Life of a Wife

BY : J-FSindel
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"We are not going through this again."

Lord M. Bison was done with this argument. He was more than done; he was burnt out on it completely. He had reached a plateau of stubborn principle where nothing could make him change his mind.

Chun Li, otherwise as his wife and now recurring pain in the rear, was refusing to give up. He could tell by the lines in her face that she was also worn down but she was just digging her heels instead of surrendering.

The two had been fighting for almost a full day, since late last night around 10:00 p.m. Chun Li had somehow received a message from the outside world. One of the Shadaloo agents assigned to China had informed her of the police department, who had handled her father's missing person's case, wanted to release her father's things into her custody since the case was shut down permanently. The items were from his home he had lived in before his abrupt disappearance (and subsequent murder) by her future husband's hand.

Bison made sure that agent soiled his pants thoroughly in lieu of strangling him to death for what he had told Chun Li. He also made damn sure that no subordinate under his command would ever bring up any outside world news to his lover's ear, especially not any news of a father that she kept harping on.

Now Chun Li was asking to pick up her father's released things and Bison refused. Naturally, he did not really think she would bring any of that old trash back to their marital home (or prison, as she not-so-affectionately called it). Bison was her husband and her father was worm food at this point; why even let the mere existence of male competition grace his home? All Chun Li would do was consume herself with his memory and instinctively compare the two in her mind, giving what Bison thought was extreme bias to a man who raised her. That would not be helpful to the Shadaloo fighter one bit, especially with Bison attempting to sway her into carrying his baby again.

After all, she should just give up and submit fully to Bison's influence. Having a picture of her dead dad would only make her cling to a helpless hope that she would one day not be married to him which Bison would never let happen.

The great Master of Psycho Power assumed very wrongly that Chun Li would lay off after a bit, especially when he used a stern voice and choice phrases that explained his position logically.

She wouldn't even back down when he was yelling at her with a deep bellowing warcry and using the "Because I fucking said so!" tactic.

The two, after countless hours of fighting, yelling, and shouting, had to take a break. This was brand new concept to the pair as their experience was seeing all fights through until the end. However, the toll had been too great of a burden to continue or one of them was going to have a nervous breakdown.

So the couple took a nap together, ate dinner together, and got dressed for bed. Bison acquired a bum cigarette in his nightly routine (which he took as a sympathy gift from Barlog as the boxer heard the commotion) while Chun Li washed her hair in the bathroom sink. It was particularly tense as they knew they would get back into the warzone very soon and the eye of the storm would be short lived.

Admittedly, Bison could have earned some more time had he not said condescendingly, "Am I to live with all of your father's old things or can I keep my own bed?" when Chun Li had mentioned the mattress being a bit less firm.

What he really said was "I'm not switching my bed for your father's so you should have put it in his casket when you had the chance," with a snotty follow up, "You're just going to have to call me Daddy the old fashioned way."

That blew up in their bedroom like a live grenade. It was like a blur for the Shadaloo Leader and his wife, evolving and escalating into newfound heights that Sir Hillary couldn't have climbed.

"Not go through it?! You won't even hear it out!" Chun Li snarled, "You're acting like I'm propping up his dead body as a mannequin!"

"You would if you could find his dead body!" Bison retorted, feeling the sudden edge of the comment strike against his wife. He could be a gravedigger by now with how deep he was going.

Her eyes were violently flashing at this point as her smaller body was shaking in rage. Chun Li grabbed her robe and stormed out of their bedroom.

"Where do you think you're going?" He demanded, following after her. She wouldn't even turn around to face him.

"Anywhere but here," She answered hotly, "Go fuck yourself."

Bison definitely didn't appreciate her comment and did not appreciate the fact he was about to have a cold bed so his fast response, "You won't be finding your daddy outside this bedroom."

Chun Li made an obscene gesture and Bison watched her stomp off before turning and seeing two servants staring at him.

