” Bison taunted her, “Where is all that bluster, hm?”

“Oh, I hate you.” She barked, “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you. Stay away from me. I mean it.”

He gave a small amused verbal tic before teleporting to her left. Chun Li quickly saw her out and jumped over his head.

Oh no. Chun Li realized way too late that he fooled her. Once her sneakers hit the ground, she became paralyzed with fear.

Bison grabbed her from behind, making Chun Li struggle and kick as hard as she could. Before she could break free, he ran his hand over her neck and she suddenly stopped, becoming calm and quiet.

Her eyes turned a tinted purple, remaining unblinking as they stared ahead. Bison let her go, taking her by the hand.

“Let’s go, my dear.” Bison instructed, pulling her to his awaiting car. Chun Li obediently followed, climbing into the car without so much as a fight. Shutting the door, Bison motioned the driver to go.

“Now then…” He said, closing the partition, “What do you have to say for yourself? Running around like a foolish little girl, spending my money…”

“I’m sorry.” Chun Li said with a touch of sadness, “I won’t do it again. I’m sorry I made you concerned for me…”

Bison sighed. When all said and done, he was very pleased she was able to thwart his men and his Dolls for so long. It was admirable and smart of her to do such a task. However, he was still pissed about her attitude and her disobedience but the hypnosis can fix that in the meantime.

“Come here,” He patted his lap, “Show me how sorry you really are.”

Chun Li crawled into his lap, straddling his hips and putting her arms around the back of his neck. Bison ran his hands up against her ribs, feeling the thin fabric under his fingertips. He had to admit, she looked damn good in these jeans.

Maybe he’ll let her wear them when they roleplay in the bedroom. She could be his little undercover cop he captured but oh-so-willing to bargain for her life…

Definitely needed to replay the Loan shark/teenager in over her head scenario again. These jeans could still work for that.

She brushed her lips against his, pressing her body up next to him. Bison felt his erection get tight against his pants, almost begging to be in that tight little body of hers.

Unbuckling his belt, Bison pulled out his hard cock which spurred Chun Li get on her knees. She had this little smile on her face as she started to suck his head. Bison stroked her hair, taking down her buns and letting them fall loose.

“Now then, little detective,” Bison spoke, “We’re going to go over a few things, namely how you are my wife and you will be addressed as ‘Mistress Bison’. Understand?”

Chun Li nodded, her mouth full of his manhood.

“Do you understand why you’re addressed as that…?” He questioned, taking his cock out of her mouth for a moment, “Why it’s important for you to be addressed as that?”

“Because I belong to you.” Chun Li answered plainly, “Because everything of my past life is gone and you own my future as well as my present. Your control of me is unquestioned and final.”

“Very good,” Bison purred, “See? You can be a good little wife with a nudge. Now how about you put that throat to good use?”

Chun Li eagerly deepthroated him, craving more and more of his cock as she greedily swallowed his pre-cum. His hand entwined in her hair, gripping the back of her head roughly as she sucked on him.

Her tongue ran over his thick shaft, letting her mouth glide over his member effortlessly as he facefucked her.

“Take off your shirt and jacket.” He ordered, making Chun Li strip away her clothes. Her free breasts hung loose, perky as usual. She crowded his cock with her large breasts, looking up at him with innocent little eyes. The soft skin enveloped his member, making Bison heave a deep breath in relief. Her breasts could make the worst sinner repent for his crimes.

He plucked her sunglasses off her head, tossing the cheap toy aside. Grabbing her body, he made her grind her soft pillows against his cock as her mouth sucked the head of his throbbing member. Chun Li happily attended to her duties, squeezing her breasts to make a comfortable area for his body.

“Now, detective,” Bison circled his finger in front of her face, “Who do you belong to?”

“I belong to you, Master Bison,” Chun Li said without pausing, “I belong to you and only you. You are my master, my husband, my lover...I am your wife, your slave, your prize…”

“And why should I punish you?” He continued.

“Because I was disobedient. Because I wouldn’t listen. Because I deserve to be punished.” She said, sucking the head of his cock between sentences, “Because you are entitled to me, my body, and my love to serve you.”

“Good girl,” Bison purred, “Take off your pants and underwear. Over my knee.”

Chun Li stripped herself of her jeans, laying her trembling and eager body over his strong knee. Bison groped her cheek roughly a little before laying a hard smack on her backside. Chun Li cried out in pain, whimpering as the red hot skin burned.

He struck her backside hard a few more times, making her scream out in pain each time. She was already starting to bruise and if Rose was here, she could read Bison’s future just from the handprints on his wife’s ass.

