Coitus Interruptus

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Coitus Interruptus

Einao thrust into his lover, enjoying hearing her moans of pleasure. Ice cold nails scored his back briefly before he withdrew from her warm depths and flipped her over onto her stomach. “I said no magic...” He growled, a shiver from the cold running over him. Her reply was to laugh, the sound muffled by the pillows. The air turned cold around them, and he bit back a curse.

Leaning over, he reached out and grabbed for his dagger, sitting on the bedside table. With a repressed snarl, he snatched at the leather cording that was attached to the sheath of his dagger. The leather snapped free from all of its fastenings that normally kept it attached to the sheath. He gripped her wrists in one hand and swiftly wound the leather around them.

“Do you really think tying my wrists will keep me from casting?” Starr asked with a small smirk as she felt the leather bite into her flesh.

“I can only make the attempt and hope it works...” He replied, grinning in spite of his earlier, seeming frustration. He watched as her fingers flexed, seeing for herself just how good a job he’d done binding her hands together. Einao leaned over her, kissing the back of her neck. “Let’s see if you’re as efficient casting your wretched spells now, while I have you right where I want you...”

Meanwhile, out in the woods that surrounded their fortress, one of the patrol units found themselves engaged in fierce combat with a dark elven spy. It had taken some doing, but they had successfully captured the dark and were in the process of bringing him in to be questioned. The commander of the unit approached the dark elf cautiously. One hand reached out and snagged the intruder’s hair and snatched his head up. Cold, aquamarine-colored eyes stared back at him defiantly. The commander took in the appearance of the as of yet unidentified elf. “What is your purpose for attacking the fortress?”

The dark elf remained silent, glaring hatefully at the commander. His head snapped to the left and a resounding crack was heard throughout the woods. “I asked you a question!” The commander’s voice thundered.

Shin kept silent, although he would’ve gladly gutted the commander. His gaze took in the twenty or so elves that surrounded him and inwardly laughed. Pitiful fools, he’d already taken out close to a dozen of them already. And he was alone. The fortress was poorly defended, just as the mission papers had said it would be. A small unit of relative novices could wipe-out the fortress’s defenders in a single night if his own commander’s so chose to attack it with that purpose.

The elven commander grimaced. “Take him to the holding cell. And someone go awaken Sta... our interrogator.”

Shin fought against the guards that began to drag him toward the fortress that he’d just hours ago had been planning how to sneak into. Bit by bit, they dragged him closer and closer, finally dragging him through a small door near the back of the construct. He continued struggling as they forced him into a sturdy building and then attached heavy iron manacles with chains attached to them. Once the manacles were secure, the chains were pulled tight. The pulley system overhead pulled him inexorably to the wall where he found himself pinned tightly. Or as tight as their meager system would allow.

“One last chance, what is your purpose for attacking this fortress?” The commander bit out, his teeth clenched. One, lone, dark elf had decimated far too many of their guards. Were they really that bad at defending their own fortress? Or was he just that good? A quick glance at the odd assortment of weapons and the tattered armor suggested he was a pauper, down on his luck. But the trail of bodies he’d left behind him suggested a high degree of skill. The death and damage he’d wrought with his poor weaponry and broken armor spoke volumes about what he would have been capable of if he’d been outfitted with better gear.

Shin grinned and laughed lowly, despite his split and bleeding lip, resisting the urge the spit at the elf in front of him. “I attacked your fortress because I could. Nothing more. You are our sworn enemy, what other reason do I need?”

The commander straightened his back and turned away from the bedraggled dark elf. He’d let Starr handle him. Although she was only filling in, she was rather adept at it. Especially against their dark cousins.

Shin watched the guards file out of the room, following the commander and then the door slammed shut. Closing his eyes, he leaned his head back against the stone wall and relaxed. A low chuckle filled the room as he realized that they hadn’t pulled him up high enough towards the ceiling to force his body weight to hang from his wrists. Could they possibly be anymore inept? Now all he had to do was bide his time. While waiting for this ‘interrogator’, he mentally planned out how he was going to escape and steal the documents he’d been assigned to seize.