One of them, a younger female servant, mouthed "Just stop," before he levied a quiet glare and slammed his door shut. He had considered locking it to make Chun Li beg to be let back in but Bison shook his head, pouring himself a strong drink.

Chun Li had made her way to the outer sanctum of the residencency areas, wanting fresh air. If she could get Bison's head on a platter, that would also suffice her terrible mood. However, as she approached the hallway where the entrance hangar would have laid beyond, two soldiers blocked the door.

"Move," She ordered roughly and the guards saluted her.

"I'm sorry, Mistress Bison," One of the soldiers said, clearly ready for punishment, "But Lord Bison's orders are that you are not allowed in the hangar alone after the landing gear incident."

"That was almost five months ago," Chun Li hissed, gritting her teeth, "You can escort me. I just want some fresh air to get away from said asshole "Lord Bison"."

The two men side-eyed each other, obviously knowing the married couple had hit a boatload of rocks in their relationships. It was wildfire how the rumors spread about the two's fights, shaping wild theories about what was going on. However, the smaller soldier cleared his throat.

"Uhm, Mistress Bison, it's the rules. If you want, we can escort you back to the bedroo-" The soldier was suddenly socked in the gut by his partner, making him flinch forwards.

"We can escort you to the indoor gardens." The other soldier gave a hard look at the keeled over man, "Or...uh, to the training room. There's an open window there…"

Chun Li huffed, turning around sharply, "Nevermind."

She walked off, dragging her tired feet across the hard floor. Of course Bison wouldn't let her go outside. Chun Li was his property, like a dog. She felt like a trapped little rat that couldn't get out of a maze and there was no cheese to satiate her moods.

Her open robe was starting to blow a bit with her angry strides, revealing her lacy blue nightgown. Soldiers were taking as much risk as they were allotted to by checking out her body but Chun Li didn't even an ounce of a damn.

The young woman finally reached the indoor gardens, pushing open the door. The mist showers had just been turned off, giving her a cool breeze on her skin. Chun Li took a seat on the bench near the back, surrounded by a thicket of roses and camellias. The garden lights had dimmed to adjust to the darkness, giving a soft yellowish glow.

Above her head was a skylight, tempered with bulletproof glass. Chun Li wasn't exactly sure where this garden was in relation to the rest of the base but it seemed like nobody could drop in on her any time soon. The moon was completely full, glowing intensely as the rays beamed down on her head. Shimmering, robust clouds peppered the sky which made her think that the night would soon cover the jungle moon completely in a few hours.

Strangely, this night felt a little different as she gazed up at the stars. Chun Li had been through a night like this before…

Taking a deep breath, the former detective leaned back and inhaled the flowering scents. She couldn't remember why Bison had this indoor garden; it was around before she got here but Chun Li did recall informing him of loving to see apple tree blossoms. The next time she was here, the young wife had spotted two transplanted apple trees with fully flowered blossoms.

She also knew that when he wanted to placate her, Bison would ask the caretakers to cut the flowers for her keep in the room. But he definitely wasn't going to try that now.

"I have to go back," Chun Li said out loud, her eyes closed, "You know you have to go back."

She couldn't stay away forever; undoubtedly, Bison was secretly having agents tail or checking cameras on her. If she was gone for more than an hour, he'd have a dozen soldiers bring her back to him at his doorstep. If Chun Li eluded him for an hour and ten minutes, Bison would personally hunt her down and drag her back to his bed.

Her bare legs rubbed against each other before a gnawing feeling struck her. For some odd reason, Chun Li had flashed back to when she was a young girl of ten years old and staring out the window to a full moon like this one. She distinctly remembered seeing the clouds shimmer too and she remembered her body was starting to develop breasts around that time because her younger self was worried about them.

Twisting her head out of her thoughts, she realized she was tired from the day's events. Getting up, Chun Li brushed herself off and headed begrudgingly back. The walk seemed shorter this time.