“You. Will. Never. Disobey. Me. Again.” Bison swatted her with each word, “You are my wife. You will do as I say. You will never run away from me again.”

“Y-yes, Master Bison!” Chun Li sniffled, tears running down her face, “I’m sorry, Master Bison!”

Bison then dug two fingers into her slick little pussy, jamming them in there. Chun Li whimpered in pain, feeling him twist inside of her.

“You are a bad girl.” Bison stated as if he was reciting a fact, “But we’re going to fix that, hm? Aren’t we, Chun Li?”

She nodded, making him twist his fingers again. This time, fluids intensely flooded out of her body, making Chun Li blush with embarrassment. Bison fingered her harder, pressing his fingers against her walls.

“What a whore.” He taunted her squirming body, “Getting off on getting punished. I hope the orgasm hurts like hell for what you did to me. Come on, girl. This won’t end until you cum on my fingers. You don’t deserve my cock inside of you. Not now.”

His digits rapidly thrust in and out, making her cry out. Her bottom still hurt like a beast, making her painful pants of heat even worse. Chun Li could feel blood from his fingernails scraping inside of her tired walls.

“A-ah, Master…” She squeezed her eyes shut, her hands clenching the carseat, “O-ow, please...hard-harder…”

“No.” He denied her, “You don’t get what you want. You better hurry up and cum or I’ll make you cum in front of the men you beat up today. Do it. Now.”

Chun Li shuddered as her painful orgasm ripped through her body. It wasn’t pleasant in the least, like a painful overwhelming pleasure running through her senses. Her walls tightened around his fingers, making her scream out his name before she laid before him in exhaustion. Her fluids were everywhere and she felt embarrassed that she had been so rowdy in front of her master.

“You’re not done.” Bison broke through her mental haze, “I’m going to drill this fucking lesson in your head. Sit on my lap.”

Chun Li straddled his hips before Bison maneuvered his hand under her, sliding the head of his cock to the entrance of her bruised bottom. She tried to appease his sense of forgiveness, whining softly as his cock entered her anally.

“Ride me.” He ordered, “And I want it to hurt.”

She bounced on his lap, feeling his thick member rip her ass apart as the force flared her spanked bottom hard. He had fully sheathed inside of her little hole, stretching her out for good measure too.

Chun Li felt it hurt like never before. His muscular thighs hitting her hurt skin made the entire situation so much worse. Her wet pussy, the one place where she wanted his dick, was begging for him and drooling over the envy of her other hole.

Screaming and crying, Chun Li felt his hard stare pierce through her tears. She wanted to please her master, make him like her again but he wasn’t having it. God, his cock was so thick inside of her! She had a tight little hole and he was going to make her gape for hours.

Suddenly, her body gave out as it was unable to take any more pain. Chun Li fell forward, making Bison wrap his arms around her. However, it was a cruel trick as he started thrusting back into her.

“You’re not finished.” He whispered in her ear.

All she could was take his violent thrusts. Chun Li cried and screamed in his ear, turning him on even more with her pain. Her hole stretched out to accommodate him now, feeling his cock slide easily in and out of her ass.

Finally, he grunted a little, spurting his semen deep inside of her. Chun Li felt the hot liquid ooze inside of her, her pussy working overload on the senses. The tormenting pain of lust burned her womb like a white hot fire.

Instead, Bison took his cock out of her and tidied himself up.

“Get dressed.” He instructed, seeing their hotel in the distance. Chun Li put her clothes back on sliding her shirt over her cum-drenched tits and stomach. Her jeans were buttoned up again just in time for the car to pull up.

They both exited the car and Bison grabbed her wrists, dragging the obedient wife behind him. Chun Li followed with no resistance, letting him take her back to her room. The soldiers were there as well as the Dolls, watching Bison parade around his trophy.

He opened the door and just paused for a second.

The room was filled with shopping bags. Every room had a bag littered on the floor and every bag was varying in shapes and sizes. In a flash, Bison remembered the delivery charge he had noticed on the receipt before turning to his soldiers.

“Get this out of my room.” He growled. The soldier bowed in response. Chun Li stood there, mindless and lovely as she was under the circumstances.

Bison shut the door and looked around at the room that was filled with shopping bags. Chun Li, still hypnotized, followed behind him quietly. Out of curiosity, he opened one bag and found a silky, red nightgown that fueled his deviant fantasies.

Well then. Maybe it was money well spent.

“Chun Li,” He turned around, still holding the nightgown, “I’ll let you keep all these clothes…”

Chun Li stared at him, cocking her head.

“If you can make it through me fucking you in every outfit you bought today.” Bison smirked, “Don’t worry. I didn’t have any plans tomorrow. I think you’ll have enough time.”

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