The papers were signed copies of the treaty between the light elves and the humans. He’d tracked this set here, while someone else tracked down the copy the humans had in their possession. No documents, no treaty. No treaty, no alliance...

Back at Einao and Starr’s quarters, two very junior guards gave one another nervous looks. “You knock.”

The guard in leather armor shook his head. “No, you do it. You’ve been here longer.”

“I’ve been here all of three weeks longer than you have. Besides, need the experience...?” The mage finished half-heartedly. He’d seen both Einao and Starr angry before. The sounds coming from inside the quarters at this moment led him to believe that disturbing them now was going to make those earlier incidents of anger seem tame by comparison.

The more junior of the two shook his head and knocked firmly on the door.

Einao cursed soundly.

“Ignore it...” Starr gasped out.

Gripping her thighs, Einao pulled her closer to him.

The pounding on the door grew louder, more insistent. With a curse of her own, Starr sent a bolt of magic at the door. Who would dare bother the two of them now?

The two guards stared slack jawed at the glittering shard of ice that had materialized on the door. The dagger user withdrew his blade and used the pommel of the dagger to more loudly bang on the door. The shard of ice grew longer and the point sharper, however, the dagger user didn’t relent. He continued to slam the backside of the dagger into the door while the mage next to him worked to dissolve the icy shard. “Starr! Einao! The Commander wants the two of you! Now!”

Einao swore viciously as he dragged himself from between Starr’s legs. Looking at her, he watched as her nails tore holes in the bedding. Her eyes caught his. They knew they could not defy an order from the Commander. Angrily the two of them got dressed. As they left their quarters, each one shot a deadly glare at the two younger elves who’d had the misfortune of being assigned to disturb them.

The commander looked up at the sound of his door opening. He started to chastise whoever had barged in without first waiting for permission, but when he saw that it was Einao and Starr, he launched straight into giving orders. Einao was to take a team and scout the area for more dark elves and Starr was to go to the brig to question the intruder they’d caught. If the commander noticed anything amiss with the two, he said nothing. Leaving his office, Starr and Einao parted ways, off to attend to their duties, as was required of them.

Shin’s ears twitched as he heard a disturbance outside the cell he was being held in. He breathed out slowly, readying himself for the next phase of his assignment. Inexplicably the air suddenly grew much, much, colder. Opening his eyes, he was surprised to find that he could see his breath forming little clouds every time he exhaled. What mage was causing the room to be so cold, and why? Was it their intent to make him uncomfortable? It was a good effort, but unless they could keep it up for days on end then this was little more than an inconvenience.  

Outside the door to the small, squalid little room, Starr steadied her own breathing. Once the door closed behind her, she would be on her own. She’d heard the reports. The dark elf inside had killed over a dozen of their guards. Her mouth twisted into a fierce scowl. She could steady her breathing, her body however was a different story. It was still fairly humming from earlier. If only she and Einao had a few more minutes...

Forcing the thoughts of what would have been to the side, she steeled herself and opened the door to the cell as calmly as she could. Her first impression of him was scraggly and unkempt. His hair was a mess and his armor very nearly falling apart. Dirty and disheveled, it appeared that he’d been out in the wilds for some considerable time. He also seemed a bit gaunt in the face, as if he hadn’t had enough to eat. Or possibly he was ill...although she considered that unlikely. Sickly dark elves didn’t tend to live long...

As she silently assessed him, he was doing the same... Except, he recognized her. She was one of their most esteemed archers. There was zero chance she recognized him though. Due to the nature of his line of work, most people wouldn’t, and shouldn’t, recognize him at all. Anonymity was one of his greatest assets, if he lost that, he would become useless to their cause.

Watching her, her remembered that it had been confirmed that she’d been responsible for the deaths of over two hundred and thirty-three people in the infamous, and deadly, battle for Giran. And it was thought that she had killed many more, they just couldn’t confirm it. That was the most deaths attributed to any single archer they’d encountered in a great many centuries. That had been a harrowing day in dark elven history. They’d lost the castle that day, along with a significant number of troops and supplies.