Her hand stuck out and opened the door, half expecting it to be locked and she would have to grovel to be let in. Instead, the door opened easily and Chun Li cautiously walked into the bedroom. Bison was not asleep, unfortunately, so she couldn't sneak in. Taking off her robe, Chun Li hung it up quickly as she was trying to think of her next move.

She wasn't going to apologize or fuck him so she didn't know what he was anticipating.

"Come to bed," Chun Li heard his voice behind her. Startled, she turned on her heel and saw Bison sitting in his lounge chair, where he often worked when he brought work home, nursing what seemed like half a bottle of liquor missing. His glass was empty and rimmed with melting ice.

It was tough for her to tell his body language but she knew he couldn't be drunk. His tone was very strict, much like a headmaster at a school. However, his feet was propped up and his robe was hanging off his shoulders, letting his bare chest glint in the dim light. While his usually trim and slicked back hair was orderly, Bison had allowed scraggly strands to fall in front of his face as well as the back of his head.

He looked like a drunk but there was no way his immense power would let him be drunk. Maybe Bison just appreciated roleplaying one every so often? Chun Li noticed that his thumb was fiddling with his plain gold wedding band, moving it slightly up and down as if he was fidgeting. It didn't occur to her until seeing him do that how bizarre it was that Bison publicly wore his wedding ring.

"Okay," Chun Li accepted, feeling too tired to fight. She wanted to ask if he was waiting for her or if he was waiting to punish her but that question could wait until morning. Bison got up from his chair and the married couple crawled into bed. She felt her husband embrace her against his body, curling his head into the back of her neck. Her ring hand laid on top of his ring hand, letting her fingers curl around his thicker digits.

Bison passed out pretty quickly, possibly from the alcohol or just his own will. Chun Li closed her eyes and drifted off herself, much too weak to stay awake and think.

However, it only felt like seconds before Chun Li detect soft butterfly kisses on her bosom and neck. Keeping her eyes shut, she groaned out in annoyance.

"I'm not in the mood, Bison," She denied outright, "Come on. It's been a long day…"

"Don't worry," An female accent had cooed at her from nowhere, "I'll be gentle, love."

Her eyes shot open, urging her muscle to jolt out of bed. Chun Li, however, found that her body was paralyzed from the neck down, completely frozen as if she was a statue. The terror began to grip her, realizing that someone else was in the bed.

Her breathing became labored before a soft kiss was planted on her lips, airy and lightly searing with passion. Chun Li was then face to face with a green haired woman, wearing a tight body suit and bat-themed smooth tights glamorized with a mischievous, seductive smirk.

Inside her brain, she knew she had met this woman before but she couldn't remember where or how. The female intruder undid her nightgown strap, licking her wet tongue across Chun Li's bare shoulder and down to her chest. Strangely, though Chun Li's breathing was bordering on hyperventilating, her breasts remained in a state of calm rising and falling.

"Don't be afraid, love," The strange woman assured her, nipping her breast at the top of the curve, "You know me from long ago. Don't you?"

"I...I don't know," Chun Li stammered, trying to see if her husband was dead or what, "Who are you?"

"I am your guardian angel and you have to pay your heavenly rent to keep my services," The woman simpered.

"You're lying," Chun Li accused, feeling the woman straddle her, "What are you doing? What's going…?"

"Fine, fine, love," The accent was now eerily familiar as Chun Li realized it was Scottish, "I am Morrigan Aensland. Your body remembers me very well but it's a shame your mind never does. Perhaps for the best?"

Another flashback: this time, multiple ones. Chun Li recalled at ten years old, the same accent under the same full moon in her bedroom. At 13, the body with the voice. 15, 16, 18…

"Oh God," Chun Li whispered, "You."

A succubus. One that had attached herself to the Chinese woman since she was of age to start growing into a woman. Morrigan appeared on full moon nights with shimmering clouds and when the moon disappeared, the supernatural witch would leave without a trace.

Her heart was beating fast before Morrigan bent her small head under Chun Li's jaw, sinking her teeth in.

