Coitus Interruptus

BY : Dagian
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It took several days, but eventually Einao and his unit found the dark elven raiders that the prisoner had informed Starr about and got rid of them. It had cost them dearly, however. Nearly half of the remaining fortress guards had been killed in the process. And the replacement interrogator had also been killed. It was assumed that the raiders had captured him on his way to the fortress and had pressed him for information on the fortress itself. But no one would ever know for sure as he’d been killed as soon as the dark elves knew they’d been discovered.

As Einao gazed at the duty roster, he fumed. They were stretched far too thin.

Standing up, he strode outside to clear his mind and think. Outside, night had fallen. Slowly he paced around the fortress. People were going about their duties as best they could, but it was clear that recent events had shaken them. He nodded to several patrols he passed.

Coming around the storehouse, he saw the brig. He paused and gazed at it hatefully. With a muffled curse, he turned around and strode back to his and Starr’s quarters.

Their quarters were dark as he opened the door. Considering the late hour, he wasn’t surprised. She must’ve gone to bed hours ago. Making his way to their bedroom, he thought over the past few days. She’d been spending more and more time interrogating the dark elf and never had any useful information. It was irritating. While she wasn’t an interrogator by training, she’d questioned several dark elves before and had gotten the information they’d needed in a relatively short time. Surely she would’ve gained something useful by now.

Entering their bedroom, he noticed that she had the window open, allowing the cool night air to flow into the room. The moonlight provided just enough light for him to see her sprawled across the bed on her back. All previous thoughts left him as he smiled reflexively as he noticed that, once again, her favored cotton tunic had twisted in such a fashion that her breast had slipped out and was exposed to the cool night air.

Grinning to himself, he stripped and made his way to the bed.

Slowly, he knelt on the bed, careful not to disturb her. With practiced ease, he ghosted his hand over her exposed breast, smiling softly as a quiet, sighing moan escaped her and she shifted in her sleep. His hand trailed lower to her stomach and then back up and over her breast, pressing a bit more firmly.

Leaning over, he pressed a light kiss to her lips before feathering kisses along her neck. His hands slid her cotton night tunic up and he placed his hands on her breasts, squeezing and massaging them gently.

Starr sighed again, waking drowsily, and looking up at Einao. Raising her head, she captured his lips in a kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck. As he pushed her back down, she gazed up at him questioningly.

Leaning forward, he spoke softly. “I’ll do the work tonight, you lay back.” He whispered against her throat.

She bit back a curse. He was being overly considerate of her injury. Again. “Einao, I’m fine…” Eager to prove that, she placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed against him.

Einao gently removed her hands from his shoulders and leaned forward, kissing away her protestations. Relenting, Starr quietly allowed him to have his way, staring blankly at the ceiling above them as she let him take what he needed from her.

After a while, Einao realized that she was not responding to him. Her body was, but she herself was not.  Stifling a curse of his own, Einao leaned back and stared at her for a moment. “You shouldn’t be straining yourself when doing this.”

“The healers have stated that I’m fine.” She huffed while sitting up. “If I’m fine enough to continue training then I’m fine enough to…” Again, she was leaving their bed unfulfilled… It was an intolerable pattern.

Einao cut her off. “This isn’t the same as training. We’ve been over this…”

Starr stared at him for several long seconds. “You’re right. This isn’t the same as training. Training is far more strenuous than this.” Standing up, she grabbed her leather armor, swiftly donned it, and grabbed her bow.

“Where are you going?” Einao bit out.

“Out.” She snapped at him as she left the room, heading for the door. She needed to get away.

Einao followed after her. “You haven’t touched the bow in months. The healers said…”

“The healers say a lot of things!” She snarled, whipping around to face him. “I can do this! I can do all of it!” She paused a moment before continuing. “Can’t you see that?” When he remained silent, she turned, threw the door open and left.

Leaving the safety of the fortress, she stalked around the forest for hours. At one point she tracked down a den of wolves that had been killing the surrounding game and slaughtered the entire pack. While she could congratulate herself for that, it was nothing compared to facing down an enemy. She had to find a way to prove that she could still do that. It was the only possible way to prevent what she knew was coming. She’d seen the papers, Aelaru thought he’d hidden them, but she’d seen them in his office…

Her thoughts turned to the dark elf wasting away in the brig.