Because of her excellent mastery of the bow and her high ranking within the elites of the light elven military, the higher-ups had placed her at the very top of the rather long list of those they wished to capture. Which meant that they ensured that everyone in their military knew who she was and what she looked like. His own Captain had previously informed him that the military command had already chosen him to carry out the mission should she ever be located off the battlefield.

But then rumor had it that she’d been killed. One of their archers swore he’d managed to shoot her. There was some controversy as he’d reportedly shot her in the back, a shot most considered not only cowardly, but against orders. The stated goal had been to capture her. But no one had been able to confirm or discredit the alleged kill as her body had never been recovered. And she’d never been seen at other, notable, battles. Battles where it would have greatly benefited the light elves for her to be at.

Although, some had thought that if she had been killed, the light elves would cover it up, so as to prevent the morale of their troops from falling, and to deny the dark elves the victory of knowing they’d killed one of the best archers the light elves had been able to cultivate in at least two centuries.

But here she was, standing in front of him. Where had she been all this time? And why was she suddenly doing the ignoble work of an inquisitor? Her station within light elven ranks was much higher than this. It made no sense...

Schooling her face into neutrality, she spoke softly, willing her voice to remain calm despite her mental and physical frustration. “I’ve been told you were initially seen on the outskirts of the forest that surround the fortress. I’ve also been told that you killed a number of our patrol units.” She cast her gaze at his armor and then to his almost pitiable weapons, which were carelessly tossed on a table that he couldn’t reach. “How did you manage to kill so many of our people?” Her senses screamed at her that something was wrong. Something was off. But she couldn’t place it.

Shin stayed silent, though he watched her closely. She hadn’t brought any weapons with her into the room, but his weapons were within easy reach for her. And even though she maintained her outward composure during the questioning, he could sense that it was nothing more than a facade.

Time passed and she asked him many different questions, none of which he answered. While she’d been more patient than most inquisitors would’ve been, refraining from cursing or beating him, she was beginning to become more agitated and had begun to pace. Which gave him his first clue.

Her gait was a little off, indicating an injury. Patiently he ignored her questions and focused on observing the way she moved. It was subtle, but there. She’d been injured. But where?

Coming to a stop, Starr realized that he wasn’t really watching her so much as he was watching the way she moved. “Why are you here?!” She yelled, angry. Damn that dark archer! She almost wished he’d succeeded in killing her. A lucky shot, that was all it had taken, to take her from the front lines. Maybe permanently.

And damn this dark elf in particular. She had been pulled from Einao’s arms to come question this fool. The memory of what his capture had interrupted filled her mind, worsening her mood. Einao was her support, carrying her through the nightmarish hell that her life had become since she’d been shot. He was the only one who hadn’t turned on her afterwards.

Shin barely kept himself from flinching at the sudden change. His eyebrow lifted as he stared at her. “Temper, temper...” He intoned lowly, not sure what to make of her sudden shift.

“Oh, you haven’t seen my temper yet, but if you continue your silence, you soon will.” She snarled as she stalked closer to him. She stopped a couple of feet from him. “Tell me why you are here, and how you managed to kill so many of our guards.”

As she came closer, Shin noticed two things simultaneously. One, she was the source of the frigid air. As she’d gotten closer, the air had chilled noticeably and rapidly. Two, she smelled good. In fact, she smelled of sex. Recent too. “I’ll make you a deal, hm? You are perfumed with the scent of recent sex, you tell me who the lucky guy was from earlier, and I’ll tell you why I’m here.”

The slap came as fast as he’d expected it would. But the biting sting of near frostbite caught him off-guard. Warily he raised his eyes back to her. Just how skilled was she with magic? Had she always been skilled with it? He doubted it, otherwise why not use it before now. As she leaned in closer, the musk of sex filled his nostrils.

“Consider yourself lucky that I’ve been ordered not to kill you. At least, not yet...” She threatened. She’d expected him to smell bad, considering how dirty he appeared, and had been prepared fight off the nausea that would naturally have arisen from such a horrid stench. However, he smelled largely of the forest that he’d been captured in. Again, her mind screamed that something wasn’t right.