"Shh," Morrigan consoled her softly, "Quiet now, love. That's my good little Chun Li. Relax. It won't hurt."

Like a charm, Chun Li felt her heart slow down to a normal pace. Her terrified eyes still bore through the invading succubus but Morrigan seemed to not care for that now. Her long fingers took down Chun Li's lacy nightgown and revealed her breasts.

"I see you took my advice," Morrigan teased, running her mouth over her nipple, "Underwire in your bras are not good for you. Still quite so perky! And you young teenagers love those high bras...tsk, tsk."

"I'm...married…" Chun Li stammered, "He's…"

"Right here?" Morrigan purred, lifting her wing to reveal a sleeping Bison. He was completely gone into dreamland, dead asleep. He didn't even notice that Chun Li wasn't in his arms any longer.

A hitch in Chun Li's breath as Morrigan blew an amused kiss at her husband. Running her hand over Chun Li's lips, the succubus bent for another peck on the lips. Chun Li felt frozen in fear as she had always done when this dream figure came to her.

"Poor little thing," Morrigan cooed, "Don't be afraid, my dear. I've never hurt you before. In fact, I always made you feel so good. You taste better when you're happy..."

Why couldn't she move her body? Chun Li felt distraught as Morrigan lifted her skirt and ran her long nail over Chun Li's clothed womanhood. Shivering, her victim could only whimper as Morrigan grinned with hedonistic pleasure.

"You should tell the husband that I appreciate him leaving some for me," Morrigan drew her finger across her mouth, "You had a night tonight. I can feel it in your mind. Was he a brute? Did he pin you down and rape you? Was it completely barbaric and inhumane how he treated you?"

"No," Chun Li answered rather timidly, "He passed out after drinking some."

"Damn," Morrigan pouted, "No fun. Cute boy though. Oh well. Let me know when he does all of that. I bet your body is delectable!"

Unnerved, Chun Li tried to squirm as uncomfortable feelings rose through her pelvis but Morrigan maneuvered herself to scissor between her legs. Chun Li could feel the tight bodysuit against her now wet panties, making her blush and moan quietly.

"It's alright, love," Morrigan said, drawing her hair back from her face, "Think of what you need to. I don't mind. This is your dream, darling, I'm just here for a ride."

Dream. So that's why Bison wasn't waking up. Chun Li tried to squeeze her eyes shut and block the feelings growing between her legs but found that technique akin to stopping a typhoon. The waves were coming from a distance and she was going to be drowned in it.

The heat began to slick her folds, making the bodysuit move easily against her. Chun Li could feel Morrigan's mouth on her ankle, licking her heel and tendon like it was a popiscle stick. The redness of her face was now streaking across her cheeks with every agile move the succubus used against her to entice her.

"I...I can't…" Chun Li begged pitifully, "Don't…"

"There's no going back now, my dear," Morrigan stated to her, now drenched in Chun Li's emotions, "Take your time. Indulge in the darkness. He's never going to know. Nothing wrong with a little dream escapade, hm?"

Now she was sure the succubus was grinding her. Chun Li would have started to rub herself if she could but her hands were still unmoving. The younger woman's mouth fell open slightly, letting hot salvia run down her bottom lip.

Suddenly, Chun Li felt rough hands grab her body. The whip was so strong that Chun Li feared her neck nearly snapped before she was staring at Bison's angry look.

"You," He rasped, "Are mine."

Her clothes were ripped from her body and Chun Li let out a cry before he smacked his hand on her mouth to quiet her, shoving himself deep inside her eager pussy. Her womanhood stood zero chance against his rapid thrusts, falling deep into forced pleasure. Her screams were muffled as well as her moans of neediness.