She’d taken out numerous dark elves like him before with her bow. She could do it again. Surely, she could do it again...

Shin spat blood from his mouth and stared at the sentry. “What’s she to you anyway?” He questioned, feigning indifference. For several hours now, the sentry had been beating and tormenting him. Demanding to know what information he’d given her or exactly what they’d been doing if he hadn’t given her any information.

He found it quite humorous. It was clear that the sentry was suspicious of the amount of time she’d been spending with him, and yet, the sentry had no further reason to be suspicious at all. In fact, Shin would wager that if the two of them had not been disturbed that night, he would never have gotten to see that side of her. She’d shown no signs of repeating that first night. A most regrettable turn of events in his mind…

“What she is to me is none of your business, you wretched filth!” Einao growled, leaning close.

Shin breathed in deeply. Her scent was there. Fresh and strong. They’d lain together very recently. Hatred for the elf in front of him coursed through him. “You’re all wrong for her.” He growled lowly, glaring at the sentry. “I’ve been studying her for days now. You want to protect her, but she doesn’t need it.” He wondered if the sentry in front of him knew what his raven had discovered several days ago. “You’re hindering her, holding her back.”

Ignoring the sentry’s spluttering, he raised his voice and spoke over him. “Your high command has issued their judgment. She is to be discharged from service immediately following her completion of her current assignment. Meaning, once she has finished extracting information from me, she is done as far as your military is concerned!” He called for the raven, which swooped down and dropped the scroll containing the information in front of Einao. “Read it for yourself!”

Einao snatched the scroll up and read it, disbelieving. But what the dark elf said was true. The orders commanding Aelaru to relieve her of her duties were as clear as could be. Gathering himself, he growled at the dark elf. “This just proves that she needs me more than ever.”

Shin snorted contemptuously. “No, she doesn’t.” She didn’t need him any more than she needed a military who would so casually toss her aside after everything she’d done for them. Knowing what he now did of her, Shin couldn’t believe that the light elves were simply tossing her aside like they were. The full accounting of her injury and how it’d affected her had been fully discussed in the scroll. The injury, while severe, wasn’t something that couldn’t be overcome.

He’d seen many of their own come back from such an injury. Depending on what they did, some returned to previous duties. While others had done what she was doing. Retraining. But it seemed that the light elven command was so focused on what she’d lost, that they weren’t seeing what she could do.

Einao couldn’t decide what to do. If he kept the scroll and tried to use it against the dark elf, then Aelaru would be duty bound to carry out those orders. If he destroyed it, then he was only delaying the inevitable as new orders would eventually be drafted and forwarded to the fortress. And that was assuming Aelaru hadn’t already read it and had drawn up the articles of dischargement.

Enraged, he lashed out at the dark elf.

Shin’s leg broke free of the iron banding and swung upward, catching the sentry in the stomach.

Einao stumbled back, not expecting the kick. Gazing at the dark elf, he muttered a curse as he struggled to catch his breath.

The rattling of the locks on the doors gained both of their attention.

“Si… Sir? You wanted me to tell you when she re-entered the fortress…” The guard stammered nervously. “She’s back…” She looked nervously between Einao and the clearly angered dark elf. Whatever had happened, she hoped not to be killed should he get loose again… Quickly, she retreated back to her post outside the door.

Einao turned back to the dark elf. “This isn’t over…”

Shin’s lip curled upward in a savage smirk. “It will be, very, very, soon…” He’d had enough. The raven had located where the treaty was likely to be, and he was confident the bird could guide him to it. As soon as these fools left him alone he would break loose and steal it.

And, he would be sure to take Starr with him. If they could dismiss her so easily, then it was unlikely that taking her would cause as much uproar as he’d initially thought. This angered him further.

His gaze took in the sentry in front of him. “You, I will kill you last…” He snarled hatefully, his hands flexing unconsciously.

Einao snorted. “I look forward to seeing you try…vyll kalan.”  



Light Elven:

vyll kalan = diseased/deformed elf 

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