Shin wasn’t phased in the least by her threat. If he wanted to, he was quite capable of freeing himself. Even though she was skilled, it was largely believed that she had spent so much time mastering the bow that she’d sacrificed mastering other weapons. Weapons like the one’s he used, and which were incredibly still laying on the table. Although her use of magic seemed to discredit that belief. But she was also injured. That would factor into her ability, or inability, to fight effectively.

But his mission was best carried out with as much stealth as possible. Which meant that he needed to make them think that it was useless trying to get him to talk and leave him alone. Then he would escape the bonds holding him, steal the documents, and return to his superiors. His gaze turned speculative as he continued to stare at her. Orders or no, he knew that his superiors would likely want him to somehow capture her and bring her back to them.

However, first thing’s first. He had to force her to abandon the interrogation. Then he could plan that out in relative peace. “Are you always so eager to kill after you’ve taken a lover to bed?” This line of conversation had been successful so far in breaking through her facade, so he thought nothing of continuing. It was a gamble that she wouldn’t kill him, but so was everything that had anything to do with the light elves. But he got the sense that she would follow orders, no matter how much she might wish to do otherwise, and she’d already informed him that she couldn’t yet kill him.

Reminded again of what wasn’t finished she huffed and stormed away from him. “I’m making an exception for you.” She retorted from over her shoulder, not looking at him.

“I’m flattered.” He replied, somewhat sarcastically. “So, I’ve seen some humans about. Do you prefer to stay within the light elves, or do you prefer to mix it up with the humans from time to time?” His eyes roved over her. He wouldn’t mind having her beneath him, or above him...

“I’m not about to answer that!” She spat, whirling around to face him again. Her face flamed in anger as she caught him blatantly staring at her in a manner which left no doubt as to where his thoughts had gone.

“Pity.” He answered. “I’m sure I would’ve found the answer intriguing.”

She snorted derisively. Like all males he had a one-track mind. “Typical...” She grumbled quietly as she turned away from him. He could look for all she cared, chained up he didn’t pose much of a threat.

Silence fell over the room for several minutes as she wondered how to proceed. Shin continued staring at her, finding himself more curious about her by the minute. This was clearly not something she’d trained for. By now most inquisitors would’ve begun torturing him. Even the humans would’ve abandoned him by now. So why was she in here doing it rather than someone who’d been trained for it?

No matter what she tried, she couldn’t shake her arousal from earlier. It was interfering with her ability to think clearly. She knew this because she was actually finding the dark elf in front of her more and more attractive, no matter how improper his conversation became. She’d heard hushed stories of intelligence agents using sex as a viable means of getting people to talk. Could she pull that off here? Did she dare attempt it? She turned around and paced the room slowly, uncaring of his gaze upon her, as she considered the idea and all the ways it could go right or wrong.

Shin’s eyes narrowed in suspicion. She’d gotten quiet very quickly...

“Your attack has affected more than just the smooth operation of this fortress.” She started slowly. To hell with interrogating the bastard. He’d interrupted her time with Einao. He was attractive enough, for a dark elf. She’d take from him what he’d prevented her from getting with Einao, and then kill him to prevent him from telling anyone what had happened in here. No one would be the wiser.

“You were right earlier, when you so crassly informed me that I smelled of sex.”

He interrupted her. “I thought I phrased that quite charmingly. It’s a perfume I don’t mind smelling on women. Especially if I’m the one who put it there.”

“Hm... Funny you should mention that.” She smiled as she crossed over to him, but the smile didn’t quite reach her eyes. “See, here’s the thing. My partner and I were so very rudely interrupted. Before we could, ahem, ‘finish’.”

“And what would’ve been so important as to cause someone to come knocking on your door at such an inopportune moment?” He feigned ignorance for a moment and then continued. “Ah, I do believe I see your meaning. Well, you do have my most sincere apologies...”

“It’s not your apologies I want.” She whispered as she leaned in close enough to rub her cheek along his as she whispered in his ear. “You have put me in a very awkward position. I can’t do my job like this. You caused the problem, and now you’re going to solve it.” She kissed his cheek softly as she pulled back.