"I'm your Daddy now, aren't I?" He violently fucked her, "You're going to give me this pussy whenever I fucking want, like a good little wifey. Look how deep inside you're letting me in! You're going to take my cum and you're going to thank me for raping such a slut like you. Then I'm going to watch you masturbate to the memory of me raping you over and over again until you pass out…"

Chun Li felt a tight feeling in her womb, making her scream in muffled helplessness. Why was she so turned on? Her mind was hazy with arousal and confused but she felt Bison bite her neck hard.

"Come on, love," His voice was now oddly Scottish, "You're right there...oh, I can feel it!"

Firing off like a gunshot, Chun Li hit her rough orgasm in waves. Instead of feeling her husband's seed, Chun Li realized that she was naked and so was Morrigan as the succubus was laying on top of her, grinding her rough and fast to completion.

"There we go, my love," Morrigan praised, out of breath, "That was my favorite time with you! You were so in the moment...and the way you called that man Daddy! Is that what humans call their lovers now? I quite like the term!"

Her brain just stopped completely, like a reset.

"I didn't…" Chun Li couldn't even think straight as her neurons were groggy from her intense orgasm, "I...Daddy?"

"You kept saying it over and over again!" Morrigan giggled, kissing her playfully, "Dreams are funny that way. Hm? You were so passionate, I'm not surprised you don't remember what you were saying. Well, thank you, my dear. I was certainly not disappointed…"

As if it was magic, Chun Li's clothes were back on her body and Morrigan had also redressed. The succubus wormed her way in the middle of the bed, clearly between the married couple as Chun Li stared at the ceiling.

Her limbs were so tired now but she couldn't move them. She didn't even know if she was asleep or dreaming or…

"Your husband is dreaming of you," Morrigan broke her out of her thoughts, "I can smell it. He dreams of your scent, you know."

Bison was sleeping soundly next to her in bed, completely unaware of what was going on. Morrigan had laid herself between the married couple, facing her victim while her wings laid over his back so even if he woke up, he'd be in for a surprise.

"Why can't you seduce him and take him away?" Chun Li demanded, seeing the supernatural entity stretch her legs over hers.

"I have more important things to do than the marriage squabbles of two people," Morrigan said calmly as her tights rubbed against her bare leg, "He's all yours."

Chun Li felt her chest rise and fall with her breaths as the night air began to take a chill turn. Morrigan leaned her face over to hers, her cold breath playing on her lips again as if Morrigan was challenging her to fight her enslavement.

"Besides," Morrigan continued, "Since you've been married to him, you have become so much more delicious. It must be that musky male scent that seasoned your mind, driving your lust crazy. I'm a little jealous, dear. Perhaps you can introduce me to him for some fun?"

"He doesn't like to share." Chun Li said, helpless as the succubus trailed her fingers down her bare collarbone.

"What a shame. I wouldn't share you either, dear. Not your soul, anyway." Morrigan replied, "He can have your body, though. His marking on you is like a rich wine. I could drink it all day long."

Chun Li scoffed weakly, "I wish he'd leave me alone and die or something."

"Poor thing," The older woman stroked her victim's cheek, "Is he being mean to my little Chun Li? Surely by now, you know how to rein a beast like him in. If you can ride it, you can tame it. That's what I always say."

"He's something else," Chun Li muttered, "He just...owns me. He doesn't…"

"Doesn't what, love?" Morrigan pressed on, now quite sisterly. Her mood seemed to change from horny minx to big sister in a flip of a coin and it sort of weirded Chun Li out a bit. However, Morrigan was the first thing she talked to in months, even if Morrigan was just some dream.

"...He treats me like property. Like all I'm meant to do is serve him. I don't even know why he forced me to marry him," Chun Li cast her eyes downward, "I have a chance for my father's things and he won't even let me take them. He's so jealous and evil and…"

"You have no idea why he forced you to marry him?" Morrigan seemed skeptical before grabbing the two large breasts on Chun Li's body. The woman yelped as the supernatural figure groped them.

"Hey!" The detective protested.

"I think you know exactly why he snatched you up like a trophy prey," Morrigan continued, pinching her chest, "And exactly why he's jealous. And exactly why he wants you to only serve him."