Shin’s breath caught. Was she serious? Or was she teasing him?

Stepping away, Starr allowed her magic to flow freely, this would require some minor changes to the room. Paramount to all of it was safety. Her safety. She couldn’t risk freeing him.

As her magic flowed across the room, Shin noticed that it warmed by several degrees as icy forms began to take shape nearby. Presumably that meant that she was still learning to control the magic. But those thoughts were wiped away as she began removing her armor piece by piece.

Deliberately taking her time, she watched him closely, noting the flare of his nostrils and how his eyes dilated. Slowly she peeled her top piece of armor off, making sure to sweep her long hair back behind her shoulders, giving him a nice view of her tits. Then she slowly began to shimmy out of her leather skirt, finally kicking it to one side. Standing in front of him clad in only her boots and gloves, she slowly closed the distance again while removing her gloves.

Finding his voice, Shin spoke softly, struggling to maintain the conversation. “I see that they really wanted you to hurry. That leather must’ve been extremely uncomfortable without the protective under layers...”

Starr smirked slightly, hearing the slight difference in his tone that he was trying to hide. “Oh, it was... Just as I’m sure your own armor must be getting quite uncomfortable right about now...” Finally reaching him, she reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck, getting nose to nose with him. Reminding herself that he was still safely chained, she closed her eyes and breathed in the scent of the forest that clung to him. “You smell of pine trees...and the river...”

Shin resisted the urge to yank his hands free of the manacles as he looked at her. It would’ve been so easy... He’d determined at the very beginning that the iron was weak... The pulley system was poorly designed and maintained. Altogether it was a shoddy containment method, although it had already been proven time and again that his kind had a tendency over-design these same containment systems. And they frequently used steel rather than iron because they were not only stronger than the light elves in general, but they also had many more run-ins with the orcs and needed the stronger material to contain the over-grown brutes.

She ran her fingers through his hair, scraping his scalp gently with nails that were beginning to frost over. Shin shivered in spite of himself. “If this is going to be your method of interrogation, then do your worst. I won’t mind at all...”

Grinning up at him she laughed lowly. “Oh, I’m sure you won’t...” Ice crawled up the wall behind him and then began gliding slowly and silently down the chains to the manacles on his wrists. With a sudden pulse of magic, the ice solidified quickly.

Shin hissed as the sudden surge of magic filled the air, startling him. The freezing cold on his wrists caused him to look upward and his mouth twisted into something vaguely feral for a brief moment as he realized that she’d accounted for the weaknesses he’d noticed.

“Really now? I’ve fought against your kind long enough to know that our systems aren’t exactly capable of keeping you adequately reined in. I may not know anything about you specifically, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know that I need to take some extra precautions.” She nibbled delicately against his throat. “Especially given that I’m about to take something from you...”

“I’m not really protesting that...” He snapped, somewhat irritated that she’d noticed, and taken action, about the weak restraints. Then again, it also fueled his excitement... It made it more interesting and enjoyable, a challenge...

She didn’t respond, choosing instead to start figuring out how to remove his armor. It took her a moment, but she soon deciphered the tangle of leather straps and buckles. She uncinched several buckles and his chest plate came loose. She unwound the leather cording, allowing the piece fall away from him in two sections rather than trying to wriggle the whole thing off of him in one piece. A soft cotton undershirt met her gaze. “Won’t be needing that...” She muttered to herself.

Shin watched in fascination as an icy talon formed on her fingertip. Using the talon, she carefully sliced the shirt in half right down the center. As he inhaled deeply at the feel of the cold talon, he felt it nick his flesh. A small bead of blood welled up on his abdomen.

“Careful, my talons are quite sharp.” She intoned softly. “Wouldn’t want an unfortunate accident, now, would we?” She leaned forward and pressed her lips softly to his chest. As she did so, she trailed her fingers up and down his sides, allowing the talons to grow and gently scrape against his skin.

Shin repressed a groan as he stared at the top of her head, nestled against his chest. She’d clearly done this before. He felt her razor-sharp talons slide lower and then he heard them scraping against the plate metal of his tasset and chausses. The sound was eerie and a little unsettling. It sounded as if the metal was actually being scored by her magical talons.