"So what if I'm pretty and have big boo-Ow!" Chun Li whined, "Stop!"

"Beauty is just one thing. Men like him can get beauty. You are something else entirely," The night entity replied, "You were not like the other girls. He noticed. Obsession grew. And he took you as a caveman takes a bride. Because all he knows is getting what he wants. Now, why you continue to play into his masculine nature and downplay your own power is beyond me."

Chun Li managed to glare, "I'm not strong enough to beat him."

"Physically, yes. That is true. Perhaps even mentally. But you don't need to fight him, dear. I didn't say that," Morrigan let go of her breasts to wrap around her waist, "You play his game and play yours more often."

These riddles were too much for a wet dream. Chun Li groaned, feeling her sweat soak through her nightgown.

"I'm not sure how to play any games, let alone mine." She said, her lips still tasting Morrigan's kisses.

"What have I told you since you were a young girl?" Morrigan's lips softly caressed her neck, "When you started bleeding your time of the month? When your childish breasts began to grow? When you started exploring yourself in mirrors and bedsheets?"

Chun Li felt red in her cheeks at the very thought, "I don't remember."

"You have more power than your legs or muscles could give you. You have power over your husband, you just don't want to use it." Morrigan reminded her, "He can be wrapped around your finger if you wanted. All men can be."

"He's different." Chun Li insisted, "He's not like that."

"They're all like that." Morrigan seemed to take pleasure in her naive thoughts, "When you need to control him, take it from your dear friend Morrigan: lead him on like a dog. Let him think you're submitting to him. Stroke his ego. Sleep with him if needed-though, I believe you should make love as much as possible. Then take his jugular and make him do what you want. Put your thoughts in his brain. Whisper what you want him to say in his ear. Pull his little puppet strings a bit. He'd be your slave by the end of the week. And like any dog, you reward his good behavior."

The younger woman tried to shake her head, "He's just…"

"Watch, dear." Morrigan tapped her nose, rolling over to Bison's sleeping form. Chun Li watched this shameless entity straddle her husband, leaning close to him. Morrigan then traced her finger down his chest.

She wasn't sure if Morrigan was going to fuck him at this point. She wasn't sure how she felt about the succubus fucking him at this point.

"Darling," Morrigan softly played her breath on his face, "Don't you want your beautiful wife to be happy? Don't you love her?"

"He doesn't love." The other woman sharply said, feeling her chest rise a bit in anxiety. The entity appeared amused at the statement.

"All men love beautiful women. Yours is no exception. Yes...quite the jealous man too." The woman licked her lips, drawing her cheek over Bison's sleeping face, "Mm...such power he has...such masculine strength in his core...quite sure you don't want to share, dear?"

Chun Li never really witnessed someone liking Bison's personality but she swallowed, seeing Morrigan practically molest the man with her sensual body. The lady of the night then dipped her hips on to his groin, letting her slick tights rub against his now apparent erection that was edging out through his sleep pants.

"He certainly loves to think about you," Morrigan teased his muscles, "This will be even easier than I thought. Warlords. Always the same. Always needing a taste of power coupled with exquisite sex but such barbarians at the root. Demanding the buxom women but they'll fuck any hole that comes near them. These brutes are my weakness, I'll admit. I just have a soft spot for men who dominate their women."

Her hands teased her breasts, making Chun Li sweat with helplessness. The beads of excited arousal dotted her poor brow as Morrigan continued her seduction demonstration. Her hand masterfully glided over his cock outline, making him grunt in his sleep.

"Your wife would be so easy and subdued if you made her happy…" Morrigan began to say again, her lips dripping with casual encounters, "Let her have her father's things. You are the man in her life now. No memory can take your rightful throne in your wife's life. Her father raised her to be your wife and you conquer her body and mind every night. Wouldn't that be a lovely reminder for her to see every day?"