Starr lowered herself to her knees, kissing and biting his abdomen as she went. Again, she figured out how to go about unbuckling the pieces and removing the armor from him. And again, she found a soft cotton fabric protecting him from the plate metal. For a moment she hesitated before reaching out and palming him in her hand through the material. Her earlier teasing had done the job she’d intended it to, he was hard as a rock.

Taking a deep breath, she sliced through the material. Freed from the constraints, his cock bobbed up and she could see it pulsing. Already it was weeping from the tip. She smirked to herself with pride before coming to the realization that Einao couldn’t measure up, literally. With effort, she mentally shrugged it off. That was something to consider later.

“Satisfied?” Shin asked, breaking the silence.

“Not yet...” She replied, before stretching her tongue out and sampling the generous precum leaking from the tip.

Shin’s lip twitched as he felt her tongue on him. Looking down, he watched her taking small licks up and down the length of his cock. He’d never believed a light elf would do this... Let alone her. She was renowned for her hatred of dark elves. She’d killed scores of his kind, and yet, here she was. On her knees in front of him.

Her hand wrapped around him, and she took him into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down slowly, while her hand slid up and down what she wasn’t getting into her mouth. Her free hand came up and began massaging his balls.

Shin leaned more heavily against the wall, not taking his eyes off of her.

Starr gathered her magic and carefully lowered the temperature of her mouth. It was something Einao suggested and had liked. The only way to discover if the dark elf was the same was to simply do it.

Shin felt the change immediately. It was different, but not something he was interested in doing for long. After a minute or two he very purposely thrust twice into her mouth.

Taking the hint, Starr released the magic, her mouth becoming warm once again. After another minute of sucking, she raised up and her magic flowed around them again. The iron manacles snapped as ice formed in the small stress fractures that had built over the years and forced the metal apart.

Shin looked up at the sound of the metal failing. She was putting an awful lot of trust in her magic... The icy chains began sliding further toward the center of the room, bringing him with them. Ah, she wanted him away from the wall.

Once she’d moved him to the center of the room, she stalked over to him. “I’ve played nicely, I’ve given you what most men love, even if I didn’t particularly want to give it to you. Now, I’m going to take what I want.” The icy chains grew sturdier as more magic was poured into them as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Despite her injury, she jumped up, wrapping her legs around his waist. One arm carefully unwound from his neck and reached between them. Grasping his cock firmly, she lined it up and then slowly allowed herself to slide down his body, her arm coming back around his neck.

Shin hissed as he felt her hot wetness encase him. Her arms tightened around his neck, and he felt the muscles in her legs tense a split second before he felt her slide up his cock. When she relaxed, she slid back down. “I can think of better ways to do this...” He murmured, trying to catch one of her tits in his mouth as it bobbed it front of him.

“I’m sure you can.” She answered, shivering as she raised and lowered herself on his hard cock. Oh, she was going to have a difficult time the next time she and Einao fucked. The dark elf under her now was so much harder... and he wasn’t doing anything. Her imagination went wild for a moment.

Shin took advantage of her distraction and caught her tit in his mouth and ran his tongue back and forth over her hardened nipple before biting it softly.  

Her pace increased as she pressed herself further into his mouth. She wouldn’t hold out. The interruption earlier, her striptease, sucking him, and now him biting and teasing her tit, it was too much. She came with a strangled cry, muffling the sound against his neck, fearing the guards outside the door would hear it and come investigate.

She rested against him briefly before she raised herself up and off of his still very hard cock. Her legs unwound themselves from his waist and she lowered her arms from his neck. Stepping away, she caught his gaze. She found the beginnings of what looked to be anger rising in the aqua colored depths.

Shin bit back a snarl. She intended to leave him like this, unsatisfied. His eyes widened in surprise as he caught sight of an icy dagger forming in her palm, and her hand racing toward his throat. His leg kicked out at her, purely on instinct and reflex...

The guards outside continued their idle chatter, what happened behind the closed door was none of their concern.


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