Bison seemed to be dead asleep now but his breathing had changed again, hard and labored as if he was holding himself back. Chun Li had only seen him like that when he was desperately trying not take take her body for pleasure. Hot flames etched her cheeks, making her embarrassed.

Morrigan then brushed her hand across his muscular chest before tracing the pelvic bone below his abs. He let out a strained growl, like a wolf that was being denied his meal, before Morrigan ran her entire body across his frame. Her breasts buried his face as well as his aching erection outline in a fell swoop.

She seemed satisfied before climbing off him, cuddling back up with her actual intended victim. Wrapping her arms around Chun Li, Morrigan licked the sweat that beaded off her brow.

"Don't fuck him until tomorrow night, love," Morrigan chuckled, her nails digging into Chun Li's fear, "But gently remind him about your request. You'll find he's going to be a bit more welcoming to the idea."

The Chinese wife could only stare up at her captor before Morrigan dipped her fingertips in Chun Li's mouth, letting them become wet with saliva. Then she brought them up to her own lips, using her tongue to lick it off.

"Sweet," The dark lady remarked, "Ah, you're so delicious and I could gorge myself all night. But alas. It's time to go. Remember what I said, love. And let the man be your alpha wolf for a bit. He tastes so good when he thinks he's in control and the rough sexual male prowess is pumping through his heart. Maybe I can switch diets if he's more filling…"

Before Chun Li could respond, Morrigan sealed her statement with a kiss. The tongues intertwined gently, even remarkably soft, before the thick perfume venom appeared to permeate Chun Li's veins.

Chun Li jerked awake from under the sheets, sweating hard. Bison had stirred beside her, annoyed that he was woken up from a seemingly pleasant dream.

"What is going on?" He asked with a tired groan. Bison was at the critical point of his lovely dreamscape where his mental Chun Li-wife was not being a bitch and praising his every move.

"I...I just…" Her mind felt like her dream had been sucked out of her. It was like deja vu except she only remembered feelings, not memories.

"Go back to sleep," Bison said, burying his head back in his pillow, "It was just a bad dream."

" someone was here." Chun Li got up from her side, slipping out of the covers and setting her feet on the floor, "She...was here. She's gone…"

"It was just a vivid dream," Bison grumbled, "Come back to bed."

"But…" She trailed off, staring at the balcony, "She always comes around. I can't remember why. She's so beautiful…"

Bison sat up in bed, rubbing his face, "Detective. Nobody was here. I would have known. If this is a ghost story, I don't want to hear it. If it's a lesbian dream, I will wait until tomorrow to listen. If it's a lesbian ghost story, I'm intrigued but not enough to rob me of much needed rest. Come back to bed and go to sleep."

Chun Li began to walk towards the open balcony, almost single mindedly as if she would disappear from sight. Bison pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to fight off his dizzy drowsiness. For some reason, he couldn't click back into focus as if some veil was covering his eyes.

He also felt like all the blood had rushed straight to his tight erection, only which he had now become painfully aware of. Another thing he was going to lay blame on his hot wife.

The stone floor touched her bare feet, making Chun Li's hair blow a little in the jungle wind. It was quiet with sounds of tropical night bugs and predators baying in the distance. There was no sign of entry or exit. But the feelings still remained deep within her as if she was once more a confused child.

"Where did you go?" Chun Li asked timidly, looking up at the now moonless sky. She felt like a young girl again, staring up at her window after a long dream.

"I'm not saying it again, you little brat," Bison raised his voice from his bedside that carried over to her, "You had a dream. It has passed. Get back here."

His mind was still weakened from his exhaustion and coupled with their earlier fight, Bison was just flat out finished. He might as well have fought ten rounds with Ryu and drank a whole bottle of whiskey.

His wife began to slowly walk towards the ledge as Bison began to feel a growing caution that his wife might do something foolish. His brain chemicals that dictated his protectiveness over his property started to run its wheels.

"Stay away from that ledge." Bison warned rather harshly. He didn't want to jump into the jungle after her; there were bugs and muddy pits out there so forbid he would need another shower.

It seemed to break through to her, making her stop for a brief pause. Chun Li cradled her nightgown close to her body, suddenly shivering from the cold. The clouds had covered the moon very well, almost like a tight-knit cloth.

"Morrigan…" She murmured, "I think I know that name…"

Now that his brain functions were a bit more caught up, Bison could sense something was off. Chun Li was almost in a dreamlike trance, something he wasn't familiar with. Whatever blabber she was going on about, he reckoned that something had occurred without his knowledge or perception. It was an impossible task to somehow slip by both.

Her mind was still cognizant but Chun Li was dangerously flirting with hypnotized mindset, very much like a drowning victim bobbing up and down in water. Bison could not let his own hypnotic hold over her dissipate and he certainly couldn't let her jump off to her death.

"Chun Li," Bison commanded calmly as he let his hands glow a tinge of purple to activate her hypnosis, "Come to bed."

He laced his words with pressing sternness, triggering her to walk back to him and crawl under the sheets. Bison embraced her, holding her tightly as if he wouldn't let go. He felt her body tremble a bit, as if she was thinking of intense memories.

"What was it about? The dream?" He asked suspiciously, craning his neck over her as he observed her. Chun Li blinked a little as she brought out of her stupor. Instead of the childlike wonder, it was pure confusion.

"I don't remember...I've had this dream since I was a little girl…" She murmured, "I think I have. But I never remember. I just...feel what happened. Like I'm tired but awake inside. I know she's beautiful. Her voice is lovely. But it's sexual. She wants more than that...I can't remember."

The Shadaloo leader sighed. None of that bullshit made sense. However, Bison kissed her on the head and began to coax her, "Go to sleep. We'll talk about it in the morning."

Chun Li had protested a bit, much like a kid who couldn't be convinced otherwise, but her husband managed to persuade the woman to sleep by lowering his head under the sheets and having his own midnight snack between her legs. When Chun Li fell into climax, she passed right out to sleep like a babe after a bottle. Disappointed that he wasn't going to have fun himself, Bison somehow forced himself back to sleep.

However, the alarm went off many hours later that alerted the man of the bedroom to his daily grind. Bison had expected his regularly scheduled "pipe cleaning" maintenance by his wife, whom he felt owed him for last night, but Chun Li simply left his bursting-at-the-seams manhood in bed alone.

She eluded his capture, even escaping his desperate chase during a late lunch, like a deer gracefully trouncing through a hunter's well-laid trap.

When Bison was purple in the neck from severe sexual backflow, Chun Li brought up the discussion of attaining her father's things once more. Unlike the day before, it took all of five minutes for Bison to order a Shadaloo agent to fly to China and acquire the box of mementos.

Under stressful timed orders, the agent was commanded to bring the box back for the wife of Shadaloo to inspect that very night. There was not a task associated with the mission that Bison did not personally curry a favor: lending his fastest jet to get to China, calling in the top brass at the storage unit who held the items, paying out elusive event tickets to a crusty night secretary so she'd skip the paperwork, and donating a very large sum of money to a "liberal environmental passe group" (as he called it) so a college intern would trust the Shadaloo agent long enough to bypass customs.

The agent returned around 10:00 p.m with the box, carefully setting it before the wife of the Shadaloo CEO in the married couple's bedroom. Chun Li had been patiently sitting in Bison's lap (as he at least managed to sweet talk her into doing that for him) and Bison had been impatiently waiting for the resolution. His heel was bouncing on the floor as she looked over the items, taking little stock in her sad smile.

She thanked the agent and the operative bolted once he saw Bison get up from his chair. It didn't take very long before Chun Li was bent over the bed, paying out the receipts Bison had brought her. Her legs were wrapped around his relentless hips, letting him fuck her like he was a wild animal.

Chun Li even catered to his controlling and selfish wants, acting like his submissive mate to his devouring nature.

She wondered how she knew this would work out so well.

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